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Six original pen & ink drawings based on subjects related to Lake Superior, starting in Duluth, MN ending in Grand Marais, MN
Six original pen & ink drawings based on subjects related to Lake Superior, starting in Duluth, MN ending in Grand Marais, MN
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Reward distribution

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Hi everyone, I've been waiting on shipping out the final rewards to my backers until I've heard from all of you regarding which pictures you wanted for your specific items.

Please pick which of the six GGI pictures you'd like, and email me with your decision along with your shipping info so I can get your rewards to you. I'm including a set of note cards of all six pictures to ALL backers along with their original reward.

Thanks again for making this series possible!!

Rob Christensen

Gitche Gumee Inked is COMPLETE!!

I am proud to announce that the final ink dot has been placed in my Gitche Gumee Inked series!

Thanks for all my backers support, I apologize for the delay, I originally thought backers would receive their rewards in November of 2013, so I was off by about three months, guess I underestimated the amount of time our toddler would require!!

Now the fun part! Here are the final six pieces in the GGI series;

Gitche Gumee Inked number 1 is of an 1890's era stock wooden anchor located in Canal Park in Duluth, MN

 Gitche Gumee Inked #2 is of the South Breakwater Light House located in the Duluth Harbor.

Gitche Gumee Inked #3 is of Father Baraga's Cross located in Scroeder, MN

Gitche Gumee Inked #4 is of the Two Harbor Light House

Gitche Gumee Inked #5 is of the footbridge over the Poplar River located at the Lutsen Resort

Finally,  Gitche Gumee Inked #6, which is of the retried fishing boat the "Nels J" located in Canal Park, Duluth, MN

 Look over all of these drawings and decide which one(s) you would like to use for your reward(s). I am sending everyone who backed GGI a set of note cards of all six drawings as a thank you for supporting me AND for being so patient!!

Thank you all!

Rob Christensen

My apologies!


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GGI#1 is Completed!

The first drawing of the Gitche Gumee Inked series is FINALLY complete!

I appologize for the delay, but the ball is rolling now, and I believe I will still finish on schedule (spring 2013) with the remaining five drawings. GGI#2 is already underway and should be out in a few weeks, it is a little larger thatn GGI#1.

As the drawings are completed, if you would like to use any of the pictures posted for your "backer reward" just email me, and I will ship your reward ASAP!

GGI#1 is a drawing of a wooden stock anchor used in the late 1800's on Lake Superior, this subject is found in Canal Park in Duluth, MN, and the finished framed piece is 12"x12", all framed pieces, originals and prints will be matted with white mats and a black inlay, and black wood framing.

Thanks again for your support of this project!


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First three subjects underway

The drawing process has begun on Gitche Gumee Inked!

The goal of beginning the actual drawing/inking process by November has been met, barely. It took a little longer to decide on subjects, but I have decided on the first three of the six subjects, and they cover a nice range of items identified with Lake Superior.

Once each drawing is completed, it will be posted along with a time lapse video of the picture from beginning to end. Any time you see a drawing you would like to use for your "reward" for your backing of this project, just send me an email so I can ship it to you ASAP!

Thanks again for your support!