Funded! This project was successfully funded on April 20, 2012.

    1. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Jon Crosslin 1 day ago

      I've been busy since this came out. It looks like the directions on receiving a copy of the game do not apply any more. Is it still too late?

    2. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Joan Paulette Dudley 1 day ago

      I never received my game. What happened?

    3. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Andrew Hows 5 days ago

      Another month, another no-updates-on-Linux-port.

    4. Screen%20shot%202012-09-17%20at%2012.56.27%20pm.small

      Creator digital_religion - Survivor of Solstice on March 21

      Totaly happy with how the game come out, can't wait for the sequel, huge fans here in Croatia. At the same time we are having a huge local KS for an interesting SF strategy/RPG

    5. Missing_small

      Creator hyosube on March 20

      I'm glad that I'm not the only wondering about the digital art book...

    6. Garkham.small

      Creator garkham on March 18

      Hi there, is the digital art book already available somewhere ?

    7. Geek_patrolks.small

      Creator Bryy Miller on March 18

      Just beat it. Fantastic ending.

    8. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Andrew Hows on March 17

      So, no updates in over a month. What's the progress on the Linux version? Some of us are still waiting for the game we backed...

    9. Extra%20large_face.small

      Creator Clocknova on March 9

      STILL waiting for that GOG key, guys. I want to play the game, but I'm not playing any version but the GOG version.

    10. Ghost_song.small

      Creator Kenneth LeBlanc on February 24

      When will the digital Artbook come out?

    11. Sitsksavatar.small

      Creator Dave- Serpent in the Staglands backer on February 20

      There's an ongoing KS for a game called "Zaharia" It's an isometric, turn-based cRPG set in a fantasy world based on Middle Eastern culture. Lots of emphasis on choice and consequence. They have a playable pre-alpha prototype you can DL, too. I figure some Banner Saga backers might be interested in this game

    12. Ultima_virtues.small

      Creator Petrell on February 13

      @Roger van Velzen It's more like they initially provided the combat part so they could get feedback and balance their combat system but because it became so popular they decided to turn it into standalone free to play game to promote The Banner Saga. It may not be common but number of games have provided combat demos for testing (Worlds of Magic of magic and Age of Decadence being most recent ones I think).

    13. Cwolf.small

      Creator Roger van Velzen on February 13

      @Vrungel They first developed the combat system which was tested and became Factions. That combat system then got the whole scenario built around it which became Act 1. I don't see that as delay just a choice in what to develop first.

    14. Chimerat%20avatar.small

      Creator Céline .S. Sauvé on February 12

      @Vrungel that has also been my unfortunate experience with the games I've backed on Kickstarter so far...
      I'd also add to your list:
      -Being forced to start the Saga with an army filled with a species I _hated_ having anywhere near my army in the time I'd tried Factions.
      Though my main annoyance is the fact that one of my units died in the early fights and the narrative made absolutely no mention of it.
      As for the Trademark thing, I found a contact form in one of the news articles and sent the following to King:
      "You guys are more than a little disgusting in the fact that you're using the fact that so many fell into your "Free to Play" traps to try to BUY parts of the English Language! Especially parts the never even began in English! Like, oh, I don't know, "Saga," for example.
      "Let's hope the US legal system eventually catches up to such tricks and awards 100% legal costs to the Davids of the world when Goliaths get too big for their britches."
      Yes, it is grammatically iffy, but they'll just ignore it anyway. For them to _not_ get away with this BS would require those who actually live in the US to contact their reps and let them know that they want the laws changed and they'll support that view with their votes in the next election. Generally, though not always, US politicians do put their actual office above the bribes (uh "contributions") bigger companies might give them.
      [And, yes, that's the last of any political content that will be in my comments, but it needed to be said after the mention of this in the last update...]

    15. _mri4983.small

      Creator Vrungel on February 8

      I was playing this for the last couple of weeks and I'm fairly disappointed:
      - first is significant delay with single player release in favor of multiplayer factions (don't care about those, would't have backed the game if I knew that would be the case)
      - very weird, annoying save model - why I can not simply restart the fight? Instead I need to load previous save point which can be few dialogs away!
      - inability to skip long meaningless cinematics. Yes, watching moving caravan for a minute or so is cool first 10 times but then it becomes an annoyance.

      It's amazing how few badly made decisions can ruin experience of otherwise not a bad game.

      I have to say, knowing what I know now I would never have backed this project. This does teaches me an important lesson, from this point on I'm unlikely to back up another game. I'd rather wait extra time and pay few extra dollar on Steam (or whatever) after reading reviews and watching gameplay.

    16. Chimerat%20avatar.small

      Creator Céline .S. Sauvé on February 6

      Just spotted it on GOG as well, and then checked the Q&A to confirm that we should be able to get it either there or via some other method:

      Will The Banner Saga be DRM-free? (Spoiler: yes) Isn't something like Steam technically DRM?
      DRM-free = yes. We have no intention of installing invasive software on your computer.

      You will always have the option of downloading a standalone version of the game to play on your hard drive, if you prefer not to use services like Steam.

    17. Missing_small

      Creator Andrew Houghton on February 5

      I just reread their last update:

      A DRM-free version of the game is under development now and we are still working with GOG to distribute soon. This will also be available to all backers even if you downloaded a Steam copy.

      I guess its just a matter of waiting for an update about how we can get a gog code...

    18. Missing_small

      Creator Asa on February 5

      There's a thread on the Stoic forums asking the same question:…

    19. Missing_small

      Creator Andrew Houghton on February 5

      Yay!! Its up on gog!! I dont use steam and gog is my preferred choice of non drm distribution. Anyone know how to get a key?

    20. Missing_small

      Creator Drew Slininger on February 4

      Loving the game so far. Vividly beautiful visuals, amazing music, and a powerful story.

    21. Sitsksavatar.small

      Creator Dave- Serpent in the Staglands backer on February 4

      Yeah seems very strange that they didn't post a brief update just to let us know the DRM-free version was available. If Stoic has simply been more communicative about the whole situation they could've avoided any bad publicity. Since I'm not a game developer I don't know what extra work is involved in releasing a DRM-free version as opposed to a Steam version. They say it has to do with patches, but isn't the patch for the two versions essentially going to be the same? You're fixing the same bugs in both versions aren't you? Again, I'm not a programmer so I don't know but they couldn've explained the delay... Because the way it comes off now is like the DRM-free version that backers were promised was an afterthought, and the Steam version was the priority because they were more concerned with selling the game than satisfying the people who paid in advance. And that's pretty lame.

    22. Yakisoba%20hotter%20002.small

      Creator Brian Vo on February 2

      @Rick First of all thanks for sharing that information. Glad someone is doing it.

      Yeah, I'm really note sure why Stoic has dropped the ball on a Kickstarter update.

      I asked them about it in a comment on one of their facebook posts but it seems it has been overlooked to do some chest thumping.

    23. Missing_small

      Creator hyosube on February 2

      Hello. I got the game, thank you, but I think I haven't gotten an art book yet. Did I miss it?

    24. 120_4334604609876_1168980548_n.small

      Creator Gökhan Halil Düzgün on February 1

      Thank you for the link Rick.

      An update would be nice about the DRM-free version though.

    25. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Marie-Andree Poisson on February 1

      What is going on with this stupid (Candy Crush) legal action against Stoic for its use of the word "Saga"? Incredible, but true it seems.

    26. Aerotank.small

      Creator Valery on February 1

      Thank you!
      I wasn't looking no that site too much and given lack of update it would take a lot of time for me to find out.
      From the looks of it there should be no problems with downloading process...
      Now I can find out whether it works in WINE or not while waiting for the actual release.

    27. Stickittome_rick_ks.small

      Creator Rick on January 31

      The DRM-free version of TBS seems to now be available from the Stoic site, Once you log in, click the "Kickstarters" button on the top. The instructions to download the game are at the bottom of the page. 2.33 GB download. I didn't download it myself (I only play games on Steam), so if anyone successfully downloads and plays the game maybe post feedback here for all the other DRM-phobic Bannerites.

    28. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Paulo Andrade on January 31

      Any idea when they will launch part 2 ? As a part one game, for $25,00, its really good.

    29. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Niggles on January 31

      This is pretty awful customer service. No official comment since 21st, and most of us finding out whats happening via twitter or facebook, come on devs this is where people backed your project right?.

    30. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Daryl Putman on January 30

      Still don't have the game, and yet plenty of people who weren't in the KS do -- and at a cheaper price. I'm quite miffed.

    31. 120_4334604609876_1168980548_n.small

      Creator Gökhan Halil Düzgün on January 30

      Two weeks have passed since the Steam release, but still no word from DRM-free version.

    32. Missing_small

      Creator AstralWanderer on January 30

      @Andrew Houghton: "I really wish the devs were a little more communicative about the whole DRM free thing..."
      I share your pain. I can understand them delaying to get the latest fixes in, but at least post an update here, rather than a third party site that not everyone may wish to subscribe to.

    33. Geek_patrolks.small

      Creator Bryy Miller on January 28


      They are just trying to copyright Candy and Saga in the context of their titles, not words as a whole.

      But other than that, I agree it is stupid.

    34. Geek_patrolks.small

      Creator Bryy Miller on January 28

      Starting on my fourth playthrough.

      It's been a while since I've played a game where I wanted to start over.

    35. Missing_small

      Creator Kay Are Ulvestad on January 28

      Darkangel, not everyone will want to know about the ending before reaching it. I sure didn't.

    36. Horseme.small

      Creator Hrafnkell Fannar Ingjaldsson on January 27

      I just started the game and I haven't been following to well what has been going on during development so it really shocked me when I heard the voice acting in the idea you had Icelandic voice actors and it was in Icelandic to some part. Kudos on that.

    37. Backerprofilepic3.small

      Creator Darkangel on January 27

      After finishing the game twice, i consider my pledge on TBS money well spent. Loved the story, the choices and consequences, combat, even the sad ending (too many games go for the easy "everyone lived happily ever after"). Not pleased with the delay of the drm free version, but i tolerate steam if i must, and i would have liked a longer game, but it was good enough to make me wanting more, so get to work on parts 2 and 3! *cracks whip* :)

    38. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Steven Grimm on January 27

      Just finished the game and it exceeded my expectations in every respect. Can't wait for the next chapter.

    39. Tiger%20cub%20avatar.small

      Creator Talarius on January 25

      I'm only a little ways into the game, but I am loving every minute of it. The art style, the music, the voices, the story, everything is as good as I'd hoped. I've had a Banner Saga wallpaper on my computer ever since the Kickstarter ended and MAN am I glad you guys delivered. :-D Sooo good. I should have backed at a higher level to get a piece of art from the game. LOVING IT!

    40. Mononoke%20avatar.small

      Creator Four on January 25

      This is such an amazing, beautiful game. Just finished it, and I loved it. Thank you for making a great game, Stoic :)

    41. Irene_draco18s100.small

      Creator Draco18s on January 24

      Whoops, misleading title on two sequential stories. I meant this one:

    42. Irene_draco18s100.small

      Creator Draco18s on January 24

      Don't bend to King over this stupid Trademark thing. If they win, anyone will be able to trademark anything and we'll end up in this dystopia:

    43. Fenrir.small

      Creator Eric Johnson on January 24

      I like Penny Arcade's take on the Saga predicament:

    44. Imperialsquirrelfinal.small

      Creator Ratatoskr- Battle Squirrel of the AGL589 on January 24

      I have to say that I still love everything about this game and I have no regrets. Using my own custom crest is just icing on the cake.

      I do find it interesting that many of the complaints I see, such as the saves and the turns in combat, are things that were decided ages ago. If people didn't try factions I could see the strategy taking some getting used to - but I'm not sure why having to plan your tactics in a different way is such a big deal. Every game has conventions that you have to follow and even the special character for pre-ordering seems to be a cosmetically different clone, not a cheat.

    45. Missing_small

      Creator Kay Are Ulvestad on January 24

      I finally got around to trying The Banner Saga today. :)
      Yes, I can totally see how this is just a quick cash-in on the success of Candy Crush "Saga". For one thing, it's a game, just like CCS. And you point at things, just like CCS. And just like CCS is all about matching colours, The Banner Saga has colours. I could go on, but it is already obvious that Stoic are counting on consumers confusing their unique, tactical viking RPG for the PC, with's re-skinned copy of Shariki for Android/iOS.
      Seriously, Stoic, your game looks amazing so far, and I am really proud I backed you. You have created something unique and worthwhile, which a lot of people will get enjoyment from. Keep up the great work, and don't let the trademark trolls bully you.

    46. Grom.small

      Creator Jordan York on January 23

      It's unreasonable for a company to trademark specific words like "candy" and "saga". I'm with you guys all the way on this one. If we let them get away with this, then what comes next?

    47. Missing_small

      Creator Asa on January 23

      Last update from Stoic about the GOG DRM-free release (posted this morning on their twitter feed): "We're working on that version - wanting to make sure we have it in good shape before sending it out."

    48. Missing_small

      Creator Andrew Houghton on January 22

      I really wish the devs were a little more communicative about the whole DRM free thing. I understood that they were releasing it at the same time as the first steam patch. I understand that the steam patch has been added but no DRM free release. I also now understand that the one programmer (John) is working on it. I just wish that, after the steam patch was added, there was a note to backers informing them of the steam patch and letting them know that the DRM free release was a few hours/days/weeks away.

    49. Missing_small

      Creator Jeremy S on January 22

      Yes, King, I was so confused. I thought I was going to get a mindless "...Saga" game about matching candy and instead I got an awesome game with Viking-styled lore and amazing artwork. Oh the humanity!

    50. Gravatar.small

      Creator Vinzius on January 22

      I hope King will fall very soon.

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