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$44,981 pledged of $800,000 goal

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Last Chance For Early Alpha Access

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Last Chance
Last Chance

The award winning PC game franchise Heavy Gear stomps back onto PCs this summer - with its Unreal Engine 4 powered mech simulator. Pledge today for your last chance to secure Early Alpha Access! Just six days left!

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Ending our Kickstarter Campaign


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Kong Kast Special: Heavy Gear Rising

Kong Kast has caught up with John Nguyen, Marketing Director and Mike Prinke, Technical Designer to discuss specific game play mechanics for Heavy Gear Assault.  Listen in to get the low-down on all juicy details.

Interview With Stompy Bot’s James Taylor On Heavy Gear Assault

Lazy Tech Guys have caught up with our executive producer James Taylor to discuss our project.  Catch all the juicy details here.

Arenas: More than just Stadiums


We want Heavy Gear Assault to match Heavy Gear’s rich and vibrant universe as much as possible and the Dueling arenas are no different. 

Gear Dueling is big business on Terra Nova. A vast majority of the planet’s major dueling arenas are located in Khayr ad-Din, a lawless frontier city nestled in the high deserts of the Badlands regions. Always looking to add more thrills and excitement, the various dueling circuits have built highly imaginative arenas out of re-purposed industrial and military facilities as well as old battlefields.  When it comes to dueling arenas, sky's the limit.


Heavy Gear Assault will go beyond the traditional Colosseum and stadiums and have arenas that will challenge our players through a gauntlet of clever terrain setups and dangerous hazards, such as molten metal flows and working machinery.  You will have plenty of room to maneuver and exploits the myriad tactical options the terrain will offer.  This is especially important in team matches where coordination will mean victory.

As we expand our game, we will go beyond the desert regions of the Badlands to visit the lush jungles of the South, the mountainous wilderness of the North and beyond.

All Arenas in Heavy Gear Assault will feature destructible environment that players can exploit to maximum effect. Can’t see an opponent hiding in cover? No problem, just blow the cover away along with your target. If you wonder what we mean by destructibility, you can check out our destructibility teaser.