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Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs
Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs
Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs
36,863 backers pledged $1,022,120 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Tim Rose 11 minutes ago

      Clowns .....

    2. Missing avatar

      37 minutes ago

      Sure, just read the current kickstarter terms of use and kickstarter 101/faq pages for the process.

    3. Justin
      1 day ago

      You do you Jennifer. Don't let trolls like TeamTJ get in your way.

    4. TeamTJ 1 day ago

      Yes, because AGs have nothing better to do than be inundated by fools complaining about their lost $10 on a spoon that hasn't delivered yet.

      Give me a break.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Shealey 2 days ago

      Just an idea. If you're considering you can file a complaint with your attorney general. I really feel for all of us. Not just my investment.

      It doesn't matter if someone stole $12 or $1000 from me the principle is the same. It's illegal, and disrespectful. KS doesn't care to mediate from my personal experience. So to me if they aren't solving the issue, they are breeding the issue.

      More people will get scammed on KS sadly. But all it takes is a voice and a really good attorney. My hope one day this shizz will stop on KS and better policies will be put in place, but people gotta speak up beyond this forum and beyond KS customer support.

    6. Missing avatar

      christina macafee 4 days ago

      Any new updates?

    7. Raymond Farrow
      6 days ago


    8. Missing avatar

      Jason Garland 6 days ago

      wow I can't believe the amount of people threatening legal action or going to their bank demanding that they do something, all over $20-$30 get over it!!!

      A lot of these people whinging probably buy lotto tickets every week and lose their money.

      I have never backed anything before so I only put in what I could afford to lose if it never comes to fruition.

      This looks like a great product and I do hope it comes BUT if it doesn't it's not like I will be bankrupt because of it!!!!

      To the creators.. monthly updates similar to this would be good

    9. Missing avatar

      Gavin McFarland
      6 days ago

      @Bryan just to let you know that's a generic email they send to everyone. I've had the same response before on another project. They simply don't care. I haven't followed up on this project that closely to make a judgement as to what's going on. I've only had one project I backed not deliver and they went completely quiet, but then I've had some projects remain quiet for a long time but then they pulled through in the end.

      If the creators are reading this then I wish you all the best.

    10. richard pryor 6 days ago

      Yeah the Ori-kit thing is very similar. They've encountered similar problems with the magnets losing strength following the heat transfer in the manufacturing process.

      Also they've gone silent too. I just read through the comments section. All sounds very similar? I hope we chose one that eventually delivers.

    11. Mark Ngui 6 days ago

      I'll be happy to receive my Polygons when they are finished... no half assed versions please!

    12. Justin
      on April 18

      WAB, that's been discussed many times over.

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris Dalton on April 18

      And comment 4000. 4000 comments over 20 months and still no spoons. And no satisfactory answer as to why they are so delayed. Other than the obvious, which is they have stolen our money.

    14. Missing avatar

      Chris Dalton on April 18

      Comment 3999.........

    15. Missing avatar

      Lute Takuvaka
      on April 17

      When you come to Kickstarter, you need to have the mindset that not all campaigns will be smooth sailing. Many campaigns will find issues and problems and may take longer than expected because they are either new to developing things or stuff just happens. Others will be successful and deliver on time. Our job as backers is to be able to navigate, research, support, accept and importantly, have patience to whatever the outcome may be of a campaign. If you can't handle that, then maybe try looking at other places like Indiegogo, crowdfunder, or other sites like that.

    16. Missing avatar

      on April 17

      I would bet most people on Kickstarter back projects without doing any research at all - they just assume they are "guaranteed" to get their "reward". If that is the case, best to assume you will get nothing in return for your pledge...

    17. Justin
      on April 17

      Anonymous, no doubt that they've lost customers but for very customer they lose they gain many more. Look at my backer history. I haven't gotten stiffed yet. If this is the first time then oh well! Why would I stop using KS over it? That makes no sense.

    18. Missing avatar

      Anonymous on April 17

      @Justin What are you even talking about? I'm just saying that they've lost customers because of a crappy project leaders because they do nothing. Good on them for having people back projects and I don't really care that they've been successful, it's still bad practice to bite the hand that feeds you. They could at least email us saying they got our reports or let us know what they've done (if anything) to help the people that GIVE THEM MONEY... we're 100% what keeps them around yet don't help us AT ALL when things go to shit. Losing 1 or 2 customers probably doesn't mean anything to them but they'll still get less money in the long run.

    19. Justin
      on April 16

      Anonymous, not even close. Take a close look at the Kickstarter stats and how much money they bring in every year along with how many people continue to back projects. Most people are intelligent enough not to burn down a bridge just because they tripped while walking on it.

    20. Missing avatar

      Becky Choi on April 15

      Thank you for the thorough updates and info on how things are going. I appreciate knowing what is hanging the process up and it's fascinating to see what small things can create such big headaches! Best wishes as you slog through the issues.

    21. Missing avatar

      Anonymous on April 14

      @Justin yes, people get put off kickstarter cause of shitty 'company's' that screw people over so they really should care at least a little. I won't be backing another product after this one has finished and will be deleting my account. I'm sure people here will be discouraged, at least, to back another project on here.

    22. Missing avatar

      on April 13

      @Bryan - Kickstarter is set up to protect Kickstarter first, the creator second (especially when it comes to reversing a payment), and the backers last, if at all. It is a total crap shoot as to whether or not one ever receives a reward after pledging a campaign.

    23. Justin
      on April 13

      Do you really expect KS to do anything about a project that brought in over 1 million dollars?

    24. Bryan on April 13

      Doesn't seem like Kickstarter is too interested in my one email, so if you're not happy with how @polygons has treated you and your money with their lack of communication in a timely manner you need to let Kickstarter know.

    25. Bryan on April 13

      2nd email from Kickstarter in response to my reply:

      Hi Bryan,

      Thanks for following up. I am very sorry to hear about the frustrating experience you've had with this project.

      I do see the creator recently posted a project update addressing many backer questions. You can view that update here.

      If you have further questions, I'd encourage you to follow up directly with a message or comment. If you don't hear back from the creator after a bit, feel free to follow up with another message or comment. It's possible the creator is responding to many messages from backers, along with trying to work on their project and fulfilling rewards, so it can take a while to hear back.

      For more tips, checkout our post on communicating with project creators.

      Thanks for being a thoughtful backer and part of the Kickstarter community.


    26. Bryan on April 13

      My response to 1st email:

      I am not requesting that Kickstarter intervene in the creative process, fulfillment or shipping of the product, I'm stating that there is a lack of communication from the creator and this is in violation of your terms of service. Please review the comment section in which you will find even the kindest comments state the lack of communication is staggering. I have staked in someones idea, and in doing so requested only COMMUNICATION along the way to that idea, and to receive the end result, which is either a product or that the idea did not go as planned and can not be fulfilled.

      I find the Kickstarter platform entertaining and am always astonished by what people are trying to bring to the world, usually in a good way, however Kickstarter should enforce the minimum requirement of communication from the creator along the process with a set schedule, and remove the interpretation of the terms of service from the equation.

      Please do something about polygons.

      Thank you

    27. Bryan on April 13

      1st email response from Kickstarter:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for writing in, and sorry to hear that backing this project has turned into a frustrating experience for you. Kickstarter’s mission is to help support creative freedom and independence. Our site operates on a system of trust – we expect and encourage creators to be honest with their backers about project delays when they arise. While we provide a platform for creators to fund their projects, we don’t step into the actual creative process itself or manage the fulfillment and shipment of rewards.

      If you haven’t already, it might be helpful to read through our Terms of use, which outlines the responsibilities of backers and creators.

      We hope that helps to answer your question. Please let us know if we can help with anything else in the meantime.


    28. Justin
      on April 13

      How do I change my pledge to $0?

    29. Missing avatar

      Clair johnson
      on April 13

      How do I Change my address

    30. Missing avatar

      Sarah on April 11

      I want a refund. Thanks.

    31. Missing avatar

      Andreas Zachai on April 11 this is what customer service looks like everybody

    32. Missing avatar

      Andreas Zachai on April 11

      My email is "We didn't get your email" is not a suitable excuse, I have messaged you through this site multiple times. Not impressed

    33. Missing avatar

      Royal Toy
      on April 11

      Thank you for the detail of your most current update. We look forward to frequent and informational updates regarding your progress.

    34. Missing avatar

      Shelia Monreal on April 9

      Kinda happy to wait because they are giving updates and it’s gonna be rad guys. Plus it was less than $20 we invested so it’s a fun little process with this one if works out I get to throw away 10 thingy ma-jig 😏

    35. Peter Knox on April 9

      Thanks for the updates! Building new things is hard. Don't mind waiting so long as the transparency continues. I mean it's Kickstarter ffs; we're dealing with new stuff here that hasn't been built before so we ought to be patient. Keep the updates coming - excited for the final product once the manufacturing is sorted

    36. Justin
      on April 9

      Aurelia, *if* it were a scam then the constant updates show them supposedly working on it and therefore they fulfill their obligation for when they eventually decide to quit and don't have to give back any money (refunds).

    37. Missing avatar

      Aurelia on April 9

      Not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone, but just had a thought. If it was really a scam, why would they still need to send us updates? Wouldn't the updates have stopped?
      But yes, this is really taking forever....I forgot I invested in this until I got the e-mail :/

    38. Missing avatar

      Bonnie J Myers on April 9

      Dang, this is very disheartening! I feel taken advantage of!

    39. Missing avatar

      Jake Miknuk
      on April 9

      This has been one of the most poorly planned business ventures I’ve ever seen. To still be in the testing period after this long is inexcusable.

    40. Justin
      on April 9

      i hate buying gas, depends on your bank but at this point in time it would be your bank that eats the charge. No money will be taken back from Poly's account.

    41. Gary Denney
      on April 9

      @craigbroyles: You didn't pay for a product with a guaranteed shipping date. You backed a project that had an estimated ship-by date.

    42. i hate buying gas
      on April 9

      You can do charcebacks this far after? Thought there was a 180 day post charge timelimit to do chargebacks. Or is each card/bank different in that regard.

    43. craigbroyles on April 9

      I had another project that went on like this one. I was able to get a chargeback on my credit card. I suggest everyone who wants a refund to request a chargeback. You paid for a product with a guaranteed shipping date and that date has long since passed. This company is likely never going to ship anything. They are a bunch of con-artists and thieves.

    44. Missing avatar

      M00nMan666 on April 9

      All of the images and information you just provided us all with could have slowly been released to us over the last few months. It isn't about the shipping date being pushed back, but the lack of communication your entire team has provided. Your last update was almost 3 months ago. That doesn't seem very wise, in my opinion, on a project that has already been plagued with delays and poor communication. Also, your team has been leaving comments. WHY?!?! Not everyone checks the comments. If you have something to say, let all of your backers know, through an UPDATE. You guys need to get your shit together and learn how to communicate better.

    45. Stefan Giger on April 9

      I forced them to support my current project with 67$ as well. it's worth a try, but it won't work anyway :)

    46. Heather Mandy H on April 9

      At this point I think this is a scam, and that we will never see a product. My bank said I had to give the April deadline a chance before they would use their channels to get the money back. I have, you failed once again.

      Time to let the bank at it, and I hope others do too. The bank refunds you with their money, then goes after Kickstarter for a refund for that money to them. This is the only way to show KS that they need to protect investors from scam artists, so I encourage others do this too.

    47. Justin
      on April 9

      Good idea warren. I'd down vote you in a heartbeat.

    48. Missing avatar

      Warren on April 9

      I wish we could downvote or vote to delete some posts. Some people are just idiots. See below for many examples.

      Honestly I trust you. I'd rather get the product late than broken. Keep it up.

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