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Limited edition custom luxury playing card decks designed by Steve Minty
Limited edition custom luxury playing card decks designed by Steve Minty
Limited edition custom luxury playing card decks designed by Steve Minty
2,154 backers pledged $93,907 to help bring this project to life.

Update #11: 45 Hours to go + Special Announcement!


Hello Everyone! 

We have only 45 more hours to go so I want to prep you for what's coming next, but before that, I have a special announcement! 

 Anubis and Osiris Signature Decks Set

Anubis and Osiris Signature Decks Set
Anubis and Osiris Signature Decks Set

The final unlocked goal is this beauty but as I still need to hammer out some more details and making sure it will be up to snuff, I will unfortunately not be releasing this as an add-on. 

Instead, I will be releasing the set as a supplementary kickstarter project on

February 17th at 5pm PST 

Mark your calendars.

Until I make sure these beauties are perfect, I can't share with you any more certain details other than; 

-Only 100 of these sets will be made.

-Limit one per backer

-The project campaign will last only 1 week.

I should have concrete details about the decks and project to share with you in the next update.

On to what to expect next.

After the campaign ends:

1. It will take Kickstarter approximately 14 days to process backers funds. Make sure your payment information is correct and up to date otherwise your pledge will be dropped by kickstarter. If that happens, you will not be counted among those who will receive their decks.

2. After that process, I will send out the Backerkit (pledge manager) survey via your kickstarter email to everyone of you who successfully got processed.

In case you haven't used Backerkit before, it is a web service that makes sure you input your pledges and add-ons correctly and properly. You will also be able to pledge for additional add-ons via Backerkit.

3. After I send out the Backerkit Survey, you will have 14 DAYS to fill out the survey and make sure everything is correct on your end.

If you have any questions email me at or message me personally on kickstarter.

We only have a few hours left so please share! I will be sincerely appreciative!

Til Next Time!


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    1. Livio on February 12, 2016

      I'm excited about this feature but i c'ant stop imaging that many of us put a lot of money on this first campaign and we absolutely don't know how many we will have to spend with the second campaign if we want complete the collection of Anubis and Osiris...Not very cool guys...

    2. Steve Minty Fresh on February 12, 2016

      @Maes, that's because in Backerkit, it is not possible to limit it to one person a set as well as to set the amount available for that set, which is 100.

    3. Missing avatar

      Maes Erwin on February 12, 2016

      Will it be available only to backers of the origional project? Why don't you use backerkit instead?

    4. Caroline Hale on February 12, 2016

      Sounds great, thanks for the frequent updates! =)

    5. Steve Minty Fresh on February 11, 2016

      @Olivier, Steve will release more details tomorrow after the campaign is over.

    6. Livio on February 11, 2016

      But can we have an estimation ? Less than 50 dol ? Less than 100 dol ? Less than 150 dol ?

      And limited to one per backer...but uts a set of the differents cases or we have to choose one of the two ? Thank you

    7. Steve Minty Fresh on February 11, 2016

      @Olivier & @Caroline, unfortunately, since there will still be changes to the deck, Steve is more comfortable with not giving an estimate because it's still not guaranteed.

    8. Livio on February 11, 2016

      I think it's possible to have a price very high here...Due to the fact how you present it....So is it possible to have a pric eestimation to know how many we are going to spend in your project ? Because the first Anubis Kickstarter will be finish when this one will ...we havent unlimited found...^^

    9. Livio on February 11, 2016

      Estimate price ?

    10. Rees Maxwell on February 11, 2016

      Got it on my calendar!

    11. Caroline Hale on February 10, 2016

      Didn't think I could like this deck much more, but those signature decks... Oooooh my! Do you perhaps have a ballpark estimate on the price for a set of those?

    12. Steve Minty Fresh on February 10, 2016

      @Olivier, it will be very limited, as only 100 decks will ever be made, it's set to one person one pair, which is a set of two decks. it will be a very rare deck.

      @Burton, it's not exactly the same deck inside.

    13. Burton
      on February 10, 2016

      different decks inside?

    14. Livio on February 10, 2016

      Just 100...not sure to have one...ok...

      It's finish ? No more ?