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Battle for Biternia is the ultimate Tabletop Battle Arena experience. Card-Driven Combat - Strategic Planning - Tactical Maneuvering
Battle for Biternia is the ultimate Tabletop Battle Arena experience. Card-Driven Combat - Strategic Planning - Tactical Maneuvering
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New Challengers on the Horizon! Who are these new Heroes?

Posted by Stone Circle Games (Creator)

Now that we've hit our funding goal it is time to introduce our Stretch Goal Heroes!

Which one is your favorite?


The Pirate

Hero Trait
Pirate Booty -
Pay gold to receive an attack bonus.  Winning isn't cheap

Avast -
You stun and immobilize your target with a weak attack
Grog -
The Grog is strong as are it's healing effects.  The hangover is a killer though and confusedfor the next round.
Plunder -
Moderate attack on everybody around you and you collect some gold while you're at it
Broadside (Ultimate) -
Fire a volley of multiple moderate ranged attacks!


The Apprentice

Hero Trait
Become the Master -
Pay less gold to level up and receive an attack bonus at level 4.

2 Hit
-  Two Moderate attacks
Bokken -
Strong attack which stuns if the Apprentice is Level 4
Mantra -
Moderate heal and armor equal to the Apprentice's level
Demonstrate (Ultimate) -
The Apprentice becomes the master, help a nearby hero Level up with this moderate attack

The Gunslinger

Hero Trait
Lock and Load -
Use your bullets to make attacks Ranged

Double-Tap -
Two moderate attacks
Smoke Bomb -
Interrupt your opponent and make everyone disappear
Deadeye -
Strong attack
Bullet Hell (Ultimate) -
Strong Area Attack that can be boosted with Bullets


The Demon

Hero Trait
Unholy Presence
- Prevent your opponents from healing near you

- Strong Area Attack that affects all heroes, don't burn yourself
Dark Claw
- Moderate Attack
- Either stun or immobilize an enemy hero, dealers choice
Doom (Ultimate)
- Leave all enemy Heroes near you clinging to life


Retroth, the Dark Lord

Hero Trait
Relentless - The Dark Lord must be struck down twice!

- Cut your opponents down by half
Drain Life - Moderate area attack, you are rewarded with healing if you hit your foe
Clout - Steel yourself, you can't be stunned with this strong attack
Final Form (Ultimate) - Gain the Power of darkness and receive bonus damage and armor with some healing for good measure

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    1. Blando

      I love me a Gunslinger

    2. Missing avatar

      Mitch on

      Looks great! Thanks for sharing. Would love to unlock these characters. Each of these is unique and would be a valuable addition.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark McGee on

      Totally McGotally the Gunslinger. It's because of the smoke bomb.

    4. Missing avatar

      Scott Lind on

      GUNSLINGER!!! You guys already know how vocal I am about the ‘slinger and how badly I need this character in my life..�

    5. Johnathan on

      Awesome I was waiting to see more info on these guys. Really like the healing prevention from the demon and I’m liking the dark lord and apprentice as well. Gunslinger and pirate look awesome too.. impossible to narrow it down lol. Would love to see these guys cards and stats too and possibly PnP them as well! Thanks for an awesome update, keep up the great work~