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Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs
Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs
Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs
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    1. Missing avatar

      Samantha Koci about 4 hours ago

      Can I change my address on my initial survey? I've moved to a new place.

    2. Missing avatar

      Anthony about 9 hours ago

      Update please. Maybe with a rough time line.

    3. Justin
      about 9 hours ago

      At the rate this is going we'll be living on the moon before it ships. We'll be able to update our moon address when it ships right?

    4. Missing avatar

      about 11 hours ago

      I'm going to laugh hard if I get my ori kit before the polygon spoons.

    5. Tony Michael about 22 hours ago

      Hey guys,
      Just a simple update would be appreciated. Nothing fancy, just give us the an honest update of where the product is at. We want to see it succeed as much as you guys!

    6. Derek Lion 1 day ago

      Been over a month since any true update... Ori-Kit is starting to look like it will beat Polygon to a ship date...

    7. Justin
      1 day ago

      @Brandon Crabtree - Yes you can. How you do that depends on how you're accessing the site.

    8. Missing avatar

      daniel gordon 2 days ago

      Venturi belts tells you the product is in the mail then never delivers.

    9. Steve Wanless 2 days ago

      Still wondering when Polygon is going to get their act together and start communicating to their backers, cause until they do I will keep assuming we got scammed!

    10. Maria Reyes 2 days ago

      Still looking forward for my backed items, since this looks promising and everything as well. I did backed the Whisk Wiper and I did received it but took some time. I think both projects would be nice to have in the kitchen.

      But I did had an encounter with Bifrost Biotech, Inc. I backed their project and then they removed me as backer and I got their backed project in the unsuccessful area of kickstarter. They just scammed an international backer.

    11. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville
      2 days ago

      They seem to have logged in today. Maybe we will get an update...

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Prosser 2 days ago

      I have a couple of backed KS projects going at the moment. The other had regularly updated and kept all backers in the loop every step of the way. The updates from this project have, in comparison been very poor. To say they have nothing to say so don't bother updating is a bit of a cop out. I'll continue to back but to the project leaders I'd say Poor effort guys, just poor. Only takes 10 minutes to write an update and keep your backers in the loop!

    13. Brandon Crabtree 2 days ago

      Can I change my address on my initial survey? I've moved to a new place.

    14. Cristy Lee 3 days ago

      On the plus side, they will be required to update on a schedule as well as engage regularly within the comment sections with indiegogo's new policies or face consequences. Hopefully that means they will, at the very least, copy that information here.

    15. Stasis 3 days ago

      @Farrell Counterproductive, won't solve anything, and honestly downright silly. Class Action? Welcome to Kickstarter. Read the agreement. And no offense, but if you didn't back this for hundreds... a lawsuit for $15? Come on now. You'll get a refund or a product eventually. Don't use crowdfunding again, and move on. You'll be OK.

    16. Missing avatar

      Steven Khan 3 days ago

      I would like to be refunded via Kickstarter. I no longer have confidence in the team to deliver this product. Please do not try to retain me as a backer with endless emails or redirections or saying you are unable. I have been fully refunded via Kickstarter for another product that was overly delayed in the last year.
      I do wish the team success. If the product is available in retail later on I may get 1 set.

    17. Missing avatar

      Farrell Greenlee 3 days ago

      When we are ready lets all organize and Class Action these guys....

    18. Stasis 4 days ago

      January estimate to August isn't abnormal. It's actually not even close to being in the super late category for crowdfunding. It's cheap enough that I won't ask for a refund (unless, of course, it's never delivered) and so I'd recommend most people do the same. If you're new to KS or crowdfunding in general, this is definitely par for the course. So no, I won't report it as a scam or anything. Lack of updates is usually due to a fear of response. Right now they're probably upset and/or ashamed and potentially angry themselves. Some people reach out and try to talk as much as possible, but when they do that customers demand timelines and those are VERY hard to provide.

      Don't take this as me making excuses. I don't know them. I just know the game by now. What I DON'T understand is how so many companies haven't realized exactly this; whatever estimate you have? Double it. Optimism is wonderful and may gain more backers, but it leads to this. Exactly what's happening here. And this is a small and cheap item. NOTHING I backed came on time. Multiple accounts here (personal, professional, etc) and Indiegogo. Not a single one. The closest was 2 months late. Several have been great. One ended up being 30% cheaper in stores a month after I got mine. ONE has been worth it, in the pricier spectrum. So yes, I've had many successful backs but ALWAYS expect a delay. When it gets to be too long, I request a refund and I've gotten several from pricier items ($300+). Most of these people really do care and believe in their product. They just don't understand the complexity and intricacy of bringing something, even something small and relatively "simple" such as this, to market in a larger production.

      So I understand the delay. I accept it. I understand the lack of communication and accept it too. I just don't think the latter is the best course of action for this particular product that was low price and easy access. You're getting a lot of people who are new to KS or don't care how it works. You NEED to communicate to them, even if it's to say "sorry, shit went wrong... can't give an ETA yet" because otherwise you WILL get refund requests and people claiming you bailed. A "freebie" or "throw-in" goes a long way, but this is too low end for that really, and they're already selling copycat knockoffs.

      So these guys need to make their money AND come through. It's a tricky position. One I don't envy. I'll keep waiting. I urge most of you do the same. It's not (yet) a scam. Hold off on that.

      But as mentioned, THIS is the reason I've stopped backing things on KS and elsewhere. Delays, lack of info. From the higher end to the lower end. I'll wait them out.

    19. Justin
      4 days ago

      @Daniel - based on the comment section of that project it looks like they weren't able to deliver the size you needed. Thus, refund.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kevin Patti
      5 days ago

      @Daniel - That IS worse. Ouch.

      My one failed KS project to-date (Churbles, for those interested) declared failure three years past the original due date, and offered no refunds.

    21. Gabriel Paduganan 5 days ago

      Thank you for your honesty and diligence. While I am looking forward to adding this item to my camping kit, my life has been happy enough without it until now, and I am glad to wait until you've fine tuned it to your satisfaction. Keep up the hard work!

    22. Missing avatar

      daniel gordon 5 days ago

      Could be worse. I got the Venturi belt and they told me they were preparing to mail mine out. The next day they issued me a refund after 8 months and I never asked for it. Pretty pathetic.

    23. Eric Harvey 5 days ago

      to all complaining, this is the nature of kickstarter campaigns, they are sometimes late and sometimes the creator isn't that informative on the process. That doesn't mean they are a scam, it just means that what they thought was done or close to done in terms of a product wasn't anywhere near what it actually was.

      it is always important to know that there is a risk in these investments, you might end up getting something completely cool and you might end up with a project that ends due to too many problems.

      And while it does look like a simple thing to design, it is one that is more complicated in nature. Their last update makes it sound like they are getting nearer to completing it but production of the product is a different story as well

    24. Missing avatar

      Amanda 5 days ago

      Starting to feel like I will never see this finished project. Sad that this was my first experience with kickstarter. It has totally turned me off of ever backing any other projects. I've only kept the app on my phone to see if anything will ever come of this.

    25. Missing avatar

      Eric Caesar
      5 days ago

      They got a heap of cash - including mine. It is not all that hard - Polygons Design - stop going to trade fairs and just produce !!!

    26. Justin
      7 days ago

      As long as they are showing progress there is nothing you can do about it. Obviously they completely bombed on their ETA but based on the very definition of the word ESTIMATE, they're covered. Just have to sit back and wait. But that doesn't mean you have to wait patiently ;) But as far as legal action? Yeah, you got nothing.

    27. Missing avatar

      Robert Hunt 7 days ago

      @Justin I wasn't aware that CL collected money directly from John's and Drug users.

    28. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell
      7 days ago

      @Irene, good idea! Or totally not. They have not said that they are not going to deliver. That is just way premature. In order to have any kind of a case at all, you would need written confirmation by the creator that they no longer planned on delivering, and proof that they misappropriated funds, thus causing the ks to be incomplete. Seeing as how they have never said that they don't plan on fulfilling rewards, nor have they said that they are out of money, you have no law suit. Any lawyer would tell you that, and they might even charge you to do so. Rather that wind yourself up over a couple of measuring spoons that are late, find something better to do with your time. Hey, you could even research some successful law suits against ks creators and see what was required to do so, it may be informative.

    29. Missing avatar

      Irene Wong 7 days ago

      From kickstarters terms and conditions:

      they offer to return any remaining funds to backers who have not received their reward (in proportion to the amounts pledged), or else explain how those funds will be used to complete the project in some alternate form.
      The creator is solely responsible for fulfilling the promises made in their project. If they’re unable to satisfy the terms of this agreement, they may be subject to legal action by backers.

      Guess unless we wanna hire a lawyer to represent us ..

    30. Missing avatar

      Irene Wong 7 days ago

      How about all of us report this to kickstarter as scam?

    31. Annie
      on August 15

      @robert I've backed 192 projects on KS I haven't had a problem with any of it. Those that have completed all delivered. Can't say the same for indiegogo though. As a backer you need to do your own research and be diligent about campaigns.

    32. Justin
      on August 15

      Robert, turning a blind eye? If someone on Craigslist takes you for a ride are the owners of Craigslist responsible? No! Your transaction is with the project creators. You might want to keep your misdirected hate in check.

    33. Missing avatar

      Robert Hunt on August 15

      @Kevin Patti I have backed a handful of crowdfunded projects on a few different platforms. 2 have gone MIA. The other is the invergo coffee maker.

      Having tried to deal with deal with these sites I can share that they may admit to reaching out to the creator but they refuse to take down the project page, allowing a refund, and dealing with charges backs. They are not gatekeepers or watchdogs they are just getting their fees and turning a blind eye.

    34. Missing avatar

      LEX on August 15

      Requested a refund.

      I know this is not a store but poor communication, poor updates, last log in was aug 3. Not responding to anyone. I feel this is a long lost project

      Thank you

    35. Debra Lyon on August 15

      I supported this back in October of last year. I was informed I would have it in January. It is now mid-August and I am moving. Feeling totally screwed over. I was patient before, but this is beyond ridiculous! It is 8 months over due on arrival. Even if you were receiving parts from China, you should have had it completed and shipped it us two times over. I think we have been scammed.

    36. Missing avatar

      Kevin Patti
      on August 15

      @Robert Hunt: please define "high rate of failure." While there are some high-profile failures, my delivered Kickstarters far outnumber undelivered ones.

    37. Justin
      on August 15

      Well, seeing as how they don't even have a product yet....assuming they finalize something within the next two months....maybe March 2018.

    38. Nik Formes on August 15

      What is the realistic delivery estimate for this? were quite a stretch past the feb 2017 estimate haha.

    39. Missing avatar

      Peter Jones on August 15

      Sheree Marris, we got an update via email on July 18th. Though still no delivery estimate.

    40. Missing avatar

      Sheree Marris on August 15

      What's happening with this project? Think it is REALLY poor that we haven't been given an update. They have all of our contact details including email addresses, so how hard should it be to give an update. People wouldn't mind if we were kept in the loop. Doesn't give me much confidence in the project. Please advise.

    41. Missing avatar

      Amanda Harris on August 14

      Just wondering if they will be ready in time for 2017 or 2018 Christmas baking?

    42. Missing avatar

      Robert Hunt on August 14

      I blame Kickstarter for the lack of oversight, not forcing a refund guarantee, and profiting directly from backers despite the high rate of failed projects and their delinquent "creators".

    43. Jennifer Liang on August 14

      I admit I'm a bit frustrated that I dumped money into this and still to product in my hand. I understand the complications that surely come with the manufacturing of this product and know I should be patient instead. So I will do just that and just hope for the best.

      However, I do agree with some of the other comments that even if there wasn't a solid update on the process or whatever, at least to let the backers know you are still alive and kicking once a month at the very least, would put some ease into at least a few of us instead of the silence we are met with. It doesn't take more than a minute to just post an update and just share a funny photo to go along with the update, even if it's just to say you're still working out the kinks from the last update.

    44. Ashley Smith on August 14

      You know, when your campaign says that you only have a couple of minor problems to fix, that implies that it'll be ready in a few months. In reality, all they had was a very rough prototype. That is the real reason I'm upset about this nonsense. That and the once every few months updates.

    45. Missing avatar

      Lynsey solomon on August 13

      Update please!!!!!!

    46. Leo Vogel on August 12

      Please provide an update.

    47. Missing avatar

      Sarah Ann Michal on August 12

      Still waiting. Please update us again soon.
      NJ, USA

    48. Sandy Putranto on August 12

      First project I back. And no more crowd funding for me.

    49. Stasis on August 12

      Yeah I'm done with crowd-funding. Never pans out. I get it. Lofty, optimistic, etc. This is a small small item. Yet this is what does it for me. I don't mind being out the money or getting the product X months/years late. I kinda expect it with the higher end stuff. But now it's just small stuff too. The better plan? Wait. It'll come out if it deserves to and you won't really save any money as an early investor. There's usually no advantage. Through multiple accounts ONE product was worth the early buy. How many refunds I've gone through, how much nonsense. Here, Indiegogo etc. Nope. I'm all done. I view this as a good way to see what may or may not eventually be invented. I'll check the actual websites and reviews when done. I'm no longer gonna early access projects for fun.

    50. Justin
      on August 11

      Mike, really? I've backed 145 projects and I haven't gotten stiffed once. I'm sure they'll eventually ship something. That doesn't even count my wife's accounts or my kid's account.

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