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A mature, story-driven, turn-based strategy game steeped in viking culture, by three game industry veterans.
A mature, story-driven, turn-based strategy game steeped in viking culture, by three game industry veterans.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Tom Evans on

      Whatever happened to Linus support?

    2. Derek Swenson on

      I'd also prefer to see the multiplayer cities before the console ports. Cities are intriguing. Ports? Meh. Kickstarter funds should be primarily used on content that ALL of us backers can use, not a port that most of us WON'T use. Especially when the port would generate revenue for itself through its own sales.

    3. Phil Creswell on

      It's awesome to see how well you guys are doing. I hope it only continues to explode. I just want to say that it's great to see you guys hitting the nail on the head for what I want from a game. Taking that more modern Bioware feel, mixing it with dark fantasy and tactical combat—man. I saw Final Fantasy Tactics and Shining Force mentioned: two of my favorite games ever. I'm *so* stoked.

    4. Stoic 2-time creator

      @Michael Matzat:
      We hope to have another Update on Friday that may interest you a great deal...

    5. Michael Matzat on

      Do you guys also bring in some sort of small orchestra for the composer? At almost 500% there should be a good amount of money for the music of all three games, right?

    6. Niklas on

      Great choice for a composer!

    7. Mykhailo Mykhno on

      Can't wait for this game)...Great art, cool style and epic story)

    8. James Lundberg on

      You guys really should bring this game to the PS3 and Vita. You could set up cross play between the systems and have it where the saves from the PS3 version work on the Vita and the other way around.

    9. zacH on

      Just pledged upon seeing the update about the eventual linux port. Thanks a bunch guys, and good luck with the project!

    10. Jan Schwindowski on

      nerdgasm. 'nuff said.

    11. Dennis Håkansson on

      Can't wait to play this!

    12. Missing avatar

      Karen on

      Way excited! Great pitch. I cannot wait to see it!

    13. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    14. Michael C. Stettes on

      The "tactics" aspect intrigued me; the artwork and concept won me over. Congrats on reaching your goal and I can't wait to play!

    15. Mark Winnington on

      I'd love to see a bigger version of the concept art, and I join Mark Doherty in being interested in the physical version of the artbook (despite living in Europe).
      I also wanted to say I appreciate your approach of telling us what you're going to use the extra funding for: it's great to see the talent you've managed to gather (Austin Wintory! WOW!!!). :D However, from what I've seen, some "reach goals" can be a great way to invite more support and inspire people further.

    16. M D on

      I will admit my jaw dropped when I saw the musician you'd picked up, but that artwork also made this a great update (is that a celtic centaur, or is it just the size that makes it look like half her face is painter blue?)

      Speaking of art, the one tier pledge I still don't see (besides boxed copies, which is nixed in the FAQ) is one offering a physical copy of the artbook. I'm sure it'd cost a bit to print, but if you made the tier $125 or $150, you'd surely cover the extra costs while enticing a fair few people to upgrade - there's a lot of people who pledged to this kickstarter based on your art pretty much alone.

    17. Missing avatar

      GPeterfreund on

      Thanks so much for putting together a truly compelling game concept. I resisted pledging the $50 as long as I could-- just about 5 hours, I think.

      Related note to your iPad comment in a previous update-- do you know what resolution range and aspect ratios you are planning on supporting? How would full-screen play work? I was fortunate enough to get a 2560 x 1440 27" monitor, and I wouldn't want it any ugly stretching of the beautiful art.

      Thanks again!

    18. John Ingalls on

      Absolutely gorgeous! Wish you guys banners, and banners of success!

    19. Luke Absolum Reid on

      I would love to have banner saga on the Xbox live marketplace, what are the chances of that?

    20. João Candeias on

      This last update finally convinced me! Great project you guys are putting up. Since i'm a $50, i'm going to start thinking of my crest.. :)

    21. cthellis on

      This pleases me more than things that usually please me can please me.

    22. Paul Chaplin (@CottlestonPie) on

      @mvime: Generally speaking*, broadening an already-multi-platform project to further (indeed, similar) platforms is markedly less difficult than porting a codebase that makes extensive use of proprietary features (e.g. Microsoft's DirectX), and going from Mac OSX to Linux and from OSX to iOS should both be less challenging than going from Windows-only to any of them. :)

      Given that the original project on Windows and OSX was budgeted at around $100k, and we're likely to end at $500k+, I think you can be sure we'll be getting more in *every* area -- as evidenced by these new music, sound, and animation updates. :D This game is going to be even better than I'd hoped.

      *Admittedly, we all know what happens when you listen to generals. ;)

    23. Missing avatar

      mvi on

      I just upped my pledge because of the good news. However, personally I'd prefer you to spend the money on making a more complete and longer game than in porting the game to even more platforms. Also, I hope that all this porting won't impose any technical limitations to the original project, which was to work on OSX and Windows.

    24. Dan Pham on

      MUSIC BY AUSTIN WINTORY!???? OMFG! I'M SORRY CAPSLOCKS ARE TOTALLY NECESSARY HERE!!!! I LOVE HIS MUSIC SO Much ok I'm gonna stop now. But just because of this I'm upping my funding. You bastards. :)

    25. Hemisphere Ormsby on

      woah, i just screamed like a girl..

    26. Rick on

      @theadam - with the additional funding they hired professionals. At the minimum funding level they would have just gotten by with what could be afforded within the original budget.

    27. Jacob Hurst on

      So... beyond... excited! I believe the only accurate vocalization would be "Squeeeeeee"

    28. Thulean on

      The art direction is great on this game.

    29. Rhys Corlett on

      The soundtrack might have been at that level already, but the news was that now the soundtrack is a Wintory soundtrack. The value of that soundtrack just went up.

    30. Thomas Giles on

      Sounds great, guys. This project just gets better and better! @u@

      @theadam It's gonna be by Austin Wintory, who made the soundtrack to Journey, the music of which was simply beautiful. The pledge hasn't changed, but there was a whole lot more in this update than "You get the soundtrack for the $25 pledge". /sigh/

    31. Archon on

      Hell yeah! Incredible Update. Difficult to raise the bar now.

    32. Missing avatar

      theadam on

      Having the soundtrack for $25 is no news, that was in the pledge all along, what's the deal with this?

    33. Linda Nguyen on

      Great news! Simply WOW.

    34. Harley Mills-Thom on

      Upped my pledge to $25 due to the news of Austin Wintory's involvement. Amazing composer and I'll be looking forward to the soundtrack!

    35. James Yee on

      Is it bad that I just realized thanks to this post that I'll be getting the soundtrack? I've been a bit focused on the Crest Design I get at $50. :)

      Looking forward to the future even more now! :)

    36. kkipple on

      Very very promising. Excellent move getting the Journey composer. Might just have to up my pledge.

    37. Silmina on

      Wow! I know I said it before, but really, I CANNOT wait to play this! :D Oh, and you guys should DEFINITELY collect the stories behind the relics people submit, as well any other cool stories about backer submissions. I'd love to hear them!

    38. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      We like more free stuff, thank you. :)

      This thing is going to be EPIC!

    39. SectionOne on

      Oh Guys this are some realy great News! Can you say, at this Point, wich Languages you plan to support?

    40. Missing avatar

      RussianNeuroMancer on

      Awesom update! Particularly pleased to see Linux support and Powerhouse Animation partnership.

    41. Missing avatar

      Omnifarious on

      Yay, Linux support! And even more stuff that looks like it will make this game really fantastic. I love the art. I wish I could afford the $800 for the heirloom. I have a couple of things (I'd have to choose between them) I would really enjoy having immortalized this way. That's a great reward BTW.

    42. Laura Kajpust on

      Austin Wintory?! Eeeeeeeee! Now I'm even more excited!!

    43. Interstate78 on

      You guys are high class, the cream of the crop. This Kickstarter really is managed masterfully.


    44. Michael Red Eagle Jonklaas on

      omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg you got the journey music guy omgomgomgomgomg

    45. Michael Smith on

      All of the updates are exciting, but for me the music choice is especially brilliant. I was already thrilled for the project; I just got that much more excited.

    46. Roman Grazhdan on

      Wow, thank _you_! That's just amazing, these items look really nice, and you'll support Linux...

      I really shouldn't plan anything for the next year, I'll have to play the games. :)

    47. Kevin Hart on

      looks great so far! cant wait for the art book.

    48. Missing avatar

      Agon on

      U guys are amazing. Just raised my pledge fom 25$ to 110$.

    49. Missing avatar

      Doomedpaladin on

      If that's the quality of your CONCEPT art, you should put together an art book for another reward tier after the $800 one sells out (as I'm sure it will).