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Fix, open source & host OSM Stats
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Technical work done

Posted by Steve Coast (Creator)
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Hi! Thanks for backing this Kickstarter!

The technical work of bringing up all the countries is now done. I've figured out how to run them and get the statistics processed. The downside is the reprocessing is taking a while.

If you have a look at the site you'll notice that we're pushing back right now from today to December 2014. The processes are running to continue this back to August 2004, when OSM started. It's hard to tell how long this will take since the amount of work is dependent on the amount of data, and as we go back in time there is less data. I figure 2 weeks and everything will be done.

At that point, I'll re-run the stats for the 6 countries I had trouble with. Each of them is very small and island or islands-based. For example, Tuvalu. That will take about a day. Right now if you look there, you'll see the stats kind of broken (for Tuvalu). This will get fixed.

From there, the auto-update process will run every week and I think everything is nailed down.

So - it's time to put your names on the website. That'll happen within the next few days. When this is done, most of you will have your Kickstarter reward marked as delivered and I'll send another update.

The bigger puzzle is I owe a few of you t-shirts... and we don't even have a logo. So perhaps I'll find some design resource and a logo, and be able to ship these out.



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