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Missed the Kickstarter? Click the link below to visit our PayPal Store to purchase Volume 1&2 plus Rewards!
Missed the Kickstarter? Click the link below to visit our PayPal Store to purchase Volume 1&2 plus Rewards!
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Finally-Book Photos! Plus a surprise for backers, new card art & shipping update!

Posted by Acceptable Comics (Creator)

Hey, everyone!

Lots to share today- including photos, new shipping info, and a special surprise added to everyone's book!

First off, apologies for the long wait between updates. As many of you know, we tried something new last time and sent a direct message to every backer instead of posting an update to see if it reached more people and got the word out more about the current shipping delay. It seems to have worked, so we may try that more in the future as well as posting these standard updates- feel free to post below with thoughts! We have also been answering questions daily and posting any news we might have in the comments section here on Kickstarter, so feel free to check in any time or ask any questions there if you have them!

With that being said, we finally got our advance copies from the China team and are very happy to be able to show you the book! Below are a bunch of images of the book, as well as its gold first edition sticker, and with book 1 thrown in so you can see them side by side!

We are also happy to announce that, to try and make up for some of the extended delay time, we added 50 pages of comics intended for book 3 into the book back when it began printing! That means that the book has gone from 380 pages of comics to 432, making it even bigger than we had anticipated! We know this doesn't make up for the delay in shipment, but we hope it somewhat makes up for the unfortunate extended wait time. The book is really big, and a lot of work has gone into making it even better, and almost twice the size, as the first! We hope you like it!

Below the images we will get into the newest info we have, as well as show off some new art for the cards! There's a lot to cover, and this will probably be the final update before the 'everything is shipping' update coming in the next months when the books begin arriving to all of you, so feel free to reach out or comment if you have any questions not covered below! Thanks!

Update Topics- 

1) Images of the book

2) Delay status & shipping schedule

3) New card art & pledge reward shipping info

1) Images of the book!







2) Delay status & shipping schedule

As mentioned in the mass message we sent out, the printing of the book unfortunately got too close to the holidays for us to beat the rush in China where the factories get very busy. When we had to pull the order in August to deal with the Amazon shipping price hike, we basically lost our spot in the printing priority and were moved back in the line. We hoped things would begin printing sooner than they have, but unfortunately with where things are at we probably won't get everything packaged and out to the boat before things shut down for Chinese new year. This means things will pick up after the holiday, later in February, and that books will go out and begin reaching backers sometime in March or April. Books heading to the Americas need to cross the Pacific, which normally takes 4 weeks, then clear customs and be sent to the fulfillers, so they will most likely arrive a couple weeks later than European and Asian orders.

The good news is that everything with the fulfillment services is settled, everything is done, and is just waiting to be packed and shipped. We expect to have advance copies of the bookmarks, posters, and cards coming soon so we can show them to everyone, it's just taking a little longer due to the holiday rush leading into the new year's holiday shutdown. When the books leave China, we will post an update with expected delivery windows for every region! Expect it sometime in March.

3) New card art & pledge reward shipping info

We also wanted to share one last bit of teaser art for the cards from artist Brad Rigney- this time of Flay!

'"Flay"- Brad Rigney
'"Flay"- Brad Rigney

 And lastly, just a final reminder that everything will be shipping in separate bundles in order to save time with the team in China. Below is a list of what is shipping together and what is shipping separate- 

Shipping together- 

Book 2, Book 1, Bookmark 2

Shipping separate-

Bookmark 1, Posters, Cards, Custom drawings & Audiobook (codes in email)

That's all for now! We will post again when we have images of the other extras to show off, and until then, as always, feel free to message us anytime or comment below with any questions. We are sorry again for the delay, and fully accept responsibility for not being able to schedule the re-printing better. We are doing everything we can to make sure everything gets to all of you as soon as possible. Thank you all so much for the extended patience- we really can't wait for you all to get your books! Volume 2 is so much bigger, and so much better than the first, and it's killing us not being able to share it with you!

Almost there!

Dave & Dan

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    1. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @Larry- Yes, we posted the new timeline in the comment below yours that we were given from the China team last week. We're posting a new update with those dates + the new information we're waiting on regarding regional shipping once we get it.

    2. Missing avatar

      larry espenshade on

      Any idea when this will ship yet?

    3. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      Hey, everyone! Official campaign update incoming today or tomorrow (waiting on some final numbers from the shippers before we post it), but below is a direct copy / paste of the info we got from our guy in China earlier today. It looks like the delay out of March into April was caused in part by a materials shortage- specifically that they ran out of the red cloth used on our cover at the factory and had to order more from it’s UK manufacturer, which is arriving sometime next week. This halted printing midway, and we’re guessing this was the main cause of the recent delays, but we have more information incoming so we will post what we know for sure in the official update when it goes up. Also, now that we have the final dimensions and weights from our guy at the factory, its looking like international backers who got advanced tiers with book 1 packed in will be getting a partial refund due to significantly cheaper shipping costs now that we are no longer able to use Amazon. We are waiting on the final info before giving the amounts, more info on that coming soon. Below is what we were told as of this morning-

      Hi guys: 
      Here are the dates: 
      April 19: Book marker press proofs sent

      April 28: 20 copies of Vol 2 advances sent

      May 2nd: 3 copies of Vol 1 advances sent 

      May 12: All books ready to leave factory

      May 19: Departing port. 

      Jun 20: Arrival at US port. 

      Jun 20: Arrival at French port. NOTE: this date is not confirmed, but I think it may arrive earlier, actually.

      June 27-29th-ish?: Arrival at US Amazon warehouse. Keep in mind that this final delivery can be tricky. Amazon has been known to turn away deliveries at will and reschedule it. Amazon deliveries usually take a bit more time, so there may be a few days that just can't be accounted for.  

      Thanks, everyone! Hopefully this is the beginning of this whole thing wrapping up. We’ll be checking the comments to answer any questions people have!

    4. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      Just an update for anyone checking before the next official update goes up-

      As mentioned in this update from a couple months ago, we were told by the factory to expect ship dates in March. As it is early April and this hasn't happened yet, we wanted to share what we know at this point. a new update is on the way once we have more information. The last we were told, shipping was going to begin in March, meaning books would be outgoing from china and arriving in the states not long after. In mid March, we were then told to expect copies to arrive to us (advances) no later than April 5th- which was fine, it still meant shipping was beginning in March, but then last week we were told that this would no longer be happening / they were not sure when we would be getting the books out. This prompted a visit to the factory by our printing manager, who is currently there now trying to figure out what's up. Once we have the new info, we will post a new update. Really, really sorry about all this.

    5. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @Briana- Yes! just log into backerkit and all the info is there and able to be updated anytime-

    6. Briana Lyn Stubblefield on

      I'm moving in a week! Is there anything I can do to have my shipping info changed?

    7. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @Melissa- thanks! us too!

      @Brenden- we're actually still (yes, still) waiting for a ship date from the China team. We're hearing conflicting reports about the issue holding things up so we've been holding off on an update until they can square the info with us. Initially, we were led to believe the books would already be begining shipment, but they have since missed 3 deadline dates. Our guy on site says he will have new information for us this coming wednesday, and hopefully that will have the answers we've been waiting for.

      side note, to everyone- seriously, thank you all so much for the continued patience and understanding. We had no idea the process in China would be this delayed this time around. If there ends up being anything else we can do to speed the process up, we will let everyone know, but for now we are waiting along with everyone else.

    8. BMC Games on

      Hey Dave and Dan,

      Just curious as to a timeline for shipping to Canada. Is there any tentative date set for when the books might ship/arrive?

      Besides this, thank you for the constant updates for all the backers, it gives me piece of mind! :) Excited to read Vol 2!

    9. Melissa Mandel on

      SOOOO Excited! It's like a prolonged Christmas. I'm so stoked for the extra pages. Worth the wait.

    10. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @Pedro- Thanks! everything will ship at the same time, but orders to Europe will take a couple weeks longer only because the boat from China takes 2 to 3 extra weeks more than the boat to america. it's just a longer distance. Other than that, the only other factor is customs wait times, which varies for every country. Based on our first book, i dont remember Spain being a problem, so i would expect the book sometime in May!

      @Nikolay- We're bummed too. We've been sitting on the finished book for months just waiting at this point. We really think everyone will like it once they get it though, and are hoping that happens very soon.

      Thanks for the patience, everyone! We spoke with the team in China today and things are moving at a good pace. more photos and info soon!

    11. Nikolay Osokin on

      Bummed out about the long delay, but just wanted to offer words of encouragement: the final product is definitely worth the wait!

    12. Missing avatar

      Pedro on

      Hi Dave & Dan!

      I would like to know when are going to be ship the books to Spain? I see something about March or April but, is that going to be in America or to the whole world?

      And also I want to let you both know that I don't care about the waiting time, but I am also fucking exited about receive the books!! Jajajaja.

      You both are amazing and I hope you have got more ideas for other kikstarters.

      Greetings from Mallorca!!!

    13. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @Daniel- we agree, there's unfortunately nothing we could do to speed things up though. Everything was done on schedule, but with the Amazon shipping changes we just got pushed too close to the holidays to ship anything before march. We are looking into other options for book 3 to make sure this kind of holiday related delay never happens again. We take responsability for not having a backup plan in place, and apologize for the wait. Luckily, everything is finally moving, and we think the increased book size will be worth the wait!

      @Ray B- thanks! we think it does, and are really excited to share it with you all!

      @onlinegott / Jerry- thanks! more soon!

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Around March or April, that is rooough.

    15. onlinegott on

      looking forward! <3

    16. Jerry Nowlin on

      Looking forward to it.

    17. Ray B. on

      Looking forward to this. Book 1 was great, I hope book 2 surpasses it.

    18. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @Rasmus- thanks so much! we can't wait for everyone to see book 2, we put a ton of work into it and hope it shows. Thanks for the continued patience and support!

    19. Rasmus Kludd Gertsson on

      This is the kickstarter I've been the most hyped and proud to help out with. I've always loved the style of the comic and the humour.

      Keep this up! You're amazing

    20. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @Michael- Thanks! We're really excited for everyone to get them!

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael Thao on

      You guys continue to exceed expectations and I wish you guys continued success. Personally, I value quality over instant gratification so I appreciate you guys trying to get everything right instead of rushing. Every person I've shown volume 1 to loves the book and I anticipate volume 2 will be the same.

      Count me in for book 3!

    22. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the hype and feedback, everyone! From the looks of where we are at, we might have one more update before shipping starts, late Feb to early March most likely, showcasing the last few tiers like bookmarks and posters and giving everyone a final chance to lock in their surveys and reward tiers. After that, We will post up the estimate shipping times by region and wrap this campaign up! Backerkit surveys will remain open until sometime in March and will close once the carriers get the books and are ready to ship. We will post a 2 week and a 1 week warning before they close just so everyone has an up to date address on file. Thanks again!

    23. Nikolay Osokin on

      Awesome; thanks for adding to the book, only makes me want to read it that much more.
      Glad to know we'll see them ship soon, and anticipating backing Volume 3.

    24. Missing avatar

      Marcus on

      I really don't care how long it's taken. To be able to witness, and have the book in my hand, and then turn to the page of the summoning EFREET.

      FUCK YEAH! Did you miss me!?

      Thanks for the update, all the best!

    25. Marble on

      ayyyy thanks for the update, the books look rad :D
      March is also perfect cuz I've been worried about these books being delivered here over the worst part of winter and I didn't want my mail carrier trudging through the ice and snow with my heavy parcel.
      Looking forward to these books, book 3's eventual kickstarter and not being punched in the face by the frozen, vengeful fist of my mail carrier.
      Have a good one dudes :D

    26. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      Can't wait to get my hands on these books. Here's to book 3.

    27. Miquel on

      Love you guys, can't wait!

    28. M Paisley Fractal on

      The books look FAB!
      Thanks for the update and the added material. So looking forward to this springtime goodie. Cheers!

    29. Cam on

      So excited to get this. It'll totally be worth the wait. Thanks for the update, guys.

    30. Icetforu on

      The books both look incredible. I can't wait to finally read the first book, which I was to late to back at the time of the first kickstarter, along the audio book which I still listen to, sometimes once a month. Can't wait and neither for the book 3 kickstarter!

    31. Joey Wall on

      I could just eat that card art.

    32. Tom Streater on

      The books are looking amazing - feeling grand about being able to add them to my bookshelf. And the delay is a minor thing, they're going to be worth the wait!

    33. Missing avatar

      nin on

      Book looks fantastic! Thanks for the extra pages as well!

    34. Andrew Hurwitz

      I can't even...they look ridiculous!

    35. Scott Randall on

      Thanks for the update! You guys are worth the wait and now I have something to look forward to between St. Patrick's Day and Easter! It's a drunken chocolate bunny miracle!

    36. Vicky Yarova on

      Awesome! Really looking forward to the book! It looks so gooooood

    37. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @Russonc- Absolutely! Some shipments in America will be handled by Amazon, others will be handled by us personally, and a small set will be handled by Atlas Shipping. We'll post full details on how to track your packages the moment they get processed! Thanks!

    38. Russonc

      looks great! If you can, when it ships please give us the ship's name bringing the books to the US so we can track it (something to do...:) )
      Love Flay....

    39. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @Michael- Thanks! us too!

    40. Michael Ryder on

      If it was easy... anybody could do it... Looking forward to the deliveries, yahoo!