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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Sep 29 2018
Sterka ConceptsBy Sterka Concepts
First created
Sterka ConceptsBy Sterka Concepts
First created
pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Sep 29 2018


Sterka M1 is a premium, powerful and modular out-of-the-box, build-it-yourself  pedelec bike that you can upgrade, customize and build.

Inspired by a career in professional RC Racing, father and son, Rick and JJ Wang set out to develop an e-bike kit that would appeal to builders, mountain bikers looking to break into eMTB riding and anyone who has a love to tinker! 

See the Sterka M1 kit that assembles in less than 3 hours:

Prototype parts may differ from production models

 Unique Do-It-Yourself Kit:

 High Performance Out of the Box:

Striking Design with Fully-Functional Features:

Secure your kit for as low as $500
Secure your kit for as low as $500

A fully functional pedelec e-bike assembled in 3 hours. 

A complete kit includes the tools and instructions you need to assemble the bike.
A complete kit includes the tools and instructions you need to assemble the bike.

An e-bike is nothing new (especially in crowdfunding!), modularization is not new, but these two concepts have yet to be combined into a sophisticated, powerful machine. 

Through meticulous planning and design, the ultimate e-bike kit gives tinkerers and Do-it-yourself-ers the creative freedom and self satisfaction. 

The Sterka M1 is a high performance kit with custom features and modular adaptability. Once built, you can make adjustments on the bike to fit your specific riding style. Adjust suspension for rugged trails, swap tired for urban riding, or swap out parts for upgrades.

The Sterka M1 is built with high quality materials and features in its stock configuration. 

Enjoy hours of fun tinkering away at your Sterka M1
Enjoy hours of fun tinkering away at your Sterka M1

The bike kit starts with incredible features and performance, but for those looking for a truly customizable experience, you can swap out existing parts with the upgrades you’re looking for. We made sure it was easy to maintain to keep the bike lasting a long time. 

A frame that can last a lifetime, the modular components of the M1 make it a future-proof ride. Whether hitting the trails too hard, or general wear and tear on pieces, the M1 can swap out pieces as needed. 

The M1 is not just a kit-bike. It’s a specialized high tech E-Bike that can compare to high-end E-Bikes in the market.

It not only looks like a rocket ship, but takes off like one.
It not only looks like a rocket ship, but takes off like one.

A 350W Mid Drive Pedelec Motor at the core of bike provides consistent rider support. 

Rather than a hub-mount, a mid drive motor drives the crank instead of the wheel itself, multiplying its power and allowing it to take advantage of the include Sturmey-Archer 5-gear internal hub transmission. The pedelec drive allows a more natural riding feel while also complimenting the rider’s strengths. 

350W with enough power to reach top speeds up to 40km/h in ideal conditions!
350W with enough power to reach top speeds up to 40km/h in ideal conditions!

The Pedelec Motor features two unique sensors that help with bike performance

  1.  Torque Pedal Assist System - torque sensors measure the actual force of your pedaling and use the engine to keep the same effort when going up hills to maintain speed and achieve a bionic feel in performance. 
  2.  Cadence Pedal Assist System - Best used on flatter conditions,  cadence sensors measure if you are pedaling and add boosts and speeds through manual adjustment.

 Through a thumb-controlled Pedal Assist System, you can change how the Sterka M1 can empower your pedal power.

A high performing pedelec bike deserves to look like a work of art.

Sleek carbon fiber and CNC-milled aluminum for a beautiful finish.
Sleek carbon fiber and CNC-milled aluminum for a beautiful finish.

We made sure the Sterka M1 is eye catching with a premium build and feel. 

A light frame was absolutely necessary so we built the Sterka M1 using carbon fiber sheets and #6061 Aluminum alloy Material shaped and cut by CNC machining. Final weight, including a charged battery rests at under 60lbs. 

Lightweight for performance.
Lightweight for performance.

Hydraulic front and rear brakes ensure safe braking at maximum speeds.

The finest components are found in the Sterka M1
The finest components are found in the Sterka M1

Front and rear pneumatic shock absorbers provide comfort for any road conditions. Adjustable pre-load pressure corresponding to the rider’s weight, alleviate the impact caused by the road or trail surface.

Feature-Rich including LCD Display and Assist Control
Feature-Rich including LCD Display and Assist Control

Depending on your needs, Sterka has several components to help with your riding experience. 

  • LCD Display - Display PAS level, speed and more
  • LED Headlamp - For night rides and improving visibility to others
  • Thumb-Control PAS - convenient placement makes it easy to control how hard the pedal assist system is working.
  • USB Port - A must-have for commuters and conveniently located under the seat, charge devices on the go.

 How To Order Sterka M1

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Power Train

  •  Transmission Hub - 5-Speed Sturmey-Archer Internal Gear Hub
  •  Motor - Middle Mounted Sterka OEM Motor                                                                 
    •  Max Speed* - Over 20 mph
    •  Output - 350W  
  •  Battery - Sterka OEM 36v Lithium Battery
  •  Battery Capacity - 10AH 10S4P
  •  Range Over 100 miles**
  •  Charging Internal - 3-4 Hours
  •  Sensors - Torque and cadence sensors 


  •  Seat - Ergonomic Cushioned Seat
  •  Handlebars - Aluminum straight handleber
  •  Display - 3in LCD Display
  •  Grips  - Contoured Rubber 
  •  USB Port - 1 x 5V/3A

Frame Set

  •  Brakes - Sterka OEM Hydraulic Disc-Brake (Mechanical Brake used in prototype photographed)
  •  Materials - 4mm carbon fiber sheet, #6061 aluminum alloy material.
  •  Weight - 26kg/57.32lbs
  •  Front Fork - Sterka OEM Pneumatic Suspension Fork
  •  Rear Pneumatic Shock Absorber  - Exa Form 562 R ATB Rear Bike Shock
  •  Dimensions -  Assembled: 178 x 102 x 62cm

*At Stock Configuration 

**Our Testing Environment: ~72℉, flat road, normal tire pressure, a 150lb weighs rider, low to no wind resistance, Low Power Assist, High Gear Set up, a 12mi/h average riding speed. Individual rider results may vary based off of riding style and conditions.

After working on the design and testing of many Remote Control (RC) cars with sponsors, my father and I set out to design a modular E-Bike that comes in a kit you build yourself. We’ve been working on this project for almost year and a half and doing it on our own with help from friends, and it became a passion to build the M1. When the actual prototype was done, we simply said WOW to ourselves and wanted others to have the opportunity to also share our passion.

Inspired from over 10 years of RC racing, JJ set out to create a machine encompassing his love for heightened design and incredible performance with Sterka’s 1st model, the M1. A tinkerer and builder himself, he sought to create the same experience found in his RC racing career. Currently a Junior at USC’s Marshall School of Business, he’s taken the lessons he’s learned to get started with Sterka Concepts.

With over 30 years of manufacturing, retail, franchising and consulting experience, and a passion for anything on wheels, Rick Wang works as the CEO of Sterka Concepts and helps manage the business endeavors Sterka works on including manufacturing and logistics. Outside of Sterka, Rick authored and originated “3 Barriers of Entry” into China Franchising as published in the “Doing Business in China for the Dummy” Book.

Help us share Sterka M1 with the world:

Risks and challenges

Shipping E-Bikes out of China into the US can be an issue due to battery. Therefore, we are now going to ship batteries separately and then re-pack the kits to include the batteries. This is a logistical challenge but one we think we have thought through carefully.

Missing parts in the Kit after customer receives the box. This is a potential risk due to multiple parts and manual labor packing. But this is QC which we will be on top of.

Assembly issues – Without any DIY experience, this could be an issue where customers don’t know how to put things together. We will not only have a instruction manual which is concise, we are also working on a YouTube instruction video for people who may need more help.

Bike Breakage due to poor assembly is a major concern. We cannot be fully responsible for any breakage due to loose screws which user did not lock tight. In our instruction manual, we will repeat messages on what needs to be done or need to pay attention to. Sterka Concepts is not responsible for any riding injury or death sustained due to bike breaking.

High Pricing: Considering the technical spec of the M1 and the materials used, the pricing is NOT high. But general perception would likely see this as a “toy” and may question its price. We are not aiming to compete with Chinese OEM bikes or Commonality Bikes, the M1 is VERY DIFFERENT and we like our higher end positioning. It’s not for everyone…it shouldn’t be.

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