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A mature, story-driven, turn-based strategy game steeped in viking culture, by three game industry veterans.
A mature, story-driven, turn-based strategy game steeped in viking culture, by three game industry veterans.
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Banner Saga 2 on GoG and PAX East Recap

Posted by Stoic (Creator)

Proud to share that we now have a DRM-Free version of Banner Saga 2 available via GoG. 

If you are a backer at $50 and up, and you’d like a GoG key for Banner Saga 2 - then please send us a KS message and we’ll get you your key. 

Apologies that we couldn’t share this information sooner, but there have been several behind the scenes things going on that have prevented us from making any announcements or sharing information ahead of this time. 

During the last week we also had PAX East where we talked about the future of Banner Saga and got to reveal an awesome new trailer from cartoonist Kris Straub. GameSpot did a nice recap of the panel below.

GameSpot Panel Link =

Thank you all for the kind words during launch week. Skol! 


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    1. Ratatoskr - Battle Squirrel of the Varl on

      Two questions. 1. Is it too late to get a GoG version of the second game? Clearly I haven't checked kickstarter in months.
      2. Apparently I don't actually know how to send you a message if the answer to question 1 is yes. It's probably obvious but I'm not seeing it. Unless it's the Ask a Question button in the FAQ?

    2. Stoic 2-time creator

      Hi Paul - please send us a KS message and we'll get you hooked up. Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Hi. need a GOG key for 1 and 2. Dont think i ever received one for the original

      Thanks. looking forward to playing

    4. Stoic 2-time creator

      If anyone else needs a GoG key or help with their Steam key - please let us know. Thanks!

    5. Stephan Sokolow on

      Here's something that GR00T said on the GOG forums thread which I thought was both relevant and eloquent:


      You know, it's funny how they're completely misinterpreting the effect they're reporting here:

      Once a game's been cracked and pirated (such as the first Banner Saga), it doesn't matter where you release it after that, the game is still available from the pirates, free adn without DRM.

      If they actually noted an increase in piracy once it was released on GOG, then it more likely means that interest in the game was increased again, so more people that would have pirated it anyway went to grab a copy.

      Again, since it was already pirated, releasing a DRM-free version was completely redundant since the pirated copy was already DRM-free. The only thing it did was capture the honest audience that wanted to have a DRM-free copy and were willing to actually pay for it.

    6. Atticusmj on

      Thank you Stoic for giving backers/fans drm-free copy
      I don't mind waiting for drm-free copy I just want it to happen this and Shadow Run Returns I backed really high just wanting help indie groups see that want for DRM-free vs even Soul Crushing Steam

      I understand your dealing with varying ppl that mad from considerate to bottom of the bucket but I just want you to know those of us want drm-free just get treated badly alot by AAA world of games

      I hope your keep us in mind for the 3rd title still

    7. Stoic 2-time creator

      We're not making any promises about the future at this point. Sorry.

    8. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      So... If it only takes about a day's work to have a game be DRM-free (as opposed to saying how long it takes to fully integrate a game into STEAM-DRM, of course), then perhaps that day's work can be done in time to have the third installment launch on *both* platforms at once.

      Either way, I certainly hope there will be no cross-promotion of other projects through updates here, and I'll keep an eye for the release of the final part of the Trilogy. When I'll finally play the games.

    9. Stoic 2-time creator

      Good - that's what we want. We want to avoid people making assumptions in the future about our plans or our actions. This will require some patience as not everyone can happen at once and some understanding that we will always do our best to make as many people as happy as possible, but things take time and work on our part.

    10. Valeriy on

      "We don't want people to assume anything but rather look at what we do and how we have acted."

      Verily, the golden words.

      Words are cheap, deeds are what truly matters. And all your deeds will be closely looked at.

      P.S. As the saying goes, "Internet never forgets, Internet never forgives."

    11. Stoic 2-time creator

      @Valeriy - Please refrain from making assumptions based on our statements. We did not call any of our backers or anyone a pirate. We were stating the facts and not calling anyone anything. We stated what happened last time based on our data.

      We understand our backers have not been pleased with our communication or attempts at sharing information so we'll ensure going forward we either do a better job of communication or just say "no comment".

      We don't want people to assume anything but rather look at what we do and how we have acted.

    12. Valeriy on

      Sorry, but please, point me to the line where *exactly* I did insult you.

      You know, you are quite easily thrown off balance in a conversation for a PRO-gamedev-veterans.

      Yes, some of us are dissatisfied with your actions and, I believe, we have our rights to openly express our feelings. The PR is a path not always pawed with roses, yet most devs seem to manage... somehow.

      Let me point you to some examples:
      1) Comcept with "Mighty No.9" currently experiences something similar, they were flooded with toxic comments for over the year now, yet in their recent update -- not a word of dissatisfaction with their backers. I believe they will be out of this mess in the end (all they need is to buy some time till release).
      2) It is forgotten nowadays but some time ago "Harebrained Schemes" received a lot of anger after initial release of "Shadowrun Returns" (for various reasons). They survived and rectified all damage turning infuriated backers back to loyal fans.

      I've been monitoring your course of actions for a while (and will be doing this in the future) and so far do not see any change for the better. As a pro's you need to keep your feelings in control and refrain from "Not calling people who prefer DRM Free Pirates..." (Oh, THANK YOU Stoic that you did not outright call me a pirate!) or "Not that you any of you need to know that..." (Oh, THANK YOU Stoic for telling me what I need and need not to know!) lines which add nothing to the subject yet act as "rage points".

      Again, good day to you and best of luck!

    13. Stoic 2-time creator

      Noted - however due to our business we can't disclose certain things nor make any promises about the future. So we'll just go forward with saying "No Comment".

      Once again - have plenty of GoG keys at this point should anyone else like one, please send us a KS message.

    14. kincajou on

      I really wanted thank you guys for the GOG release, it has made my continued enjoyment of the game that much better.

      Although the most vocal critics here haven't always been polite, kind or moderate in their criticisms (anger is a powerfully overwhelming feeling) i hope that you take on board what a lot of people have said. The problems were what you said, not that you said anything.

      Although not talking at all will certainly avoid this issue in the future, it's not what most critics would have wanted. You are free to make your own conclusions from it all, my suggestion would be to always ask yourselves "what are our backers concerned about?" when releasing statements rather than hiding behind murky PR speech.

      Good on you for developing an awesome game to many platforms! Just, maybe... rethink your PR strategies to be more inclusive with the people upon who's faith and trust you are building the game. Speak clearly and let us think that you care about our concerns rather than stone walling every question and comment...

      That's my 2c anyways

    15. Stephan Sokolow on

      I still don't get why you said it the way you did, but knowing that the timing does line up and you went from no plans to GOG contract in less than a week definitely would make me feel better about you if I weren't so worried about the "We just didn't have enough DRM" lesson you learned from the experience.

      (It's your prerogative, I just keep an eye on news related to this sort of thing and I've never seen it have the effect you want while I have seen it consume massive amounts of capital that could have gone into development.)

    16. Stoic 2-time creator

      Everyone who has requested a GoG key now via KS message should now have one - if you still would like a GoG key, please don't hesitate to send us a message!

    17. Stoic 2-time creator

      Thanks again for the kind words Valeriy - you've been kind enough to insult us multiple times now and indeed you are exactly why we are moving away from sharing what we can to changing our view point to saying nothing.

    18. Valeriy on

      Some hilarious quotes here!
      "Not that you any of you need to know that..." -- was it necessary to further insult backers?

      "If anything it is making us look at better options for protection moving forward." -- Mmm... more DRM, I suppose. Yep, that's exactly what you need: spend twice as much of resources on sophisticated custom DRM (on par with AAA Grands such as UBIsoft) than on the game itself. StarForce™ from "Protection Technology" is my personal recommendation though (it was outright banned in EU at some point in history).

      "We learned our lesson ... and we'll just say "No Comment" rather than try to share info when we can."

      Yes, sometimes it is best to remain silent instead of further plummeting own reputation with unwise words.

      P.S. At this stage I'm almost done with your company and your projects. All that remains is to watch how the history unfolds itself and spread the word among all my friends. Something tells me this will be hilarious.

    19. Stoic 2-time creator

      As for an update on GoG Keys - Still waiting on more from GoG. Still hoping to get those Monday and we'll start sending them out via KS message. Just letting you know why we're not responding to those requests that came in on Saturday/Sunday.

    20. Stoic 2-time creator

      @Michele - with all due respect, you can't make assumptions like that. That's where things get messy and people think assumptions are facts.

      1) We were not talking to GoG about launching on their platform until the Saturday after launch as an FYI. Not that you any of you need to know that, but that's when we started talking to them about it. The technical requirements for a DRM-Free build aren't all that difficult, it just means John has to make a build without all of the Steam integration. Takes a day or so for execution and a day or so for a quick QA pass. This lead to our April 29th launch date on GoG.

      2) We stated that as a fact that we saw during our first launch - not as any explanation or reasoning why it wasn't happening from the get-go. Did we see a rise in piracy when we launched DRM-Free for Banner Saga - yes. Did it impact our decision making for DMR-Free this time around, maybe a little - but not so much that it changed anything. If anything it is making us look at better options for protection moving forward.

      We have always planned on getting Banner Saga 2 (and Banner Saga 1 & 3 for that matter) on as many platforms as we can, it just takes time and certain things take more time/work. Especially at launch it may not be ideal to get our game out on every platform as we want to ensure we didn't miss any huge bugs/errors and if we did we want to ensure we can get that fix out ASAP to fix whatever any problems may have been. Thankfully, we didn't have any huge critical bugs or game crashing issues.

      We learned our lesson going forward and we'll just say "No Comment" rather than try to share info when we can. People make assumptions regardless of what we say so it's just easier going forward if we don't say anything and let our actions speak for themselves. We'll still be watching KS to help anyone who needs it and we'll still share info we think you may like, but we're certainly going to tone down our updates at this point.

    21. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      I think it's fair that you are not willing to discuss your business strategy and I respect that. However I would like to ask your opinion about these matters:
      - you said that you had no current plan about a drm-free version, but to release a game on GOG require time and negotiation, a things that clearly was already in motion at the time you made that claim. So while you could make no promises on the release date, it was not true that you had no plan.
      - you blamed piracy for the absence of a drm-free version then some weeks later you released the game on GOG, which is drm-free.
      To not consider those statement lies it would require a certain truthbending ability. Now, I could understand the reasons why you didn't want to disclose those informations. But there's a difference between not wanting to disclose information (and stating so, which is fine) and disclosing false ones. That different is measured in honesty and puts you more closely to the people that pirated your game that to the ones that financed it.
      Crowdfunding is based on trust, without that you would not even be developing games at this point.

      Now, you made up for that, released the game drm-free and also provided the keys to those who are asking. I believe the critics you got for how you handled that matter are justified and you cannot blame backers for having trust issue nor treat them like strangers after they were with you all the way along the campaign. This could have clearly be avoided with better communication and without disclosing you business strategy.

    22. Stoic 2-time creator

      Quick update - we're waiting on another batch of GoG keys at this point (Saturday at 4:55 PST). We'll likely get the new keys on Monday, so if you're still waiting on a GoG key they will most likely be sent out then. Haven't forgotten about anyone, we just ran out of our first allotment of Banner Saga 2 keys.

    23. saturncrow on

      That banner saga in memorium cartoon was really funny! but dagnit if I still didn't end tearing up. I bawled at the end of my playthrough, which is why after only backing up the to first game I bought part two as soon as I could.

    24. Andrew Tuckett on

      News like this makes me wish I could up my pledge to move to the $50 level.

    25. Germain "Troll" Saussaye on

      @528 : you must go to and click Contact.

      Got mine, really thankful to be able to have both TBS and TBS 2 on both platforms.

    26. 528 on

      I would like a GOG key. Thanks!

    27. Germain "Troll" Saussaye on

      I don't know why, but I knew it was coming soon. I guess the way you handled those disappointed by the earlier "Steam only for now" did hint heavily that way :p

      Thanks a lot for allowing us to also get the GOG version, contacting now.

    28. Stoic 2-time creator

      Apologies - the correct e-mail for Versus Evil = - not .com

    29. internisus on

      The address isn't working; I believe that the current one to use is

    30. Stoic 2-time creator

      Correct - Versus Evil does have GoG keys for TBS1 remaining should you need one. Please contact them at should you still need one.

      We're handling all of the GoG keys via KS for Banner Saga 2 to hopefully make things easier/faster.

    31. Missing avatar

      Chris Hutson on

      Thanks for the quick response on the gog key! You guys rock!

    32. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      @Stephan Sokolow Yeah, I had a GOG-key for the first one.

    33. Stephan Sokolow on

      @Pesky: In case it helps to clarify, I asked about whether I could redeem the Humble key now in case GOG ever went under and they uploaded a DRM-free build there. They said:

      "We're not revoking any keys on any platform."

    34. Stoic 2-time creator

      @Pesky - send us a KS message and we'll get you a GoG key.

    35. Pesky Pyjak on

      Do you get a gog key in addition to a steam key, or do you have to choose?

    36. Stephan Sokolow on

      @Alain @Stoic

      Actually, if you look at update 49...'ll see this text:

      The game has been available for a while now on Steam, Gamefly, Gamestop, Humble store, a bunch of other outlets, and as a direct download from our website. We apologize for the difficulties getting the game distributed on some backers top preference. If you'd still like to get the game on GOG, please contact and they'll hook you up with a key.

    37. Stoic 2-time creator

      @Alain - we didn't do GoG keys for TBS1 (we had you download a DRM-Free version from our website). Details can be found here:

    38. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      PM sent!
      Hopefully the third part will just launch on both platform on release instead of delaying.

    39. Alain Alphonse Khoury on

      May I please get a Gog key? And was one available for Banner Saga 1? If so, I don't think I received mine. Is there somewhere I can find it?

    40. Balda

      Thanks Stoic!
      Be sure i'll buy iPad version the day it will be available! ;-)

    41. dx1 on

      Id' really like to have those GOG keys, for TBS1 too, but I guess because I already have the games on Steam I'm not eligible.

      GOG makes such a wonderful backup service with real offline installers.

    42. gok on

      Great news regarding the DRM-free version!
      Thanks a lot.

    43. Stoic 2-time creator

      It's the goal - but not sure on getting it done or released just yet.

    44. Balda

      Have you planned an iPad version like #1? If yes, have you an idea of the release date?
      Playing Banner Saga on iPad was a marvelous / awesome / wonderful expérience :-)