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Dwayne Mcduffie's Static Shock is brought to life in a live action short film adapted from the graphic novel and television series.

What happens when an African-American teenager is struck with extraordinary abilities in a lower class urban landscape? 

Static Shock is the first and only African-American superhero to ever have his own television show, which aired on WB from 2000-2004. Dwayne McDuffie and John Paul Leon created the story of Virgil Ovid Hawkins aka Static, in the early 1990s. McDuffie recently passed away on February 19, 2011, and this project will be in honor of his indelible contributions to the world of comic books.

What exactly is the short film about? Virgil Hawkins was granted the power to manipulate electromagnetic energy when he was inadvertently caught in a chemical explosion during gang war. They called it the Big Bang. Our story begins one year after the Big Bang, exploring Virgil's role in society and his conflict with himself, the love of his life, and another "bang baby" mutant named Ebon. 

Official Log line:
Static Shock fan film is a neo noir take on the superhero/fantasy film genre. It follows Daisy Watkins, a young reporter who travels to lower class Dakota city to investigate the truth behind rumors of a paranormal African American teenager causing a city wide blackout.

This project comprises aspects of films like District 9, Boyz n the Hood, and Spiderman. Our goal is to incorporate the darker elements of having paranormal powers such as the physical effects of radiation on human beings, government involvement, and the psychological effects of Static's presence in a lower class society. It's also an ethnically diverse world with characters who come from all parts of the world, capturing the essence of contemporary America.  

When and how will we do it? We have our script, creative team, lovely cast, and dates for shooting. It's going to be shot in June and distributed in August while housing some of our production team at Stefan Dezil's house in Long Island. While being fed delicious food, our team will collaboratively make this fan film look like a Hollywood studio production for audiences to enjoy in the comfort of their own home.  We lack the necessary funds for: 

1. Camera/Lighting Equipment Rental

2. Transportation

3. Post-Production Facilities (Special Effects, Music, Sound Mixing, Color Correction.)

You are the reason we are making this film. Please help us bring static to life and explore a new realm in post-modern storytelling.

What happens if we don't reach our goal? If we do not reach our goal of $3500 dollars, we don't receive any of the donations.  Please contribute anything you can to bring this project to life and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about this short film. My email: (Stefan Dezil)

The movie will be distributed online for free, as a fan film and will not be used for any profitable or commercial purposes outside of that.


Who are we? We are a team of individuals who are students and alumni from Carnegie Mellon University, New York University, the Fashion Institute of Technology, amongst others. The students will be working amongst industry professionals to bring this project to fruition. Some amazing projects that have come out of those who will be working on this film in some way shape or form, have screened at the Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival, as well as received accolades online. Please check out some of the work by the great minds who will all contribute to bringing Static Shock to life: Kinyarwanda*(2011),  Brink**(2011), Curfew**(2011), Snow on the Bluff***(2011), Zombie College Musical****(2010-2011), Death to Romance****(2010), A Tooth Fairy****(2009), and many more.

*Sundance Film Festival **Tribeca Film Festival ***Slamdance Film Festival ****Online Distribution


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