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Steve Mannion's fighting mad badgirl FEARLESS DAWN is back and better than ever in this Dinosaurrific tale of  Action and Adventure!
Steve Mannion's fighting mad badgirl FEARLESS DAWN is back and better than ever in this Dinosaurrific tale of  Action and Adventure!
Steve Mannion's fighting mad badgirl FEARLESS DAWN is back and better than ever in this Dinosaurrific tale of Action and Adventure!
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"Helga's Story" week 2 on Ebay...


Hope everyone had a good holiday! As some of you may have heard, we are rolling out the new book's original art on Ebay on Sunday nights in 3 page increments. Feel free to read it and if so inclined, bid on a page or two! It's a gritty back-story about Helga and starts to get pretty nasty. The new pages are HERE:

To read the first page it's Here:

2nd page:

3rd page:

Thanks to everyone for checking it out and to the bidders on the last round. Here's our press release for this crazy thing:


Steve Mannion Releases One-Shot “Helga’s Story” on EBay!!!

Black Mountain, NC, December 21, 2015 — In an unprecedented move in the world of Comic Book Publishing, Steve Mannion (Writer/Creator of Fearless Dawn) is releasing his latest Comic One-Shot, “Helga’s Story” on the popular Auction website, EBay. The story will unfold in weekly increments posted on Sunday nights beginning December 20th. Viewers will be able to read the story for free and bid on the original art pages. “Helga’s Story” is a hard-hitting slice of life tale featuring Helga Von Krause, one of the more popular villains from Mannion’s independent Fearless Dawn Series. In a departure from his previous books, each page of this story will be fully painted with the watercolor, inks and lettering right on the boards. The first installment is live on EBay now and available here:

“It will essentially be an auction for all the original art in the book. The zoom function on Ebay is great, people can really inspect the art and of course read the story. The bidding option will hopefully keep the cash flowing as I complete the book. We’ll see!”, says Mannion. It’s an unorthodox method of producing his next book but one that he’s been contemplating for quite some time. Steve has utilized Ebay for many years to sell his art and sustain himself and his family in between freelance jobs, Kickstarter campaigns and commissions. Steve adds, “The book will be available for about 3 months up there. I’m excited to see how it works and also to be able to share the story with my hard-core fans in real time with no delay! I’ve got a headstart with about 9 finished pages but I will literally be putting the story up for auction as it’s being done from week to week. It promises to be an interesting experience.”

Steve intends to eventually see “Helga’s Story” published in hard copy form either through another Kickstarter project or direct to Diamond distribution. Mannion adds that he’s struggled with the idea of doing another Kickstarter for this next book because he has some interesting projects on the horizon and can’t fully commit to a Kickstarter at this time. As a 4 time successfully funded Kickstarter creator, he knows that fulfillment of such a project would ultimately tie him up for the next several months. In true independent style, Mannion is pioneering his own way to get his next book done on his own terms and timeline.

You can follow this project and Mannion’s work at:

New Kickstarter Fearless Dawn "Eye of the Beholder"!


WE launched another one, folks!

Here's the link and thanks for your support:)

Cosplay and Double Check-New Book

Hey folks,

Sometimes we get reports of updates not getting through so we're sending out this quick shout out. Hope it's not too much but...

The Fearless dawn Cosplay was out in full force at Big Wow Pics Below!


We got a new Fearless Dawn Kickstarter! Here:

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Steve Mannion's new KS Fearless Dawn Hard TIMES

Well Folks, we have another one cooking up here...Fearless Dawn's "HARD TIMES" comic book. Hope to see you all there and big thanks!---s

Here's the link:

Going to Kansas City Planet Comicon

Hey everyone, We are going to Planet Comicon in Kansas City (Table 444),  so we will resume fulfillment the minute we get back. We are sending the rewards out in the order that they were claimed so if you were towards the end of the Kickstarter, give us a few weeks. Everything is flowing well though. Here's a Helga we did today! Thanks again,---s

Link to Planet Con: LINK

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