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Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs
Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs
Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs
36,863 backers pledged $1,022,120 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Akshay Kochhar 6 minutes ago

      I'm honestly shocked to see the new timelines. Never expected this from this project. It seemed quite legit. Can we please have our money back because to wait for another year is a joke honestly?

    2. Missing avatar

      Tim about 4 hours ago

      @Daniel Lynes: The latest update was posted on the 10th. Check under the updates section.

    3. Stephen Newport about 4 hours ago

      @dormantdaemon .... right on. They’ve been giving detailed updates. Manufacturing is f****** hard. We all want a quality product not some trinket. Don’t rush them. I guarantee you they feel the pressure.

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel Lynes about 9 hours ago

      @Polygons Design You were going to post an update on the 10th? It was even mentioned on the 10th, but I didn't seen an update. Did somebody forget to post it?

    5. Missing avatar

      Matthew Hannan
      about 10 hours ago

      So have they officially stolen our money yet, or are they still "working" on it?

    6. Missing avatar

      remi coux 1 day ago

      Hi, I need to change my shipping address to another country as you know you guys are super late and I'm moving to France mid-December, I cannot change country on the survey page, please let me know how to proceed. Cheers

    7. Scott D
      1 day ago

      I wonder if April 2018 will be April Fools haha...

    8. Justin
      2 days ago

      DormantDaemon, your comment fails to address the multiple missed ETA's and the outright deception during the campaign. But cool story bro!

    9. DormantDaemon
      2 days ago

      @Everyone - I'm sure it's been said many times before as it will be told again and again. Kickstarter is a crowd funding site to provide funds for an idea to become a reality. This reality is not yours, or mine... it is that of the creator that you are supporting. If the Polygons group decided that the end product that receive in 2018 is not what they had envisioned and decided to start from scratch, that is their right to do so, and as a backer you should be proud and happy that you have backed an team that didn't just take your money and crank out some trinket like so many others, and instead are dedicated to producing something that they feel is perfect. As a bonus to your generosity most creators like to show their appreciation by providing the backers with a end result product to say "Thank you for making my dream a reality" ("my dream"). If you want a product on a deadline then go shop on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy or somewhere else where you can have what you see and get it when you want it. Kickstarter is not a shopping site, it is not a warehouse full of cheap goods for filling stockings.
      Thank you Polygons, I believe that you are using the funds that were raised for you by us to make your dreams a reality and I appreciate it. Good luck on the new production timeline and I hope the end result is everything that "You" want it to be.
      To everyone else, enjoy your holidays and focus on more important things like family and friends, as I'm sure they would benefit more from the amount of time and attention that you are spending here complaining.

    10. Missing avatar

      Amy 2 days ago

      I thought these were great when I backed this last fall. Ordered several sets, 1 set for my home and a few more as late Christmas gifts as they were supposed to be sent out in January 2017. Rarely get updates, and now we have an update but it is estimate them beginning to be sent out in April 2018? 19 months after people began backing this project and 15 months after when they were supposed to be sent out? I am incredibly regretful that I ordered these gifts and wasted my money. You raised the money based off the original design, there was zero reason to start changing them and added magnets. Would have been better to release the polygons as promised and at least somewhat along the timeframe promised. Then if you wanted to update the design release Polygons 2.0 or Polygons 1.2 or something.

      This was my first time backing something on anything like Kickstarter and this has definitely soured that experience, and although I'm sure those creating Polygons won't care as they already have my money (for a year now!) but this was also my last time I will back anything that the product is not out there and produced ready to be sent out.

    11. Annie
      3 days ago

      @dylan do you know I've stopped using indiegogo because it's 100x worst than KS, way more scams. At least KS do make an effort to shut down campaigns they think ain't right before it is fully funded and completed. Whereas, indiegogo doesn't care at all. Out of my 8 projects on indiegogo I got scammed by 3. And some of the creators are repeat scammers and they can't be bothered. Out of my 200+ projects here, I haven't been scammed, yet.. thankfully

    12. Justin
      3 days ago

      That's exactly the problem. During the campaign they showed us FINISHED PRODUCT. Now over a year later they can't even get PRE-production tooling done with a million dollars under their belt.

    13. Brian 3 days ago

      Wow, the timeline is all talk no walk. Sounds like nothing has been completed in the last 1.5 years.

      Good riddance. I waited till now to learn that shipping will be in April 2018? What assurances do we have that come April 2018 there won’t be another “update” rewording and saying now shipping will be January 2019?

      Good luck to us all.

    14. Justin
      3 days ago

      Dylan, your words make no sense. If you buy something with a credit card and it turns out to be junk do you yell at your bank because they allowed you to buy it? Come on now.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tim 3 days ago

      @Dylan: Once the project is funded, it is pretty much out of Kickstarters' hands. At that point, it is between you and the creator who now have a contract with each other as per the KS Terms of Use. When you report the project for communication (which is really the only thing you can do at this point even though the other options exist), all KickStarter will do is contact the creator and say "Hey, you should update your backers" and wash their hands of it. This is what you agreed to when you signed up for KickStarter and backed this project.

    16. Missing avatar

      Dylan 3 days ago

      @TeamTJ when I report a project and get no response and with so many people (judging by the comments) reporting them and they do NOTHING AT ALL. They don't even email confirming they got the report, that's when I loose any hope of kickstarter actually caring about the customers and only caring about the money.
      This isn't my first kickstarter that I've had to report but it will be my last. If some of them move to ingegogo I may get them but kickstarter has proved to me they don't care about us.

    17. John Awadalla 4 days ago

      From the latest Email---
      "Thank you for being there for us, we request you to keep up your belief in us."

      What have you given us to have any belief in you?

      Do everyone a favour and get this product PERFECT. Becuase if you ship a bad product it will be inexcusable for a two-year delay in a project. That is...if you can even get this released in two years.

    18. Missing avatar

      vinay maruti melgiri 4 days ago

      this is ridiculous!!
      is this some kind of scam?
      it was supposed to be delivered an year ago.
      every time they postpone for same damn reason

    19. TeamTJ 4 days ago

      @Kim Wilson Whitman - Don't judge KS by 1 project. If you do, you'll be passing up on lots of cool projects.

      If waiting isn't your thing, and that's cool if it isn't, then perhaps KS isn't for you, but sometimes you can be a part of something REALLY cool here on KS, even if it comes in far beyond the expected delivery date.

      I sill wear my Enso ring, Grip6 belt, and Pebble 2 watch daily, all KS projects. I have lots of games in my game room that came from KS projects (not all great, but the pluses far outweigh the minuses). I've received and, subsequently, thrown away 3 wallets I've gotten on KS. Is it a gamble? Of course it is, but the wins are so much fun. I still use the 4th wallet I heard about here on KS called Tighties.

      It's like loaning $20 to your least reliable friend (we ALL have one). You doubt you'll see the money again but when they pay it back you feel so great.

    20. Kim Wilson Whitman 4 days ago

      It's nice that you are trying to deliver a quality product, but at this point, I'll believe it only when I ever see it. Over a million dollars should have been able to get out your product to your backers or at least something to say thank you. This campaign is the reason I will never back another kickstarter campaign again. Delays, excuses, and more excuses, I am not impressed.

    21. MyBoomstick
      5 days ago

      "Just a spoon" idiots know nothing of product development. They don't want to deliver something that will break in a month. Leading to same said idiots complaining about them delivering a defective product yelling at them that they should have spent more time in production to work out the kinks. They're working on a "spoon" that will hopefully last years. With the constant use of bending it will take time to make it work well! Chill TF out. We don't want a half assed product that will break.

    22. TeamTJ 5 days ago

      To everyone saying "this is not what I ordered" or similar...

      You didn't order anything. This isn't a store. You invested in something with the HOPE of a reward for your investment dollars.

    23. Missing avatar

      henry 5 days ago

      1 000 000 dollars. ONE MILLION.
      18 months delay.
      Just a spoon.
      Can't imagine. Hope you love your yacht.

    24. Missing avatar

      Josh 5 days ago

      Mac, thanks for the constructive criticism. I'd be interested to hear what others have to say about this as well!

      As far as your points:

      1. I'm thinking something closer to a "we're still here and we're still working for you, expect great things in April!" kind of message. I'm sure a sizeable chunk of the 36,000 backers either haven't seen the KS updates or haven't read through them. And if you're worried about the waste of paper, I'd suggest using the recycling bin :)

      2. The point here is to work out the kinks in distributing on such a large scale. Are they outsourcing the distribution to another company? If so have they already found a company? Are they doing it by hand? If they're going to switch companies 2-3 times like they have with their manufacturers it would be better to get that worked out now.

      3. They're going to need to "create a mailer" either way when it comes time to send the packages, why not get this sorted out now while they still have time? Furthermore, we were told in updates that it takes weeks to create a new tool for them to test. That would probably be the perfect time to pick up something like this.

    25. Missing avatar

      Gidget Clayton 5 days ago

      FAQ states to update the survey to change my address, but I can't find the survey. Where would I find it.

      Not that I have any hope in receiving this product. One person that I actually got this for has died. It was my Mom and she would have loved to have one of these. Makes me sad. :(

    26. Missing avatar

      Cameron Fowler 5 days ago

      I appreciate the detailed update and honest time line. Make sure you update regularly and you will appease a lot of the angry people here. I would also really appreciate pictures as a supplement so we can tangibly see progress.

      Also I'm in the same boat as a lot of others, magnets are always neat, but if I could get the spoons faster without, I would.

    27. Mac Jones
      5 days ago

      With all due respect to Josh, his suggestion doesn’t make sense.

      1. This is such a waste of paper creating an I’m Sorry postcard. Straight to trash.
      2. There’s no meaningful way to track the mail and make any correlations on when they ship the actual product.
      3. This will just delay the product even longer cause now you want them to create a mailer then mail and track each piece?

    28. Missing avatar

      Josh 5 days ago

      A quick suggestion: send out a physical newsletter or apology card or SOMETHING small and tangible in the mail.

      Reasons this would be a good idea:

      1. Practice now -- One of the big causes for delays in my KS experience is the distribution process. Creators always seem to underestimate just how difficult it is to send things to thousands of people all across the globe. Doing this now will not interfere with your manufacturing process (you can do it in parallel!) and will get you the experience you need to ensure this thing gets out as soon as possible.

      2. The KS complainers -- I understand the complainers (even if I don't agree with them). From their perspective they put some money down and have never seen anything since (admittedly, sparse updates might be partly to blame). Sending a letter to everyone to let them know you still care and you're still here will be *far* more effective and personal than an update (granted it's not a substitute for updates, we still need more of those!)

      3. It's super cheap -- Assuming it'll cost you 5 cents a backer, sending these out will cost you less than $2,000. That's a drop in the ocean of what's been backed here and it'll be worth every penny to figure out the distribution system so that there's not one last delay at the end ("we finished production, but they're all sitting in our warehouse..." will be something that'll definitely be worth skipping)

      I'm still super excited for this product. Take your time and make it right!

    29. Missing avatar

      Stacey 5 days ago

      Thank you for the update. It is much appreciated. Seriously. This is what all of us have been asking for this entire time. This explain part of the issue you have been having. However, I do have to criticize that your timeline has been extended yet again. I do agree with Greg M. If the magnets are what is compromising your ship date and satisfaction from kick starter, Maybe consider removing them for the time being and doing a 2.0. How can you expect a backing afterwards if those who have backed are currently unsatisfied.

    30. Missing avatar

      Greg M. 5 days ago

      I like the idea of the magnets, but if it is a manufacturing problem get rid of them. Save the magnets for a 2.0 version once all of the manufacturing difficulties are worked out.

    31. Missing avatar

      Li Kar PO 5 days ago

      Just drop the magnet. I wanna get what I ordered it's way too long. Otherwise refund please.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jeff Pergola 6 days ago

      Finally a decent update... still skeptical... drop the magnets... ship 'em out now.

    33. Scott D
      6 days ago

      @ Bert. Well I have around 5 dozen ks projects under my belt so...yeah um...ok.

    34. Mac Jones
      6 days ago

      Ironically, I️ wish I️ could get a refund to NOT get updates and just erase the memory of ever funding this extremely mismanaged project.

      Backed the project in 2016 with a Jan 2017 (like everyone else) and now reading that the earliest delivery date is April 2018 (not expecting them to hit this date). I️ know this company will ultimately fail because if you can’t successfully create your product with a million dollars in start up funding building stupid measuring spoons then you have no business (pun intended) entering the world of manufacturing.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kary 6 days ago

      Can't say I'm not disappointed but I still hope this is successful in the end

    36. Bert
      6 days ago

      To all the backers explaining that we can't get a refund because that is not "how it works", I have been refunded many times by creators for many different reasons. It's always kind of funny to see people with a dozen pledge on ks explaining how crowdfunding "works". There is even a refunding system for campaign creators in KS campaigns administration pages!

    37. Missing avatar

      Tamara Glover 6 days ago

      As one of the first round backers, that was ordered WITHOUT the magnets- cannot i just get what i ordered? NEVER wanted the magnets and if those magnets are one of the contributing factors for the delay (now 2.5 years projected), how about sending us those who ordered WITHOUT the magnets, what we ordered. Dont offer an upgrade that delays the delivery of the product because YOU think we want the upgrade. I just want the damn spoons as i ordered a bunch of them for a few Xmases ago..............

    38. Missing avatar

      Krista 6 days ago

      After reading your most recent update where you expressed the HUGE cost of manufacturing and the financial risk involved if anything goes wrong I can’t help but wonder if you should do a smaller production run first, ship to some initial investors, and then do a large second run. That way you don’t risk the entire investment. I understand the time pressure you face from investors... I used to manage product development and manufacturing.

    39. Michael Ho 6 days ago

      Keep it up! Including the updates please. Both product and customer relationships are important...

    40. Justin
      6 days ago

      Maybe had you not lied to us during the campaign showing us completed product and giving us the impression that you simply need these made because clearly all other work was already done then maybe so many people wouldn't be completely pissed off at you right now.

    41. Missing avatar

      LEGRAND Luc 6 days ago

      Thank you for the great news.
      As I am confident in the future, I increased my order on
      Look in your old emails "Polygons - We need your information"

    42. Missing avatar

      kimberly huang 6 days ago

      Thanks for update. But I think yoh should try to create more even if its one line, cause I almost forgot this.

      Also, from the start, I choose no magnets because i worried somthing like this would occur...sad my vote didnt gain enough traction but for my input i would also recommend not including it.

    43. Tim Eastman 6 days ago

      Thanks for the update. It's a great idea and, as an engineer I appreciate your drive to deliver a long-lasting, quality product that actually lives up to the initial claims, rather than rushing to ship an inferior product.
      I guess this project was doomed to fail in some way due to unforeseen manufacturing difficulties. In the end I'll be happy if the only failure is on-time delivery!
      Keep up the good work! I'll be happy if, in the end, we end up having funded not only a cool set of measuring spoons, but a business that continues to succeed and innovate for years as well!

    44. Missing avatar

      Kevin O'Grattan 6 days ago

      People sometimes forget that funding a project that doesn’t yet exist is a bit like prospecting. It doesn’t always work out. Sorry to see this project end, but it looked promising at the start. C’est la vie.

    45. Scott D
      6 days ago

      Jesus people calm down. Refunds...really. It's a very small cost product that clearly the creator wants to be as high quality and viable for retail. If you can't wait, don't back in future. Delivery times are estimates. If you wanted instant gratification then buy something at a store. If you want to help get something new made, then back on kickstarter.

      Sure the creator has done a shit job of keeping us informed and to be honest, I won't give them my money again because of this; but that is kickstarter in essence. It is a bit of a gamble. You put your money towards a project to help it get made and if all goes well (which it generally does as nobody really wants to fail), you get a product or reward of some kind.

      It isn't a preorder.
      It isn't a store.
      Things can fail.
      You can lose money.

      This is kickstarter. If you can't afford to lose the cash...don't back the project.

      I'd suggest that all those requesting refunds go back to the main page and read the kickstarter rules. You have no right of refund. The money is gone. You committed to the project so wait it out...or write it off as a loss. Your choice really.

      By all means, complain. That is your right as an investor. But please stop with the refunds barrage. It's not happening. So please stop spamming.

    46. Missing avatar

      Derek Wood 6 days ago

      @Aneek This too was going to be a gift for my girlfriend, but it's been so long that now she's my wife (yea we had enough time to plan and entire wedding and get married and still no product).

    47. Missing avatar

      Nora Ludwig 6 days ago

      I guess I was too optimistic, backing a project while being terminally ill. Last year I hoped to be able to use the polygons for at least another two years or so and now I think that I'll never see them...
      But then again, it seems like you don't have to be terminally ill to never see this project finish...

    48. Missing avatar

      Jack Knoll 6 days ago

      This is probably the most simple Kickstarter project I’ve ever backed. This can be made in 12 hours in China. At this point, I’d say there’s a 5% chance any of us will ever see our product.

      Kickstarter was once a great concept but after so many failed projected, it’s no longer a viable model. RIP Kickstarter and to the Polygons team, I guess I gotta respect a good con when I see one. Aces.

    49. Missing avatar

      Nooep 6 days ago

      We've all been had. These people are scum. I suggest everyone call their local police and file a criminal complaint. Not a single product will ever ship.

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