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Jessie Shimmer will wield perilous magic, battle vicious devils, and fight the Virtus Regnum to save her aunt and put things right.
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Want to play in the world of Jessie Shimmer? Check this out...

Posted by Steven Saus (Creator)
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I wanted to take a second here to mention something that you're probably going to find really cool:  A roleplaying game that has the world of Jessie Shimmer as one of its stretch goals:

 The guy running it, Lester Smith, has actually worked with Alliteration Ink before - we published his stories in the first two volumes of The Crimson Pact, so we're doubly excited about this game.  Let me have him describe it for you:

The d6xd6 CORE RPG centers on a quick-and-easy system for generating characters for any setting in five minutes or less.

Just pick a name, gender, and age. Then choose one personal attribute—Brawn, Grace, Wits, or Will—to be your strength and one to be your weakness.

Next, declare an occupation—any occupation you can imagine—to serve as your main skill. Then choose up to eight secondary skills from a list of 15 to 20, depending on the setting.

It sounds fast, easy, and fun, and features a ton of playable settings.  Go check out that Kickstarter, and let's get to make characters alongside Jessie and Pal!

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