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A mature, story-driven, turn-based strategy game steeped in viking culture, by three game industry veterans.
A mature, story-driven, turn-based strategy game steeped in viking culture, by three game industry veterans.
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Ask not what your backers can do for you

Posted by Stoic (Creator)
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We've gotten a lot of emails saying we should chase more pledges by telling what we will do if you give us this much money or that much money. Having just tipped over to 400% (are you serious?) we'd rather tell you what we've been hard at work to give you, based on your donations.

MUSIC - Austin Wintory

We've teamed up with Austin Wintory, composer of the critically acclaimed 2012 game "Journey", who will bring his incredible talents to The Banner Saga. Yes, for real. Austin won the Hollywood Music Award for "Best New Film Composer" and winner of "Best Original Score - Video Game". If you haven't heard his work before I recommend watching this video as soon as you can.

Guess what? If you've already pledged $25 or more you're getting the soundtrack for free.

SOUND - Kpow Audio

We'll be working closely with the amazing sound studio Kpow Audio to give you the best possible sound quality and ambience. You may know them from their work as the entire sound team on the blockbuster hit L.A. Noire.


To accomplish the huge number of unique frame-by-frame animations we'll be producing for The Banner Saga, we've enlisted the help of Powerhouse Animation. Powerhouse is made up of animator veterans who have been creating top tier work for games including Epic Mickey, DC Universe and Starhawk.

While they're experts at a whole range of animation styles they're just as excited as we are to produce animation in the classical, traditional style of Sleeping Beauty; one frame at a time. This is a labor of love for both of us!


Pledge $800 or more:

Immortalize something meaningful to you in The Banner Saga. Send us a photo of your own heirloom, memento or just something you'd like to show your friends and we'll turn it into a relic of value and power. We'll work with you to come up with a unique name and description that could include anything from a mysterious inscription to giving off a certain aura. You'll personalize it and make a coveted piece of gameplay by choosing from a list of rarities and in-game bonuses it provides. Doesn't look very viking-themed you say? That's ok, the marketplaces trade in items pillaged from all over the world. This new prize includes all the other prizes below it!


Oh boy, it's finally official. We've heard your massive outpouring of support and will officially be porting to the iPad and Linux. Let's be up front here: the Kickstarter campaign is officially for PC and Mac, and we can't change that now. However, we can now promise that your donations will be used to port the finished game to these new platforms within a reasonable timeframe. We're committed to it.

And that doesn't mean we're done porting. Depending on what amount we end with other platforms are absolutely still on the table.


Somehow, production continues to happen!

  • We've done the concept work for each of the major characters in our first release, some of which you can see in the above piece of concept art. This is the sort of production piece you'll see in the collector's edition art book. We'll be talking more about the history of these races soon!
  • Now that design is done we'll be spending the majority of next week filming character animations and getting them ready to be animated into the game.
  • We continue to refine our many interface elements and adjust numbers in combat for our working prototype.
  • Now that we've gotten the green light on working with all these incredible artists we're setting up the framework to integrate their work (no small endeavor) and let them work at their full potential!


As we've mentioned before, when we originally mapped out this game it was on a much more modest scale. Who could have known there would be this sort of demand? Thanks to you we're going to be able to bring this game to a level we never imagined and we think it's obvious at this point that without you it never would have happened. If you're excited about it just imagine how we feel. Thank you.

Alex, Arnie and John

The Banner Saga progress report for week 2

Posted by Stoic (Creator)

Hello supporters and backers! It's hard to believe it's only been two weeks since we launched the project and beside the weekly progress reports we've just cracked an unbelievable milestone at 350%! We'll be sending these updates out regularly to make sure you know what we're up to.

Without any further ado, here's the progress report for 4.2.12:

  • Our top priority is to build on the work we've completed for the prototype. Basically this means hooking up everything that requires extra functionality; the combat interface, progression through each part of the game including character upgrades, building a party, hiring new units, the multiplayer narrative, the combat board itself and so on. It's a lot of foundation work you never really thinking about when you're playing a game.
  • We've started working on our final designs for characters in combat and their variations, color schemes and upgrades. This work includes sketches and designs that will all end up in the art book! We'll probably pop up an image or two next week to let you see what we've been up to.
  • We've spent a good portion of our time this week upping the resolution of our existing art to work on the Apple Retina displays for the new iPad, which is a much better step to take sooner than later. I suppose this is a pretty strong indication that we intend to port the game to iOS as soon as we can fit it into a schedule! That said, we won't let this take priority over finishing the game we set out to make on PC and Mac.
  • We're currently up to our necks in offers to help with the music and have some great leads! We're making a concentrated effort to sort through all the amazing submissions this week and find our best fit for the project. Just like sound, we would have had to scale back the scope of what we could do with our limited manpower. We now have to option to get a dedicated music house to do more than we could have achieved alone at the highest possible quality.
  • We've begun an honest-to-goodness production schedule with an animation studio who will help us complete all the frame-by-frame animations for combat and a handful of cutscenes that had previously been left on the cutting room floor.
  • We've also gotten some good leads on great professional help for quality assurance. Boring, you say? It's the most exciting thing we can think of!

That wraps things up for the work in progress this week. We are, once again, floored by the donations that continue to roll in, and will be getting back to the grindstone to make it all happen.

Alex, Arnie and John

An Important Message from Stoic

Posted by Stoic (Creator)
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We weren't planning on sending this out until Monday, but we couldn't help but notice over the weekend that about 8000 people like you have donated over a quarter-million dollars in under a week, which is, frankly, extraordinarily humbling.

That's why after trying to figure out how we can really express our gratitude we decided to give you free stuff. In a week filled with more good will than we've ever seen in our lives before, we're really proud to announce that anyone who pledges/has already pledged $50 or up will get all three parts of The Banner Saga - the full game - for free. We came into this Kickstarter campaign very hesitant about making promises about the second and third chapter but we think (fingers crossed!) that we're past worrying about that now.

Let's put it this way: to everyone who donated $50, you've already unconditionally told us that you have enough faith in us to put up 500% of the game's price to support us. We think you deserve the full game, and then some.

An immeasurable thanks to all of our backers; this is beyond anything we could have imagined.

-Alex, Arnie and John

Language Survey

Posted by Stoic (Creator)

Behold, the results!

Due to the popularity of the previous survey, and numerous requests, we have created a Language survey for our supporters!  Apologies in advance if your favorite language is not included.  We trimmed the list to languages for which we have already seen interest.

The official WE DID IT update

Posted by Stoic (Creator)

I'll admit, we weren't prepared to post something this soon, and it's because of your unbelievable support. Once again, (and you'll probably hear this a lot more over the next 30 days), thank you and skål!

When we set out to make The Banner Saga we weren't sure what kind of response we would get. Would people dig the art style or slam us for not going 3D? Was turn-based strategy too small a niche to support us? Would the theme of the game click with people? Those are tough questions to answer when you're putting up your life savings.

Kickstarter has made it all possible, but more importantly than that it answered the question "do people actually want this?" more resolutely than we ever could imagine. We've had so many comments, questions and emails - overwhelmingly positive - that we've spent the last three days doing nothing but churning out answers and thank yous.

We've had one person tell us the project has spread across their art school like wildfire and they're hoping to raise enough for the rotoscoping prize so they can take the experience back with them to share. We've heard from a man who wanted to immortalize his father from Norwegian descent as a viking god. And we've had dozens and dozens of emails from people who had the same experience growing up as we did; playing the same games as us as kids so much that they got into the industry themselves.

I can't tell you how good that feels. We'll do everything we can to give back the love.

Because we've significantly exceeded our goal already, we wanted to give you a heads up on how we're already planning to use the funds and other plans for the future.

  • Just today we've already gotten back from talking with a local Austin 2D animation studio about getting additional and incredibly professional animations in the game, as well as higher quality cinematics that may remind you of Myth: The Fallen Lords, which will really help to make the game feel like a big, living world in a way we couldn't have before.
  • We're already in talks with a major sound studio who have worked on several games that we really respect. On our shoestring budget we were going to be snapping branches out back with a hand-held recorder but now we have the option to put incredible, professional sound into the game.
  • We'll be ramping up our programming support very soon to make sure we get back all the little features we thought we'd have to skip, as well as making the game as stable as possible and making our multiplayer release as robust as possible. Not to mention staying on schedule!

We've gotten a lot of questions about what we'll be doing with additional funding. It's extremely important to us to deliver on our promises and we're dedicated to using the funds to improve the game while balancing our deadlines.

Every additional dollar we get is going into upping the quality and making the game better. Kickstarter has opened a lot of doors to other passionate professionals who want to help us make something special, and your funding has given us the option of working with them.

We've also started a poll to see what other platforms people would most like to see supported. If you've already backed the project take a minute to weigh in on that as well.

We'll continue to give you updates on the our polls and collaborations with great developers as they happen, as well as additional platforms and languages we'll be making available.

Our sincerest thanks,
Alex, Arnie and John