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Time to start writing with a pen you can be proud of.  A joy to write with and a pen you can take with you everywhere.
Time to start writing with a pen you can be proud of. A joy to write with and a pen you can take with you everywhere.
1,593 backers pledged $100,092 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Bruce Winther on

      Yes, got it in black if you want it

    2. Bruce Winther on

      If you are still interested, I think I have a black one at work. It hasn't been used much at all.. will look tomorrow.

    3. Jared Travnicek on

      I've enjoyed using my pen for several years now and I have a friend of mine that would love to have one. It seems that this is a difficult thing to do as I can't find any further information on purchasing new pens. So, I'm reaching out to see if anyone in the community has one in NM to M condition that they'd be willing to part with. Black would be preferred but could go with silver or red if the condition/price is right. Thanks!

    4. Jan van Haarst on

      Today I had to retire my raw pen, the cap doesn't stay on anymore :-(
      We had a good time together, but after 3 years of almost daily use, your head became too loose, so you lost it..

      Luckily I still have your black brother unused, so I'm good for another couple of years !

    5. Łukasz Pezda on

      I've the silver one for sell if someone ask. Used few times only after purchase and found it yesterday in the drawer.

    6. Step666 on

      Did anything ever come of the plan to sell off the spares?
      Did I miss it?

    7. Michael Broadwater on

      @Steve So great to hear that you'll be selling some of these pens! I got mine but want another!

    8. Missing avatar

      Johnny on

      @fizz I never had a problem with my pens drying out. If you don't like your refill, lately I have switched to a G2 insert that I like. If you take a G2 pen insert and spring, it will sit very nicely in the aluminum tube. You will need to add a 5mm piece of material at the backend so the spring compresses (I used some plastic tubing I had laying around). Other than that it works great and has become my daily driver

    9. Missing avatar

      fizz on

      I received a full set of your pens some time ago.
      While the pen themselves are really nice, writing with them seems to have serious problems... the ink flow is very erratic and often they stop writing after few letters.
      Now, on the message board many talked about a similar issue, suggesting it being fault of air not entering the pen itself, but even after opening the back cap for a short time, the pens still give the problem.
      So, I guess it could be the cartridge fault, and I no trouble buying a recharge to see if replacing it does improve the experience, but before committing more money to this, I wanted to ask you for suggestions on how to improve things, if you've any, and if you think that buying a new/different refill could help me or would be simply wasting money.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andrew Bowen on

      FWIW, got mine on the weekend. Thanks for following up Steve. Better late than never :)

    11. Sean Hull on

      Where are people getting refills, the office supply stores in my area no longer carry them :(

    12. Steve Black Creator on

      Greetings all from your long-lost pen creator :) Life has been crazy post-kickstarter with a completely different business (my day job) taking up all of my time and energy. So I've unfortunately not been able to spend much time at all on Premier Pen.

      The good news is that we are soon to be releasing a site where you can buy more! We have not done new production runs (and aren't planning to any time soon) - but we have a few hundred from the Kickstarter project left over. We've been tracking down folks that we never heard from and making sure there are no known 'I don't have mine' people still out there before we put pens on sale. So let me know if yours never made it and keep an eye out here and on the email list once we launch the store.

      @jp and @abel - you should be able to fix the airflow issue by unscrewing the back cap, and cutting a small notch out of the plastic. In some cases it seems a bit of an unintended vacuum is created, preventing ink flow. see here (

    13. Missing avatar

      Avani on

      Would anyone be willing to sell me theirs? I lost mine and miss it terribly. I'll pay you $20 over whatever kickstarter price you paid. Prefer if it's a raw, rounded.

    14. Sean Hull on

      I use mine all day pretty much every day. One my 2nd refill in one of them. On the same one, the cap no longer stays on though. My other one the crap is noticeably looser. I think the threads are stripped on my one pen as I can just push the cap on and take it off now.

    15. Missing avatar

      abel garcia on

      @jp I recently have started using mine a lot more frequently and I am also experiencing the drying out issue. Even with a new refill it's still the same problem. Any help would be appreciated

    16. Missing avatar

      Hermann Fellner on

      I must say, these P1 pens are my absolute favorite ones I have ever owned. I have been using them at work and at home every day since I got them almost a year ago, and the only thing I regret is not having ordered more of them right away, since they do not seem to be available anymore. They do tend to dry a bit overnight, but that goes away after a few strokes.

    17. JP on

      Since some here really seem to be liking their P1 I am going to admit that I hardly use mine. While I really love the look / feel I can't use them without drying out / getting scratchy. As discussed before this might be because there's no air to flow when the ink leaves the cartridge. What do you guys do against this?

    18. James Dalley

      So is there any word on this project? I've tried contacting Steve multiple times, what happened? Things were going great then its like he fell off the face of the earth.

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrew Bowen on

      Glad you got yours Nabeel.

      Still no word on mine and not received :(

    20. Blake Thornton on

      Out of the half a dozen or so pens I backed this is my favorite... unfortunately I lost it!! How can I buy another?

    21. Missing avatar

      Nabeel C

      Just wanted to post an update here that the pens have finally been received!

    22. Missing avatar

      Hannes Lieckfeld on

      Still haven't received a pen :(

    23. Missing avatar

      Nabeel C

      same sentiment as andrew below. No pens, no replies to email, no updates.

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew Bowen on

      I still have no received my pen. I've sent a couple of emails but no replies.

      Have they all been shipped by now?

    25. Missing avatar

      cafeteriabananas on

      I'm having troubles finding refills in North America (Canada specifically). Are they called something else here? G-tec-C?

    26. Michael Broadwater on

      Any word on when these will be going on sale to the general public? I love mine and have friends who want to get one after seeing it.

    27. Mike Blair on

      Sorry if this is in poor taste but I'm keeping my limited edition green P1 and selling the Raw one. eBay item number 271178664290.

    28. Missing avatar

      Daniel Villegas on

      I received my pens about a week ago after much anticipation. I'm a HUGE fan. I get comments all the time.
      I've backed many kickstarter projects, and some have taken quite a while for me to recieve, but I'm very happy with the P1. Can it be improved? Sure. But it's awesome. For those that haven't received an email response yet, Steve may take a bit to respond, but HE DOES RESPOND. I mean, really, give a guy a break, his goal was for a mere 7Grand and he got like 13X that.

      Every Kickstarter project I'm a part of, the comment section ends up being a b*tch and complain forum. We all signed up to get this funded. Few of us know what it means to go from idea to company overnight. Jeesh.

    29. Missing avatar

      Nabeel C

      Steve, still no pens.

    30. Steve Black Creator on

      It was definitely sent out. Let me see if I can find a tracking number for you and figure out what has gone wrong!


    31. Missing avatar

      cafeteriabananas on

      Hey Steve. I commented 6 weeks ago about not yet receiving my pen. You told me to email you with my updated address, but I have still not received anything. Please advise. I'd really like my RAW pen!

    32. Steve Black Creator on

      Hi Patrick - sorry for the drop in the email response after I got your question - but a new pen has been shipped (second one, perhaps we messed something up on the label the first time - as we've had no issues in the US otherwise). Let me see if I can get an exact ship date from the person helping me out as I think it should have arrived by now. Will email you.


    33. Missing avatar


      I'm curious if my emails have been received as I've sent off a few. I'm sure the pens are great, but sadly at this point I'm not holding my breath to see the pens, or receive a response to my emails. sorry.

    34. Steve Black Creator on

      @carduh - check your inbox, pens were sent again a few weeks ago.
      @Hannes - please drop me an email is ift hasn't arrive yet ( and we'll get a new one out.
      @shantanu - yours was sent ages ago - please email me at to confirm your address and we can discuss color as well.

    35. Missing avatar

      carduh on

      Dear Steve,
      another two weeks have passed, a total of 4 weeks now ! without any reaction or response to my message here and my mail to you.

      According to your post here everything was shipped a month ago, yet I haven't received anything.
      Please provide a solution as soon as possible.

      very disappointing that I have to send message after message here and to

      it has been almost a year since i backed your project and i was expecting delays but not to be ignored while still being patient.

      Please check



    36. Steve Black Creator on

      @ChrisP - check your inbox!

    37. Missing avatar

      ChrisP on

      Dear Steve,
      could you please answer my emails?

    38. Thy Leds on

      Steve - I've been using it everyday at work for weeks and I have to say. I LOVEEEEEE IT

    39. Missing avatar

      Hannes Lieckfeld on

      Still waiting for mine. Hopefully it arrives soon.

    40. Missing avatar

      Shantanu Joshi on

      Hey steve just read your last comments here and I have yet to receive my pen! (I'm in California) I was also wondering if it's too late to get a different color.

    41. Missing avatar

      carduh on

      yet again I have to inform you that I still have not received any pen or response to my previous mail I have sent to on 2/1/13.

      Please provide tracking number and ETA of the shipment that went out 2 weeks ago.



    42. Steve Black Creator on

      Hi all - all pens have shipped (2 weeks ago now, life has just been a bit crazy - hence the absence of a 'hurrah!' email). We've had a few returned to senders and a few that seem to have not shown up - so we are resending ones that seem to be MIA - Cristian - can you please email me at admin @ and confirm your mailing address.
      @nabeel - thanks for responding to my email, new pens are going out.
      @helge - great :)
      @drazed - glad to hear that worked. I've got another hypothosis on what might solve the flow issue and am testing it out before posting a DIY tip :)
      @Denis and @Andrea - have they arrived? If not, we'll send new ones - please email me at (the kickstarter messaging and comments system leaves a bit to be desired!)

    43. Missing avatar

      Cristian Alvarado on


      Hi you have some news about the shipping of the pencil
      this is to become an agony and I'm not the only one

      Please I beg an answer


    44. Missing avatar

      Nabeel C


      You're not responding to the emails i've sent. Please write back with an update on shipping for my pens. long long overdue.


    45. Helge A. Gudmundsen on

      I got my black P1 a week ago, and could not be happier with it. It was everything I could wish for and more.

    46. drazed on

      Hey Steve. Just a note, one (not both just one) of my pens seemed to have the flow problem, but after taking the back cap off and putting it back it has not had the problem since. Not sure if it will develop again, but definately usable enough that I don't plan to drill holes, as I have been using it LOTS to get a feel for any issues. Question, now that this kickstart is on it's way to finishing, any news on when more pens will be available through an online store?

    47. Missing avatar

      Cristian Alvarado on

      Nothing yet!!!!
      from chile
      a looooong wait for me

    48. drazed on

      Pens finally arrived! Worth every second of waiting!! Very nice pens well done :)

    49. Jasonfive on


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