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Designed specifically for the Resident Evil™ universe, this is a strategic game of co-operative survival horror for 1-4 players.
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7,583 backers pledged £800,561 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. ChaosWoLFF about 6 hours ago


      @sir Spence. I'll let you know. I have yet to get a response

    2. ChaosWoLFF about 6 hours ago

      I will have yet to get a response from either message sent.

    3. TheSirSpence (is killing me) about 14 hours ago

      I don't want to Spam them. Can you let me know how it goes @ChaosWoLFF

    4. ChaosWoLFF 1 day ago

      @Dusty Cross,

      I Sent A DM The Other Day About Re-Opening The PM. No Response Yet. But Good Idea About Asking About Being Able To Purchase Things Separately. I Have Now Sent A DM About That Too. Thanks For The Suggestion.

    5. TheSirSpence (is killing me) 1 day ago

      @Bob something along those lines! haha

    6. Bob Hambleton 1 day ago

      @TheSirSpence #ZombiePsirenBatcowLeon, surely.

    7. TheSirSpence (is killing me) 1 day ago

      @Dusty, Thanks for passing on that update from Sherwin. I will stay tuned.


    8. Dusty Cross 1 day ago

      Out of 7,583 backers, there are really only like 5 of us on here asking for it to be reopened. It may be more beneficial and less disruptive to the ordering and manufacturing process to message SFG directly and ask if they will make an exception and just let you order the retro pack rather than asking them to reopen 7,500+ pledges again. Just a thought...

    9. Dusty Cross 1 day ago


      I received a message back from Sherwin about this yesterday. This may help some:

      “I’m certainly aware that there is discussion among the backers regarding the Retropack, and I can tell you that we’ve certainly passed the request along the chain. I will say that it’s not something quite so easy as you’d think, thanks to production quantities and orders, and us not wanting to cause any delays to the project.

      As soon as we have something to pass on, we certainly will do - it’s not in our habit to keep people in the dark.”

      So while this is still no certain answer, they are monitoring the comments here and paying attention (which as SirSpence stated, SFG is one of the most engaged companies I’ve ever worked with and by far one of my favorites to buy from). As soon as a finite decision is made we will hear it.

    10. Orange Boy 1 day ago

      @Bob oh weird, yeah I just know when I’ve seen their page it was locked down.

    11. Orange Boy 1 day ago

      @SFG could we please get a yes or no to a reopen of the PM. The “I want the Retro Pack(alligator too)now” is starting to be a bit much. Would be nice for us to know for sure one way or the other. I would even be happy if next weeks update literally just said “Pledge Manager will reopen.” Or “Pledge Manage will not reopen.” I’m still for the idea of open the PM with higher prices, make em suffer..... wait then I have to pay more if I add anything...... just open it.

    12. Bob Hambleton 1 day ago

      @Orange Boy they were taking them in the St Paddy's day sale. Must have just closed it off again.

    13. Orange Boy 1 day ago

      @Bob “You're too late! Late pledges for the Resident Evil™: The Board Game have CLOSED!” From their website.

    14. Bob Hambleton 1 day ago

      @Andreas the retro pack cards were not the standard choice because a lot of playtesters and people who the prototype was shown to at various cons who weren't hardcore RE fans simply didn't like them. The core game tiles have to be generic enough to work across multiple scenario maps. The Kendo gun shop tile may well appear again as an RCPD office or part of the hidden lab. They can't do this if the tile has Kendo's gun shop written across it in neon letters.

      The retro pack provided an opportunity for the RE fans to get the specific art for those things without the general retailability of the game being compromised.

      The bus tile is a case in point. There seems to be an assumption that this is some new location that isn't part of the core game but the bus in RE:2 is just a corridor with some zombies in it you have to go through to get to the RCPD building. It happens to be bus shaped. Making a version of a long straight tile with a bus drawn on it to replace a generic straight passageway tile is still just a cosmetic upgrade.

      I can't see why SFG wouldn't allow backers who want to add it at this stage to do so though. They are still taking late pledges for the base pledge including SGs via their online shop so manufacturing numbers for the KSEs can't have been finalised yet.

    15. TheSirSpence (is killing me) 2 days ago

      I had no idea that it was a standard Gun Shop and not the Kendo one in the beginning. But anyway they have added a bus tile that is not in the main game, and that alone justifies the Retro pack for me.

      I did not buy it because I did not have justification to do so. based on the FAQs and what I saw in the comment section, it was an aesthetic upgrade to the cards only. From the images I have seen, I do not particularly care if the images behind my handgun are Retro blue or any other colour.

      And that is despite RE2 being one of my favourite all time games, I still remember being the envy of my 90's friends group when I unlocked Tofu!

      I do however care if there are new or replacement floor tiles that increase the immersion and/or change the gaming mechanics of the game.

      In answer to someone else's comment, I do not see the point in taking this to Facebook, I am using Kickstarter as the primary way of communicating with the creators of this Kickstarter. This is where I paid my money and this is where the communication should be had in my opinion.

      I think I should say again that SFG have been and continue to be fecking awesome creators, probably something to do with them being based in Manchester, as a fellow Mancunian I have to add that part!

      I just hope I get a chance to get the Retro Park, prior to having to pay £90 on fleabay.

    16. Andreas 2 days ago

      Edit: NOT the standard choise

    17. Andreas 2 days ago

      I agree with pretty much all that's said below about the retro pack, I do think it's quite odd that they didn't promote it more, though. My two cents however - why was the content in the retro pack the "standard" choise? I would assume anyone interested in this KS would prefer the Kendo gunshop instead of a generic one. Anyway, this has been discussed in the past and we got what we got, can't wait until I get to play this game and the developers have done - and still do - a fantastic job.

    18. Missing avatar

      Alfonso 2 days ago

      I think I understood what the deal was with retro pack from the beggining. They could have been more concise about it but they didn´t lie about it. Anyway, I would allow people to re-open the pledge manager.

    19. Missing avatar

      Baron Sullivan 2 days ago

      I didn’t and don't think it was confusing at all, it was tiles and cards portraying artwork and locations from the game. I have been watching and listening the whole time. In the first demo they had a gun shop tile but it was generic, the core game is going to have generic tiles whereas the retro pack will have the same thing but reskinned to be recognizable from the original game. Just like the character and item cards, more generic version of them in the core game, retro pack you get what they looked like in the game. People were so concerned about what everything looked like that little details were missed or ignored.
      I’m going to say it again, the retro pack is experience altering, nostalgia points for people who played and loved the original. Information wasn’t inaccurate it just wasn’t enough for people, I bought the tiles for exactly what they were, alternative tiles to the board games generic tiles, there’s nothing new and nothing extra.
      Saying something isn’t true is saying it’s a lie but I can understand that you weren’t being malicious and I apologize for taking it as that. I’ve watched a lot of people shit on this company and I think they’re doing their best with what they can. Opening the PM is whatever, if they’re going to do it, they’re gonna do it. I’m just saying all the information is out there and people are reading too hard into all this and it feels like now that they’ve said one thing, which wasn’t really surprising at all, because they didn’t get it they’re making a stink about it. Which isn’t wrong, if enough people feel gipped, go on the Facebook page and make a group and ask and show one of the fine fellows at SFG that they is serious interest in opening the PM. Don’t come into the comments saying things were untrue, they put out inaccurate information, rabble, rabble, when the misunderstanding was with you guys.
      I’m not trying to be rude, or a dick, or whatever, and I apologize if I’ve come off that way.

    20. Ryan Sutcliffe 3 days ago

      William trying to find Sherry while Irons is trying to get the G-Virus from her pendant?! Sounds like a custom scenario

    21. Benjamin Larsen 3 days ago

      Can you imagine if it's just a two player game and one is the chief while the other is William? ><

    22. Jiji 3 days ago

      @thesirspence i dont think its necessary to apologize for something like that. I just think it was a mess, just because my answer had been partially answered doesn't mean it still couldn't have been fully clarified. I only saw ONE comment referencing what was on the tiles and it was a comment by a backer, thats not firm source. I really do hope there's another chance to grab the retro add on for the lot that missed it. I do.

    23. Dusty Cross 3 days ago

      @Matthew I'm All-In on Batman Gotham City Chronicles

    24. Missing avatar

      Matthew Christjansen 3 days ago

      Anybody backing the Gotham Chronicles boardgame?

    25. Dusty Cross 3 days ago

      @TheSirSpence & @ChaosWolff

      I third all of that. I don’t think anything was intentionally misleading in the campaign. For all we know it started as cosmetic and then during the tweaking process it ended up with minor impact to gameplay

      I bought the retro pack purely because I didn’t want to miss out on anything during the campaign, but I’m all in favor of reopening PM due to recent Q&A providing new information (for whatever that’s worth).

    26. TheSirSpence (is killing me) 3 days ago

      @Jiji I think people were trying to be helpful because that's what it says in the FAQs.

      Sorry if one of those people was me!

    27. Jiji 3 days ago

      I'm not sure why the retro pack was so secretive. I feel like every time i tried to ask during q&a it got buried by other backers answering for them telling me it was just cosmetic. :/

    28. TheSirSpence (is killing me) 3 days ago

      @baron I second everything that ChaosWolff said 100%. I didn't get the retro pack because I thought, based on the available information, that it added nothing. That was not the case.

      In fact I was one of the group that was begging for info on it before the PM closed.

      I am calling noone a liar, but the information was not clear. Now that it is, I would like the opportunity to act on it.

      SFG are up there with my favourite KS creators, I would never call them liars or do anything to impact sales. This has been a responsive and near flawless campaign, with just this one blemish. I don't think it's too much to ask for the PM to be opened for a weekend to make it right.

      I hope that helps to clear things up and I hope you now understand where we are coming from.

    29. ChaosWoLFF 3 days ago


      Did you watch the latest Q&A? they talk about how yes the ammo store will be Kendos gun shop they also give an example of how there will then also be tiles like the bus before you get to the RPD. That comes off as an extra tile at least one location that isn't inside the core box as it wouldn't matter to casual noobies to RE2.

      The pitch for the retro pack is indeed not misleading now that they have disclosed information. the confusion came from SFP comments here in the comment section. also clarifying that it is only cosmetic upgrades.

      So new spawn points in theory aren't a big deal. But it could totally change the game up or add new / altered game play. Additional locations such as a bus tile or potentially other tiles.

      It's not like I want a delay. if you are keeping up to date in the comments you can clearly see that we would prefer zero delays over getting the retro pack / PM re-opened.

      Bottom line, the retro pack contents was confusing to everyone with only people pledging for it out of fear of losing out. It wouldn't be unreasonable to re-open it before production what does it matter to you.

      no-one is calling SFP blatant liars, just that there was confusion an a certain add-on, and that the information given wasn't accurate. Not that they lied...but that it wasn't in fact true with the "doesn't alter gameplay"

    30. Missing avatar

      Baron Sullivan 3 days ago

      @ChaosWoLFF, TheSirSpence Did you buy the Retro Pack?

    31. Missing avatar

      Baron Sullivan 3 days ago

      Asking people to join in and ask for the PM to be reopened is one thing but to say the company gave their backers false information is unnecessary especially when it effects sales. If it was going to change the game they would've said that from the beginning.

    32. Missing avatar

      Baron Sullivan 3 days ago

      There isn't additional locations though, you're still gonna have a gun shop but in the retro pack you're gonna know it's Kendo's gun shop. Again not game changing, experience changing, if it effected everyone that was playing it would be game changing but it's not because there are going to be people who haven't played the video game who buy this.

    33. ChaosWoLFF 3 days ago

      @Baron there is additional locations, which would be additional gameplay. since I am looking forward to playing this game in campaign mode most...extra locations means alot for me..

    34. Missing avatar

      Baron Sullivan 3 days ago

      I wouldn't say it's not true, I'm sure it has the same amount of spawn points in it they're just in a different spot and as far as we know it's only on 1 tile. You can't just be saying something is blatantly false because it could cause unnecessary backlash. The tiles are reskinned and there's different positions for spawn points, not game changing, more experience changing. For people who haven't played the game it's not gonna change anything, for the people who have it'll be a point of nostalgia. The retro pack is additional content in itself because it's apart of the core game. Again if there's a chance that there will be regret from not getting anything you should've just got it in the first place.

    35. TheSirSpence (is killing me) 3 days ago

      They said it was a question for their higher ups. My point is that now we have been told that the Retro pack includes additional content that it would be nice to have the chance to buy it.

      I turned it down because the FAQ said "The Retro Pack is an aesthetic upgrade, the Retro pack does not alter gameplay." which turned out not to be true.

    36. Missing avatar

      leththepowerful 3 days ago

      Pretty sure they said no to the PM reopening ages ago.

    37. TheSirSpence (is killing me) 4 days ago

      Great update today. I am a little disappointed that we didn't get a yes or no on the pm

    38. Josue Olea 6 days ago

      Yes, I don't think it's very likely, mainly because S-E its not what it used to be, but for a game like FF7 it sould not even be optional to add it, it has to be, the same for RE2.

      When writing this I think about Castlevania Symphony... For PSP as an amazing example, or the metal gear 3 with the msx games, but as said, companies nowadays put a lot of excuses, and... You've said it

    39. Lickerbait 6 days ago

      Not trying to dah your hopes, but almost no company makes/includes a classic mode.

    40. Josue Olea 6 days ago

      @Orange boy: wow that sounds as a big mess, and a company who does it frequently could not be called reliable, but indeed, as in forrest gump "shit happens" let's hope SFG learned from prevuous experiences and we get on time everything

    41. Josue Olea 6 days ago

      @Lickerbait, it might be, but director and the whole team seems like they got their minds erased or now just can think about post kongdom hearts things. I'm saying FF XV is bad, I've enjoyed what I've played, but has so little Final Fantasy on it.

      And the FF VII remake battle system is changing, which seems to go into that line of battles, but as I've said, if it is enjoyable, AND they add classic mode, or the classic game with an amazing filter it could go pretty good

    42. Lickerbait 6 days ago

      @Josue, the people who worked on FFXV are some of the same people who worked on the original FFVII

    43. Orange Boy 6 days ago

      @josue I understand what you are saying with companies should take delays into consideration, the issue is that some do. Sometimes delays just get ridiculous, and completely out of their hands. Like a shipping company will just say “oh you know that ship that set sail a month and that we said you stuff was on, well it wasn’t, and you’ll be on this other ship that will set sail in two weeks” I’ve seen a campaign sit there for months asking the shipping company everyday where their stuff is just to have them say “we haven’t started working on it.” And these are known reliable companies. Sometimes the creator has used them before without issue. Just saying delays will happen :)

    44. Josue Olea 6 days ago

      And a little late but, FF7 is something much waited, sadly who knows if the people from FFXV will ruin gameplay, let's hope not, and also Have a classic system.

      But the worst: making it episodic, regarding that I hope when they start releasing is because almost all is ready and it works similar yo life os strange, with the physical/complete version being available at most a year later from first chapter

    45. Josue Olea 6 days ago

      I really wish there are no delays I get what many say from experience but to be fair is something shoudn't be accepted, I believe each company has the obligation of calculating even some drawbacks when giving an estimated date, so the normal should be to at most, get them on the specified date. And... I Really can't, neither want to wait more!!

    46. TheSirSpence (is killing me) 6 days ago

      @JGC I doubt opening the PM for a weekend will delay anything at all. They are still pre production.

      It will mean that those that passed on something with because they thought it added no gameplay value can now get it, after it turns out that it does.

    47. Missing avatar

      David 6 days ago

      I've lost count -how many miniatures do you get if you have pledged for everything?

    48. JGCreations 7 days ago

      I would love the game to be out on time, due to the scale of this compared to their Dark Souls campaign, this seems achievable by their set September release date

      If they don't reopen a pledge manager to get things that you've passed on, hopefully someone bought extras, try eBay after release

    49. TheSirSpence (is killing me) on March 16

      I don't care if it's the end of 2019 to be fair. As long as we end up with a fun and exciting game. I want to get addicted to this like I was to the original Warhammer Quest, or Zombicide or even Resident Evil 2 on the PS1.

      I just really hope we get another chance to bag that Retro Pack

    50. ChaosWoLFF on March 16

      I would love a completed game in 2018. but it seems like almost all board games have a several month delay, unless they are C'mon and deliver a few months early. I personally expect this game roughly early to mid 2019. Hopefully before April of 2019. As long as we are kept in the loop, updated and you guys test the shit out of this game and give us a super duper game I'll be happy. Just upsetting if we are waiting until or longer than may 2019

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