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Time to start writing with a pen you can be proud of. A joy to write with and a pen you can take with you everywhere.
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Steve Black

1,593 backers pledged $100,092 to help bring this project to life.

Seeing Green, New Rewards & Add-a-pen (or more!)

Greetings to over 1,000 backers!  Over $60,000 raised in just under three weeks.  To say I'm stunned and immensely grateful would be an wow.

I've been busy here at the Penquarters lining up the details and ironing out a few issues with the manufacturer.  Early next week they should start production of the first production run.  Starting with a few samples to ensure we have worked out the last remaining quality control issues and then get moving on the first big production run before the I get the funds through from Kickstarter.

That, plus trying to keep up with all of the comments and messages I've been getting.  If I haven't gotten back to you yet - don't worry, I'm working through as many of them today as I can.

Now for the exciting news:

Big Update #1: In honor of St. Patrick's day - I'm happy to unveil an early prototype of the color for the P1 Green.  It will be in the same ROUNDED shape as all of the other P1s - but the only green parts I have are some early prototypes.  The color may change slightly vs. this - but hopefully you get the idea!

Big Update #2:  New reward levels!

  • $80 P1 Green + P1 Raw - Rounded
  • $80 P1 Red + P1 Raw - Rounded
  • $130 - Five pack of P1 Raw Rounded

Big Update #3: Add a pen (or more!) offer: Many of you have asked, How can I add an extra pen (or pens) to my order?  Starting today, it is now super-easy!  Just use the table below to figure out how much you need to add to your reward, then click "Manage Your Pledge" and stay at the same reward level, but just update the amount at the top to the new TOTAL amount.  (see update #2 if you need a step by step)
For example:

If you already signed up for 'The Full Monty' at $150 and want to add another P1 Raw - Rounded back, then just update your pledge amount to $180.  Simple as that.

Use the prices in the table below to figure out how much you need to add.

As part of the survey I send out at the end, I'll confirm that we know exactly what you want (as well as getting your shipping addresses).

Please keep spreading the word to all your friends!

Thanks for the support!



    1. Creator Stuart Hazley on March 18, 2012

      I am really looking forward to getting my pen!

    2. Creator John Luker on March 18, 2012

      Yet another positive update!! Great job, Steve!!