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A stop motion and hand-drawn film about Niki, a shy one-eyed fiddler, a moon-spirit and her band. Pledge for us to finish our film!
A stop motion and hand-drawn film about Niki, a shy one-eyed fiddler, a moon-spirit and her band. Pledge for us to finish our film!
82 backers pledged $6,573 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Kickstarter + Stick and Balloon featured on business book "Brainfruit"

Some months ago, serial entrepreneur Hugh Mason and professor Mark Chong hunted us down and interviewed us creatures on how we went about funding Moonchild for their book. We spoke to them about our project, our difficulties and of course,!  

We are delighted to let you know that the book is out: "Brainfruit: Turning Creativity into Cash from East to West". 

And we have our very own chapter on crowd funding! Flip to page 223: Chapter 28! So very awesome indeed! 

Oh yes... that's actually how we look :D

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We are on Twitter!

Stick and Balloon have finally embraced Twitter to update everyone on what we are doing! We've been avoiding the chitter chatter of birds until recently because we hermits like to live in our lightboxes, beers and smokes... 


And now we are out, because...

We have lined up a series of private screenings and technical reviews in October, located all around Singapore. (I'm sorry, dear friends who are abroad, we are not wealthy enough to sponsor your flight tickets... YET) 

Keep an eye on our twitter page for more updates! 


Stick and Balloon

Look what appeared in our mail box today?

What excitement! :D

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Sending this off to the printers...

Hello dear friends and backers, 

Stick and Balloon apologize for the long awaited update! Since February this year, Stick and Balloon fed ourselves, cleaned up the over spilled gastric juices, scrubbed the floors (acid is hard to clean), washed ourselves, did our post production, and then hunted down colour and sound geniuses to make our film even shinier than it is. Thanks to all the support and financing we got from all of you, our beloved backers! 

Just as we speak, Balloon is trying to save Stick from being strangled by unfamiliar film rolls and technical details...

Well it's all hush hush now... Stick's been speaking to a certain cosy little theatre house to screen our film in the coming month! Keep your eyes peeled to this page...


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Hello everyone!

I'm 2 days late in writing a reply, but to be totally honest, I still don't know what to say! The sheer success and overwhelming support we've received over the course of Moonchild Kickstarter has touched our hearts deeply, and Stick and Balloon are still reeling from the amount we've raised... $6573! This is truly beyond our wildest imagination. Thank you, dear backers, friends, family, and Kickstarter for supporting our project.

Stick, here, feels that ending a thank you speech like this would be too short. So, let us tell you what was happening when the 2 months of fund raising ended.


At that moment, Stick was busily scratching away at clay. Stick's in Ludwigsburg, Germany on internship for a few months. Half an hour before the moment, she was showing her colleagues her Kickstarter page. She took a glimpse at the amount and time, and quickly shut it down. Two hours later, after work, she took another peek at the page and shut it down again. She went home, opened the Kickstarter page, closed it. Cook, peeked, replied emails, peeked, showered peeked, skyped peeked... If anyone was in her head at that point, they would have gone deaf! Stick was quietly screaming in her head in disbelief. Two days later, she still take peeks at the page, too afraid to stare for fear that the page would dissolve into the eternity, that is the internet; and too excited to not accidentally smash her computer out of adrenaline rush.

Balloon, however, was pretty uncontactable that day. Stick wondered if Balloon had exploded in Singapore, before she could get to her computer! Stick only received Balloon's email the day after, and the situation went something like this:

As the news came in, Balloon was rushed into the hospital's A&E by her panicking mum, after almost-collapsing (fainting and vomiting) from a combination of overwork and under-sleep. She got a jab in her butt and was too woosy to steer herself towards logical conclusion. But, she was also very touched, thankful and excited amidst the confusion to send Stick an SMS: "Yyyayyyyyyyy!!!! $8.5k in Sing(apore dollars) F*** what just happened!!!! O_O !!!!" Then she went silent for 14 hours.

Yes, that was what happened... Pretty epic day isn't it?


And now for some loving... We'd like to thank Meng Wong and Melissa Lewis for helping Stick and Balloon make the Kickstarter funding possible, for solving the riddle of "How to get a Singaporean project rolling on Kickstarters." We'd also like to thank Benjamin Joffe for pointing us to Meng and Melissa. For our facebook fans who spread our project far and wide. For fans who commented, wrote to us with questions and kudos from other Kickstarter project leaders. And most importantly,

We also heard that some of you had received calls from the anti-fraud department! "Did you make a donation to stick and balloon last night? ... I mean, Stick and Balloon..." Stick and Balloon would like to assure you that we are in fact, a REAL Stick and Balloon! From Stick and Balloon land. And your money has been well spent on shisha, and beer, and colourful pencils, and shiny objects.... And there's no such thing as Moonchild... Mwahahah!

Stick and Balloon are Yanyun Chen and Sara Chong, we are two Singaporean animators and illustrators, and we have been working on Moonchild for 2.5 years. We bought our post-production dude a new computer to composite our film and he is mighty happy. We intend to spend the money helping Balloon recuperate, feed ourselves and polish Moonchild to a shininess that would blind, and then send it off to festivals!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Yours gratefully,
Yanyun Chen and Sara Chong
Stick and Balloon