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Fear's Sharp Little Needles is a collection of short one-night modern scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.
Fear's Sharp Little Needles is a collection of short one-night modern scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.
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0.9v PDF is here!

Posted by Stygian Fox Publishing (Creator)

Hi everyone,

I'm very happy to announce that the preliminary PDF is here! Take a look in your email inbox for a very special one-time code to download your copy from OBS (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow).

I'm ever so grateful that you've all been very patient. Thank you. As some of you know life hasn't been great recently but now that I'm in recovery things are getting better. Getting you your book is part of that!

Once you all have taken a look and maybe spotted any errors, share your thoughts in the comments below. When reporting errors PLEASE only post them below. That way, Chitin can bust them! Once we have eliminated them, we'll go to print!

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    1. Missing avatar


      My last post covered typos for scenarios Awto through to Bone Deep. This one covers Do Not Call through to The Sores. Now I'm supposed to go to sleep; thanks a lot Helen Gould.

      p. 66, Erin Howie. Set "Age:" in bold face.
      p. 67, David Mascari. "APP 6" should be APP 60?
      p. 72, "racked" - wracked
      p. 83-84. Does the ritual cost POW or Magic Points? This seems useful to know.
      p. 84, Spells. Perhaps note that Bind Enemy and Deflect Harm are found in the Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic.

    2. Missing avatar

      Studer on

      There is a picture of a tv Reporter (sorry, I do not have the copy at hand right now) holding a microphone (orange with white letters) of the well-known German tv station "ZDF". That clearly does not fit to the adventure - and my group would definitely mock me for providing such a handout . . . Maybe you could erase the white letters on the microphone?

    3. Pandarian

      Disassociation, pg.114, call-out box, Names, On the previous page, you state that Aniak, Alaska is approximately populated by 70% Native American decent, yet every name on the list is Anglo-american origin.

      Abigail Davis, James Hunt, Jennifer Thomas, Madison Johnson, Mason Locklear, Perry Orchard, Peter Roberts, Scott Sullivan, Sophie Miller, William Yazzie

      Statistical anomaly?

      Disassociation, pg. 117, Stats for Human Resistance. Might want to list a range, rather than hard numbers. Fix EDU, it’s currently set at 90. Suggest 55-70.

    4. Pandarian

      The Focus Group, pg. 109: Initial beta-testing by the investigator’s [prior] focus group found the game to be of potential interest… Wording is a little clunky.
      Suggest: Initial beta-testing by the investigator in a [previous] focus group…

      The Focus Group, pg. 111: Indeed, the sock monkey will say pretty much anything to have players keep their phones on and not trust [Weldon and Clek. Weldon and Clek] may call the police and …. Not a well-written transitions between the two sentences.
      Might I suggest:….keep their phones on and not trust [the two researchers]. Weldon and Clek may…

      The Focus Group, pg. 111: Change name of Gate spell from [Create Gate of Oneirology] to simply [Create Gate of Oneirology]. Matches to same spell in Grand Grimoire. Could cross reference it to pg. 124 of GG or if you have it referenced in the back of this book, reference that. (haven’t personally looked yet).

    5. Missing avatar


      Hi Jeffrey, I think the Testament is in 7th edition: see Table XI, p. 239 of the Keeper's Rulebook. But that doesn't mean you should change the version of the book found in the scenario.

      p. 44, Die Hoellenmaschinen. Cthulhu Mythos ought to be split into an Initial reading bonus and a Full reading bonus. Perhaps +1/+3?
      p. 49, "witness' " - witness's
      p. 44, Livre Feu d'Enfer. Cthulhu Mythos ought to be split into an Initial reading bonus and a Full reading bonus. Perhaps +1/+3?
      p. 55, Ifrit. Should appear as a separate heading (set in upper case).
      p. 61, Spells. "Create Gate of Oneirology" should be Gate of Oneirology. Perhaps also should note that this spell is found in the Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic. (Likewise, spell name and optional note needed for the same spell in box-outs on pp. 8, 155; and in the reference to the spell on p. 111.)

    6. Modoc on

      I can read the PDF fine on my Pc but it never fully renders on my tablet. I have re-loaded several times. Any thoughts?

    7. Jamie Gregory on

      Anyone else having trouble with the PDF using Abode? A bunch of the pages are blank for me. I erased it and re-downloaded, but i'm having the same problem. I checked the PDF on my PC (I had been using my tablet) and I got a message saying the there is a error on the page and it may not display correctly.

    8. Pandarian

      Up Jumped the Reaper, pg. 86. Nikki Sanderson is described as a Ph.D candidate (no University given) in bullet point 1. In bullet point 4, Nikki and Roger flew INTO Asheville, NC airport. On page 86, you have a section entitled as 'Nikki's Prius'. Why is her car at the church if they just flew in from somewhere. It should either be a rental or they are returning from some other trip (which has some importance to the story? if not remove) and they live in Asheville and then drive to Gadsen's Bend, which isn't the impression given in the scenario. Perhaps Nikki is a student at UNC Asheville. It doesn't detract much from the story, but there seems to be a logical gap there. Something isn't adding up.

      Up Jumped the Reaper, pg. 87, Black Box 'Track Marks'--I get it that you are referencing another scenario for information, but what does Track Marks mean in context of this book or scenario or in terms of the referenced book?

    9. Christoffer Nygaard on

      @Stygian: that's a shame. Takes so much time to edit maps to remove text, that normally I just run without maps if thats the case. I guess most people don't mind it, since there doesn't seem to be a bigger demand for text free maps.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Moeller on

      Badger regarding comments on the Sores:

      1. Mrs. Bell is identified on p. 79, disregard comment.
      2. On p. 81, after Cryptography, insert "See Investigator Handout #1."
      3. On p. 83. left column, after events of March 1984. Insert "See Investigator Handout #2."
      4. Evans stats are correct, note the reference to him being infected with occult strength due to proximity of the statue earlier on page and he is a highly educated MD with further occult knowledge from being a cult leader.

    11. Missing avatar

      Timothy Vert on

      Page 137 In The Plawson Tapes side box, in the last sentence there should be a space between "likelyif".

      Page 138 The sentence starting with "Brent then offers to supply that thing..." is pretty awkward but more importantly ends with a period and a comma.

    12. Pandarian

      The Sores, pg. 81, 4th 'bullet--Elder Sign', references a coded note which can only be "The Sores Investigator Handout #1", but is never referenced directly to said note.

      The Sores, pg.83, Exploring Theresa Smith's House, references getting a key from Mrs. Bell. Who is Mrs. Bell and her relationship to Theresa Smith. Additionally, no references to 'The Sores Investigator's Handout #2'.

      Pg. 83, Section title: Confronting the Cult Members--overlapping slightly. Suggest reducing font size by 0.5. Looks like M's, T's, B's and other certain letters seem slightly larger than other letters.

      The Sores, pg 84, Stats for Dr. David Evans. Listed with CON 135 and EDU 120. Review and determine if this is correct.

    13. Missing avatar

      Timothy Vert on

      On page 133 the Keepers note appears twice. Not sure if that was intentional or not.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Moeller on

      Badger, p. 15 3rd paragraph Change references to stats for Azathoth and Other Horrors to 7th ed., which are: "SAN loss 1d4, +1%/3% to Cthulhu Mythos, MR 12, Study Time: 1 week".

      Leave Testament stats as is (not in the 7th ed. rulebook :-( ) thanks.

    15. Missing avatar


      Typos from scenarios Undertow through to Pulvis:
      p. 14, Meeting Hayes. "A bathroom and Hayes's bedroom off a small corridor..." - missing word? e.g. "are off a small corridor"
      p. 15, "south facing" - south-facing
      p. 15, "roomlook" - room look
      p. 15, 3rd para. Games statistics for Azathoth and Other Horrors appear at end of para - should perhaps be in parentheses? Statistics appear to be from 6th edition; 7th edition differs slightly.
      p. 17, Justin Hayes game statistics. Remove one of the periods from the end of the skills list.
      p. 19, "freewill" - free will
      p. 21, The Second Attack. "its" - it's (in dialog 'it's better this way')
      p. 21, "death bed" - deathbed
      p. 24, "pedaling" - peddling
      p. 24, "middle aged" - middle-aged
      p. 33, "Abdelaziz" should be set in upper case.
      p. 33, Abdelaziz game statistics. "Skills: Skills:" - remove repeated word. Set in bold face.
      p. 37, Testament game statistics quite different to those in Keeper's rulebook - change the stat block, or perhaps note this is a more complete version of the text.

    16. Stygian Fox Publishing 10-time creator

      Player maps will be available in the supplemental pdf and keeper versions in the book but there will be no text free map. I have been told that a sample i posted has been copied and passed around some virtual GMs groups.

    17. Christoffer Nygaard on

      Not directly an error, but is there a possibility of getting maps without any text on them to share with players? I'm not sure if I'm in the minority here, but I always prefer to share maps like that. Maybe as a additional PDF or something :)

      The layout and style looks great. Haven't had the time to read through it properly yet.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Moeller on

      Badger, I agree please edit Dr. Erin Howie's EDU on p. 66 to 90. I blame the Sock Monkey taking her to bars during grad school.
      I also blame the Sock Monkey for Adeline Radford's missing stats. Badger please give on p. 61 at bottom her an APP of 70, an EDU of 70 and a SAN of 0.

    19. Chitin Proctor Collaborator on

      Keep it coming, everyone! Thank you!

      And Pandarian, “judders” is correct - means shake and vibrate rapidly and with force. “the steering wheel juddered in his hand" It threw me too when I first read it.

    20. Stygian Fox Publishing 10-time creator

      Naïvely i thought "There won't be any errors, we got them all." Lol.
      Yes, Pandarian, we released Hit and Run as a sample.

    21. Pandarian

      Question: Have we've seen the scenario 'Hit and Run' before? Was it released as a sample, I swear I've read it before. It looks good.
      Look at pg. 71 Encountering the Manifestation. The section titles are overlapping some, unlike other section titles.

    22. Pandarian

      Pg. 63 under Similar Stories, 3rd point. ...killed by local fishermen [of] off nearby Martin's Beach in 1922.
      [of] is unnecessary.

      Pg. 63, under Out to Sea, ...moving out into deeper waters, the coastline soon [becomes] just a thin strip of grey in the distance.
      [becomes] is needed. Please add.

      Pg. 64, The Coming Storm, ...boat [judders] with...
      [shudders]--please correct.

      Pg. 66, Attempt to Outrun the Monster. The section title words overlap (top / bottom), unlike other section titles.

      Pg. 66, Dr. Erin Howie EDU stat is 65, which is the same as Captain Mascari and Bill Vogel. According to the Keepers Guide, EDU 60 is High School level. Suggest you raise Howie's EDU stat to 90.

    23. Missing avatar


      Typos from front matter through to end of first scenario (excluding any I have already seen mentioned here).
      p. 2. "Chaoisum" - Chaosium
      p. 5, The Focus Group. "backed" - back
      p. 6, para 1. "doctor's" - doctors'
      p. 9, first bullet point. "I.P." and "IP". Be consistent. (If you use "IP", change "I.P." also in para under Connections to Farnsworth Farm.)
      p. 12, Skills. "Mytho05%" - Mythos 05%

    24. Pandarian

      I've opted to jump ahead as I figured most will start towards the front. Bone Deep Scenario.
      Pg. 61. Adeline Radford's stats are missing for APP/EDU/SAN--though she's probably at 0, but so are her human servants and they have a SAN stat.

    25. Stygian Fox Publishing 10-time creator

      The misaligned word 'isolation' is a feature, not a bug.

    26. Missing avatar

      Mikael Engstrom on

      Looks like another winner.

    27. Modoc on

      P. 45 - Splash page for Spilsbury #9485 - The tag "ISOLATION" is misaligned, looks like it should be right justified.

      P. 85 - Splash page for Up Jumped the Reaper - The tag "ISOLATION" is separated from the other tags vertically by one line

    28. Matt Y on

      bottom of page 9, left column: much like the following block, "Similar Looking People" should be "Similar-Looking People"

    29. Matt Y on

      p. 9 right column - "Research Regarding Similar Looking People" should be "Research
      Regarding Similar-Looking People"

    30. Matt Y on

      First entry in Table of Contents (Separation Anxiety): "distinctive looking" should be hyphenated to read "distinctive-looking."

    31. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Moeller on

      Badger, I'm on a PC and it is using an Internet Explorer plug in viewer. In other words, a piece of gar-bajh. But it seems to be a thing, these are all text pages immediately following a splash page.

    32. Squamous Studios on

      @Jeff- I'm not seeing these washed out background images that you are, and I'm testing the .pdf in both Acrobat Reader and Preview. This is both on the Mac, and while I know that Preview can be kind of finicky about .pdfs generated from InDesign (why I don't know), those pages you reported look okay on my end.

      What .pdf reader are you viewing the book in? Is this on the PC or Mac platform? It could also be a specific version of the reader you're using...and/or it the cause could be something on my end, unintentionally. I'm trying to get more information here and track down the bug.

      If anyone else has this problem please also let us know.

    33. Missing avatar

      Sean Murphy

      Looks great and enjoyed the handful of scenarios I read. Thanks!

    34. Stygian Fox Publishing 10-time creator

      Credits page: Website should be not the old word press address.

    35. Stygian Fox Publishing 10-time creator

      Can't check the images right now. I'm taking a week off for health reasons. The 'cover' you're seeing is the first page of the pdf and not the cover. It's only requirement is the mature players statement.

      The cover is the image you see in its catalogue on DTRPG.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Moeller on

      .9 edit Same issue in the pdf with the background image washing out on pp 63 109 113 119 129 135 141 and 147. Also, not sure if this was deliberate but the SF and Chaosium logos are missing on the cover

    37. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Moeller on

      .9 edit: on p 103 the background image got washed out somehow?

    38. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Moeller on

      .9 edits: in the TOC entry for Special Menu "corruption" is not spelled correctly. Obviously the Plawson Tapes at work again.
      In Undertow on p17 the layout before Conclusion is awkward. Must be the dog.

    39. John Kingsnorth on

      OK, so I haven't read this yet. But I've just downloaded it and it looks -great-. Congratulations everyone.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Moeller on

      Oh and incidentally, Aspirations has been passed to layout.