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A series of knitting e-books that marry gorgeous hand-dyed yarn and contemporary design. Read more

Portland, OR Crafts
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A series of knitting e-books that marry gorgeous hand-dyed yarn and contemporary design.

Portland, OR Crafts
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About this project

We want to make a series of knitting books that invite readers into the process. We believe that in turn, our books will inspire each knitter's personal vision.

One pattern, or one skein of yarn, is a springboard for a world of creativity.

We'll create four e-books over 12 months.

Elegantly simple designs will leave a lot of room for self-expression through yarn choice, color, embellishment, and more. Dyers' notes will bring the reader right into the dye studio. Mood boards will invite knitters to envision their own unique results.

Stevanie Pico is an accomplished natural dyer of lush yarns and colorways. Larissa Brown is a designer and author of evocative knitting books. Though we both work with great companies and publishers, we want to work together on these books as an independent project, tackling every part of the process.

The books will be themed based on natural dyes and seasons.

Wintry woad, spring madder, fall farmers' market abundance and snow on black walnut.

Four books will be created and released over one year, inspired and organized by natural dyes. Each book will have a distinct look and feel, marrying dye with mood, texture, weather and form.The fall 2012 book will include yarn dyed with foods from the farmers market, from onions to coffee.

The series will immerse the reader in sumptuous color, stark white, and how those elements combine in a million ways. They will be designed and written specifically to inspire each knitter's own creativity.

What will the books look like?

See a mood board for issue 1: woad

Mood board for issue 2: madder

Books will include 4 to 5 patterns each, inspirational photos, dyer's notes and mood boards to spur creativity. Knitters are encouraged to make their own mood boards before matching yarn with pattern for their own unique projects.

Luscious full color photos abound. Patterns are produced with the highest technical and aesthetic standards. The books are delivered over the course of the year in compressed pdf files and will run about 24 pages each.

Knitters will find a total of 20 patterns by great designers across the 4-book series, including a range of accessories, garments and the occasional blanket.Included in each issue will be one design by Larissa, and all yarn will be created by Stevanie.

How can you help?

We've designed this series with a tight budget that still allows for the highest quality. What we need to pay for: photo shoot and design costs, modest honoraria for designers, the editor (Larissa) and dyer (Stevanie), and yarn supply and postage costs.

$6600 will give us the base we need to publish the series on a shoestring. But a total of $8800 will get us all the way there. So if we have reached our goal, please consider donating anyway.

We appreciate your investment in the series.


  • Yes! The e-books will come to your email address. You can forward one copy of each book to someone as a gift. We ask that, using the honor system, you not keep and use more than one copy between you.

    For other benefits, such as boot camps and handmade items, we will contact you and at that time you can tell us if you'd like to use this as a gift.

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  • You can choose from a variety of yarn bases and colorways, if you give at a level that includes a yarn incentive. Stevanie will work with you to determine just what you want.

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    $1 reward

    1 backer

    A thank you note from Stevanie and Larissa, with smooches.

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    $5 reward

    3 backers

    Any one of Larissa's self-published knitting designs. If you pledge this amount, Larissa will send you your choice of the single patterns at Scroll down past the e-books to choose a pattern. We will message you promptly via kickstarter to find out your choice and email address.

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    $15 reward

    11 backers

    Woad E-book, delivered to your email address in winter 2011. (See the FAQ below about giving this--or any benefit below--as a gift!)

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    $30 reward

    23 backers

    2 E-books, Woad and Madder, delivered to your email address in winter 2011 and spring 2012. Your name acknowledged in both books.

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    $50 reward

    18 backers

    4 E-books delivered to your email address over the course of a year. Your name acknowledged in all books.

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    $75 reward

    20 backers

    4 E-books, plus one skein of gorgeous hand-dyed yarn by Stevanie. Your name acknowledged in all books.

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    $150 reward

    6 backers Limited (4 left of 10)

    Name your own colorway! Name a Pico Accuardi Dyeworks colorway, plus receive all 4 E-books and a skein of yarn in your color.

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    $300 reward

    0 backers Limited (4 left of 4)

    Own a piece of knitting history. We'll send you one of the samples from the collection to have as your very own. (We'll choose in consultation with you, don't worry!) Of course, you also get all 4 E-books and your name listed in all.

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    $400 reward

    0 backers Limited (4 left of 4)

    Go behind the scenes and help select one of the designs for the series. You'll be part of our team as we review designer submissions, no matter where you're located (we can do this online.) You ultimately get to own the resulting sample. Plus get all four E-books and your name listed in all.

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    $500 reward

    0 backers

    Dye Studio Boot Camp. A day in the dye studio for 3 people. Pico Accuardi Dyeworks is located in Oak Grove, Oregon. A day at the studio Includes 3 hours of instruction in all the basics of natural and acid dyeing, from Stevanie and Larissa, blank yarn for each participant, and lunch at the kitschy Oak Grove Tavern for three friends. (Or enemies, I guess. You could dye each other.) Plus, you receive all 4 E-books, and you and your group each take home a skein of the yarn you dye.

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    $1,000 reward

    1 backer Limited (3 left of 4)

    Stevanie knits you a sweater! Or Larissa makes you a custom art scarf. We'll consult with you about what you'd like, and Stevanie will use her dyed yarn to knit a sweater for you with love. Or Larissa will create a one-of-a-kind work of art scarf for you. Plus you get all 4 E-books, 2 skeins of hand dyed yarn, and prominent thanks in the entire series. And we'd be happy to see you at the studio one day, and take you to lunch at the Tavern.

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