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Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs
Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs
Polygons is the origami-like measuring spoon that lays flat and folds to 4 different sizes to fit your cooking and baking needs
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    1. Missing avatar

      about 7 hours ago

      I never left, I just got tired of posting g the same thing over and over... Unlike you guys who seem to enjoy copy past complaints.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ivan about 16 hours ago

      @tzfardaya, wow, superbacker you came back! Guys, ready to have a kickstarter lecture from tzfardaya? Enjoy!

    3. TeamTJ 1 day ago

      Never give up hope, folks. The very FIRST project I backed on KS was originally promised to deliver in Sept 2012.

      It was delivered today.

    4. Missing avatar

      Giusy Luci 1 day ago

      I backed 6 sets...i' m italian
      Tere are any problems i think

    5. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      Until you try to mass produce, you don't know if you have a good design or not. Prototypes are one offs,

    6. Missing avatar

      WJ 2 days ago

      If you don't have a good design, don't star this project,we have been waiting for half a year!

    7. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      Poor planning on your part. Never use a backed project for an immediate gift.. I'm not saying not to give them as gifts, but wait until they're in your hands then use them for the next event.

      Kickstarter projects are almost always delayed.

    8. Peter Barrot 2 days ago

      Good news!!!!

      So over coffee and a wonderful scones we found nearby my wife asked me:
      "Remember that xmas gift you got me in 2016 about some cool measuring spoons?

      Me: "umm yeah?"

      Wife:" soooo when do I get them?"

      Me: " when hell freezes over?"

      Wife: "cool, awesome"

      Scones were on sale when we bought a cup of coffee that's the good news!!!!

    9. TeamTJ 2 days ago

      @Richard - I do the same thing. Lots of faux butt-hurt going on.

      And it's cyclical.

      Backer 1: When are you shipping?
      Backer 2: This is a scam.
      Backer 3: KS is not a store.
      Backer 4: Why don't they give updates?

      Repeat ad nauseam.'ll get your spoons when you get your spoons. Or not, I don't know, but whining here isn't gonna help in the least.

    10. Missing avatar

      Tim Rose 2 days ago

      @Richard ... what an incredibly classless and pointless comment on this forum.

    11. Richard Schultz 2 days ago

      Whenever I'm bored I read comments on this thread. People are so whiney on here. The never ending series of overly dramatic comments makes me smile.

    12. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      Best to send your complaints about communication to the creator via dm... They get email notifications of those.. They have to manually check the comments section of their own accord, no notifications from here.

    13. Missing avatar

      Alvin Tan 2 days ago

      Polygons.... delays are fine, but complete lack of communications and engagement with your backers is totally unacceptable. This is already moving into a scam unless you can come back to us soon with some updates and accountability.

    14. Missing avatar

      Blair gebauer
      3 days ago

      Delays are expected when it comes to crowd funding and yes your only 6 months delayed at this point... but polygons... seriously bad news... good news.... it doesn't matter... just let yoir supporters know WTF is going on. With all of your supporters as a potential future customer and feedback us backers give to others about your product and experience. Why would you guys keep us in the dark.... with bad experiences it's not just your current backers you lose from repeat business but also the possible hundreds of people that we talk to about our experience with polygons. You might want to rethink about keeping us in the dark... it's only going to hurt you guys in the end

    15. Vince Luciano 3 days ago

      I like how it says to Be respectful and considerate in the comments to a company that took our money and refuses to give any sort of update to the delay. DELAYS ARE FINE IF YOU TALK ABOUT THEM AND NOT JUST RUN AWAY WITH OUR MONEY.


    16. Missing avatar

      Steven Hay 3 days ago

      Hi guys. The event is done. I didn't expect a measuring spoon would require public feedback or redesign.

      7 months since funding. I hate to seem negative but it's a measuring spoon not a self driving car we funded.

      Is it possible to get this done so we can all continue to measure out our lives in coffeespoons? Preferably using Polygons.

    17. Missing avatar

      Katie 3 days ago

      This is really frustrating, there is no communication. I think this will be my last kickstarter purchase.

    18. Jonathan Jesse 3 days ago

      I assume this is never coming my way and I lost out on the money? Sigh thought it would be cool but guess I won't get to use it ever.

    19. Mac Jones
      4 days ago

      this company really sucks with their communication. the last one regarding the product was back on April 29th and that was to tell us they're changing the product with no new delivery date.

      sucks for me cause i paid money for a certain product, they add magnets and the fridge i have does not hold magnets. so they delayed manufacturing to add a feature that is totally useless to me. thanks for nothing, lol.

    20. Takuma Chiba 4 days ago

      I sent email few weeks ago, please check it. I need your answer.

    21. Pequelord 5 days ago

      Hi guys, any news? Be considerate with your backers and say something...

    22. Missing avatar

      Amanda Harris 5 days ago

      You can take time to announce your event but you can not take the time to update your customers? Can you please tell us why that is. Us backers is the reason you have the opportunity to make your dreams come true with this, while on the other hand you have crushed our dreams of maybe never having the opportunity of using your "product". Just give us a well deserved update as you have ignored us for so long. You have lost probably a good chunk of us being repeat customers if you ever choose to create another Kickstarter project. You have also lost all you backers friends and family purchases in the future. I made the purchase for a gift and for myself...maybe one day I can fulfill the idea. Just give us an update it would be appreciated. Kickstarter says to be respectful and considerate...I think you should take their advice.

    23. Missing avatar

      Cameron Fowler 5 days ago

      So I don't even really care if it is delayed for a long time, but you guys need to update us more often. Even if there isn't really anything important to say. Going dark for months at a time is not fair to your backers if you are indeed a legitimate product and not a scam. I have backed many other projects that have one day a month towards the beginning that they post an update regardless of progress just to show they are still alive and breathing. There is no excuse for not writing a 2-3 paragraph update every month no matter how busy you are.

    24. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      @luke ive seen a lot of delays as well. also had campaigns that didnt deliver. the ones which legitimately got delayed but ultimately delivered still communicated with the backers. there were plenty of updates and the creators took the time to engage the backers and respond to comments.

      with the scams, there tends to be a lot of silence on the part of the creator, leading to a lot of clamoring on the part of the backers.

      which of the two does polygons fit into?

      the worst part of scams like this isnt my 16 bux i wont see again, its the aspersions of doubt it casts toward legitimate campaigns, especially for those 1st time backers.

    25. Luke Walker
      5 days ago

      I've backed a lot of kickstarters and so far, I'm not worried about this one. The average campaign is delayed about 3 months, I've had things delayed by almost a year before. So far, I have never NOT received my product. *knocks on wood*

      I suppose there is some possibility of a scam, but I'm inclined to give the creators the benefit of the doubt at this point, given that they made some late changes to the design and were hugely successful. You have to remember that many of these companies are brand new and have no experience with large scale production. You also have to throw in the fact that the more successful a campaign is, the less prepared they probably are for it (assuming you're dealing with a new company). Keep your eyes open, but I don't think it's time to panic/abandon ship yet.

    26. MyBoomstick
      5 days ago

      Scam? Yea... you have a million dollar idea (laterally)... get the million and run? No way. Take time to perfect product and pull in MILLIONS! Why would they not manufacture their product allowing other people produce it making more than them!?

    27. Brian Harrison 5 days ago

      I'm starting to get to that point of, "Have I been scammed?" ... again from a KS campaign?!

    28. Missing avatar

      Dan 5 days ago

      An Alibaba knock-off is a major reason why the smart makers split the manufacturing up between different factories and different countries if possible. It drives up cost but if it gets entirely made in one factory over there, it ends up on Alibaba before the original creator ever gets theirs.

    29. Missing avatar

      Brandon Smith 5 days ago

      Maybe it isn't a scam, maybe it is a new way to do this.

      1) Get a ton of backers
      2) Wait for a knock-off to hit production (like the one damon choe found),
      3) Use some small fraction of the backers' money to buy/ship the knock-offs

    30. Missing avatar

      John Louie Sison 5 days ago

      10/10 this is a scam

      Jkz my dudes! I just wanted to post something

    31. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      @sam - I would disagree and say it is completely fair to tie the creator to those other campaigns, considering that is what *he* did. thats why i linked his behance profile, and i only included work that he claimed as his own, rather than work that was owned by multiple creators.

      If its reasonable for him to tie himself to those campaigns, why is it unreasonable for me to do the same? see here:
      On his linkedin page, he states he was Vice President of Design , in charge of Head of company's design vision, product strategy, &media campaign... sounds like a no-nothing worker bee who wasnt accountable for anything.
      especially when looking at those campaigns i shared, their experiences mirror ours?

    32. Missing avatar

      damon choe 5 days ago

      It's disappointing to see this:…

      You've taken so long, that it appears someone has copied your stuff.

    33. Missing avatar

      Dan 5 days ago

      I'm surprised you were able to successfully dispute. I'd be interested in the specifics, like how long it was after you were initially charged, which bank, how long the process took, etc. I've heard of only maybe 2 others but those were both within 60 days of the initial charge.

      For those interested, here's KS's policy on CC disputes.

    34. Missing avatar

      Björn 5 days ago

      Have you made one if these spoons? How did you do it if it's that easy?
      Do you even ever worked with a product? I don't think you have any idea about creating a flexible, foldable but still stabilized spoon with multiple folding points do you?
      What makes you think it's that easy?

    35. Missing avatar

      Dylan 5 days ago

      To anyone looking for a refund, I would try to dispute the transaction itself. Talk to your bank/credit card company. Last time this sort of thing happened to me I ended up getting a refund by doing it that way, sadly I switched banks and can no longer do it myself. I feel sorry for anyone that invests in this company that went to that trade show... wonder if he will leave them in the dark about everything as well.

    36. Jeff Milam 5 days ago

      How do we get our money back?

    37. Sam 5 days ago

      Nick, I don't think it's reasonable to tie the project creator to those other campaigns.

      If you went a little bit further with your research you would find that he used to work for Inventindia Innovations, which does industrial design and prototyping as a service. It's likely that Kairos outsourced some work to them.

      He went to work for Exploride after that (as an employee) but left in 2015. It wasn't his company or his campaign.

      He had previously invented Polygons while a student at the National Institute of Design, so my guess is that the exposure to crowdfunding through Kairos/Exploride made him think he could run a campaign himself and make a lot more money than he was working for someone else's company. Good for him.

      Unfortunately, this stuff is hard. I think the most likely scenario is that he's young and has personal experience with design/prototyping but much less with manufacturing, customer service, market strategy or any of those important things. It's easy to imagine that he might not have managed the money well despite having the best intentions (e.g. taking on unexpected magnet R&D and pouring money down the drain); if you want to be worried, worry about that.

    38. Missing avatar

      Spainkiller 6 days ago

      I can't believe a product as simple to make as this hasn't been send yet.

      What a disgusting scam this is.

    39. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      @dan, i included the links so people could make what conclusions they wish to.
      as far as needing more investor money, what they have raised is certainly enough for tooling and to cover the commitments they have made to the backers. ive seen other r&d intensive projects brought to market for less. but their needs are all speculation on our part, seeing as the creator is as transparent as mud

      there is a pattern to prior campaigns which certainly looks scammish.
      heres another thought which just occurred to me: you mention T-bands shipped, that doesnt appear to be so. they arent available for order, and listed as unavailable on the kairos site. if you go to updates on indiegogo, you will see they are processing refunds to the backers :

      so where is the money for refunds coming from? perhaps the wildly successful polygons? who knows, as of the past 20 or so days ago, people are still asking for updates and status on refunds, so i could be wrong

      as for exploride shipping someday, that just means those backers are in the same boat as us. the difference between us and them is while we are in for 16 bux or so, theyre in for $300 at the bottom tier. read the backers comments, their patience is running thin as well

    40. P4NMAN 6 days ago

      What a colossal disappointment...

    41. Missing avatar

      Dan 6 days ago

      @Nick, that's some very interesting info, thanks for the links & legwork. I have to disagree on a couple of points though.

      First, a scam is a matter of intent, meaning the person(s) have to intend fraud of some kind. Gross incompetence isn't scam, it's just plain incompetence. Most of us know at least one person who somehow manages to screw up everything they touch but doesn't intend to and you know they're going to do the same to the next thing. Doesn't make them a con-artist in trying, even if they know they do it, just makes them "that guy".

      Second, investor money. Just because they've raised a butt-load of money doesn't mean they don't need more investors. The cost per unit could be higher than they anticipated. Meaning they brought in $2.2 million but the cost to produce just the rewards is $2.7 million. In circumstances like that, they'll desperately need more moolah. Coolest was a perfect example: the campaign blew up far past expectations, then the cost of creating the item exceeded the income from the reward tiers. I believe they even started selling on Amazon (among other places) at full retail before filling rewards because of the cost. At one point I think they had looked at bankruptcy and as far as I know, they still haven't recovered properly yet. They're not the only example, just one that's well known & documented.

      Granted none of that addresses willful fraud or excuses repeat incompetence. It's just food for thought that it may be as simple as what they communicated (admittedly sparingly). We can't completely know which it is until something ships. The t-band did ship eventually and the Exploride is *supposed* to have shipping this month or next so we'll see on it. If it does ship, and assuming this creator is involved there too) then I think that means we have a reasonable expectation of this shipping even if it is very very late.

    42. Florian 6 days ago

      So when do you guys start shipping?!

    43. Missing avatar

      Jennifer OReilly 6 days ago

      Cool there was an update on a trade show that we don't care about, where is the timeline update?

    44. Missing avatar

      Roy Celaya 7 days ago

      When will you start shipping?

      Why should I be interested where you are displaying the product if you can't honor you existing commitment? You have lost any good will I have had and I will begin broadcasting my experience with you on all my social platforms.

    45. Missing avatar

      Irene Wong 7 days ago

      Funny the latest update doesnt address our concerns of when exactly the new estimated shipping date and no apology from the creater at all! I start to believe this is a scam since one point out they also raise a lot of money from other platform, but wonder if those invester from other platform also filed complaint againt them?

    46. Missing avatar

      Krista Bailey on June 18

      If these ever get produced, its getting sent to the wrong location. It was supposed to be a gift for my daughter. She has since moved to the other side of the country. This is a little ridiculous! At this point I'd prefer to just get my money back. I don't want any part of a project that can't produce.

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