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$44,981 pledged of $800,000 goal
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$44,981 pledged of $800,000 goal

Heavy Gear Assault Single Player Announced!

Kickstarter Stretch Goal Revised

Since the launch of our Kickstarter campaign on Monday, we've received a large amount of comments and suggestions from our fans and backers. We've gotten tons of great feedback, and we're thankful to have such a constructive and loyal community. We heard your overwhelming requests for a single-player mode. We heard your pleas for more realistic stretch goals. We looked at every suggestion you, our loyal community, sent us — and we’re proud to tell you we listened.

Check out our new goals (here).

Gear a Friend -- Get Rewards

Heavy Gear Assault is a next-generation mech simulator featuring robust a multiplayer suite of arena deathmatches and cooperative campaign modes. And whether you’re shoving a vibrosword into a friend’s back or firing an auto cannon by their side, playing with friends makes your Gear stomping experience all the more rewarding. With our Gear-a-Friend program, you can rake in a potentially endless wealth of in-game currency to buy more weapons, Gear customizations, bounty placements and more -- all for simply getting your friends to join you in the pursuit of Gears, guns and ultimate glory.

How do I refer a friend? Check out the details (here).


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    1. MIke Nutt on

      awesome sounds a very good plan!

    2. Missing avatar

      Keith R. Bachmann on

      Yes! Thanks for listening to us. I love that you guys will be giving us the first episode at the 800k mark! I know you didn't talk about it but you moved up the release of the other Gears instead of placing them after other items, great move! Ecstatic about the changes and builds even more faith in MekTek and Stompy!