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The international Willesden Herald short story competition's best new short stories 2013
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Stephen Moran

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Books going to the Post Office tomorrow

Don't get behind me in the Post Office tomorrow as I have quite a few packets to send to complete the rewards for backers! In other news, the book launch is still being organised, even if that is not quite the word. The actual word would be one that combines a sense of slow motion chaos, indecision and persistence. There's probably a word in German for it. By the way, the book is already available from online booksellers, which is nice to know if your name is immortalised in the front as one of those who helped to enable the publication, for which I offer my eternal thanks. So there you have it, eternity and immortality all perfectly bound, complete and unabridged. :)

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Books on the way & accounts summary

Hi again, I'm pleased to let you know that the books are on the way. I have started ordering and sending but it will take a couple of weeks more, most likely, before you see them. The author copies are going direct from the printers and the individual copies I will send from a big box that should be with me in about a week or so. 

So, finances. A rough calculation shows that about £640 + £50 for books for the launch (if and when - see below) has been used out of £830 that I got from Kickstarter after they took their commission. All the figures here are approximate. I just want to get an overview on here, as it makes me feel better about it. It's a big responsibility.

The way I get that total is as follows (all approximate figures, remember): Contributor, designer and judge copies (total 53): £220. Mugs (turned out expensive at about £15 including postage) 12 x 15: £180. Book setup and proof: £100. Individual books x 27 for backers, including postage to me and onward postage from here (very approx. - might be more after some of the distant addresses): £140. 

220 + 180 + 100 + 140 = £640. Plus about 50 for the extra 12 books I added for the launch = £690. 

830 - 690 = £140 left over.

I'm thinking of a launch in the North London Tavern, Kilburn, which costs about £100 to book, but that's without any wine etc, which people usually expect. So it's only borderline viable. However, don't despair because I might be able to arrange a joint launch with another book and boost the event that way. Watch this space!

Still lots of work for me to send out the books. I hope, I really hope you like them. If you like the book, tell the world. If you don't like it, erm, yeh - tell the world; "all publicity is good publicity." 

Cheers, sláinte, iechy da, whatever you're having yourself,

Steve :)

Last mug sent, book progress


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The hummingbird has docked

I will check the proof carefully. At first glance it looks FANTASTIC. Sorry for shouting but it does. :). I will check carefully. Steady the nerves. In the pictures you can see me taking a first look at it, straight out of the post and pointing to the list of sponsors in the front. That's you. Thanks everyone.

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All the mugs have been despatched*


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