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A mature, story-driven, turn-based strategy game steeped in viking culture, by three game industry veterans.
A mature, story-driven, turn-based strategy game steeped in viking culture, by three game industry veterans.
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20,042 backers pledged $723,886 to help bring this project to life.

The Final Update; Goals and an Invitation to You

Posted by Stoic (Creator)


We've now officially gone from days to hours, and in our last video update before the end of the campaign we wanted to send you a huge thank you, offer a few final goals and send a special invitation to you. Make sure to watch to the end of the video!

If you're in Austin, Texas this Saturday at 3 pm (check the video!) and would like to join us at the Pour House you can get directions by CLICKING HERE.


We've gotten a lot of questions about what we're going to do with extra funding, now that we're so far over our goal. First and foremost, we want you to know that, as you can probably tell, we are overjoyed to have gotten this far and beyond happy to make the game with what we've got. There are a handful of things that we never thought we'd get close to and if you agree that they're worth the extra push we'd be ecstatic to make it happen! Here's the chart:

Here's more info on each of these:

The Orchestra (at $600k)
Austin Wintory is currently working on the soundtrack and hiring on musicians but due to the cost of a full orchestra is still working with a combination of digital and live music. If we hit this goal we'll be able to have a full, honest-to-goodness orchestral score, each instrument played by a real musician in a high-quality recording studio used by film legends like John Williams.

Then what are the promotional music prizes for?
Prizes like the score and the signature have helped us get this far and also double as a way to guarantee that your personal donation goes directly into funding the music for the game.

The Most Content on the Most Platforms (at $650k)
Like the port to iPad and Linux, if we hit this goal we'll be able to make the game available on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. The funding will allow us to have additonal developers port the game, leaving us to focus on content development.

The additional content is just as important. This will give us the ability to add a much wider range of special events that can occur as you travel and really expand the scope of the finale to make it the biggest, most rewarding conclusion we can.

The Player-Owned Cities (at $700k)
If we meet this goal we'll be able to add one of the coolest features we thought was way beyond the scope of our game. In multiplayer, players will control their own city, raising it from a modest village to a bustling city with visual customization and their guild crest flying on the walls. Over time, players can construct buildings that will allow them to recruit new units, trade for powerful items and ultimately fight for territory.

How does extra funding allow you to do this?
These stretch goals will enable us to contract additional work for programming, design and writing, in addition to taking some of the load off of us, allowing the team to focus on expanding the content. The limited hours in a day are our biggest bottleneck at this point!

On that note...


Keeping in the spirit of working with our backers, we're thrilled to offer some opportunities to you. We are currently looking for creative people who are inspired by the project to join us and fill the following roles:

  • Technical UI Artist
  • Game Programmer
Please note: both positions require prior experience in the game industry, and will be roughly 40 hour/week contract positions with durations ranging from 2 to 4 months. We're not looking for interns at this time, and unfortunately we don't have any full-time positions available. If you've got experience in the above fields and are into the project, please send your resume, online portfolio, and any other pertinent information to We'll be hiring up quickly over the next few weeks.

We may also be looking for additional contractors in other departments soon, so keep an eye out.


This is our last update before the end of the project. It's been a crazy ride and we're completely out of ways to say thank you anymore. In fact, I think we've already said that. But the real work has just begun! From here on out we'll be laser-focused on producing the game and be talking more in depth about the combat mechanics, lore, characters and other gameplay. We'll also be setting up a discussion forum as soon as we can and begin putting together the Kickstarter prizes; no small task.

We can't wait.

Alex, Arnie and John


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    1. Missing avatar

      Alejandro E. Moreno on

      Thanks for committing to a Linux port!

    2. Corey Watson on

      So close to 700k, we can get there! Spread the word people!

    3. Luis Felipe Guzman on

      Come on people, the cities rule! Less than $14k to go!

    4. cichy on

      7 more hours, getting close to that 700k :) ..(wish I had more money to pledge)

    5. Missing avatar

      Diztrakted on

      Focus on the cities before the console ports. People discovered this game through computers, it can be huge with a computer audience only. Look at Minecraft: JUST NOW they're putting it on XBL Arcade and the amount of content they've put in BEFORE that has guaranteed its ongoing success.

      Everyone wants a viking city of their own! If you put that in there, you'll easily be able to port the game to anything you want with the interest you'll generate.

    6. Stelly

      I agree cities idea rocks! :)

    7. Hobbes on

      It's not an assumption, I've read quite a lot of comments from people that are doing exactly that. The number I can't know, but you can't tell me either.

    8. K on

      @Hobbes But I don't care about the Xbox/PS3 versions because I'm not going to play them since they're not apart of the rewards. Everyone here has pledged and will pay for the PC/Mac version. Thus it's Stoic's primary concern to make the game as good as possible and then work on the consoles preferably after the game has been released on PC.

      It's a very quick assumption to think that people are upping their pledges for the console version. I don't think the majority of people will be buying the same game twice. They probably care more about Player Cities since that will have an actual impact on the game.

      I want to play a good polished game, the additional platforms are just inconsequential.

    9. Diego on

      Oh, C'mon, folks... cities, we need cities! I already upgraded from 15 to 50 bucks... sooo clooose...

    10. Hobbes on

      @Kelman Did you read the comments? There are a lot of people that want the game on another platforms.
      @Keith That I can understand. I don't like the idea of giving money to those companies, but there are people making or upping their pledge only to see the ports made. So they are already using this KS to pay for that fees.

    11. Missing avatar

      Eli Lopez on

      I personally would like to see it in XBLA, since I'm more used to play on it than on my PC =D

    12. Keith on

      @Hobbes, I must not have phrased what I'm saying clearly, sorry. My problem is not directly with the porting to XBLA or PSN. That programming is okay, with me, just as any other port. It is the FEES that need to be paid to Microsoft and Sony to do so that I have problems with. That money could, in my opinion, be better spent on creating content that benefits all platforms at this time in the development process. The Kickstarter or loan I suggested would be just for the necessary fees to get the ports on the networks.

    13. Sarah

      If everyone pledged $2 then we'd almost make it to the next funding level.

    14. K on

      Honestly I think it's rather lousy that you're using the Kickstarter money to port to Playstation Network and Xbox Live. All the money here should be used to make the game as good as possible. Additional platforms should come later as those versions don't matter to the people who pledged. Unless you're adding those versions to the rewards.

    15. Erich L. on

      @Trentrihedron: This will blow your mind. I didn't mention Disgaea, Agarest War, or Growlanser because, as good as those games are (and they're really good), in my opinion they are the weake- entries in the SRPG category. Let that sink in. Despite being the weaker entries, they are still engaging and fun tactical games with good stories. So if those are the lesser entries, imagine how great the other titles are .And all of them on console.
      Spectral War III I forgot, and yes, that is a crime.
      But this conversation no longer matters! PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, XBLA, or PSN... This game is now everywhere! Congrats everyone on all the content for the single player game! When I see that ending, I'll remember all the words that went into the climb to $650k. Hurrah!

    16. Roflmaou on

      i hope you can reach 700k! I'd really want that player owned cities.

    17. Eric "Ervkar" Glocker on

      Woooo! 650k! That was the real goal for me honestly, all the platforms (including android tablets? Maybe? please? I'll beg!) and all the content you guys can stuff into the single player campaign? Hell yes! I can't even say how pumped I am for it, I already wanted what you were selling from the start. Let's call it a fantastic sammich and a coke. At this point you're giving me instead of the sammich and a coke a five course meal, a flagon of Ambrosia, all the beer I can swill, a custom bearded battleaxe and then saying "We can make that better still"

      Can't wait to get my poster! Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken, No surrender, No retreat!

    18. Missing avatar

      Petar on

      I couldn't find a comment on the matter, so I'll ask here:
      For the international pledgers, can we count that you guys are only going to state the value on the physical goods sent to us? I'm sure you're on the ball with this one, but still I'd rather know for sure that I want have to pay Customs tax on a $50 poster ;-)

    19. Jake Atkinson on

      650k win! Can we get the last 50k in 24 hours? Upped my pledge to $50, I hope we make it. :)

    20. Elizabeth Davidson

      Congratz on the big 650K!

    21. Gustavo Serra on

      @Hobbes To tell you the truth, I've only became aware of this project because of Austin Wintory, that's why I think he should get the best of the best. :D

    22. Jason Lissner on

      i want player cities.... donate plz :D

    23. Jake Atkinson on

      Eeeeee! The orchestra is funded! That is absolutely excellent. I hope we make it to 700k, or at least get the 2k needed for the next tier.

      Personally, I trust that the developers know what they're doing (even wrt porting). Why else would I pledge my money?

    24. Hobbes on

      @Sung-ha Hong That last answer was not intended for you. I can understand that you prefer more game content than more music. I have only started to really apreciate the music in the games lately.

      At least, you can think that probably most of the money that goes into hiring the orchestra is provided by the people that are pledging to the prizes designed to that purpose. In fact, there are people that are pledging only to get the OST made by Austin Wintory.

    25. Tigranes on

      (In case that wasn't clear, no problem with how Stoic use their $, or people that are enthusiastic about what is offered. But if I'm not, then I should make that clear with my comments and with my pledge. I'm certainly not angry or annoyed with them.)

    26. Tigranes on

      @Hobbes as I mentioned in my previous comment, I am aware ports were planned from the start, and I've read Stoic's comments on the matter. My point is that just like the orchestra, *I* don't feel that it is a good use of their extra $ when they already have a solid composer on board, and again, I'd rather that they concentrated on making the game bigger and better. That has nothing to do with 'believing they are artists with a vision' or anything like that. I'm not saying they're evil money-grabbers, or that they should do what I say. I'm sure many people are glad to see the attention/$ go to orchestra and ports, and that's fine. But for myself, I like the game, so I'll pledge it; I don't like what they're doing with $, so I won't pledge more. I hope that for the sake of Banner Saga and for kickstarter game projects in general, that the $ they raise will make them more ambitious about the meat of the game, and not the side dishes.

    27. Chris Chamberlain on

      Definitely want the game on console and have upped my pledge to see it get to $650k.

    28. Missing avatar

      Kirk Johnson on

      My very first kickstart! I do like the thought of building cities. Looking forward to it!

    29. Hobbes on

      I don't want to offend but you're being really selfish. People that play in consoles are pledging to see this game made, even when they'll probably have to buy another copy for their consoles. So they are paying for the PC/Mac version, and we pc gamers can't pay to help stoic deliver the game in all the platforms?

    30. Keith on

      I'd rather that ALL the monies from $650 to $699K go toward content. Porting to XBLA or PSN will cost distribution fees to Microsoft or Sony that, in my opinion, would be better spent on content.

      From the demand here on Kickstarter, Stoic should be able to get a business loan to do the porting or they could start a Kickstart campaign for the port only. That would give them an idea of the demand for the port. If not enough people support it then they can hold off for a while and try again.

    31. Elizabeth Davidson

      Sadly I think Stoic might have to do another update/video update as people cannot get past the word console despite they've SAID the ports are later, they've SAID the main versions will be as originally envisioned and they've SAID this is a CONTENT and port tier. They're latching on so much to a couple of words sted of reading properly and I'm afraid while we might hit extra content cities for the first chapter might not happen :/

    32. Isamu on

      Listen guys, I'm not going to play this on consoles either and I know a lot of people are frustrated about what big publishers have done to great games in their quest for more money. However, this is not Dragon Age. This is a turn based strategy game. Stoic is not EA, cynically chasing after a bottom line. They are artists with a vision and if you don't accept that, I'm not sure why you ever backed the project in the first place. I believe that they are just as determined to protect the integrity of the game as we are, if not more so.

      More importantly, I am interested in getting that big expanded finale and those extra story events that they've promised at 650k. I really want this to have an engaging and satisfying narrative. I am not willing to cut off the nose to spite the face just because once upon a time, Dragon Age II happened. If you continue to fight to avoid 650k, you are only working to reduce content for all of us.

    33. Hobbes on

      I'm going to paste here a post Arnie made in the general comments a few hours ago, I hope it adress some of your concerns.

      "There is not even one area of the game that we believe will be watered down or made simpler by us porting to XBLA or PSN. We've been stating all along that we hope to make the game available to as many people on as many platforms as we can (already stated that it's going to Linux and iPad). We made this stretch goal as a new support tier for those interested in having the game come to their platform so they can enjoy it as well. For all the people who already supported the game because they already have it on their platform there is going to be no loss. You are getting the exact game we have promised and are working hard to make as cool as we can. Remember...we will be working on these ports after chapter 1 is complete. Right now we're laser focused on PC/Mac. Any more funding we get right now, since orchestra has been achieved, will be going into the final level of content for PC/Mac and as a great bonus we will also be able to port the game to more human beings.
      I really think we may be arguing on the same side of the fence and it's a miscommunication on our part.

    34. The Evolutionary on

      @Sun-ha HongI understand your concerns and I do share some of them. Just keep the concerns coming. I see a pause in the donations and I strongly suspect it is because of our mutual concerns of the many mentions of the porting. First off, to people think that porting has no effect on a game: Past events suggest its only true when the game is completed for its original platform (PC/Mac). This project has to our knowledge only recently started and some people have concerns about their investment. @Hobbes: The initial developer team statements indicates ""we will be working on these ports after chapter 1 is complete". To many, including myself, that is not when the game itself is finished. That said, does porting necessarily mean the game quality will suffer? No. But....Has it happened before? Yes. In every project you have the basic triangle of elements: Cost, Scope, Schedule. Porting goes into scope. So does content. That said, if you extend the money (cost), in theory you have more scope. Perhaps all concerns would be eased if it were confirmed porting would begin after ALL story content/character/UI Design/AI/Sound parts of the scope were done and tested in the PC/Mac formats. Just a few thoughts.

    35. Hobbes on

      Sung-Ha Hong Did you read the project home? The port it's been in this project since the beginning. I quote:

      "Porting to more devices. Our first release will be on PC and Mac, but funding would allow us to convert the game to iOS, the Kindle Fire, consoles like XBLA and PSN and maybe even portable gaming devices like the Vita."

      And they have already stated that they will do the ports when the PC/MAc versions had been released.

      About the orchestra, if doesn't appeal to you I can understand it. But for me, it would be a real pity bringing on board a genius like Austin Wintory and not give him the means to make the best music he can.

    36. Tigranes on

      Yeah, uh, nobody's going to say "Hey guys, we will water down some of the game to port it, but, it will still be awesome!!" In the end porting is a significant task that will take up developer time and money, and it will put pressure on various aspects of the game like the UI. Now, they're claiming that they were looking at porting all along, and they'll do their best not to let that effect the PC version. I think that's fair enough - but heck, I'm not going to raise my pledge if the money's just going to go towards things like porting, or orchestras (I think music & sound are very important, but an orchestra for this kind of game, I think is overkill.)

      Obviously, they aren't obligated to do what I think they should do, so that's fine. But as long as I'm voting with my money, I'm going to look at what they say and don't say, and make judgments based on that. Nothing about what they've said recently excites me, but I still like the idea of the core game, so $10 it is.

    37. Whitney Tucker on

      Alright, I guess I'm just going to need to ask it: how exactly can a non-input heavy type of game (SRPGs can be pulled off flawlessly with a d-pad and two buttons--arrows to cycle through options and designate movement tile, one button to confirm action and move to next phase/step in sequence, and one button to go to prior input choice) be effected negatively by going cross platform?
      I ask this because all that I've ever seen that is different in computers from consoles as far as this* is concerned are more methods to make the same selection, which I severely doubt would be removed considering it is being ported to the console and not the other way around (meaning PC/MAC/Linux first, then off onto work with getting it to work, and work well, on the screwballs).
      *The GUI so please don't go "I'm not going into a discussion on this, when all I'm concerned with is the game-user interface," as I really do wish for an honest answer to this question, because while I am sure that there might be something that could be hindered with a port from, even though it is not a port to, a computer, I am just not seeing it after all the concerns that have been expressed here (namely because, so far, they've talked only of the subject as a whole and not of its contents). And, to be blunt, while I currently think those of you losing your heads over this are a bunch of reactionary loons (as it seems you are far more willing to step-back and shriek, instead of taking a step back to think about what the interface actually needs), I would hope that I only think so do to a lack of personal experience on this matter, as I believe I would be able to share your concerns with you, but you need to first share your concerns with me in a little more detail than "I am concerned with the GUI for the computer now that you say you might be porting this game to consoles" as that only states that the concern is there and completely neglects the reason why it is there (and "because it happened before" doesn't really cover it either as that only shows that something did happen and fails to discuss what transpired that makes you so frightened).
      /Erich, you missed Disgaea, how could you forget Disgaea? (I'll let you pass on missing Spectral forces and Agarest of War... for now.)

    38. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      31 hours and under 80k to go for Cities? Squee!

      *doubleknocks wood*

    39. Erich L. on

      By the way, Stoic posted on the main comment board. I'll just quote two lines:
      "There is not even one area of the game that we believe will be watered down or made simpler by us porting to XBLA or PSN."
      "Any more funding we get right now, since orchestra has been achieved, will be going into the final level of content for PC/Mac."
      /end thread.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jung Kim on

      Just in case some people had the same concern as I did.

      The guys at Stoic have confirmed that the game will not be watered down or simplified in any way as a result of console porting. So don't worry, and pledge away!

    41. Bewoulve on

      This doesn't change the fact that the porting part give people concerns and those concerns need answers.
      In my case, I'll be pleased to shut my mouth when they'll let me know if the PC version will have it's own UI and not a console UI because this needs to run on a 360.

    42. Erich L. on

      BTW, just so everyone gets the point, the $650k tier isn't about porting to console. It's about expanded single player content: more quests and a bigger, more badass ending. Check it, "We'll add as many special events as we can pack in the game and an expanded finale to really end on a high note."
      THAT is the main point of $650k. Don't distract yourselves.

    43. Erich L. on

      Fire Emblem, Tactics Ogre, Ogre Battle, Final Fantasy Tactics, Vandal Hearts, Arc the Lad, Shining Force, Valkyria Chronicles... All console sRPGs, all with deep tactical gameplay and engaging stories. I agree with you that gamers have been burned in the past by cross-platform--I'm one of them, and i still have games I'm very sore about--but I don't believe that applies here. The genre Banner Saga purposes to emulate comes from consoles, not from the PC. Our tactical games are very different--Jagged Alliance, X-Com, etc--and not where the Banner Saga has drawn its influences. While I do understand multiplatform worries based on other genres (like RTS or Baldur's Gate-style games where AI processing is highly important), I don't understand how the idea of a strategy game on a console makes it any less deep when the pedigree of turn-based sRPG on console is very, very strong.

    44. Hobbes on

      Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem are console games with strategic turn-based gameplay, and they're pretty good. I understand the concern about a simplified UI, but I think that's more a problem in real time games.

    45. Vasilis Foukarakis on

      Limbo is a platform game.
      Braid is a platform game.
      Super Meat boy is a platform game.

      The Banner Sage is NOT a platform game.

      Console are doing some things good {platformers, action twitchy titles, football/sports titles} and some things bad {almost anything having to do with turn-based strategy, real time strategy and more complex games in general}.

      I hope that The Banner Saga will be a deep tactical strategy. If I wanted Vikings to jump on platforms then I'd fund a console port.

      Dave, to avoid increasing the tension here, I apologize in advance if my comments seem a bit harsh. Do not take this personally. I'm just trying to explain my point of view.

      I, we gamers have been burned too many times the last years because of the goal of the industry in making games appeal to everyone which logically means lowering standards to the common denominator {aka simplicity and lighter gameplay}. Fan funding is a great chance to stop this practice and if Kickstarter projects start to deviate again into getting multi-platform then the exact same thing will happen.

      Fan funding is a great step forward in gaming and I'd like it to avoid following the path that the gaming industry is treading on right now. It needs to find its own distinctive part in the gaming world. Going multi-platform and casual in order to generate sales is NOT distinctive, it's just another way of making the same games that the usual publishers make, with all the bad stuff that follows.

    46. Missing avatar

      That One Guy on

      Limbo was an XBL game. Braid was an XBL game. Super Meat Boy was an XBL game. I hardly think appearing on a console is some sort of stroke of doom.

    47. Missing avatar

      AfroDave on

      I have previously stated, I do not have an issue with Stoics wish to port.
      As much as I understand that the $650k goal is going to partly content tier, partly port, I have a hard time believing that the porting process will take up a substantial amount of time, especially considering if you planned to release across all platforms at once, the approval process for XBLA and PSN could delay the game, not to mention the time/money that has to be spent on completely useless features like achievements/trophies and the battery of other tests and features that must be added for approval.
      And as I and many others have pointed out, yes hire the other programmer at $650k but just to produce game content / fix bugs etc, this makes the game better for everyone, if I am honest we are here to support the game and get something in return, not support your future income streams, as much as we would like to see you succeed in future.

    48. Vasilis Foukarakis on

      For those telling everyone that going to console will increase the funding thus result in a better game: No, it will result in a worse game and don't tell me that you haven't seen this before.

      It's called "consolization" and it's a gaming menace.

      Let me explain it for those that haven't noticed it before.

      Yes, they are going to make more money.
      Yes, they will have more funds.


      A vast percentage of console gamers are used to certain "features" in their games that they play which do not fit with the usual PC game. They are also used to more casual, more dumbed down and so called "streamlined" gameplay. This usually translate to easy game difficulty, no deep strategic options and worthless mechanics like Quick Time Events or twitch gameplay.

      Using part of the fan funding to pay Sony and Microsoft rights is NOT a good move and appealing to the console masses is going to bring along the whole baggage including a lot of people asking and wanting the aforementioned "features" above.

      This will almost surely lead to making a worse game because the devs will have to listen to those people too whining {like I do right now but I'd take a "more quality" whine over a "more quantity/sales" whine any day} about "I want this and that" and "why it's so hard" and "I don't get it, make it easier" and so on.

      And we all know what happened when the gaming industry started to make all games appeal to the hordes of casual console gamer masses.

      So I know that some people don't really care, I know that some haven't even noticed that gaming is in a worse state than what it was 5-10 years ago because they are impressed by pretty lights {advances in graphical fidelity that is} but I'd prefer a game made for PC gamers, appealing to PC gamers and all its funding spend on making the game better than a game which has to compromise its integrity to appeal to console gamers and paying royalties to Sony and Microsoft.

      As I've already posted, I lowered my pledge and I plan to increase it back up to what it was only if the console porting gets right at the end of the stretch goal spectrum or gets pushed for an after-release thing to do.

    49. Bewoulve on

      I'm not here to complain, I'm here to tell you what I need to know in order to maintain my pledge.

      My main ooncern about the console thing is about the UI :
      if you work on a PC friendly UI for the PC version, take my money.

      But if you give me a console UI like the Bethesda's dudes did with Skyrim... sorry guys, but I won't support such a game.