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Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs
Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs
Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs
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    1. Dina Naser
      about 15 hours ago

      @Dylan: I'm just as frustrated with the severe lack of communication from this project compared to others i've backed, but they've started up communicating again, so unless they stop, perhaps the giving the benefit of the doubt for now will help move things along. Also, maybe you should find who else really wants a refund because it's not the original product ordered, and collectively request for one, since the creators probably aren't looking at every individual comment.

    2. Dina Naser
      about 15 hours ago

      @Cristy: If you looked at the time stamp next to the comments, these complaints were after the update was posted.

      @Ronnie: You're right in many ways. You did back a different product, which now has added magnets that weren't discussed during the campaign at any great length, However, you're also right in being in the apparent minority according to the results of the poll. The magnets were added as per the request of a lot of other backers on this campaign. I'm not personally against the magnets, but I would be annoyed too if it wasn't what I wanted, nor what I originally backed. You're totally correct. almost 3% of backers may not have backed this project, at this point it seems it's not likely you'll be able to get one without magnets, so the best thing to do is wait to see if you can get a refund or see if you actually like what they produce in the end.

    3. lam chik man about 20 hours ago

      I just want the original one!!! The one with magnet you can try to "kickstart" again as version 2.0!!!

      Otherwise, this is just another reason of delay or scam!!

    4. Christoph T. 1 day ago

      @wade nielsen: than don't use kickstarter.

    5. Missing avatar

      Wade Nielsen 1 day ago

      I filled out the survey months ago , When the hell with this ship. Getting sick and tired of these campaigns that can't produce what they promise with excuse after excuse after excuse.

    6. Dixie Jack Halber 1 day ago

      Y'all do realize that the Alibabba supplier stole the pictures from this page right? I'm pretty sure you can order all you want from there and you won't actually receive anything.

    7. Ronnie L. Norton II 1 day ago

      You doo realize that the 2.95% of us who voted against this represents almost 1,100 backers who will now be upset that we are no longer receiving the envisioned product we supported. I'm sure we are all of various backer levels, I myself backed for 6 sets. With that many backers there would be no excusable reason NOT too offer us the original product. There are surely enough orders for a separate print run. Then you can keep all of your customers happy. (Aside from the delays of course)

    8. Nate Beylin 1 day ago

      Ok so im ordering a 1000 from that link below who wants one??

    9. Missing avatar

      Jonas Sandstedt 1 day ago

      Is this a copycat (se link below)? Seams you can order 1000 Polygons directly from a fabric in China. Tried to send them an email asking for price and whos the designer is. Maybe 36862 persons more could ask the same question so we could get the same answer faster?…

    10. Missing avatar

      Jacqueline Ziegler
      1 day ago

      I still haven't received mine.

    11. Missing avatar

      Aryah Esposito 1 day ago

      You'd think for them getting over a million dollars for this silly idea they'd at least execute it a little faster...

    12. Missing avatar

      Dylan 1 day ago

      @Creator I would like a refund. Like @Ronnie L. Norton II said I liked this idea but having magnets would be too much of an inconvenience and it's not what I backed for. I'll be changing to the Ori-Kit, same sort of thing, no magnets (plus more items).
      @Dina Naser, I think most people are frustrated by the lack of updates more so than anything else. I know I'm really annoyed at the lack of communication, of the 16 odd kickstarters I've backed this is 1 of 2 that had such bad communication.

    13. Eric Harvey 1 day ago

      @w.j Michael and Ronnie The magnets probably aren't what is delaying the product like what the update they just gave said, it is about the original design having issues really. It isn't a simple little device and is much more design heavy.

      While I do think it would be nice if they give a "no magnet" option, give the product a chance. The delays haven't even been that much, it has only felt like a lot due to low communication

    14. Mac Jones
      1 day ago

      So much delay for a spoon. LOL. Disappointed in the latest update, why would you change the design of a product you got over a million dollars for?! They took the one thing they had which was a head start over competitors and wasted it. Knocks offs are already on the scene and it sounds like they're still figuring out the design. Not a scam cause I think we'll get something but a year late and better products released in the meantime.

    15. Missing avatar

      W.J. Michael Clark 1 day ago


      Instead the delays with Kickstarter, I have to say, I'm with you on the fact that this has become a product that was not what I was led to believe I was back. And that does bother me, I'm all for upgrades etc, but besides the long delays, I am also concerned that the product I ordered 6 of for gifts (for the holidays last year) is now turning into a less desirable product that I'm feeling less and less confident I can give as gifts to those I originally intended too.

      If the product delays were because of original design issues that is one thing, but to keep pushing the release to keep making changes to a phase 1 Kickstarter project that they keep sending out surveys to make additional steps necessary is a bit much. All these upgrades should have been a phase 2 project.

    16. Ronnie L. Norton II 1 day ago

      Well I'm obviously in the very small minority, but I am not interested in the product if you are adding magnets to it. I want to store these in a drawer, not on my fridge. and since magnets tend to interfere with each other if you're trying to stack the product, or even just toss them into the drawer if there are metal utensils already there, this will now make them not work nearly so well.

      Not to mention I'm very angry at the thought of delays to turn the product I want into one I have no interest in. I LOVED the fall flat feature, and that is the one thing that is now being removed. :-(

      Is there no possible option for those of us who want the original product we pledged for? Or the possibility of a refund? Whether or not we get a refund, if the products come to me with magnets in them, then I am sorry but they will be on E-Bay. And by the time they arrive I will be one of those who has gone and purchased some of those knock-offs that are actually closer to the product I actually backed than the original is.

    17. justin 1 day ago

      I'd test yer Lucy

    18. Cristy Lee 1 day ago

      Dina... those comments were posted before the update, lol.

    19. Dina Naser
      1 day ago

      What is everyone flipping out about now? We got an update. Are all backers here first timers or just have great luck with kickstarters. The timeframe is RARELY met on any kickstarter projects. There's projects that take years to follow through beyond their estimated delivery date. Yes, it's not fun to wait, but tough! If you don't like it, don't back projects and spam the community with unhelpful comments.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jason watkins 1 day ago

      Guys, really, what do you expect... Did you see what they are cooking, that recipe is baller. I don't know what the other three are, but if the last ingredient is LSD... Son.

    21. Marie Mello 1 day ago

      I can not find a link anywhere to the survey. Please help!!!!

    22. lam chik man 1 day ago

      I think you should provide 2 ways for us to choose:
      1) no upgrade of the product anymore! Just send us the original product!

      2) just wait to your never stop upgrade, forever loop... you can always delay because of "new" upgrade... when will it be perfect?!

    23. Brian Lewis
      1 day ago

      Thanks for the update. :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Atchley23 1 day ago

      Sadly this update is only excuses for delays but doesn't come close to saying what these delays amount to be. More in the next update? Based on your track record that would be when?.... December?

    25. Alekhya Das
      1 day ago

      Good to see an update. Hope I receive the spoons because I don't care about the delay, I just want to get it at sometime. (ofcourse sooner the better)

    26. Missing avatar

      Marcus 2 days ago

      Past time for an update.

    27. Missing avatar

      NeX 2 days ago

      i consider this another kickstarter con, they have over a million dollars but can't take 10 seconds to do an update?

    28. Missing avatar

      Dan 2 days ago

      @Juan, mine allows me to change the entire address, country included. It's a pull-down list, what are you seeing? Maybe try a different browser? My survey is through CrowdOx.

    29. Missing avatar

      Dan 2 days ago

      @Ak, I assume you haven't read the updates?

    30. Missing avatar

      Ak SINGH 2 days ago

      It's end of April 17. Delivery still not made. What's wrong?? Suppose to be January. Hurry up guys.

    31. Cristy Lee 2 days ago

      Keo, the issue is not so much that the product has not shipped. The issue is that they have had significant delays and have not been forthcoming about those delays until dates have passed and investors become upset.

      It is extremely unprofessional to keep investors hanging without regular updates, and ignoring concerns - especially concerns regarding deadlines given that pass by without a word, and then the company sneaks the update onto an old post.

      If they bit off more than they can chew, then they NEED to stop mentioning dates at all, and set a reminder to log in and post an update at least every other week or so. A line or two here, a prototype photo there, a "Hey, see this spoon? There was a mixup with the joint but we've fixed it, stay tuned" takes ten seconds and would eliminate 99% of people's upset.

      It is now late April, there should have been some type of update before this. Period.

      They chose to start a business with crowdfunding, it is time to take it seriously and act like a business.

    32. Missing avatar

      Juan Paulo Alcalde 2 days ago

      @Dan: that's exactly what I've done with all my pledged, but in this case the survey page allows to change addresses only for the same country, not allowing to modify the shipping country. (then not being able to modify the address)

      I'm exhausted of send emails to them and not getting a single reply back.

    33. Missing avatar

      keo 2 days ago

      The last update said late April, early May. You people complaining need to chill out. Kickstarter is not a store, it's a community. You PLEDGE money for a a project you BELIEVE in. If you don't believe in it, don't back it. Wait for it to get to your favorite retail outlet. I would also like weekly or bi-weekly updates but it's obvious they bit off more than they can chew as they had an indiegogo as well. We just need to be patient.

    34. Missing avatar

      Michael T Richards 3 days ago

      Maybe the one backer who pledged $999
      Has some pull in getting an update?

      After reading all of the comments I agree that we are all entitled to a progress report.

      Kind of makes me wonder if the developers are just out enjoying their million-dollar taking and not producing the project at all....

      One sure fire way to gain response is to report the project to Kickstarter - that's what happened with the Holga campaign I was behind - results were produced although not the quality which the campaign suggested.

      Mike Richards

    35. Missing avatar

      Dan 3 days ago

      @Janine, you've apparently not read any of the updates. I suggest you go back and catch up, then wait for the next one for something more up-to-date.

    36. Janine Guerra 3 days ago

      When will these be delivered? Estimate says January 2017 but I haven't received anything or gotten any updates about delays recently.

    37. Missing avatar

      Dan 3 days ago

      @Juan, go back to the email requesting you fill in your shipping info. Click the link to open the survey and you have the option to "Open Your Survey". Doing so will allow you to change your shipping address.

    38. Missing avatar

      Judah Karkowsky 3 days ago

      It's the end of April. What are we up to??

    39. Breana Waddill 3 days ago

      Echoing the other requests- please update soon. We would very much appreciate at least one update a month, preferably one every couple of weeks. Even if you don't have much to say, just post SOMETHING so people can know they're being heard.

      I need to know whether there will be further delays because I will be leaving the country in a few months. If the delay is significant enough, shipping information is going to have to change. But there's no way for me to figure out what I need to do because there is no communication.

    40. Missing avatar

      Juan Paulo Alcalde 3 days ago

      Hi guys,

      Looking for a little advice here.

      I moved countries and the system doesn't allow me to modify my shipping country, so since March 30th I have been trying to get in touch with the Polygons team through emails and PMs to no avail adding up to 11 messages from my side, no replies.

      I've backed 2 projects in KS and 5 in Indiegogo, and this is the first time I've faced a situation like this.

      Anyone has a tip or 2 to proceed?


    41. Karon Adams 3 days ago

      I doubt we have been forgotten. I am betting what is going on is that the designers, a small team remember, likely without a pro 'communications/customer service office, are spending a GREAT deal of time travelling, refining, now changing manufacturers and making certain that they have all their ducks in a row. while it is frustrating on our end cause we are really excited about our new gadget, they ar busy running around with their hair on fire trying to figure out how they will get all of this to all of us. I have operated a mail order business before. when a product is MORE popular than you thought it was, that is as much of a nightmare of logistics as if no one bought anything.

      I've seen projects take much longer than this, more delays and in the end, when it arrived, it was all worth it. escpecially as time goes by and you find yourself reaching for that product all the time.

      think of it this way, we are excited about the measuring spoons and they will be SO cool and space saving. but here's the cool part, they are also working out the kinks on this one. when this project is done, they'll be ready for measuring cups and utensils next but, most of the start up kinks are already fixed so they'll go faster. meanwhile, we are using the coolest project on the market at a great first buyer price while everyone else is picking up cheapo copies (yes, there are cheapo copies online) or, buying these quality ones from the inventor on Amazon.

      I don't work for these guys (wish I did, I a a serious cook and can't wait to use these. guys, if you need product testing for future products....) I have nothing to gain by posting this. but, this is just my experience over the past few years on Kickstarter. the ones that run behind on delivery are usually WELL worth the wait. also, most inventors are very optimistic about their times in the beginning. that's something else I learned when I ran my business. making something small batch for a few friends didn't take too long, but thousands for thousands of customers, that was a whole other story.

    42. Carol Spain 3 days ago

      Update please.

    43. Karon Adams 3 days ago

      As a backer on this and many other products, let me please say, the products I have backed that have ended up delayed are usually delayed because they were incredibly great ideas and the manufacturer was overwhelmed with backers/orders to fill. remember, this is not a store.

      Most of the time, people with good ideas think, "Meh, I will only be making the minimum order, I have a manufacturer for that" then, it turns out to be an idea that LOTS more people like, as this one, that ends up with MANY multiples of their original estimates. often that means two things. 1) they need a different manufacturer cause the original small guy may not be able to handle the volume. that is a good thing. 2) it means that the designers can upgrade to better materials and product manufacturing, which is also a good thing.

    44. Brian 3 days ago

      @Kenneth Moore

      It's not uncourteous to other backers to request more information. We are told to "Be respectful and considerate" when posting, shouldn't the project creators also do the same?

      Being respectful and considerate to the backers who funded your million dollar project by doing a proper update at least once a month to show progress. This is especially important if things are already running behind schedule.

    45. Mel Riffe 3 days ago

      +1 for @Client Newman

      I think we all understand 'things' happen. We just don't want to be forgotten. Deliver us the news, no matter how good or bad.

    46. Missing avatar

      Sio Philbin 3 days ago

      Hello?? We just want an update!

    47. Clint Newman 3 days ago

      Yeah, this is pretty bad. If you know you're not going to be able to deliver on your commitments, proactive communication goes a long way. "Hey, we ran into a few snags and we're targeting XX/XX for another update" goes a long way...

    48. Jer 4 days ago

      So I got this update from another project I backed that says the product is going to be a few months late. The creators openly admitted that it was going to be quite a bit late, and provided several reasons for the delay. They even threw in some redesign drawings, CAD renderings of their injection moldings, and cool stuff like that. As soon as I saw this I thought "Wow. These guys really have it together. If they keep this up, it won't matter how long they take to get it done!" I was so impressed. And then I realized - the creators of this project are more or less just doing what they ought to do, and most of the projects I've backed have been equally transparent and communicative... except the one. Polygons. Seriously guys, this product has such an incredible coolness factor to it, and I'm sure everyone on here really wants to be excited for it, so why would you continue to ghost us like this? Where's that update you promised we'd see a week and a half ago?... Most importantly, what the general heck?!

    49. Lucas
      4 days ago

      Hey! Just wondering: I filled out the survey, right? I just want to make sure.

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