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Missed the Kickstarter? Click the link below to visit our PayPal Store to purchase Volume 1&2 plus Rewards!
Missed the Kickstarter? Click the link below to visit our PayPal Store to purchase Volume 1&2 plus Rewards!
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Shipping Schedule

Posted by Acceptable Comics (Creator)

Hey, Everyone!

First, if you have moved since backing the Kickstarter, please update your backerkit here-

Things are finally being prepped to ship out, and the Backerkit will close May 1st. Please update your address to make sure your stuff goes to the right location!

Posted below is what we’re being told is the final shipping schedule. As we mentioned in the last update, everything was on schedule to leave China in March, But that has been pushed back a bit due to a factory shortage of materials they had to get more of to finish printing and boxing the order. Full details on this and why it happened are below for anyone interested, as well as a direct copy/paste of the schedule for delivery given to us by the factory last week.

Why were things delayed out of March into April?

Initially, back in January when we got our first advance copy for approval, we were told that Everything would finish up in March immediately after the Chinese New Year break the factory takes in February. This did happen, and the factory finished printing all of the pages, some of the covers, and some of the extras, as well as produce boxes for everything- but the factory ended up running out of the red cloth being used for the cover. When we asked what was up, we were not given specifics at first, only that things had been delayed, but after sending our printing manager to the factory to see what was up, we were told about the cloth shortage. The factory was trying to work with alternative options to match the color without having to order more of the specific cloth being used, but could not ultimately match the shade close enough to not be noticeable. New cloth was ordered, but was shipping direct from it's UK manufacturer. We are told it arrived this week and that things are moving again. This effectively put our project on hold for the better part of March, which is why it missed it’s intended ship date.

Printing of the covers has resumed and the last set of books are now being assembled and boxed. While it’s a bummer to see the team over there delay us back again, we’re relieved to know it wasn’t a serious problem, and was resolved relatively quickly. We were also given an official schedule of when everything is slated to finish and leave port /  arrive to backers from the factory, which is pasted below-


 April 19: Bookmark press proofs sent 

April 28: 20 copies of Vol 2 advances sent 

May 2nd: 3 copies of Vol 1 advances sent 

 May 12: All books ready to leave the factory

 May 19: Departing port. 

 Jun 20: Arrival at US port. 

 Jun 20: Arrival at French port -NOTE: this date is not confirmed and may actually arrive sooner

June 27-29th: Arrival at US Amazon warehouse 


For international orders, most parcels will be going out from France. We are using a carrier with a 99 percent send through rate, which is higher than last time, so we assume everyone’s orders will arrive fairly fast. EU orders will arrive sooner, while worldwide orders may arrive later due to customs wait times. Based on our first book, the outlier countries where things may take longer are typically Mexico, Russia, India, Indonesia, and Australia. That being said, last time only a handful of books didn’t make it through on the first run, and all of them were replaced quickly. Canadian orders will ship from France as well, and not directly from us like last time. Due to Amazon no longer being used as a result of the price hike, most international orders will not have tracking once they leave France, but we have checked with multiple users of our shipment house and are assured that 99 percent of orders go through with no issue. Any orders lost or damaged will, of course, be replaced.

We are also being told that the shipping of ADVANCED tiers with the first book packed in are significantly cheaper to mail internationally and in the EU now that we are not using Amazon, so once we get the final numbers we will be calculating a refund for every EU and Worldwide backer based on the price difference. Refunds will go out to the card on file with Kickstarter, and if they can't go through, we will reach out personally to set up a PayPal transaction.

For Domestic US orders, once the books reach the Amazon facility they are usually fulfilled and delivered within a week to ten days. Aside from the facility mix up and box removal issues we faced last time, the shipment side of things with Amazon went very smoothly once the books actually got mailed out, so we expect no problem this time around.


Based on the Schedule above, we should have another update in about 2 weeks where we can show off more of the books, bookmarks, and other stuff. In the meantime, we will be checking here and in the comments regularly to post updates and answer anyone’s questions! We’re sincerely sorry that this process has taken so long to resolve this time around, but are happy to see things finally on a set schedule. There has been a lot of back and forth between us and the printers on when to expect things in the past few months, but at last we are finally getting some concrete dates and commitments. Thank you to everyone who has been waiting along with us to see this all get resolved and for the books to finally arrive!


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    1. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      Just a comment update for anyone checking!

      We got the advances last night, which means all the books have officially finished printing and are about to head out on the updated schedule we shared a while back. We will post an update later this week with images and info!

    2. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      Just an update comment for anyone checking-

      we got the bookmark proofs 2 days ago and they look really great, the foil stamping came out awesome and we are waiting to get the advances of the final shipment of books next week. Once we get the books, we will post up the final pre-shipping update with pictures of everything! Cards are being proofed and poster proofs are finalizing. The order of shipments will be tiered out to make things move faster, starting with the books and book 2 bookmarks first, then audiobooks at about the same time, then the cards and book 1 add-on bookmarks, with the posters and original art shipping out last to wrap everything up. Based on what we're looking at now, everything should begin arriving to backers in mid to late June (after leaving China in about 3 weeks from now), and shipment of all rewards should wrap up either in late June or early July.

      we intend to close the backerkit on May 15th but may move that date back in the next official update depending on the receiving date we get from the 2 ports everything is heading to.

      Thanks! As always, if anyone has questions, feel free to ask here in the comments or send us a direct message.

    3. Missing avatar

      Liam Harvey on

      thanks for the info Dave, always great to see updates.

    4. Missing avatar

      Matt Moore on

      Stuff happens. Thanks for the update guys!

    5. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @Randy- thanks! US shipping shouldn't be an issue once they leave China, we learned a lot the first time we used Amazon and are already prepping the orders for when they arrive. Unless they get delivered to a shoe warehouse again everything should be fine. Also, we got some advance photos today to prove everything's actually moving along on the China side, so that's encouraging. We'll share more in the next update!

    6. Randy Graham

      Sorry you're having such problems with getting the books. But I've been on Kickstarter enough to know that things happen. As long as I get my stuff at some point, I'll be happy, and it looks like that's going to happen. Now hopefully US shipping won't be a problem once the books get here. :-)

    7. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @Justin- Shipments with the books will include both books, as well as book 2 bookmarks. Book 1 bookmarks, cards, and posters / original art will ship from us directly at the same time- the factory couldn't customize every order by backer, so we opted to do it ourselves for the other extras. Audiobook codes will go out about 10 days after the books finish leaving the carrier facilities.

      @Doyle- Thanks! We're doing what we can with the situation we've got. Should all wrap up soon.

    8. Doyle Strouse on

      You guys are the best. Thanks for being so upfront and transparent every step of the way.

    9. Justin Olson

      Once these ship will they include all rewards? Or are these just the books?

    10. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @Kyle- yea, it seems to go that way more often than not. still not an excuse for us!

      @Cam- We agree! We've already decided that volume 3 will have to be finished, proofed, and printed before the next Kickstarter, so that we can begin shipping the week the campaign ends. We've already written most of it and are going to start work on the art as soon as we can to try and get the book done for a launch next year. That will at least avoid all the issues we've had the past 4 to 5 months the next time arond.

      @Arcturus- That's a good point, we didn't consider curses and black magic yet. (But we're probably just big dummies who didn't have a plan b in place for printing like we should have.)

      thanks for the comments, everyone! let me know if we can help with anything else.

    11. Missing avatar

      Arcturus Dobrica on

      Thanks for the update, one of you must have broken a kickstarter mirror or something, no other explanation

    12. Cam on

      Whoa, you guys are really being stooged on Volume 2! I sincerely hope Volume 3 runs smoother haha. Still REALLY looking forward to getting my hands on this elusive book.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Wouldn't be a kickstarter without delays. Thanks for the info!