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Battle for Biternia is the ultimate Tabletop Battle Arena experience. Card-Driven Combat - Strategic Planning - Tactical Maneuvering
Battle for Biternia is the ultimate Tabletop Battle Arena experience. Card-Driven Combat - Strategic Planning - Tactical Maneuvering
Battle for Biternia is the ultimate Tabletop Battle Arena experience. Card-Driven Combat - Strategic Planning - Tactical Maneuvering
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    1. Missing avatar

      Mitch on March 2

      Very cool! As someone who played the game prior to the Kickstarter, I’m a big fan of the new and improved art.

    2. Stone Circle Games 3-time creator on February 27

      @Sebastien and Mitch: Thanks for checking in! Expect a backer update very soon to let you know how the production is coming along. You might see some art previews too.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sébastien JULES on February 27

      Actualy, yeah, would be nice to be kept in touch :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Mitch on February 26

      Any update on progress?

    5. Stone Circle Games 3-time creator on January 21

      Hello Jason, sorry for the delay, we're looking into a couple of different options right now, keep an eye out for the next backer update for details if any of them pan out. However, you can go ahead and fill out the survey, it will not preclude you from taking part of any opportunities.

    6. Jason Smith on January 12

      Will it be possible to increase our pledge level (especially from the $5 level)? I understand if we can't, but I didn't want to complete the survey and possibly lose the ability to do so.

    7. Stone Circle Games 3-time creator on December 22

      We can certainly do that! We're hoping to have an update just after Christmas.

    8. Anthony on December 19

      For the next update could you go over how the catapult works?

    9. Stone Circle Games 3-time creator on December 9

      @Lyle - Chris will get in touch with you about some opportunities down in the Raleigh area!

    10. Lyle Rosen on December 8

      Does the game still need playtesters? I ask because I currently reside in Raleigh.

    11. David B. Talton Jr. on December 8

      Congrats on funding! Can't wait to play this again :D

    12. Fábio Fontes on December 8

      WE HAZ MAED EET!!!

    13. Stone Circle Games 3-time creator on December 7

      @Angra - More details to come on components and parts as they get finalized, but rest assured they will be a marked improvement over the prototypes

    14. Luke
      on December 7

      Can we get component quality and quantities ?

    15. Stone Circle Games 3-time creator on December 7

      The Apprentice is here to learn the arts of Biternia and one day become the Master!

      Next up, the Gunslinger. She's quick on the trigger and you better be too! We only have about an hour and a half left!

    16. Johnathan on December 7

      Oh cool come back to see how it’s goin and we got a pirate lol. Hope it keeps going strong~

    17. Stone Circle Games 3-time creator on December 7

      @Lyle A Warlock would be fun. Warlocks, Necromancers, and Druids were always some of my(Gary) favorite classes.

    18. Stone Circle Games 3-time creator on December 7

      Yar Matey! The Pirate has arrived to plunder your gold!

    19. Lyle Rosen on December 7

      I really like the look of this game, so I finally gave in and backed in the last few hours. I will say though, it covers pretty much every standard rpg class except warlock. You guys should consider a warlock type if you ever make an expansion.

    20. Stone Circle Games 3-time creator on December 6

      @Angra Here's hoping! We're doing our best to get the word out for the final push. Hopefully we'll be able to secure at least one more stretch goal before the clock runs out. (Really excited to have unlocked the jungle tiles, though!)

    21. Luke
      on December 6

      ...24hr Rush? Please...?

    22. Johnathan on December 6

      Congrats on the first stretch goal! Would be amazing to see more of them run through. Come on potential backers.. help us unlock more heroes!

    23. Johnathan on December 6

      Woooo 1 deluxe away from catapult now! Bring on the 48hr rush~

    24. Atheris Games
      on December 3


    25. Stone Circle Games 3-time creator on December 2

      @Gabe - We are very excited as well! With four very creative people on the team expansions are certainly a possibility down the road.

    26. Missing avatar

      Gabe Micchelli on December 2

      I’m so happy we funded!! I wish there was more time to work on the stretch goals, but an expansion might be an option right SCG? So excited for you guys, congratulations!!!

    27. Johnathan on December 2

      600 to catapult! Then we work on those hero SG!!! Woooo

    28. Victor Ahlbom on December 1

      Congrats on funding!

    29. Fábio Fontes on November 30

      F*** YEAH, WE GOT DIS!

    30. Stone Circle Games 3-time creator on November 30

      Great! Now I want a cat shooting catapult to cause a cataclysmic catastrophe to my opponents catatonic forces.....and now I've gone too far.

    31. Anthony on November 30

      Does the catapult shoot cats? That would be a catastrophe.

    32. Johnathan on November 30

      Woohoooo! Funded with a week to spare! Now let’s get those stretch goals!!!

    33. Stone Circle Games 3-time creator on November 30

      Woo! You guys nailed it!

    34. Johnathan on November 30

      1 more Delux FTW!

    35. Stone Circle Games 3-time creator on November 30

      @Tim - You aren't kidding! Have to give the rest of the guys a good thwack...just to make sure of course.

    36. Missing avatar

      Tim Roy
      on November 30

      200$ to go!

      developers don't forget to breathe lol

    37. Stone Circle Games 3-time creator on November 29

      @Mitch We'd love nothing more than to be able to get you as many heroes as possible as soon as possible. Unfortunately if we don't hit the stretch goal targets we won't be able to cover the production and logistics costs. We're actively brainstorming ways to produce the heroes we don't manage to unlock, and we can assure you that there will be opportunities to expand your roster sometime in the future.

    38. Johnathan on November 29

      Feels good to see that progress picking up in the final days. We had such a strong start, stalled out a little, and now we’re gonna get funded for sure over the next day or 2 I feel it! Hope that once it’s funded more people will join on and help us smash these stretch goals. Great job on getting the word out SCG and backers! *Flex Emoji*

    39. Missing avatar

      Mitch on November 29

      Really closing the gap in the final 10 days. I’m confident we’ll make it to 100%! Although, it’ll be tough to reach some of the stretch goals. Have you thought about releasing additional characters as add-ons instead of stretch goals? I’d buy them!

    40. Stone Circle Games 3-time creator on November 28

      @Sirius: Glad to have your support! It sounds like Biternia is right up your alley, and we can't wait to get a copy in your hands.

    41. Johnathan on November 27

      Welcome aboard Sirius!

    42. Sirius Man on November 27

      Well then, I'm in! :) I should have checked right away. Still, I think it should be mentioned on the Campaign page. I think the game looks fantastic, to be honest, and I will always be a sucker for good games with pixel art. Your game looks GREAT, doesn't feature dice (big plus for me), and even though I don't play MOBA computer games, this looks great in itself.

      We (can I saw 'we' now?) will make this!

    43. Stone Circle Games 3-time creator on November 26

      @Sirius Man - Thanks for stopping by to check out the campaign. I can see how the shipping section may not be as clear as it should be, I'll be sure to update that. Rest assured, we have researched the shipping charges. In your case, the additional shipping for Canada is $5.00.

      For all others, when you select a Reward Tier that requires shipping under the Shipping Destination drop down menu, the additional shipping charges will be displayed for your Country.

    44. Sirius Man on November 26

      I'm worried about shipping. I'm in Canada, and I don't want to pay an extra $50 when the campaign ends. This research should have been done beforehand. It's really limiting the amount of backers you will get. It's already pretty expensive in Canadian dollars (I think), and if the shipping charge is too hefty, I'm not sure I want to stay in.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mitch on November 26

      Good progress today!

    46. Stone Circle Games 3-time creator on November 22

      @Kevin and @johnathan: We're really optimistic about the campaign's trajectory during the first half, and we're eagerly working toward a strong finish! We've deployed our team to conventions (much love to those we saw at PAX Unplugged!) and podcasts, hosted demos, shared reviews, and are spreading the word about Battle for Biternia as far and wide as we can. Most importantly, we're seeing lots of excited supporters sharing the campaign with their friends and family members. We're really grateful to everyone who's helped nudge us along, and we're looking forward to adding Biternia to your shelves soon. Thank you for your support!

      SPOILERS AHEAD: We have some great content lined up for the second half of the journey, including additional backstory and lore; character profiles from Biternia's designer; hero spotlight videos; and much more! We'll be rolling these and other goodies out via campaign updates and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts soon, so stay tuned! It's going to be a fun couple of weeks :)

    47. Johnathan on November 22

      P.S I also liked the little lore and backstory on the recent update. I definitely see myself siding with either the wind or water teams for sure!

    48. Johnathan on November 22

      Hah that’s a coincidence.. I was just thinking the same exact thing. Peeked in last night at 80% and again today on break just now to see the same number.. I’d hate to rely on the last 2 day rush or something but it’s quiet a shame that we’re only getting 1 or 2 new backers a day if we’re lucky. Considering the last one ended at 350 backers it’s a tough pill to swallow thinking it might not get funded.

      I’ve done everything except asking other successful creators for a shout out (minus the aegis guys cause I found them thru this games first run and didn’t feel bad asking there.) Its times like these I wish I was actually active on social media instead of an outcast that avoids it like the plague most the time. Crazy to think that out of all of the projects I’ve backed this one is the one I’d love to see the most and that I’m most excited for. They hit a sweet spot targeting my love for retro 8-bit themed games, Moba genre, and a good old classic board game. Here’s to hoping and keeping positive vibes throughout the rest of the project team! :D

    49. Missing avatar

      Kevin Meggs on November 22

      I am a bit worried. The Kickstarter seems to have stalled. Would hate to fall just short in the last few days. Whats the plan to prevent that?

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