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Comedian/Actress Jann Karam is bringing her new play "Reclining Nude On La Cienega" to the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood!

   YES! We reached our minimum project goal, so we will get enough money to launch Jann's play - BUT, we are STILL fundraising and we STILL need more funds!  For the full six-week run at the El Portal, we believe we need about $20,000 for promotions, advertising, etc. etc. (there's always so much you have to spend on etc.). PLEASE don't stop contributing yet - our deadline for this project is Saturday at 3PM PST, and we can use every penny you can spare. So, check out our rewards, watch the video, read the details, but most importantly - GIVE US YOUR MONEY!!!! (We're not as greedy as we sound, we just realize the power of ALL CAPS and exclamation points!) Thanks to everyone who is helping us make this production a reality - we really couldn't do it without you.


                          “A comedic breakthrough...”  ~ New York Times

          “Blessed with talent, looks and the gift of restraint...”  ~ LA Times

                            “Funny...clever...engaging...”  ~ LA Weekly

                        “She was good when I saw her.”  ~ Larry David

                                                    • • • • •

   Jann Karam is an actor, writer and comedian whose numerous T.V. credits include stand-up appearances on Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson and HBO's Young Comedians Show

   While attending college at Arizona State University, where she graduated cum laude, Jann began doing open mic nights at a Mexican food restaurant. Her payment was one chimichanga per joke.

   After developing her act (and gaining 10 lbs.), Jann moved to Chicago, performing regularly at Zanies and studying at Second City with Del Close. Continuing her professional stand-up career in New York City, Jann immediately became a regular at Catch A Rising Star. She studied acting with Sanford Meisner and his disciples in the West Indies, New York and LA. She’s performed on countless Las Vegas stages including the MGM Grand and Caesar’s Palace and works regularly at The World Famous Improv in Hollywood. 

   In addition to playing one of Jerry’s girlfriends on Seinfeld (The Switch), Jann has guest-starred on Norm, Mad About You, Politically Incorrect, Dr. Katz and more. She wrote, directed, and starred in an award-winning film, "Under the Big Muu-Muu", a funny, touching look at mother-daughter relationships, for Castle Rock Entertainment.

    Jann performs regularly in Sit ‘n Spin, a funny, personal-essay show at the Comedy Central Stage at LA’s Hudson Theatre. She’s a contributing writer to Huffington Post, winner of LA Comedy Award for Celebrity Achievement and has recently released a stand-up comedy album, "Same Guy, Different Shirt".


   Jann's current project is her play, "Reclining Nude On La Cienega". Here's what she has to say about the process of creating this personal work:

   "As a stand-up comedian, I've been writing and performing material about family and relationships--about life, in other words--for years. But the me-by-myself-with-a-microphone medium took me only so far:  along the way it hit me that I wanted to explore the themes most vital to me more deeply than the strictures of stand-up would allow. 

   "So, while experimenting at local coffee shops, bookstores, and in supermarket aisles on, shall we say, "less conventional" ideas and dabbling at the same time in acrylics at home, I got the idea to combine graphic expression with verbal expression.  And it clicked. Adding paint to my onstage musings provided my perspective with extra layers of texture, color, movement, humor, poignancy and opportunity. The result was "Reclining Nude on La Cienega," the first workshop production which took place at at "The Fake Gallery" in Hollywood and then, in its earlier incarnation, moved to various Los Angeles theaters including the Tamarind, Acme and Sidewalk Studio.  The play will premiere in its fully realized form at North Hollywood's El Portal Theatre."

   “Reclining Nude on La Cienega” is a funny, touching narrative about families, relationships, breaking up, and growing up. It's about a contemporary woman’s struggle to make her way to some place like an artists' colony--to find tranquility, order, and happiness amidst life's chaos.  Set in an artist’s studio—cans of paint, brushes, drop-cloths hanging from the rafters, etc,--“Reclining Nude” provides its questing onstage narrator (played by Jann) the opportunity to paint as she describes the people and events in her life.  By the end of the show, a group of once-blank canvases are filled with color and abstract images that tell a universal story about life, love and finding a place to lie down.  

   Marc Mantell, whose work in theatre and film spans countless credits, is directing, and Steve Gelder, Associate Producer of the successful and well-reviewed "Live Nude Girl" at The Lounge Theatre, is producing.


        Jann's CD "Same Guy Different Shirt" & her award-winning

                 short film on DVD, "Under The Big Muu-Muu"


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    An autographed DVD copy of the award-winning short film, "Under The Big Muu-Muu" written by and starring Jann! It's a funny, touching look at mother-daughter relationships, and it's yours, just for helping support her new play.

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    Hooray for Hollywood! You get the deluxe treatment with our Associate Producer package - you receive all of the previous rewards, the autographed CD and DVD, a "Life Is PainT" t-shirt, two tickets to a PREMIERE showing (or whatever night is most convenient for you during the run of the show, AND you will be the official "Associate Producer" for the El Portal run, with absolutely none of the responsibilities or decision-making ability some producers are cursed with and absolutely no share of the profits - you're an Associate Producer in title, only! Lord it over your friends and neighbors & gain the respect of starlets and/or hunks everywhere! We will even get you 100 of our official business cards that have your name and your title "Associate Producer". Sweeeeeeeeeet!

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