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Designed specifically for the Resident Evil™ universe, this is a strategic game of co-operative survival horror for 1-4 players.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Zach Blay just now

      Lame was hoping the update would of been the Sherry with a vest lolzzz

    2. Missing avatar

      Antoine Jones 34 minutes ago

      @Alex your analogy is backwards. The case isnt, youre buying an orange that taste like yogurt and if you pay more money youll get an orange that taste like sn orange instead. IF that were the case then Id agree. However the ACTUAL case is. Youre getting an orange that LOOKS like yogurt and fir more money youll get an orange that LOOKS like an orange instead. To which I say, you gives a crap what the orange LOOKS like, it could look like pizza for all I care what matters is how it tastes. In this case it still tastes like an orange but looks like yogurt so since the taste is still accurate then who cares.

    3. Angelripper about 1 hour ago

      Thanks for finaly adding PP!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Cane about 2 hours ago

      This game is more and more looking like one of those you instantly put up on ebay to recuperate your losses. The amount of updates is down right worrying and the butchering of the visuals is just horrific, more so than any horror game in history. I guess there is a reason why this game has zero hype and mostly a ton of doubt on all popular boardgame places

    5. Missing avatar

      about 6 hours ago

      Has anyone seen the new Nemesis game KS? The rules look interesting, actions make noise and as the noise tokens build up (random allocation through a dice roll) more enemies appear. This to me sounds like a fun way of playing a zombie flick like Resident Evil as you move through a map to complete objectives. Some interesting ideas over there that could cross over here

    6. Missing avatar

      Alex B about 6 hours ago

      @Mazzoni: why do you say that? Did they give any indication that the 4th Survivor will not be available in retail? Or is it just a hunch?

    7. Angelripper about 7 hours ago

      I backed close to 40 boardgames at KS and this is the first one where I'm not able to pay with paypal in the pledgemanager and where I'm not getting any answers from the creators. I'm not able to finish the PM and they ignore my questions about a refund. I want to spend a shitload of money for this game. The PM from backerkit is able to accept paypal als payment. I used backerkit PM for a lot of other games in the past. It is just Steamforged Games Ltd that is too greedy and is not willing to pay the extra fees for paypal. So please give me a refund or enable paypal at the pledgemanager for my account. I would even pay the stupid paypal fees myself.

    8. David J Carey about 7 hours ago

      I really, really wanted to go for the Malformations of G expansion - but with so few updates on the actual gameplay mechanics I finalized my pledge at £70, just the core set. I'm not expecting an update every day, but I really do think some more communication with your backers could've led to more investment in this. I'm not ranting, just wanting to give some constructive feedback.

    9. Missing avatar

      Alex B about 8 hours ago

      @Antoine Jones So there were more people against this approach towards the game art than people barely accepting it (no one is actually defending it or seeing it as a good thing), but us stating an honest opinion means that we're whining and you should take attitude and shut us up. Who made you chief of censorship around here, anyway? As long as nobody is rude, we are all entitled to an opinion about this product!

      The bottom line is simple: Even though I bought this add-on, it should have been part of the game in the first place. It IS a Resident Evil 2 game after all, so why would it look like anything else? What they did is just as if the supermarket sold you fruit like this: "Here's an orange! It tastes like plain yoghurt, but if you pay double the price, we will give you an orange that actually tastes like orange. Oh, but we won't even show it to you or give you any more details."

    10. Missing avatar

      about 9 hours ago


      The only non-exclusive KS add-on which might not be sold later in stores is the "4th Survivor" expansion pack, this add-on is the least likely to be seen anywhere outside the pledge manager.

      So I suggest you to add "4th Survivor" to your pledge, at least.

    11. Missing avatar

      Andreas about 9 hours ago

      Just completed the pledge manager, but left the malformations of G and alligator. So, here's my question - I would like to get them later but read somewhere in the comments that there might be a risk that some items marked non-exclusive to KS might not reach stores, as someone mentioned that happened with the dark soul game.
      So, how big is the risk really of missing out on something in the end just because I didn’t include it in the pledge manager?

    12. Missing avatar

      Antoine Jones about 15 hours ago

      @cane ask that question to thecdark souls board game

    13. Missing avatar

      Jefferson about 17 hours ago

      Well, I'm not whining haha I am really excited for this game

    14. Missing avatar

      Cane about 17 hours ago

      Why the fuck would the base tiles be generic? It's a god damn Resident evil 2 game and should stay true to it with the art. This make zero sense to me and I hope it's just wrong info being spread around

    15. Missing avatar

      Antoine Jones about 20 hours ago

      Quit all your whining, the retro pack ises game like art and graphics on cards whereas the base cards woulda just been generic art/design. The generic cards woulda still been resident evil

    16. Missing avatar

      Jefferson 1 day ago

      @Alex B,

      I completely agree with you hahahah
      Base game should have been RE2 all the way from the very beginning xD

      (however, I am a sucker for the idea of the game, so I bought one of everything except monster boxes and dice)

    17. Missing avatar

      Alex B 1 day ago

      @Lantern-Parasite You're welcome. I think you can also contact them here by clicking on the company name in the upper section of this page (on the right, where it says "Created by Steamforged Games Ltd"), and you'll see a "Contact me" button. But if I remember correctly, they prefer the email.

    18. Lantern-Parasite 1 day ago

      @Alex B
      Thank you!

    19. Missing avatar

      Alex B 1 day ago

      @CrimsonButterfly I think it's the 5 door models which you can see in the Campaign section picture, 4 pieces of each model.

    20. Missing avatar

      Alex B 1 day ago


      "Refunds may be given within 60 days of the campaign ending, including fees. After that time, refunds may be given minus the Kickstarter and payment processing fees, as we will not be able to claim those back after 60 days."

      If you are fine with losing those fees (I don't know how much they amount to), I think you should request the refund at
      However, please note that some people here have been complaining about this process taking a very long time and their emails not being replied to before those 60 days expired.

    21. Missing avatar

      Alex B 1 day ago

      * RPD statues

    22. Missing avatar

      Alex B 1 day ago

      RPD status, licker corridor, unicorn fountain, etc... So... exactly how the game should have been in the first place, right? :D

      I mean, who at SFG had this "brilliant" idea to wake up one day and say "Hmmm... I'm gonna create a Resident Evil game, but I'll make it look like something else, so it feels unrelated! [read in a teleshopping ad voice] But that's not all! For those of you who somehow expect an RE game to actually look like RE, I'm gonna create a special, limited-edition, personalised and overpriced item* which will do just that: make the game look normal!"
      *Details about the item will become available soon (or not...)

      Don't get me wrong... with RE2 being my favourite game, I actually bought the Retro pack just so it feels like the game. But the whole thing just feels wrong:
      - wrong marketing strategy to refuse to give details even after so-so-many people asked for at least a couple of pictures
      - wrong price for an item that does not contribute to the game besides an aesthetic upgrade
      - wrong approach to make the game different from the original in the first place

      Considering this, as well as the lack of info about many things, I actually gave up on the idea of buying the 4th Survivor pack and the 3D Terrain addons, and I'm waiting to see the game quality and if they stick to the schedule, in order to decide if I buy anything else in retail or not.

      I still have faith in this project, but I keep wondering why they choose to NOT give... incentives like "here are five pics of the Retro Pack tiles approved by Capcom!" so the people would go "Wow! Awesome! I want that too!" and spend money on them while the PM is still open.

    23. Lantern-Parasite 1 day ago

      Please, someone can tell me how to ask refund?
      Thank you in advance

    24. CrimsonButterfly 1 day ago

      Will the 20 door miniatures be a mix of different looks from the games in different locations?

    25. Benjamin Larsen 2 days ago

      Thanks for replying powerful

    26. Missing avatar

      Jefferson 2 days ago

      As far as I understand, the base game tiles are pretty bland and generic.
      They represent dim corredors with samey floor patterns or generic streets.

      Retro Pack tiles will represent resident evil 2 scenarios, like the RCPD statues, the blood stained licker corridor, the Y shaped laboratory at the end... That's what I understand.

      The Retro Pack cards, however, look VERY similar to base game cards, except for the black and blue colors, like RE2 inventory menu.

    27. Ryan Sutcliffe 2 days ago

      As far as i understand it, the retro pack is purely a cosmetic change to some tiles and cards (weapons, items, possible chatacter cards etc) nothing new is added its just for the personal experience if you want it to feel like you are playing the game

    28. TheSirSpence & the Campaign for Psirens 2 days ago

      Thanks @Jiji, this is exactly my thinking. Very strange that we have heard nothing and the talk of

      “….additional iconic tiles and scenario items to customize your play experience.”

      Seems very naughty to me, especially since SFG have said multiple times that the retro pack will include no new content for the game.

    29. Missing avatar

      leththepowerful 2 days ago

      They reopened the pledge manager for Dark Souls once after a LOT of people asked for it, and twice more after changes to the planned availability of items. So, maybe?

    30. Benjamin Larsen 3 days ago

      Can anyone with any experience with the Dark Souls pledge manager tell me if the pledge manager here would reopen with the same stuff?

    31. Benjamin Larsen 3 days ago

      Gonna have to drop all the extras in favor of saving money. *cries*

    32. Missing avatar

      leththepowerful 4 days ago

      They low key announced Remake 2 after the PC port of the first one did well.

    33. Jiji 4 days ago

      @TheSirSpence Not that I'm aware of. For one of the pricier add on's, I think that was a mistake on their part not to share more about. It was one of the 'must haves' at first but as the campaign went on, it became more like "Why am I paying for something that seems like it should have been the default card style."

    34. TheSirSpence & the Campaign for Psirens 4 days ago

      Have I missed any news on the Retro pack? I want to add this to my pledge.... but the lack of information is holding me back.

    35. Ni Now 4 days ago

      @craig @boxing about a Remake of RE2 on Resident Evil 2's 20th anniversary (20/21.januar) woohoo :)

    36. Anders H. Pedersen
      4 days ago

      I would also like to get more info on the expansion material.
      It is hard to judge the quality of the base game alone, with what little has been given so far.
      I do not want to spend further on this title just based on blind faith alone. So I am holding off finalizing my pledge to the last moment, hoping to get some more add-on information before that.

    37. Missing avatar

      Cane 5 days ago

      Can we get some more info please? Something about rule changes? Some more info about how the other weapons will work? Something at all? Please

    38. Thomas Mcdonald 5 days ago

      @Craig S Kennedy He speaking about the fact that Capcom on all official channels has changed there log/font to that of Resident evil 2 HD Remake as its almost 20 years anini that has been rumors on Facebook about the possibility of a new game reveal coming soon? Not Steamforged games.

    39. Craig S Kennedy 5 days ago

      @boxing a new game as in new resi video game or a new resi steamforged game?

    40. Boxing Moogle 5 days ago

      Has anyone seen the rumors on Facebook about the possibility of a new game reveal coming soon?
      I finalized my pledge yesterday. I wanted to go all in, but like most people I have a budget and shouldn't crush it.
      I got the 4th survivor, G Malformations and the retro pack.
      I know the retro pack is fluff, but RE2 is one of my favorite games of all time and I am curious to see the different artwork.

    41. Missing avatar

      Baron Sullivan 6 days ago

      @Mazzoni they have put out at least 1 update a month and they've definitely been popping up in the comments here and there. There's no reason people should be complaining, I feel if they have nothing to put out they shouldn't put out an update, it's kind of a let down. As for answering stuff, it's still pretty early and they may not have answers and they don't need to answer a million times that they don't have an answer.

    42. Missing avatar

      7 days ago

      The only reason people are posting negative comments is because of SFG lack of communication, if they posted a comment or two, answered to our messages and posted at least one update concerning the game's progress per month, people wouldn't have a reason to doubt this project.

    43. Schmidt 7 days ago

      @ryan welcome to Kickstarter Get use to the negative and whining it happens on every single Kickstarter. If u take the comment section with a grain of salt you will be fine and if u believe in a project and are hyped about it don't let anyone change ur mind. After all, these people aren't going to be sitting around ur game table anyway so who cares what they say or think. ;)

    44. Craig S Kennedy 7 days ago

      @Ryan well said and I'm in complete agreement.

      I appreciate everyone is entitled to their opinion and of course they should be allowed to air but I personally have no issues

    45. Missing avatar

      Andrew Crosthwaite 7 days ago

      Agreed Ryan. I’m so excited for this! My only worry was that I wouldn’t have the money in time for all the Add-ons as I lost my card before January 1st and my Backer Kit said it was “Locking” on the 1st. Now it’s sorted and my funds are sorted. I’m so hyped.

    46. Egghead 7 days ago

      Amen Ryan, couldn’t agree more. Still really hyped for this game and have zero complaints here.

    47. Kevin Bowden 7 days ago

      Agreed totally Ryan, can't wait for the game!

    48. Ryan Sutcliffe 7 days ago

      There's been a lot of negativity in my opinion on here about a lot of stuff, this was my first Kickstarter and I have full faith in Steamforged Games that they will deliver a great product. I have watched all the videos, tried to keep up with all the comments throughout the campaign and after, and I personally don't understand what all the fuss is about. The game is still in development and has a lot to be signed off by Capcom. We have been told that we will get monthly updates or they will let us know when they have anything to tell us, so just because we don't hear anything for a week or two I don't see why everyone gets up in arms about it. People have said that they have seen activity on other of their Kickstarters and wondered why there was nothing on here, if they have other campaigns then the backers of that will also want communication, just be patient and we will be updated when they have updates.

      I am looking forward to this with soo much excitement it's unreal! Just be patient and if you want to criticise things then at least offer some plausible improvements.

      Sorry for the rant but I've had it bottled up for a while.
      Steamforged - please keep up the great work

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