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Fear's Sharp Little Needles is a collection of short one-night modern scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.
Fear's Sharp Little Needles is a collection of short one-night modern scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.
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a change in contributors.

Posted by Stygian Fox Publishing (Creator)

Hi all, a small update to let you know that Jeffrey Moeller will no longer be a part of this project and as of today will no longer have any connection to Stygian Fox. We still hope to get the finished book to you soon but need to gather up current work completed and reassign it. More to follow.


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    1. Stygian Fox Publishing 10-time creator

      Don't worry, Senator Meouw. Jeff is a prolific creator and works a lot with Golden Goblin Press. In fact, he's part of their current Cathulhu Kingstarter. I'd be amazed if you didn't see Jeff's talent pop up with other publishers 😊

    2. Senator Meow on

      Well, that's a bummer, given that I like Jeff/Jeff's work. Always been some of the more popular at my table. Upwards and onwards, I suppose.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Moeller on

      No worries Pandarian, your comment was thoughtful and I thought it deserved a mention Cheers

    4. Ben Turner

      Thanks for the update (from both parties) yeah, not sure I'm 100% in favour of the "alarming" update, this could probably have been kept a little less public.

      Glad to hear things are moving to completion though

    5. Pandarian
      on Just made an observation...wasn’t criticizing. Evaluate and decide if it has any basis was all I was going for.

      Good luck in all your professional endeavors. I will look forward to seeing what you do next in the gaming industry!

      Cheers mate.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Moeller on

      It wasn't. I'm largely apolitical and on the same end of the personal beliefs spectrum as Steph.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ryan G. on

      "Falling out" sounds personal, but as long as it wasn't motivated by personal or political beliefs then Stygian Fox will have my continued support.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Moeller on

      There were several rounds of .9 corrections which were turned in 12 hours ago, before this update was posted. Steph wasn't involved in them, and apparently Steph missed that fact before this update got posted. They just need to be typed in by Badger (nearly all already were, but there were a couple that required an editorial decision, and those were made between 5 and 6 AM this morning and communicated to Badger at that time. So FSLN 1.0 should be out as soon as Steph pulls it together to send it out, because it's done.

      BTW Pandarian, I'm from Alaska and was an attorney for rural Alaskan towns in the 1980s and 1990s (including some of the ones in Dissociation), and the larger towns are mixed white, Native and mixed ethnicity. Almost everyone with Native or part Native ancestry has an Anglo or Russian derived first name, unlike the lower 48. Those names are authentic as they can be, Matthew and I had a good back and forth about the color on that one from my time in those towns.

      Obviously Steph and I have had a falling out, which I won't comment on in public other than to express my regret that it has now gone public, but she'll have to explain alarming the backers herself, since I cannot other than to note that all work on FSLN is in fact done as of this AM; I promised when this all started by tomorrow and beat my estimate by a day b/c I woke up early and it was quiet.

      Badger knows he can reach out to me on Aspirations. I'll leave Steph to explain what is going on with that, but the text on it has been long done, edited, proofed and sent to layout. My work is done but for corrections on Aspirations. I'll leave Steph to address the art and map progress.

      There ought not be any reason FLSN 1.0 can't be out by tomorrow.

    9. Stygian Fox Publishing 10-time creator

      Hi Cat, I'm unsure right now but Badger is working on the final corrections Jeff sent in at 6am his time today. It should only be a matter of days.

      I cant comment further due to professional discretion but this book is 99.9r% done. Aspirations will, unfortunately, take a little longer as we pick up from where Jeff left off. Thankfully, that's near-ish the finish line too as Jeff was working on it recently. The instant I know where that is at, you'll know too.


    10. Missing avatar

      crazy_cat on

      So, likely impact? Timelines changed? When can we expect delivery?

    11. Dumon on

      Ah, okay.
      Could have gone either way, and I would have understood it also. I just wanted to be sure...
      Thanks for the quick answers.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Moeller on

      For the record, my work was finished long, long ago and there is nothing to be reassigned.

    13. Stygian Fox Publishing 10-time creator

      No, they're still in there 😊

    14. Dumon on

      Does this mean that "Separation Anxiety" and "Phlebotomy" will no longer be part of the finished PDF?