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"Shirt Terminators" : a buddy comedy with its mind in the gutter, its heart in 1994 and its eyes on the next party.

Dear Internet,
Before the air turns frosty and the sun stays down longer, I have set the goal of making my next (and inevitably best) movie: SHIRT TERMINATORS.

It's the tale of Dwaide and Sandy, two young friends with some checkered history, doing community service in a church basement, who uncover a gun with a precise and weird power: it dissolves shirts. Not dresses, not suits, not pants, shorts, shoes, necklaces or hats - shirts only. Male, female or dog.

Now, because our boys are boys - and not men - they skip work to head to the park on a lovely day and go on a shirt-terminating rampage. The bold new power begins to pose some serious problems for Dwaide & Sandy, and they have to make tough choices between a flush (if risque) superpower and doing what may well be the right thing - destroying the gun forever.

Basically, if you put Bebop & Rocksteady, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Archie Comics, A Clockwork Orange, the Book of Genesis, Atlas Man, White Men Can't Jump, Egyptian Lover, Digital Underground, some bros, a lot of classic hiphop/R&B music videos and terrible pastel t-shirts into a blender and hit it to quit it, this movie would gush out.

We've all seen terrible self-serious student films and amateur productions. SHIRT TERMINATORS promises to be a surrealist tribute to sunshine, video, to having a full color palette and good friends.

We have a script, two stars, some extras, and about half the gear we need. But to cover production costs, food, costuming and avoid some rather ugly penny-pinching (see: above video) I'm reaching out for your help. $600 is a pretty sufficient amount; I promise your contribution won't be forgotten or misspent - you won't be donors, remember, but investors. Onward!

If we break $600, well.... KEEP DONATING! More materials = more options = better movies. (Unless I get too many options..... but that's not a problem SHIRT TERMINATORS is likely to have.)


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    Your name will end up in the credits for SHIRT TERMINATORS under "special thanks". Might seem like small potatoes, but just remember - this isn't some corny Disney channel family special, it's SHIRT TERMINATORS.

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    You get the credit, the DVD and a special SHIRT TERMINATORS mixtape: whenever a group of people congregate to make a film, certain songs and phrases get stuck in the collective team-head and form the DNA of the shooting vibe. You'll be given your own blood sample - yeah!

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    If you make the ultimate pledge, I will custom-make on your command a short film in honor of the birthday of someone you love. I'll need detailed advice, media (i.e. photos/drawings) and direction from you so it'll be your baby as much as mine - but consider this a wholly unique, one-of-a-kind digital birthday card. (2010 only.) ....And I'll take it as seriously as though I was driving Mr. Rogers' ashes through the Rockies in a 1932 Studebaker.

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