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Missed the Kickstarter? Click the link below to visit our PayPal Store to purchase Volume 1&2 plus Rewards!
Missed the Kickstarter? Click the link below to visit our PayPal Store to purchase Volume 1&2 plus Rewards!
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Shipping update, New Card art, and project delivery FAQ!

Posted by Acceptable Comics (Creator)

Hello, Everyone!

As we move into October, the fulfillment process for the campaign is about to begin, so we wanted to post an update with all the relevant info and answers to everyone’s frequently asked questions here! As always, if there is something we do not cover or if you have any further questions, just comment below and we will be happy to help!

But before we begin, another Card art reveal from the extremely handsome Brad Rigney! This time its Dracula, in all his many-formed glory. We love you, Brad. 

'Dracula' by Brad Rigney
'Dracula' by Brad Rigney


is there a book 3 Kickstarter coming?

Yes, but not this month as we had planned. Because fulfillment of book 2 had to be pushed back, we have decided to take the winter and spring to completely finish book 3 before kickstarting the publishing, with an aim to begin the fulfillment process the same day the project is funded later next year. We will post more info on how that is going later in 2018!

When will the shipping process begin?

The shipping process is set to begin immediately after printing is completed. The books are planned to head to the printer in mid-October and will begin printing shortly after. The printing process moves fast, so we expect the books to begin shipping around late October to early November.

Can I still change my address?

yes, just log into your backerkit survey and you can edit your info there! info on how to do this is listed in the ‘backerkit’ update on the campaign page. The ability to change your address will end on October 15th when the order is placed and shipping begins. 

The project was delayed due to an Amazon policy change, was a solution found?

After Amazon’s sudden shipping fee increase in July, we had to delay the fulfillment for a few months while we looked for solutions for cheaper shipping. The end result is that this time around, we will be shipping with a variety of carriers to different parts of the world, and only using Amazon for some domestic U.S. orders. We are still working out final prices with some of the other carriers, and will have more information on which shipment service to expect your package from once shipping begins. 

How will the items ship?

The items will ship as follows- itemized by reward

book 2- bumper boxed

book 1&2- bumper boxed 

Trading Cards- padded envelope, shipped separately 

Book 2 bookmark- Boxed with books 

book 1 bookmark- padded envelope, shipped separately 

Audiobooks- digital download code, mid-November

posters- shipped separately (packed together with cards and bookmark)

Why aren’t all the items coming in one box?

To make things easier on our printing and packing team after the unexpected delay, we have decided to ship the cards, posters, and book 1 bookmarks direct to backers ourselves so as to create less work for the shipping team. This will get the books out much faster and with less room for error.

Why haven’t we seen any update pictures like last time?

Because our printers do not have on-site longterm storage, production had to wait until the shipping situation was sorted out, meaning images won't be available until the printing for the entire order begins later this month. When this happens, everything will be printed all at once, and we will have a lot to share! Like last time, the books will go almost immediately from printing to shipping, but we plan to share what we can when we are able

When will orders officially close?

Currently, we plan to close all orders for this campaign October 15th, the day the books go to print. Any orders made after this point will roll over into the next wave of preorders that will begin shipping in January. This will also be the day people’s cards are charged for Backerkit purchases. Depending on how many errored pledges we get, we may extend this briefly so everyone can sort their orders out, but we expect things to wrap up around this time. 

Thanks everyone! We are entering the final leg of the process and can't wait for everyone to get their stuff!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Tess de Vries on

      i Live in Australia and I just got my books in the mail. Lovely quality. Thank you :3

    2. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @Oscar- there is a new update we just put up with all that info! if you need anything else we didn't cover, feel free to message us directly and we will be happy to help!

    3. Oscar Chan Kah Wah on

      Hi guys, I live in Singapore and I still haven't received any news. Any idea when I might expect this? Thanks!

    4. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @Doyle- everything's done, but held up in shipping due to the Amazon issue pushing us into the holidays over in China. Stuff will ship soon, we just don't have the date they're getting on the boat from China yet because Chinese new year causes some logistical problems around this time of year (everything shuts down for a few weeks for an extended national holiday there). we're in line and waiting for more info- but we added some stuff to the book back in September that we're excited to share more info on in the next update! it's larger than originally planned, which we're happy about. Should be coming soon, we just don't want to post an update until we have a new timeline. Love that avatar, by the way. Thanks!

    5. Doyle Strouse on

      Psssst gimme some juicy details!

    6. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @Kalya- everything is good on our end, but we are waiting on a china delay due to the holiday rush to get the new shipping dates locked down. we will post another update as soon as we have actual info from the factory and shipping services over there!

    7. Missing avatar

      Kayla on

      Haven't heard anything in a few months. Really hoping everything is coming along okay.

    8. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @Magnus- we're answering questions in the comments section regularly with updates until we have the expected ship dates so we can post the next update with new info. things are in the shipping process now, which was initially on track in November, but the holidays are causing a delay getting out of china on the boat. Once the team there gives us the expected window of when the carriers will receive them we will post the next update. all we've been told so far is that the books won't arrive to backers before christmas, because the process of getting on the boat and shipping to america will take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks due to the holiday backup. To make up for the initial delay back in september, we added some extra stuff to everyone's order as a surprise- more on that in the next update! Nothing makes up for a several month delay, but we hope it at least softens the blow a bit and shows that we're sorry for the extended wait. The good news is that everything is moving, but the bad news is that at this point its out of our hands and in up to the shipping services. Happy to answer any questions on here or in the comments though, so feel free to hit us up with any concerns or inquiries. Backerkit is also being left open through christmas in case people move / go back to school in the meantime.

    9. Missing avatar

      Magnus P. Bjarnason on

      Hi guys, 2 months later and no word on the shipping for the first pre-orders. Any update?

    10. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @Peter- we're posting in the comments section until we have enough info to post the new update and not have it seem spammy or more of the same- basically, everything is waiting in china to ship and is caught in a holiday rush. we should have more info soon, but as of now its out of our hands on our end! we've been told that even if it ships this week it won't arrive in time for christmas due to the transit times of the boat leaving china this time of year, so we're hoping it gets out sooner than later. we've also added some extra stuff to everyones book as a way to make up for the delay- more on that in the next update!

    11. Missing avatar

      Peter Hayward on

      Anxiously awaiting the shipment! Just a little curious because it said shipping early November and December is shortly upon us without any recent updates.

    12. Missing avatar

      Marcus on

      Thank you for the update!

    13. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @TOM- we've left surveys open on backerkit indefinitely while we wait for the delay to be resolved. we dont have the exact dates yet, but it looks like the surveys will remain open until the end of december. there is more info on the backerkit update on how to change your address. feel free to reach out to us with any other concerns!

    14. Missing avatar

      TOM on

      Acceptable Comics/Steve Lichman Team,

      Due to the delay in shipping and a recent move I fear my incorrect address is on file. I have tried to update but believe the October 15 deadline has closed those options. Can someone please advise?


    15. Melissa Mandel on

      So excited for Mr. Lichman to make his way to my home!

    16. Nikolay Osokin on

      Thanks for the update. It's unfortunate we won't be getting it before the end of the year, but I'm fine waiting; I've only seen what's been posted online on imgur and the like, and I'm stoked to see the further adventures of Steve & co.

    17. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      Things are moving a bit slower on the shipment side of things than we anticipated due to the delay pushing us into the holiday rush, but everything is moving forward. We will have dates and images soon, just waiting on the factory.

      @Paul- Things are moving, we're just waiting for hard dates from China. Due to the holidays, things are going a bit slower than expected, but we will have an update soon with all the new info once we have it! To be safe I'm going to say don't expect it in time for Christmas- people in Europe will be getting it sooner than in the U.S. due to not needing the month-long boat trip through customs, but from what we're seeing we'd rather air on the side of caution on when to expect it.

      @Roya- No hard date yet, but we are told we will have one soon. We can't post a hard date until the boat is scheduled in China, which hasn't happened yet due to some backup from the holidays. Once the boat is booked, it will be about 5 weeks to delivery depending on customs/trucking. Update coming soon with all the new info!

      thanks for the patience, everyone- we will share the new info as soon as we have it, just avoiding updates until we have some real info for you all!

    18. Missing avatar

      R. Shams on

      Hey there!

      I have been following the updates, and I was wondering do we have a hard date? This is a gift for someone, and I want to inform them when they should be expecting. :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Paul Schuble on

      Hey guys, how we coming? Can we hope to have these by Christmas?

    20. Acceptable Comics 2-time creator on

      @ Aliaksandr & Les- Yes, new update coming in the next week or two. waiting on dates from the team handling the printing / shipping out of china before we put it up. Proofing and printing has begun- we are currently signing stickers and the covers are in progress. the pages are set to print shortly after, then assembly, boxing, and shipping. There will be a slight delay in the ship time out of china due to the holiday season increasing traffic, but until we have an actual boat lined up and scheduled, we want to hold off on projected dates / delay info to keep things as accurate as we can. All we know for sure now is that the books will ship out of china around the time we expected, maybe with a 1 to 2 week delay depending on the shipyard. Everything should be done on our end in november as planned, we just dont know how long delivery will take exactly yet due to the holiday delay we've been warned about. More info soon! and as always, feel free to reach out in a PM with any specific questions we can help with.

    21. Les Knight on

      Any updates on this update?

    22. Aliaksandr Yakauleu

      It's October 30.

      Any news?

    23. Missing avatar

      Arron Capone-Langan on

      That card art looks amazing. Also, can't wait to read volume two and pledge again for volume three!

    24. Missing avatar

      nin on

      Oh, I am totally down for book 3!