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A singleplayer and co-op action adventure game set in a dynamic desert world, which can be shaped by the player's magic.
2,244 backers pledged $151,175 to help bring this project to life.

Mind Controlling in Son Of Nor, New Rewards, Kicking it forward

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Dear backers,

We have really biiiig news for you today! stillalive studios established a partnership with Emotiv (, who develops and manufactures a brain-computer-interface (BCI). This collaboration allows us to add full support of the EPOC “mind-reader” in Son of Nor. What does that mean? If you want, you’ll be able to use your mind to control telekinesis, terraforming and magic!! I know this sounds crazy, but we assure you: this is REAL! Watch the following video for a short demostration:

Of course you can still play the game with keyboard&mouse or gamepads only! Currently the EPOC device supports Windows and Mac.

We also added two new reward tiers to bundle the BCI with Son of Nor! Checkout our new $300 and $530 tiers:

The Sarahul Camp

The past week we worked on the next level we put into Son of Nor: the Sarahul Camp! This will be the third level in the story-mode and you’ll arrive there at night! You goal is to reach the fire-temple (visible in the background), which is located on the other side of the army camp. How you achieve that though, is completely up to you. The fact that the reptillian Sarahul are weaker and slower at night, certainly helps ;-)

Kicking It Forward

For this great support we’ve received and all the feedback we’ve gotten, we owe a lot to the Kickstarter community! Therefore we decided to enroll “Son of Nor” at the “Kicking-It-Forward” program (, and thus to put 5% of our future profit, back into other Kickstarter projects!

Thanks for all your support!
- Your friends at stillalive studios

PS: There is a nice interview online on iGameResponsibly now, you might want to check it out:
A fellow Indie-Developer currently has his title TinyKeep online on Kickstarter too. It features a very interesting procedural Dungeon Generator, super-cute graphics and A.I so smart that you might just decide to spare that skeletons un-life for it giving you an advanced course in dungeoneering in return. You can take a look at the Project here:

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    1. Creator Quant on May 19, 2013

      hm, that's interesting - i have the research edition of epoc as well ) are you using just the cognitiv suite directly or are you using additional algorithms? The learning curve for epoc is unfortunately quite steep though )

    2. Creator stillalive studios on May 13, 2013

      @moro glad you like it : D

      @Tovarah there will be a smaller update with addons either today or in the coming days, the EPOC Emotiv being an addon. Don't know about the pricing yet but I'll look into it^^

    3. Creator Tovarah - Weresheeptiger of Sin on May 13, 2013

      I really wish that I could get the $300 reward, but my pockets are just empty. I'll be upping my pledge as much as I can though.

    4. Creator moro on May 13, 2013

      Wow, best update yet. I am just a paycheck away from definitely upping my pledge. :D

    5. Creator stillalive studios on May 13, 2013

      @Christian Glad you like it and thank you for your support!

    6. Creator Christian Christiansen on May 13, 2013

      This sounds amazing and i just upped my pledge all the way to $555 and just how awesome would it be if BCI could be used with the Oculus Rift.