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A series of adventures where evil and the Cthulhu mythos is not what it seems.
A series of adventures where evil and the Cthulhu mythos is not what it seems.
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a happy Brian!

Posted by Stygian Fox Publishing (Creator)


We're at the thirty thousand mark with four hours to go! That means I'll be going to Brian and asking him to write a longer additional scenario for the book!

Any ideas and suggestions of things you'd like to see in the scenario? I don't influence what a writer wants to write about but maybe Brian will be enthused by one of your suggestions below! (a very brief synopsis of the idea only please)

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    1. Zane Fleming on

      Something set in New Zealand would be awesome :)

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      Cherch on

      I suggest a scenario exploring potential connections between Lovecraftian cults and nowadays ¨ignorance-based¨ beliefs. I am thinking of flat-earthers, anti-vaxxers. climate change deniers and the like. It could be a good framework to bring some ideas about the relation of the Mythos with knowledge, and I believe it fits the tone of the book.

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      Lee Rowan-Buckley on

      This is in no way the plot of American Horror Story season 7...

      NPC is seeing weird things. They seem real to them but its too crazy to be true so assume its stress/mental health related. But then horrific murders start happening with clear satanic cult themes. Local authorities thing its a bunch of drugged up loonies, but the NPC knows that the things they have been seeing are behind it. Unnatural things that are beyond rational. And their coming for the NPC (in that slow horror fashion)
      Later on it turns out that the murders were politically motivated with the satanic themes used to stoke fear. The NPC is seeing all these crazy things because someone close to them is part of the group committing these acts and is trying to get them sent to a mental institute/driven to suicide so they can claim their wealth.

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      Levi Daniel Smith on

      I’d love to see something that really showcases the power and influence of the “great dreamer”, something that urges the investigators to question their own reality. Where the barriers between nightmares and reality are so thin that everything is in question. Investigators trying to solve a recent string of madness gripping a small town and slowly losing their minds as they discover more and more.

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      Jens Milbredt on

      A Story about poisoned water in Basel, which could be caused by Basilisks (which is also the heraldic animal of the city) or by pharma industry (also strong represent)

    6. Scott Uhls

      Perhaps a scenario where a person suspects supernatural involvement in their life because of gaps of memory, but the truth turns out to be that the person suffers from of mental illness that causes fugue states

    7. Sandfox

      It may be just me, but I love my horror mixed with some humour.
      So, why not a real Scooby-Doo type scenario starting with some horror, but escalatig into ever more goofy and action-filled situations (wild chase scene through the mad man's mansion, anyone)?
      And if you want, hit them in the end with some real horror to make up for the fun before...

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      Allan Prewett

      Something like Ship of Fools by John Fletcher, published by Chameleon Eclectic

    9. Matt Corley

      A murder board scenario!

    10. Fr. Thomas Bailey, OSB on

      I'm a big fan of scenarios set in the early Soviet period. I think the Holodomor is ripe for potential horrors that are either mythos or human created.

    11. Perry Tatman on

      The butler did it!

    12. Perry Tatman on

      Skyler G. Sounds like the end of 'The Mist' film

    13. Skyler G. on

      I would love to see a section in the scenario where the investigators believe they have to sacrifice one of their own. At the last minute, they learn that it is not needed and they all make it out of that situation just fine. But then the dynamics of the group will change, since one investigator now knows some of their friends think they are expendable.

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      Jason Harless on

      Florida Man, nuff said.