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A minimalist fountain pen with a magnetic self-aligning cap made from titanium or aluminium.
A minimalist fountain pen with a magnetic self-aligning cap made from titanium or aluminium.
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Production Update

Posted by Funded Today (Collaborator)

Hi Kosmonauts,

we hope you're having a great summer time! (or winter time like the Aussies) :)

Backerkit Survey

By now, over 90% of you answered their Backerkit survey. Thanks for that! We will also send out an email with some fun facts about the survey results later today - so look forward to it.

There are still around 250 backers who have not answered their surveys yet, which means we will not be able to send out their rewards. If you cannot find your survey invitation email or believe you did not receive any invitation, please send us a message at We will re-send the email to you and/or send you a direct link to the survey.

Production Update

As mentioned in a previous update we already started parts of the production while the Kickstarter campaign was still running, e.g. ordering material for the Kosmos ink Titanium pens and placing the production order for a part of the Bock nibs. By now, the production of all items has been initiated.

We'd like to make the fulfilment process as transparent as possible for you. So we created an overview about the different products with their production status that we will update as production proceeds. You can view the current status below.

We spent the last weeks tweaking and testing the clip design, specifically how the clip is fixated inside the cap. As you can imagine there is not much available space for that, since the nib and the magnet use up a lot of room. And of course, the clip should hold for a lifetime and not fall off after a year of usage. We are confident that we found a suitable solution for the fixation now. In doing so, we noticed that we need to increase the wire thickness and change the shape of the clip slightly. We will update you on that once everything is final.

The production of all other products and parts runs as planned so far. Only the black steel nibs may have a slightly delayed production time, but it probably still aligns with our fulfilment schedule.

Click on the image for full screen resolution.
Click on the image for full screen resolution.

Have a great weekend!

Martin & Christoph
- stilform


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      So when is it shipping?

    2. Jeremie Lariviere

      Thanks for the update!