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El Vocho: Love at the Twilight of Oil is a sizzling urban romance with a clean energy twist, pairing inventor Rosa with art geek Eddie.
El Vocho: Love at the Twilight of Oil is a sizzling urban romance with a clean energy twist, pairing inventor Rosa with art geek Eddie.
31 backers pledged $1,320 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Final art reward done

My father in law David Makofsky donated to my Kickstarter campaign and requested a painting of my family as a reward. At my wife's suggestion, I included David in the painting too. This was fun, hard work, and very gratifying. With this painting my kickstarter campaign is complete. All rewards should arrive soon if they haven't already. Remember to let me know if you have not received your reward by March 1.


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Just mailed the last of the art rewards from the El Vocho kickstarter. Well, except for the two people who are coming to Oaxaca claim their rewards! Also out the door are the Dog Boy classic comix, postcards and T-Shirts. Gotta check in with my Portland, Oregon guy to see if the El Vocho books have gone out yet. He was involved in family stuff and may be just getting to it. Sorry for the delay, as the books have been ready for a couple weeks already.
All the art and Dog Boy books went out from Oaxaca, registered mail. Usually it's a two week turn at most, but things have been slowed by border troubles, to about 30 days. Please let me know if you have not received art or Dog Boy stuff by March 1, and I can trace them. Failing that, I'll replace and mail from the U.S., either via visitor or myself as of this summer when I'm stateside.

Muchas Gracias otra vez a todo!


PS, My Spanish is actually pretty lame, but I'm workin' on it.

Pictured here is one of the art rewards, a drawing of a Vocho in my neighborhood.

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Books Headed out the Door

Greetings from Oaxaca, I just gave my stateside elves the list of El Vocho copies to get in the mail, so yours should arrive this month.

All the artistic "rewards" are underway, and will be airmailed from Oaxaca soon.

The El Vocho book has shipped to Diamond Comics Distributors and Last Gasp, so the general public has a crack at getting a copy too. Thanks for helping to make it all happen.


Here's the character sheet sketch for Rosa, the heroine of El Vocho.

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All Done, Now it's Time for the Goodies

Last night the El Vocho Kickstarter project successfully concluded with $1,320 raised to get this book off the ground. I am very grateful to the help offered by the backers of the project.

I've sent a survey question to each backer, asking for your address and other pertinent information to get your reward to you. Please take a few moments to fill out the information requested so I can get the goodies out the door to you.

The wheels are in motion to get everything in the post by mid January, with the books and T-shirts coming from my Portland, Oregon office, and art rewards zipping up your way from Oaxaca where I am right now.

I'll continue to post any pertinent bits of info via these updates.

Steve Lafler

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"Collectors Reward" with 2 days to go.

With two days left in my Kickstarter campaign, I'm offering a "collectors reward" of a grab basket of rare comic titles from my checkered past, as follows:

Collectors Reward. One copy El Vocho, plus these rare Steve Lafler comic books: BugHouse #1 (1994), Prometheus' Gift (1991), Guts #3 (1982, first Dog Boy story), Buzzard #7 (1993, Julie Doucet Cover), Femme Noire #2 (1989).

All are in good shape, and are really weird and fun, guaranteed. You can't beat old school comic books like these, I miss the old format!

This is a rare opportunity to grab these out of print titles -- I have just a few left so I won't be doing anything like this again too soon. Some are no doubt out there in the bins in the odd comic shop, but here they are all together!

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