The Banner Saga

by Stoic

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    1. Lim Ji Hui on

      Please consider adding a tier for those of us who prefer the DIGITAL version of the limited edition soundtrack.

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      Thomas Szczechowiak on

      It says the special prizes do not include the prize tiers below them. However, I failed to notice whether the higher pledge tiers include any of these 'special' categories?

    3. Ficus on

      Will anything actually differentiate the digital soundtrack from the physical cd soundwise?

    4. Missing avatar

      Diego Almazan on

      Amazing. The prizes look great, but it seems to be missing the one where I can be a part of the orchestra. A spot in the choir is acceptable too. I'll start practicing while you update the list.

    5. Stoic 2-time creator

      Just to mention it, the only prize that is seperate from the rest is the performance. All the other new prizes include all the previous rewards. Austin will most likely include bonus material/remixes on the physical CD (exact details are still in flux) while the digital soundtrack is a straight-up OST from the game.

    6. Missing avatar

      Dror Levy on

      Is there any chance the special edition soundtrack will be in HI-FI(96Khz-24bit or similar)?

    7. Jerry Oon on

      With new rewards coming in, can you do what wasteland 2 did by adding an FAQ of what we'll get at each pledge bracket? its a little confusing with the "all previous rewards" tagged on at the end of every level...

    8. Red Hot Swing (Kevin Savage) on

      I'm pretty pumped up about The Banner Saga! I really hope that I'll be able to enjoy it fully on my older hardware - I run exclusively on laptops that are a couple of years old for money and space-saving reasons.

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      Overlord on

      @Dror Levy: CDDA is limited to 2-channel signed 16-bit Linear PCM sampled at 44,100 Hz. They'd have to use Super Audio CD or DVD-Audio to achieve higher fidelity or something like FLAC.

    10. TheChosenOne on

      What you can also do although it is a lot clearer then this Kickstarter (see link) is;

    11. Fabian Winkler on

      Upped my pledge to get the signed soundtrack :)

    12. Jonathan Koay on

      Yeah, an FAQ with the rewards stated for each tier will be much appreciated. I pledged $60 with the opinion that I will get the lower tier rewards (i.e. game, digital soundtrack and all) but I might be wrong.

    13. Andrey Ivanov on

      New rewards looks really great, but you guys forgot to mention how much i have to add for shipping outside the US and Canada in description.

    14. Fabian on

      It's "Skål"!
      Just wanted to point that out...

    15. LittleWulfie on

      Oh man, I would really go for the limited ed soundtrack, but I just have no more money to give this month. Bother...

    16. Kennan Ward on

      I'd probably go for the special edition of the score if I wasn't also backing Double Fine, Wasteland 2, and Shadowrun.

    17. FamousAdventurer77 on

      It's really amazing to see how it all comes together-- this is what made me follow my dream to become a game developer. I'm really psyched to see how the Banner Saga turns out and I'm proud I helped this game to be made.

    18. Missing avatar

      chadwick1416 on

      One question: who will be on cow-bell?

    19. Michael Matzat on

      Amazing. I would up my pledge to 150$ in a heartbeat but unfortunately i am on a very tight budget till the end of this month so i am afraid i have to stay at the 50$ i planed to spend to not have larg tattooed men show up at my doorstep to break my legs. :D I hope some of that money will help paing for the musicians as well.

      Just out of intrest in case mr Austin is here. :)
      I bought the Journey soundtrack on iTunes yesterday for the crazy price of 4€... do you see any of that money? Is a composer payed just as a band would be? Little but based on the sales numbers of the Album? Or dos all the money get lost between iTunes, Sony, TGC fees?
      Obviusly you got some money to begin with, i am just talking sales here.

    20. Gophersaurus

      I'm currently pledged at the $250 Animation Cel level. Is there anyway I can get an animation cel AND either the physical soundtrack or sheet music?

    21. David Kononen on

      Stuart, just up your pledge to the $350 level

    22. Chris Norulak on

      @chadwick1416 Needs more cowbell - I got an addiction...

    23. Missing avatar

      radicci on

      I would love to have bonus tracks in the digital soundtrack...

    24. Hillman Dai on

      I can't resist the temptation of signed special edition I up from $50 to $150. I guess it still require $15 for international shipping?

    25. Missing avatar

      Muttala on

      Will there be a consideration for the full copy of the 3 parts of the game with USD 30? I do not need Crest design :)

    26. Jeremie Lariviere

      I would hope that the pre-orders we already did including the digital soundtrack would be Wintory's soundtrack...

    27. Stoic 2-time creator

      The digital soundtrack will be Austin Wintory's. It will be the same as the OST (Original Soundtrack). The physical signed soundtrack will be special with some extra or different music and available only during this Kickstarter campaign.
      Yes, please include shipping. I know you'll love this soundtrack. I'm as excited as anyone to listen to it over and over and...over and...
      Thanks for the comments everyone!

    28. Isamu on

      This has already been requested already, but I think it might be helpful if you explained clearly what you get at each prize tier in the FAQ, with the addition of the music items some of it might be unclear. For example, the $5000 tier still says you get all previous rewards, but I'm assuming this doesn't include the $4500 tier.

      More importantly, could you give us a ballpark estimate of how much it would cost to get the orchestrated soundtrack done? It'd be nice to know what goal we're shooting for!

    29. shayne.oneill on

      Oh god, this is going to be epic.As a musician I know how easy it would be to just cheat and use one of those big orchestra VST software things, but we're getting a real goddamn orchestra to listen to, and *NOTHING* can replace the sheer epic win that comes from that. Hey heres a fun idea though: Did you hear that "maluka" chick that did the renditions of the skyrim tunes that went viral on youtube: Get her to contribute, you'd have the skyrim fans (Whom I suspect are going to be a big crossover demographic here) wetting themselves.

    30. Stoic 2-time creator

      Yes, we're pretty psyched about the music. It's why we did one more update. Austin is onboard, but now we're just trying to save as much as we can to get as large an orchestra as we can! Amazing that our little game caught on to the point that we're even talking about this. I really think this is a shining moment in Kickstarter history and not just because I'm a part of it. I mean, look what all of you have done here! Our job is just to make sure that we're using your money as wisely as we can.
      Thanks for the 'Maluka' tip. We'll see what Austin has in mind. :)

    31. Michelle Gosse on

      I played Skyrim until I took an arrow in the knee, then I swapped to the Banner Saga. :)