The Banner Saga

by Stoic

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    1. Michael Carmody on

      This is awesome! Thank guys!

      Will the extra $20 be something we could use to increase our pledge level (like pledge $80 and get the $100 reward), or will it only be available for add-on type things?

    2. Aephix on

      When I pledged for this campaign, I did $50, but only for the $25 level (if that makes sense). I had to email ya'll to get the key for BS2. Will I need to do the same for BS3, or am I on the list already?

    3. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      So if this doesn't pass its goal, what happens to those who have already paid for the third part?

    4. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      Your games are good and deserving completation. But I have to mention the trust issue arised in the first campaign. Can we expect no issue regarding episode 3 keys (steam, GOG, ect.) and the way you mistreated your backers?
      Also, are backers of the first games already included in the game credits for episode 3?
      What about artbook and soundtrack for the ones that have backed the first games as in the new campaign I only see trilogy reward (2-3 option would be good).

    5. Rupert Fuller

      That's very generous! Thanks guys!

    6. Valeriy on

      One of the worst campaigns I ever backed. Thanks, but no, thanks!

    7. Paul Marzagalli on

      Happy to pitch in one last time. Good luck bringing the series to its finale! Looking forward to it!

    8. Missing avatar

      mwalimu on

      Expecting no linux support again, no refunds for backers who backed because of linux support and no response to messages from linux backers wanting refunds for failed promises. Y'all suck and are one of the main reasons I won't kickstart games any more. That's about as respectful and considerate as I can be. You don't want to hear what I really think.

    9. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      No tux, no bux.

    10. Fitheach on

      To be fair to them on the Linux front its not their fault that Adobe stopped supporting Linux.

    11. Stoic 2-time creator

      @Michael Carmody - I am not sure I completely understand what you're asking - any added dollar amount that you pledge and don't need to use for something specific will be able to be used for add-on items in PledgeManager. If you have further questions, please let us know (you can send a message through the page as well, if that helps). Thank you so much. :)

    12. Stoic 2-time creator

      @Robert Little - you should be on the list already, but we'll send an announcement that we're giving out Banner Saga 3 keys and if at that time you do not get one automatically, please let us know. Thank you. :)

    13. Stoic 2-time creator

      @Céline .S. Sauvé - if that happens we'll decide what to do but let's hope that doesn't happen! :)

    14. Stoic 2-time creator

      @Michele - it sounds like you have a few questions and I'd love to be able to help you out. Please send a message though this page so we can get your issues sorted. Thank you. :)

    15. Stoic 2-time creator

      @Rupert Fuller - you are very welcome, thank *you* :)

    16. Stoic 2-time creator

      @Paul Marzagalli - thank you for all your support including tweets, recently. We really appreciate it! :)

    17. Sal "Lasareath" Cameli on

      #3 ??, I haven't played 2 yet. Is 2 out ?

    18. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      Sal, it was released last April. They didn't really have an update specifying it was released, but update 65 was about the keys for backers being emailed, which coincided with the release. And then update 66 mentioned that it had been released on DRM-Free on GoG.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      @Stoic, I think what Michael is asking is if we'll be able to upgrade our pledge level via pledge manager? That way we can pledge at the $30 level, then upgrade to the $50 level using the $20 bonus you guys are providing. I know from past experience that the ability to upgrade pledge levels is something that can be disabled or enabled by the person running the campaign, so we want to know if you plan on enabling it.

      And, considering that both Michael and I want to know this, it's likely that other people do as well, that just haven't spoken up about it. It seems like it would be much more efficient for you to reply here, so everyone knows, rather than each of us messaging you individually…

    20. Valeriy on

      @Fitheach: To be fair they chose to use Adobe AIR after Adobe stopped supporting Linux. Initially their plan was to use Autodesk's Scaleform to somehow magically port the game onto Linux, but later it turned out that Scaleform not nearly as much robust as AIR and the devs already used too many new and sheeny features (naturally not supported by Scaleform) so it was easier for them to just say "Screw Linux! Nobody uses this piece of garbage anyways."

      I seriously don't care who to blame: Adobe, Autodesk or Stoic's incompetency in their tools. The end result is the same.

    21. Stoic 2-time creator

      @Jesse - thank you for explaining. I believe that what you're asking is correct; I'll verify this and post again once I'm sure of the logistics.

    22. Stoic 2-time creator

      @Jesse - wait, you're saying there's $20 in the tier already but the way it works is, the tiers do not have Saga 1 and 2 included for $20. They are only included if someone adds $20.

      So if you would like the $50 tier, you choose that tier, Saga 1 and 2 are not included in it unless you choose the $50 for $70. I hope that helps.

    23. Missing avatar

      Brett Gregory on

      I'm assuming all of what is being discussed is for the full saga backers only (I only backed for pt1), and I've also seen on the new Kickstarter that you offer a $20 upgrade for the first 2 games. Could you maybe offer a $10 upgrade for backers of the first game that only need the 2nd one?

    24. Stoic 2-time creator

      @Brett Gregory - that's a terrific question! If you would just like one of the games, you can pledge an extra $15 for the Banner Saga 2 key (or $5 for the Banner Saga 1 key) then select that as an add-on purchase during the PledgeManager phase after the campaign ends. :)

    25. Eric Johnson on

      Awesome news! Loved the first two, can't wait to see how the 3rd turns out. So glad I backed this in the first KS!

    26. Stoic 2-time creator

      @Eric Johnson - thank you so much!! We really appreciate the support and encouragement people have been giving us. :)