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Designed specifically for the Resident Evil™ universe, this is a strategic game of co-operative survival horror for 1-4 players.
Missed the Kickstarter? Don't Miss your chance again.
Missed the Kickstarter? Don't Miss your chance again.
7,583 backers pledged £800,561 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Eric AKA Lickerbait less than a minute ago

      No problem. Sorry for the double posting. My phone is wierd like that.

    2. Andy Quiles 5 minutes ago

      Thanks lickerbait!

    3. Eric AKA Lickerbait 10 minutes ago

      @Andy, late pledge if you didn’t pledge during the KS. Pledge manager if you pledged already.

    4. Eric AKA Lickerbait 10 minutes ago

      @Andy, late pledge if you didn’t pledge during the KS. Pledge manager if you pledged already.

    5. Eric AKA Lickerbait 14 minutes ago

      Vin, rolling 2 die has 36 outcomes. Rolling three die has 216 outcomes. the probably of 3 2-faced die has 151/216 chances of hitting a face which is 69.9%.

    6. Misfiring Chong
      27 minutes ago


      Your article proves I'm correct. If one dice has a 33% chance, then two dice will have 55% chance, and three dice will have 70% chance.

      Besides, your article is limited to two dice. Here's what I'm using:

    7. Andy Quiles 37 minutes ago

      Just to clarify, can i add additional funds in the pledge managet, ir do i have to do that in a late pledge before the 27th?

    8. Missing avatar

      VIN666 about 1 hour ago

      Nope and nope.
      We need a binary result to evade, not an accumulative one.
      Check the link and you'll see what I mean.

    9. Missing avatar

      VIN666 about 1 hour ago

      At Misfiring.
      Nope, you don't get it either.
      Nutshell summary: Yes, more dice are better odds than a single die, but you don't double the odds. 1 die hitting with 33%, 2 hitting with marginally more than 33%, not 66, or 70 or any other incorrect number.
      This is a good source for some reading:

    10. Eric AKA Lickerbait about 1 hour ago


      Vin you need to take a probability class, 33% doesn’t remain constant for probability. The probability to get a face with those three dice is pretty much 70%. (I did the math like a month ago I think it was like 69.7% or something).

    11. Eric AKA Lickerbait about 1 hour ago


      Vin you need to take a probability class, 33% doesn’t remain constant for probability. The probability to get a face with those three dice is pretty much 70%. (I did the math like a month ago I think it was like 69.7% or something).

    12. Misfiring Chong
      about 1 hour ago


      With 3 dices of 4 blanks, 1 single hit, and 1 double hit, the chance to get at least a single hit (for evading and pistol push) is 70%, and the chance to get at least a double hit is 42%.

    13. Missing avatar

      Aris about 2 hours ago

      @SFG , we need some help with the dice .
      I understand the pressure of a zombie party , but , as stated before , most of the survivors have knowledge of weapons , and in the game it is hard to get a one hit kill ....
      So here is a proposal , you can have the two shot side as a head shot and the blanks as misses . The one shot can be a ''torso'' hit but you will have to change the HP of the zombies to ,lets say three instead of one ....
      Just and idea ...

    14. Missing avatar

      VIN666 about 2 hours ago

      Thanks for sharing the video.
      At least now we know why the evade and attack rolls are so frustrating. Because you guys can't do math.
      The dev in the video said the 3 dice have a 75% chance to hit.
      Not even close. Each die has a 33% chance to evade (1 single, 1 double result, 4 blanks if I recall correctly), so rolling 3 doesn't give you a 75% chance, or a 99% chance, it gives you a 33% chance of evading with 1-3 successes.

      To put that into regular D6 terms, you are rolling 3, hitting on 5 to evade and up to 3, hitting on 6 to shoot with the pistol...

      No wonder you guys have to cheat in every video.

    15. Benjamin Larsen about 3 hours ago

      Yes you can and anything else that you may want to get.

    16. CrimsonButterfly about 4 hours ago

      Can I pay an extra 10 pounds ($17.50 Australian) for the exclusive monster zombie pack 1 when I pay for the postage?

    17. Missing avatar

      Turbo about 4 hours ago

      @leththepowerful...I totally see what your saying and I could see how that interpretation works. It just looks strange watching roll after roll after roll of so many complete blank attack results with players having wasted game rounds making no effect whatsoever. It's funny when it happens once or twice and maybe puts you in a sticky situation and thus ramps up the tension, but when it happens repeatedly...hmm, that's just pushing it a little into frustrating territory for my liking.

    18. SFG Support about 6 hours ago

      @Lee I'll suggest it today.

    19. Ricky Tafoya about 6 hours ago

      Good argument Turbo and letthpwerful.
      Should it take a reasonably high amount of blank "hits" to finally count a zombie as dead?
      I still enjoy the idea of dodging to conserve ammo.

    20. Missing avatar

      leththepowerful about 13 hours ago

      Think back to the games, you didn't pop a zombie on the ground with 1 round very often unless you were doing director's cut in arrange mode as Chris. Think of it this way, the blank rolls aren't misses, they are body blows that don't phase the zombie.

    21. Missing avatar

      Turbo about 17 hours ago

      ...actually when I think about it most of the survivors, whilst not trained marksmen, are certainly familiar with firearms (with the exception of Claire, Sherry & Ben) which makes the constant stream of all-out failed rolls feel totally unrealistic. Could accept mishits under pressure against fast moving enemies such as zombie dogs or hard-to-hit lickers or crows, but not against shambling zombies/crawling torsos & slithering mutant plants.

    22. Missing avatar

      Turbo 1 day ago

      Just watched the latest playthrough vid on YouTube. Yes the gameplay has been tweeked, but guys!....roll after roll after roll after roll of failed hits looks like no fun at all. I know the survivors are not trained marksmen, but are shambling zombies THAT hard to hit at such close quarters? Sorry, I love what u did with Dark Souls, but between the poor dice rolls and repetitive all-clear (no effect) tension deck card turning, the gameplay could get very stale and frustrating fast.

    23. Missing avatar

      Lee 1 day ago

      @SFG You should post an update about the video as most backers won't see the comment about it

    24. Marja Lima 1 day ago

      I don't like so much the ammo dial tracker... I think this should look better if designed as a gun cylinder. Just an idea! =)

    25. Eric AKA Lickerbait 1 day ago

      @SFG No problem. Could you route this up, I’m sure some of us would like to see some of the minis painted. Thanks again!

    26. SFG Support 1 day ago

      @Eric AKA Lickerbait, Glad you enjoyed the video and thank you for the feedback on the changes!

    27. Eric AKA Lickerbait 1 day ago

      Enjoyed the video! Enjoyed the changes! It was kind of hard watching the YOGSCAST playthrough. I love HATflims but watching this game played with a group of people that don’t really know the rules gets frustrating cause it doesn’t feel like I’m learning about how the game really plays.

      I really enjoyed Sherwin playing with BoW this video. With these modifications the dice rolls seems more fair without having to change the dice. Kudos!

    28. SFG Support 1 day ago

      Morning guys and girls! We filmed some content with the beast of wars guys at the weekend while at steamcon so feel free to check out the playthrough with Sherwin below!…

    29. Missing avatar

      leththepowerful 2 days ago

      It could also be that those specific configuration of SKUs won't be available, but that the ivy and spiders will be in some package with the evolved lickers and hounds.

    30. Dustin R. 2 days ago

      @Thomas Mcdonald- assume they won't be retail. Many companies recently have had the instances of non KS exclusive expansions never making it to retail. Conan, Mythic Battles, and most recently Massive Darkness Elementals expansion.

      SFG can't predict what distributors will want to carry it, so there is no way for them to say with certainty that it will make retail. Not sure why you want them to promise that it will. Just get it now. If you don't have the funds, make a choice.

      My experience with expansions like that are that they end up going for 3-5x what they would have been retail and are the most in-demand pieces because everyone skiped them in the PM assuming they could get them later (Conan's Black ones, Massive Darkness Elementals, everything in Mythic Battles).

    31. Missing avatar

      Luke walker 2 days ago

      @André I’m sure they both do

    32. Missing avatar

      André Segurado 2 days ago

      watching the beasts of war video... don't get the idea behind shotgun not having splash damage and the bow gun having... that's the opposite of the game, isn't it?

    33. Thomas Mcdonald 2 days ago

      @SFG It's been five days since you said you would clarified for people if the Monster box 2/3 as they are not listed as exclusive models and you said they will not be heading to retail then will they be sold on your website? This info is kinda important as it looks like false advertising on your part no were in the campaign was it stated that these two boxes would not be going to retail or made as exclusive models. So as it has been five days since your last update please clarified for people if the Monster box 2/3 will be available via your web store or after this there will not be available at all.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jack 2 days ago

      No the Survivor pledge Includes:

      Resident Evil™ 2 - The Board Game
      B-Files Expansion Set
      Kickstarter Exclusive Leon (Alt. Costume)
      All Unlocked Stretch Goals

      You have to pay extra for anything not listed. The stretch goals include monsters from the MB1 and MB2, you'll need to check the images.

      It's still great value for £70

    35. Edwin Sze 2 days ago

      same question as @johnathan ip

    36. johnathan ip 2 days ago

      Hi @creator , may I ask if the SURVIVOR PLEDGE include all items (eg Malformations of G Expansions , Retro Packs, monstor boxes etc)? So the additional choices just mean the 2nd set of the package?

      I think someone may ask this question before, but I could not quick search the answer...So kindly have your reply, thanks a lot!

    37. Misfiring Chong
      3 days ago

      @Jamie Parker

      In this project, the survey is used as estimation on whether you will spend money on the PM. The one that you must not miss is the upcoming Backerkit phase, not this survey. Of course if you can answer the survey its the best.

      Post campaign survey can be done in two ways. They can use the built-in survey in KS, or they can use third party system like Backerkit and PledgeManager. The advantage of third party system is that you can spend additional money on more add ons beyond what you have pledged.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jamie Parker 3 days ago

      @olle wallner I think you misunderstand. Allow me to put quotations around the passage from the email I received.

      "Last chance!

      Do you want your reward for backing Resident Evil™ 2 - The Board Game?

      The creator needs some information from you in order to provide it. Just answer a few quick questions here:

      Respond now

      They’re usually very simple questions, like the mailing address you need your reward sent to. Answer now — we don’t want you to miss out on a great reward!

      Amount pledged

    39. Olle Wallner
      4 days ago

      Jamie. Take it easy. Its just a survey. Not the PM.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jamie Parker 4 days ago

      @ SFG Can you get in touch please. What does this mean?

      Last chance!

      Do you want your reward for backing Resident Evil™ 2 - The Board Game?

      If I don't respond. I don't get any reward?

    41. Yannick De Vos 4 days ago

      @ SFG support hey guys I saw you at SPIEL to preview the game and it looked really good, I also bought Dark Souls at your stand and it is an amazing game. But I heard before that there are some problems with bend weapons and as I opened my game I saw that most weapons where indeed bend. Now I understand that this happens and especially with spears. But in my opinion there are 2 things that might help to prevent this. I think the kind of plastic you use might be more sensitive to this cause there are other miniaythat have less of an issue with this. And I also thing that the way the mini's (seems wrong to call em this since some models are huge) are packed. Now the won't move in the box but I think they are packed to tightly, if you look at the packaging of zombiecide for example the are much more loose but still good packed, so maybe look into that it might help. Now I know all plastic tends to bend if you have long thin pieces so it is not completely unavoidable but I think it could be slightly better than how it is at the moment. I don't want to tell you guys how to do your job of course or complain, it was just something that came to mind and I wanted to let you know that is all.

      Keep up the great work guys

    42. Eric AKA Lickerbait 5 days ago

      @David, that’s totally up to you. I bought a second box to practice with hahaha.

    43. Eric AKA Lickerbait 5 days ago

      @David, that’s totally up to you. I bought a second box to practice with hahaha.

    44. Missing avatar

      Louis-Philippe Rousseau 5 days ago

      For those who are wondering how could they estimate which add-on we plegde for, I have my own opinion. They manage to get 800561£ from 7583 backer for a average of 105£ per backer, People tend to get all in (295£) or minimum pledge (70£). That would mean that around 1200 people have gone all in and 6383 only have gone with minimum pledge. They know they should make at leat 1200 of each add-on because they are already sold but a majority of people only get the minimum pledge so no wonder why they make a Survey to know what you want to add-on. (Sorry for my English, I m french) .

    45. David Nadeau 5 days ago

      @I just wanted to say thank you guys for answering all these questions. @Eric and @SFG. :)

    46. David Nadeau 5 days ago

      @Eric That's good news. I was actually a bit concerned if the expansions would also feature the retro style. Based on everything, should the game be shipped in one package with all expansions included (if bought)? It's probably too early to tell. Anyways, I plan on painting the miniatures and thought if I should get additional monsterpacks as a sort of "practice." Also of any come with defects I could switch them out. At this moment I plan to purchase the whole bundle + expansions; is it recommended to purchase a second set of the monster packs for my reasons or would the game have more than enough miniatures for me to work with? Sorry, long winded question.

    47. Missing avatar

      Alex B 5 days ago

      While waiting for the game to be shipped, I wanted to play a little bit of RE2 again, and somehow stumbled upon some ways to make the old game look better (upscaled backgrounds and textures).
      The result is amazing, I never imagined I could play my favourite game and it could look THAT good... at least before they did the actual remake...

    48. Eric AKA Lickerbait 5 days ago

      @Chris. If you are careful a heat gun can fix bent weapons.

    49. Eric AKA Lickerbait 5 days ago

      @Jamie, yup. It’ll cover all expansions.

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