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Designed specifically for the Resident Evil™ universe, this is a strategic game of co-operative survival horror for 1-4 players.
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    1. Andres about 3 hours ago

      @Picone Thats not clear. They said they Will start shipping to backers in november. Not delivering. That means It could be delivered in Jan...

    2. Picone about 18 hours ago

      A lot doesn’t read the update... 😐
      AND doesn’t read comment before they ask a question... 🤔
      In Update 74, they said that the new estimate date for delivery is november. 🤗

    3. Missing avatar

      Max about 22 hours ago

      Hello, I'm wondering if I can get a refund for this project?

    4. Missing avatar

      Cory magee about 23 hours ago

      Any idea when I will be getting this? Is the september release still a go?

    5. Missing avatar

      TRAIZEL 1 day ago

      After reading the recent update i really want to see a gameplay video of A3 scenario :/

    6. Dustin R. 1 day ago

      Update #74 that is.

    7. Dustin R. 1 day ago

      @Genus Solo - Update #774 had the new delivery timeline.

      The games should be loaded onto the boats in China by end of September, then arriving to our doorsteps in November (late November if I had to wager a guess).

    8. David Tucker 1 day ago

      Hello there, I was wondering if there is any new gameplay video showcasing the game as it is now?

    9. Genus Solo 1 day ago update about a delivery schedule would be nice ...

    10. Missing avatar 1 day ago

      I really appreciate the great effort and the constant improvement and new elements possibilities in such a exciting game that I cannot wait to play.

      That why I am curious if you can share with us an update roadmap when we will receive the game in our homes, because the waiting part is killing me :)

      Thanks in advance and keep the hard work

    11. Missing avatar

      Brian Bari
      1 day ago

      @orange boy I wish I could afford it I don’t even have a computer lol. Even the the one that looks similar is 300 bucks I just splurged on Evil Dead chainsaw so I’m super broke and I need to pay for MB:P still. I love Kickstarter tho

    12. Josue Olea 2 days ago

      @Orange: Well, that's a no for sure on my side, is cool, but I really can't even get why is so expensive, also I'm still waiting for a region to come with a Claire figure edition.

    13. Orange Boy 3 days ago

      Is anyone here getting the re2remake with the $800 keyboard. I love it, but no way on that one.

    14. Picone 5 days ago

      Everybody talks about « more delays » but we aren’t september end to say that! 🤗

    15. Picone 5 days ago

      Yes but, they said that the containers will leave China end september now.
      So, we will wait this september end to see if they really leave China or if the game will have more delays. 😉

    16. Missing avatar

      Antoine Jones 5 days ago

      Pic one they already said it was delayed lol

    17. Missing avatar

      fireball73 6 days ago

      @Dave H. I consider myself a realist as well. As of yet I have never received a Kickstarted boardgame on time. Currently I am waiting on 3 plus the miniatures for another all of which are between 6 and 12 months late. Most of these are thankfully on boats on the way to me right now. Personally I like to add 6 months to the stated delivery date before I worry and the updates and communication between here and Facebook goes a long way to extinguish any concerns for me. Sorry if there was any confusion about my dark souls comment. Just stating that the money here should be spent on this campaign and only any profit should be spent on dark souls. There is a lot of bad blood with the dark souls campaign and they would do themselves no favours by siphoning all the funds to it. By getting this out the door they can get it in the shops to make money to help that campaign and maybe create some good will. Hopefully you get your dark souls stuff soon. Peace out.

    18. Picone 6 days ago

      Hey guys, wait september’s end before to speak about delays...
      if september’s end, the first containers dont leave China, here you will can speak of delay 😉

    19. Picone 6 days ago

      Hey guys, wait september’s end before to speak about delays...
      if september’s end, the first containers dont leave China, here you will can speak of delay 😉

    20. Nick C 6 days ago

      @Ryan: completely agree!! “STARSsssssss”!!! Gotta see it!

    21. Ryan Sutcliffe
      6 days ago

      @dave how about dressing like the Nemesis running through the streets shouting "S.T.A.R.S.!" ?!

    22. Orange Boy 6 days ago

      @dave I both want to, and don’t want to see that video

    23. Dave H 6 days ago

      @fireball73 and anyone else who cares, being a realist is fine, and as I backed both projects, I have the right to say what I like. Just like you. And I have no problem with endless positivity, except that its always ended in tears in any kickstarter i've seen that have cheerleaders.

      "We have heard nothing of the dark souls campaign because this is not the dark souls campaign and there should be no reason why the issues of it should affect what is happening here."

      There's one big reason why the issues of Dark Souls may affect us here. Because it's being made by the same company who, as far as I have seen, haveyet to change their ways, and continue to mis-inform their backers (or say the wrong thing at the wrong time, I'm not going to argue semantics, the consumers are unhappy, regardless of how you frame it).

      But I'm willing to eat my words if this delivers in November. How about, if they manage to do it, i run naked through the streets screaming "I was wrong about Steamforged!" :)

    24. LtPandaman 6 days ago

      Got my fingers and toes crossed I get this in time for Xmas.

    25. Missing avatar

      fireball73 7 days ago

      I have seen absolutely nothing to suggest a lengthy delay or no delivery at all. Those claiming that they are dumping the money made from this into dark souls have a good look at what they have shown us so far. We are seeing a lot of art be it tiles or cards showing both time and money being pumped into the game. Photos from conventions have shown final minis not only from the base game and b files but also from malformations and the croc. We have also seen a finalised die. Things seem to be happening at a great rate of knots. We have heard nothing of the dark souls campaign because this is not the dark souls campaign and there should be no reason why the issues of it should affect what is happening here. Have faith my friends and we will all be playing this in no time.

    26. BeardArthur 7 days ago

      They've already done a far better job updating their backers on this campaign than Dark Souls. How about you cut them some slack for now. So negative.

    27. Nick C on

      The negativity just keeps piling in.....

    28. Dave H on

      @Freddie I hope so too, but I think it will unfortunately. They know backers are worried and haven't said anything like "don't worry, Dark souls won't affect anything". They've cagily kept dark souls out of the discussion. Unless they say something to tjat effect, I expect horribleness to occur (huge delays or not delivering everything. Likely the latter so they can lie and say the campaign was a success)

    29. Freddie The Drama Llama on

      I hope this doesnt turn into dark souls

    30. Missing avatar

      Crush on

      Someone said a dice update? Which is that? More hit faces?

    31. Nick C on

      @Antoine: Holy.....WOW!!!!!! The production minis are so amazing!! I hate winter, as I hate the cold and snow......but I want this game to be here now!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Antoine Jones on

      Good cause I backed everything lol

    33. Missing avatar

      Richard G on

      @Antoine The B files are a separate expansion box included with every pledge.

    34. Pierre G.

      @nick thank you, so it protects me from missing again my FOMO

    35. Missing avatar

      Antoine Jones on

      Btw will the game be only based on scenario 1 from the game or will they be doin scenario b too? MR Xis a much more fun and scary boss than William. I hope they add his scenario in an expansion

    36. Drewbacca

      Man, I really ‘effing wish I’d added the Malformations pack to my pledge.

    37. Nick C on

      @Geo: While you cannot add any items in the backerkit, you can still update your address. Just use the link they sent you originally and you can edit your address.

    38. Nick C on

      @Pierre: no, the backerkit is closed and you cannot add anything new to your pledge at this point.

    39. Missing avatar

      Geo DeJesus on

      How do I change my address? I have moved since backing this project.

    40. Missing avatar

      Matthew Cunningham on

      Played a scenario at Gen Con, and it was a blast. The new dice format is an improvement, and the tension deck earns the name.

    41. Pierre G.

      Anyone know if we can still add some addon in the PM?

    42. Missing avatar

      Talon Bacon on

      How do we update our shipping address?

    43. Missing avatar

      Brian Bari

      Dang not the update I was hoping for

    44. ChaosWoLFF on

      My bad on the bank holiday, google isn't always right lol, but anyways it oesn't matter as USA Gencon reason's would make total sense, I also would love to see some photo's

    45. Orange Boy on

      I imagine this weeks update will be photos and such from GenCon. Would be cool to see

    46. Missing avatar

      Richard G on

      No bank holiday but they were at GenCon in the USA. Only ended yesterday.

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