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Production Update & Rulebook

Posted by Steamforged Games Ltd (Creator)

Hi Survivors - a quick extra update for you.

Something we’ve always been keen to stress, both during the campaign and over the last few months, is how thankful and appreciative we are of the amazing community our backers have created for Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game.

We’ve promised to be as transparent as possible with regards to production and development, and we’d like to take a moment to update you now. As we’ve previously stated in update #59, development and playtesting has been completed since the end of April, and our Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game design team has been busy working on their next project.

Since then we've continued working with Capcom for approvals, and our production partners in China to manufacture and produce Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game, to the high standards we expect of all Steamforged Games products. In update #69 we outlined that we’d received a batch of pre-production miniatures and had asked for some alterations to be made. The revisions we asked our production partners to make were to ensure the miniatures included in the game are manufactured to the quality standard we expect and want our backers to experience. We feel very strongly in presenting Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game as a product which we at SFG can be proud of and that this classic videogame deserves. The re-working of the models has now been conducted and we are happy that the quality has been met – although this unfortunately has led to some delay creeping into our timeline.

William Birkin - Stages 1, 4 and 2 (left to right)
William Birkin - Stages 1, 4 and 2 (left to right)

At present we estimate shipping from our production partners in China will begin in the final week of September. Once delivery from our production partners has been made, we’ll be doing our utmost to turn around your orders as quickly as possible and get them out to our distribution hubs, so they can be sent on to backers. We estimate that we will begin shipping to backers in November.

Evolved Lickers
Evolved Lickers

As you’ve come to expect, we’ll keep you updated and informed as best we are able to along the way. We’d like to thank the awesome members of the Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game community for the level-headed patience and understanding we’ve already seen so far. You guys really are the best gaming community out there.

T-00 Tyrant
T-00 Tyrant

The Rulebook

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen some members of our community request we publish the rulebook in full. We’ve been busy speaking to Capcom and getting approval to do so and are pleased to announce you can see the rulebook by clicking below.

Download the rulebook via Dropbox
Download the rulebook via Dropbox

The first thing you’ll undoubtedly notice is that the rulebook has a slightly unorthodox layout. We’re very much aware a large number of Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game backers are newcomers to the world of board games, and this rulebook is designed to be as user friendly as possible for them. We’ve built it like a videogame tutorial, as we’re sure you guys are intimately familiar with such a format!

To this end, the rulebook is laid out in a manner which introduces the game slowly throughout the campaign, with each new scenario adding a further step of complexity. You’ll also notice we’ll be including the card decks in a set order when you open the box. This is so all of the additional cards you’ll need when moving onto your next scenario are at the top, so players won’t have to spend ages looking through decks for an errant green herb or First-Aid spray.

There are more than a few spoilers in the rulebook, so we’re sure you guys will have a lot of fun reading…


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    1. Missing avatar

      Grzegorz Sarach on

      I even checked manual and according to pictures that isn`t right, they should face short side of base.

    2. Missing avatar

      Grzegorz Sarach on

      Am I the only one noticed that those lickers are facing long side of the base not the short one. Will that mean they will walk sideways??

    3. Missing avatar

      Brent Littlejohn on

      Phil, I know what you mean about the Evil Dead 2 game. I backed The Terminator game.... but one thing I will say, is this company has already had success with the Dead Souls board game, so it is definitely as safer bet. It's the many reason why I put into this kick starter.

    4. Aaron Madison on

      10/10 would not fuck that vagina

    5. Picone on

      @Josh Scott I count 110 minis + 40 items (doors, terrain upgrades)
      I will post my count on the Facebook’s page 😊

    6. Jesse Cree on

      Claire can only heal once per scenario, so its not very OP at all, especially when you take into consideration that (at least from what I understand) every character starts with a first aid spray, so the heals are somewhat plentiful in the first place.

    7. Alex Bullock on

      Missed my birthday then, but in time for my New Year's LAN. I'll take it! Looking forward to diving into the rulebook.

    8. Josh Scott on

      How many pieces total for the base game + all expansions? Asking for figure painting purposes.

    9. Phil Flanagan on

      As long as this doesn’t turn out like the Evil Dead 2 board game that I backed, I am happy.

    10. Paint'Riot Studio

      Shipping for all the stuff or only core bx ?

    11. SeaClown on

      Woah woah woah... so claire can just heal?
      Doesnt that make her a must for any play through?
      Or is it when using am herb she can heal an extra
      Mo matter what having a healer is crazy OP

    12. Leon D. BR on

      great update! Very happy to receive the rules and transparency of the SFG. Actually the delay annoys a bit, but I'm sure it will be to make the game better. Thank you for listening to backers!

    13. SFG Sherwin on


      Nice spot - but don’t worry. We made the decision to upgrade the terrain pack to include three Typewriters during playtesting, so you won’t need to mix tokens.

    14. Martin Logher on

      Had a quick look at the rulebook. Man I can't wait to play it, this is going to be awesome! :D

    15. Wallet Emptied Over Kickstarter on

      An excellent update and much appreciated thanks. I don’t mind the delay as long as we’re kept aware.

    16. Jay Kirby on

      A delay of two months is really no big deal, especially if it's due to approvals from the licensor. There have been much, much worse campaigns that I have backed, and we all appreciate the transparency and the constant updates.

    17. Waldo Jeffers

      If I get this in November/December, I have no objection. I can spend my Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks painting.

    18. Missing avatar

      Grzegorz Sarach on

      There are 3 tokens for typewriters according to manual, but 3d Terrain Upgrade only have 2. Does this means that we will have to use tokens even tho we bought addon?????

    19. G-R-B-Herb on

      So will everything be shipped in November? Or are we just looking at the core box being sent out and the additional add on stuff, plus B files coming later?

    20. William Pseudonyme

      I guess plastic minis are sub par from cardboard standees...

    21. Orange Boy on

      @cane at least re2 has minis for its enemy.

    22. DocWily on

      A delay was to be expected as is almost the norm for any Kickstarter project. Thanks for working to get the rule book to us. I'm sure Capcom likes to keep a tight grip when it comes to approval. :)

    23. Stephen Peers on

      Cane, if it’s sub par, why did you back it? That being said, how do you know it’s sub par, when we won’t actually get a copy till November?

    24. Herve Balon on

      Waouw, great job! I can't wait to put my hands on it! :p Will you publish the demo scenario too somewhere?

    25. Missing avatar

      Cane on

      November? That's really shitty. Then again I'm still far from done with gloomhaven, a far better game so I guess I can wait a while longer for a sub par game like RE2

    26. BeardArthur on

      While a delay is not ideal, I completely understand the necessity for meeting your licensing partner's needs. If it means better components in the end, I'm all for it.

      Thanks for the transparency and super huge thanks for posting the rulebook. I'm going to dig into it ASAP!

    27. Flohsors "Goeng-Si” Wong on

      I can't say I am happy with the delay, but it is what it is ... at least we finally got the rulebook ;) Thanks a lot for that !

    28. Missing avatar

      SilverMantis on

      There is a Resident Evil Discord Server if anyone would like to join!

    29. Missing avatar

      Valhalan on

      Gutted for the delay but the rulebook looks great and I'm super hyped to play this. Good job

    30. Seth on

      Although I am disappointed in the delay as I really wanted to play in September I can’t wait for the game.

    31. justwes on

      It wouldn't be a proper Kickstarter project if it wasn't delayed in some manner.

    32. Jiji on

      Right in time for my birthday :p

    33. Missing avatar

      Richard G on

      Thanks for the update.

      It's nice to have something extra to look at as well with the rulebook :)

      I'm much happier waiting if it means a better end product.

    34. Psyniac White on

      We appreciate the honesty and clarity and agree with SirSpence... you guys are the best. Time to do some reading!

    35. Picone on

      Thank you @Steamforged Games to answer our questions 😊

    36. TheSirSpence #AMAFRAUD on

      You guys are still my favourite team on Kickstarter.... Just sayin

    37. ChaosWoLFF on

      @sfg thank you. We ask and then we receive. I apologise on behalf of the more impatient backers that we have had. This update is exactly what the worry warts was looking for

    38. Stephen Peers on

      Thanks for the updated delivery timescales. It’s really reassuring to see you’ve learnt from the mistakes made during the Dark Souls Kickstarter (though the DS backers are still hurting for a delivery update).