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The Adventures of Dex Dixon: Paranormal Dick! The best darn Film Noir, Horror, Comedy, Musical ever conceived!
Created by

Steve Coker

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One of the things I had always wanted to establish with this film was a rich world that the character of Dex Dixon lived in. One of my pals, Harold Phillips, actually coined the phrase "The Dexiverse" and I loved it. It implied that the world of Our Fair City and Night Side weren't just relegated to the confines of the script of the feature...but in fact were part of a much larger place...there were other characters that touched Dex's life.

In fact when I wrote the feature script I purposely left out main "stock" characters of the genre; the angry cop, Lt. Taggert, who hates all those "phony paranormal investigators", The street wise - wise-crakin' reporter, Scoops Collins, who played both sides of the street (though later I included him!), and the jilted secretary whose love for her employer has gone unnoticed all these years!  I thought, why not let other people flesh these characters out?  Let fans create stories about those people not seen in the main story. So I created The Dexiverse Tales as a way to inspire other filmmakers and storytellers to play in Our Fair City.  I have written five shorts and offered them to my filmmaker pals. What follows is the first one to be handed over...What follows is Dexiverse Tales Vol. 5, Billy Takes a Powder.

A special thanks foes out to James Chick for his amazing realization of Vol. 5. Ken Webster for helping him to record it.  These two people made this on the set of the promo video in a short three hour time frame.  Of course they couldn't have done it without the amazing talents of Harold Phillips, Hollie Olson and Calvin McCarthy.  

COMING SOON: The Dexiverse Tales Vol. 3: Azibo and the Wolf.

Stay tuned!