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A minimalist fountain pen with a magnetic self-aligning cap made from titanium or aluminium.
A minimalist fountain pen with a magnetic self-aligning cap made from titanium or aluminium.
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Production Update #6

Posted by stilform (Creator)

Hi Kosmonauts,

here's another update that you've been longing for. Last week we started shipping out a new batch of packages which includes the orders of Night Sky, Comet Grey and Warp Black. More of them is scheduled to be sent out till the end of this week. As usual you will obtain your tracking numbers by email. If you receive your pen and notice any issue, please let us know via - We will solve your problem as fast as we can.

We fully understand that some of you are expecting the shipment of your package eagerly and we are very thankful for the patience and support from many of you. It's important for us to make you realize that we have spent the past weeks trying our best to optimize the assemply process. Other than fixing the imperfection of the alignment between the cap and the barrel, we have also improved the stability of the magnets through a couple of changes while assembled. Since it's our goal to keep every customer satisfied, we cannot help but devote more time in the production process.

We will keep you updated!

We wish you a pleasant week. 


Martin & Christoph

- stilform

PS: Here's a picture of the first samples of our new clip design. If everything goes well we may be able to send them out in February.

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Status Quo


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    1. Ethan Yang on

      Can you send my clip?
      Thank you

    2. Karine Langley on

      Apparently my pen was delivered to my office on February 11th but I never received it. No one in the building claims any knowledge of it. Has it been returned? How can I get my pen...I am getting a little worried that it was lost.

      This time mail the pen to the following

      Dr. Karine Langley
      Morneau Shepell
      350 Sparks Street Suite 301
      Ottawa Ontario
      K1R 7S8

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Ayers on

      Like Juan Antonio, I, too, am wondering about the Titanium pen that I ordered. Any news yet?

    4. Missing avatar

      Juan Antonio Sanchez Navarro on

      Any news on the Titanium pens? I have not received a shipping confirmation.

    5. Missing avatar

      Tyler Quick on

      I was wondering if there was any information on shipping regarding the black brass pen? Super excited to get it!!

    6. June Sapara on

      Ordered two Ti pens and a Rose Al pen (backer #2,197). Curious when we can expect shipment :-/

    7. Jason Blocklove on

      Have you guys shipped all of the night sky pens? I haven't received any shipping info and it's unclear as to whether you mean you've shipped all or some of those orders. I'm really excited to get this!

    8. Missing avatar

      Łukasz on


      I have ordered two Aluminium pens and then added the brass one. one of those pens was with clip.
      It is not quite clear when I can expect delivery.
      Honestly I do not know where do you stand with clips now.
      Will you be sending pens without clips and then send clips separately?
      will I recieve all pens together or you will send aluminium ones first and then brass one?

      If you could give any info on that it would be great.

    9. Michail Drakomathioulakis

      No tracking info so far. I can seriously say that I'm now having serious doubts regarding the German punctuality.

    10. Javier Sanz on

      Today is already January 26, the weekend has passed and the end of the month is approaching and I have not received any notice of my shipment yet. Can you tell me something about it? Thank you

    11. Michael Veen on

      thanks for your reply! hope to have it in my hands soon.


    12. stilform 3-time creator on

      We will send some Titans in our next batch this week

      You should not post those information in the comment section.
      However your address is correct :)

      We will try our best to send out your order asap!

      we will send out some Titans this week

      Please be patient a few more days.


    13. Michael Veen on

      When can we finally expect the titanium ones, clipless. These were done already right??

    14. Missing avatar

      KarenS_923 on

      Thank you for this newest update! I see that it says that you're sending out orders of Night Sky, Comet Grey and Warp Black. Last month's update said that you were sending out orders that also included Rose Moon.

      My order only had one pen of Rose Moon with no add-ons, but I have not received any email notice that my order was mailed out. Were all Rose Moon pens sent out already?


    15. Jeremie Lariviere

      awesome update, thanks!

    16. Missing avatar

      lisa albrecht on

      hi--not sure you have my correct address now - 3430 List Place, Apt 1104, Minneapolis, MN 55416. i also don't know which pen body i ordered. it's the aluminum one. please confirm. thanks, lisa albrecht

    17. Scott Endres on

      Where do the titanium pieces fit into this update?

    18. stilform 3-time creator on

      Nice :) We will send an other update regarding our clip soon.

      I have replied in our main comment section


    19. Missing avatar


      Hmmm, I'm OK to wait and hope to get a resolved magnet issue of the pen.
      Since my reward will travel from the EU to the Asia-Pacific, logistics wise, it usually take 3 weeks+ to reach here...better wait than receive troubled items, which is headache for the back and forth later on.


    20. Dushyant Ahuja on

      The clip looks nice. I 3D printed one similar to this just yesterday.

    21. stilform 3-time creator on

      Thank you very much :)

      Yes, that's true

      We have decided to send out a new pen in our current batch by end of this week free of charge

    22. Paul Baldowski

      Alas, my package, with Tracking from 14 December remains a no show and the tracking hasn't changed - "The item is pre-advised." Can you help me?

    23. Mike Giusti on

      Thank you very much for the update. I would rather wait to have an exemplary product than impatiently request it sooner and experience problems.

    24. yehudah on

      Thanks for the update, looking forward to receiving my pen soon!