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A minimalist fountain pen with a magnetic self-aligning cap made from titanium or aluminium.
A minimalist fountain pen with a magnetic self-aligning cap made from titanium or aluminium.
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Production Update #4

Posted by stilform (Creator)

Hi Backers,

we would like to give you another update on the production process.

We are on track to start shipping in the beginning of December. It will be an ongoing process, we will ship batches of parcels every few days, so it may take a few weeks until everything is shipped out. Many packages will be delivered before Christmas, but depending on the exact dispatch date and the country of destination, there will also be packages which will not arrive in time. Please keep that in mind.

We are really happy with our assembly partner here in Germany. They perform every step with attention to detail, report any issue immediately and, most importantly, have a great sense of quality in general. So you can look forward to a premium product. Here's an impression of the assembly work (you can find more at the end of this update):

Status of Clip

Unfortunately, we are forced to cancel the current design of the clip. After months of testing and dozens of prototypes, we must conclude that it's not feasible to produce it with a stable level of quality. We already started to assemble a few caps with clip, but we could not make sure that the clip would hold in long-term usage. In addition, we struggled with some surface issues like small bumps on the cap's spherical end due to the assembly pressure (it's hard to show it in the picture):

That does not mean that you will not get a clip for your Kosmos ink at all. We are working on a completely new solution for the clip using the MIM manufacturing process. MIM means metal injection molding and is used for the manufacturing of rather small and intricate products. We will design the new clip as an attachable add-on for your fountain pen, so similar to the one that we offered for our ballpoint pen before, however with a better design and functionality.

> This means there is no Kosmos ink with built-in clip anymore. All pens will be sent out without a clip starting in December. So you can at least already use your new fountain pen without a clip first.

> Every backer who ordered a Kosmos ink fountain pen with clip will get a coupon to order the new clip in our online store free of charge (including shipping). We estimate the new add-on clip will be available in February. 

We are really sorry for this change of plan! We will try our best to make up for it and will cover all additional costs for the new clip mold and tooling etc. 

Thanks for your support!

Martin & Christoph
- stilform

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bill Carrick on

      Lack of progress on shipping is very concerning.

    2. stilform 3-time creator on

      Hey guys, please take a look into our main comment section! We will publish a new update tomorrow.


    3. Justin McClung on

      What Tyler and Nigel said below.

    4. Missing avatar

      Rachel Franke on

      Hi. Any shipping updates? Eta within Germany?

    5. Missing avatar

      Nigel A. Skelchy on

      What Tyler said 😝⬇️below

    6. Missing avatar

      Tyler Quick on

      Really enjoy the frequent updates so far and I can’t wait to get my Kosmos pen! I am wondering though if there could be another update soon just quickly if everything is still on track or of perhaps some updated delivery updates? No rush honestly, I’m just very excited and curious :)

    7. stilform 3-time creator on

      Thank you all for your understanding! It feels good to hear you support our decision.
      @Michail Sure, anyone who wants a refund can contact us at
      @Mark Yes, we will do that ;) Once the clip is ready we will send an email to everyone who ordered a clip.

    8. Michail Drakomathioulakis

      Very good news! Although the clip issues don't concern me, I think you should also give the chance for people who have ordered clips to have a refund for them.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mark Fuller on

      Strong work and thank you. I look forward to my pen and hopefully, I won't lose my coupon. Instead of sending a coupon, why not just keep a list and when it available send a mass email? Regardless, kudos to you for running a nearly flawless project. This is Kickstarter not Amazon and changes and rethinks are part of the process. Brilliant!!

    10. Xavier Fouilleux on

      Thanks for the update. It sounds like you made the right choice.

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Thanks for the update. Your solution for the clip sounds fine — I appreciate that you take quality of the final product very seriously, including at the cost of changing your plans.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ian Nelson on

      Thank you for providing such detailed and honest updates!