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Jessie Shimmer will wield perilous magic, battle vicious devils, and fight the Virtus Regnum to save her aunt and put things right.
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I apologize for the long silence; here's what's going on!

Posted by Steven Saus (Creator)

 Hey folks!  I apologize for the long delay. 

TL;DR:  Both Lucy and I have had a lot of situations and crises - professional and private - that have slowed things down.  Work on the book is continuing;  from what Lucy's shared with me so far, I'm glad she's taking the time to do it right.

Long form:  Communicating with you is my (Steve's) responsibility, and I've let you down there.  Aside from a very public clash with a convention, I had a really bad personal crisis at the bottom of 2014 and stretching into the beginning of this year. 

That's not an excuse, but it is an explanation.

Lucy's had a lot of work on her plate, including an MFA program that she got accepted to after this project funded.  Lucy's MFA work involves reading and writing papers on 12 novels every term, completing an 8-week-long teaching practicum, and completing a Lovecraftian young adult novel, among other things. But she's on track to graduate in the summer of 2016, and we anticipate having Devils' Field to you before mid-2016.

That said, the book is being written.  As we speak.  I'll be working harder to make sure you all are in the loop as we get this sucker finished, and giving you more teasers and other content as I can. 

Thank you again for your patience and support.

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