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Time to start writing with a pen you can be proud of.  A joy to write with and a pen you can take with you everywhere.
Time to start writing with a pen you can be proud of. A joy to write with and a pen you can take with you everywhere.
1,593 backers pledged $100,092 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Quick holiday update

Hi Backers!  People around the world are continuing to get their packages - thanks for all of the positive feedback!  Sorry for the delay in updates - got caught up in a few personal things + we had to work out a few issues - but thankfully we now have all pens in our possession after one last (unsurprising, unfortunately - image below) quality issue that had to be worked out.  So after a final(!) round of QC and assembly, every remaining backer's pledge will be going out early in Jan.

We've had a few people with quality issues related to their pens, so the replacement ones will be going out ASAP as well. 

International backers - we had a number of packages returned due to changes in US customs forms between the time we got the forms and the time we dropped off the packages at the post office.  That has now been sorted and they are going out again.

We've got about 250 packages to go (now that we have all the pens in they can be assembled and shipped!).

I'll post another update when the final pen has been shipped, but in the mean time feel free to get in touch at with any questions.

Thanks for the continued patience, sorry - yet again - for the delays, but the end is in sight!

An image of the final issue we had to work out:

  • Image 196839 original

The home stretch! Hundreds of packages out the door.

Greetings backers!  Apologies for the lack of an update - but we've been heads down getting your pens out the door to you!!  We finally have beautiful quality from our new partners at Danco anodizing and are down to the last 250 packages. The quality of the finish on these pens is great.  A shame we had to go through multiple suppliers across two continents to get it done, but I'm definitely proud of what we are sending out to each of you.  The wait has been very annoying for all, but I'm excited to finally get the vision that I had in mind out into your hands!

We spent Thanksgiving assembling, QCing and packing pens and have shipped out hundreds of packages this week (a few international are still in the queue due to hours at the post office, but they'll go out this week).

The final batch of greens and reds are underway this week, and once those get delivered, we already have the packages all ready to go so they can be assembled and shipped and get out the door to you!

We've been in touch with everyone that told us they might be moving in the earlier surveys - but if you've moved or are moving in the next couple of weeks, drop me a line at to let us know.

Thanks for all the patience and we are super excited (as I'm sure you are) to have the end in sight!

Happy writing, and I'll post an update when the remaining orders have gone out :)

Excuse the quality of the images - but a few shots from recent days:

  • Image 186826 original
  • Image 186827 original
  • Image 186828 original

Looking good - fingers crossed!

Just a quick update: After getting samples from a few places in the States and some back and forth on the quality of metal (seems to be fine - hard to tell what the issue was with the one potential anodzingprovider) - we now have beautiful samples back and the remaining pens are all en route to be finished! Finally!

All pens should be to the US by Thanksgiving (remember, I'd paused production when we thought there may be an issue with the wrong metal being used turns out not to be the case).  Anodizing (all green, most of the red, and the remaining 50% or so black and silver) will be done 1/2 by Thanksgiving and 1/2 shortly thereafter.  We'll be shipping them out as soon as we get them back from the anodizing partner and hopefully (assuming no more quality issues, which I can't yet promise) that means everyone will have their pens before Christmas.  Much later than hoped, but at a quality that I can stand behind!

What could still go wrong?  Well, if for some reason the quality of the anodized pens doesn't match the beautiful first batch I got from our new partner, we'll have to figure out a plan B (er, we're probably on to plan J at this point).  We're all hoping that isn't the case, but have learned that even the best laid plans in global manufacturing aren't always flawless.

Photo of the latest and greatest below - :)

Thanks for the continued support and patience!

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One step forward, one step back

Greetings all.  Time for a quick update on progress.

Samples were sent out to 3 (and returned from 2) more anodizing partners in the US.  Unfortunately my 'finally, they have arrived, now I can set everything in motion and be done with it!' moment ended as soon as I opened the packages:

From supplier 1. Variable quality, and the pieces no longer fit together!  No note, no call, no ideas.  Not helpful.

From supplier 2. Great quality, where it worked.  Some end caps basically disintegrated.  Uh oh.  Thankfully this was followed up by a phone call from the anodizing partner (just got off the phone) with some thoughts on the reason why.  His theory is that the end caps are not made of the same quality of aluminum as the bodies.  (should all be AL6061 metal - high quality and perfect for anodizing) 

So, two things are about to happen.  1. I'm getting more pens in the mail to him so he can investigate further and 2. I'm getting on the phone with my supplier to find out why they (presumably to increase their margin, if they thought I wasn't going to anodize them) tried to pull a bait and switch on me and use a different metal on the caps.  The good news is I know they can deliver high quality, anodizeable parts, I've sent out hundreds of them.  And I'm hoping the threat of non-payment + testing with this partner in the US can quickly right the ship.

We're continuing to get in and send out RAWs.  We've earmarked many RAWs to turn into Reds / Green / Blacks / Silvers (all P1s start their life off RAW and then get finished from there) - but need to figure out what portion of them are anodizeable (is that a word?) before heading down that path.  On the Black front - when we made the switch to US anodizing, we figured it would be faster to get it all done in one place (little did we know...)

I'll update as I talk with my supplier and get this next batch tested...

We'll get there.  And the quality will be worth it (thanks to those for the kind words and those already attempting to order more!).  It will just be a lot longer than we all hoped.  I know, you are probably almost as tired of hearing that as I am of saying it!


Quick update

Greetings backers, I've been responding to questions and comments on the kickstarter page, and a few folks have asked for another update, so here goes a quick one:

RAWs: After a bit of a hiccup with one batch, all RAWs should now be en route from China and will be going through QC, assembly, packing and shipping over the coming weeks.  So those RAW-only backers should be getting theirs before too long!

Black and Silvers:  We have a few hundred of each in stock and are shipping them out to those with Black or Silver only and soon to those with Black + Raw or Silver + Raw

Green / Red / Next batch of Black: I thought we'd found the perfect US supplier, only to find out that they in fact don't have the capacity over the coming weeks to quickly sort the remaining colored pens.  With the new RAWs coming in this week, I'll be sending a few off to other suppliers for final samples and hopefully get those under way.

Drop a note in the comments to let me know what you'd like in terms of future updates.  Want an update every 2 weeks, regardless of status?  Want updates when new pens arrive from the manufacturer or batches get shipped out to you backers?  I'm happy either way - though I've taken the latter approach to this point.  I've had some mixed feedback on 'more updates' vs. 'less frequent updates, but answer questions / comments directly on Kickstarter to avoid filling inboxes'.

And thanks to the kind emails and comments from those that have received pens in the last few weeks.  Glad you love them :)