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Designed specifically for the Resident Evil™ universe, this is a strategic game of co-operative survival horror for 1-4 players.
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    1. Jiji just now

      That's from the Godtear kickstarter.

    2. Jiji 1 minute ago

      "SFG is made up of several dedicated project teams working on each game we develop and produce.

      These teams are made up from designers, developers, producers, artists, sculptors as required by the project. As much as we would wish it otherwise, throwing more people onto a project doesn’t actually make it progress any faster, in fact many times it has been shown to have the opposite effect."

    3. Jesse Cree about 3 hours ago

      I'm pretty sure SFG isn't that big of a company for all of these projects to be handled separately, its the same people with each one, they have people make up a game, then once they're done creating the rules and everything, they move onto the next project while others worry about the manufacturing, which is most likely going be done with the same Chinese manufacturers as for Dark Souls, which means there will inevitably be problems just like there are with Dark Souls.
      Staying positive will only make you more disappointed when things inevitably go awry. The only positive thing I can say is that there are far less backers for this, so the problems won't be as big as Dark Souls' problems, but still, I don't expect this game to be delivered until sometime between December and February because SFG's estimates are always overly optimistic and without thought to anything possibly going wrong in mind.

    4. ChaosWoLFF about 11 hours ago

      shoot, correction:


    5. ChaosWoLFF about 11 hours ago

      @Dustin R.

      BITE YOUR TONGUE! Don't you put that evil upon us, I've already had that happen from my 1st game that I backed (The Terminator) and I'll be dammed if that is happening here...They have put on a damn good show if that's the case and they are funding others with this money. But WE HAVE NO REASON TO SUSPECT THAT EACH PROJECT IS BEING HANDLED SEPARATELY. So mind you tongue and please consider each of your fears as paranoia and keep it to yourself unless you get proof.

      Stay positive man. No reason yet to fret. There's a delay in completion...but it as of now is reasonable.

    6. Dustin R. about 12 hours ago

      Anyone get the feeling that every SFG Kickstarter since Dark Souls is just being used to fund Dark Souls's manufacturing for Wave 2 (Delayed) and Wave 3 (no delivery date yet)?

      That DS delay + this one has some major red flags for me.

    7. Missing avatar

      John Goodall about 17 hours ago

      Ed Oliva

      I think thats correct, when you are in the same square as a zombie you have to pass an evade roll to do any actions if you fail the evade roll the action is lost. So would be like action 1 move onto square with zombie, action 2 move but you need to pass an evade roll to move on.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ed Oliva about 18 hours ago

      Hey everyone, after reading the Rulebook I have a question.
      How would I handle running past a zombie (is it possible)? My understanding is, on my turn I move my character on to the Square the zombie is on and I need to succeed on an evade roll, if successful I can then continue moving past him, correct?

    9. Ryan Sutcliffe
      about 18 hours ago

      Im just going to get one of each different mini painted, but i might save up and get them done professionally

    10. Orange Boy about 19 hours ago

      @matt good luck painting. Black Plague was my first game painting. I try to stay true to the art, but once I have a zombie for the art I will do the rest of that sculp in different ways. I don’t want all my zombies wearing the same black shirt for example.

    11. Dave H about 21 hours ago

      Wow, Dark souls delayed again. Are we still under the delusion this game will arrive this year?

    12. Nana
      about 22 hours ago

      i wanna paint too but i'm so scared that i'm gonna ruin my zombies and all!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Luis Guajardo Leal 1 day ago

      Thanks for the rule book Sfg!! I will patiently wait for my copy to arrive. Now, not that I feel entitled to anything, but I think it would be an awesome idea if you recorded and posted a playtrough of a scenario with the updated and final rules. I would even settle for the prologue scenario with the current rules.
      Anyways, hope to see some videos soon.
      Thanks for the hard work and good luck!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Richard G 1 day ago

      Great stuff Eddie :)

    15. Eddie "Egghead" Bianco 1 day ago

      @ Matt - Egghead Hobbies on YouTube will have a full episodic painting series on each and every miniature in the game, including all add ons. So you won’t be alone in your painting...

    16. Missing avatar

      Matt Leatham 1 day ago

      Hey guys anyone planning on painting these figures to match the game models? I plan to but it will be my first time trying it lol

    17. Missing avatar

      leththepowerful 1 day ago

      I now live with a game group, so I am even more amped for my backed co-op games to show up.

    18. Missing avatar

      Antoine Jones 1 day ago

      I agree 100% with Nick. I dont know why KSes dont do that. I've always thought they should make the delivery date 6 months later than actually anticipated that way NONE of us have to worry about delays. My guess is the only reason they dont is because they know no one is gonna back a project that they know up front is gonna take a year and a half to deliver. So they put "good looking" dates to get ppl to back then crush them with delays after they've already taken their money

    19. Nick clapper 1 day ago

      @Orange Boy:
      Keep in mind all of my customers were under contract. Meaning I wasn’t billing them for more or less or really lying to them. Even a routine fix often times has delays in my field. And I don’t add 40%, just 2 hours to almost everything. A 6-hour-fix, I’d estimate at 8-hours. A 1-hour fix, I’d estimate at 3 hours and so-on.

      As far as full transparency goes, I am always transparent. If things are going well, I’d tell them. If they aren’t I’d tell them. I guess, personally I’d prefer to just set the expectation to a realistic time and not have to give delay news than to set an unrealistic time and have to give delay news. It’s not lying or being deceptive, per se, it’s just building in a buffer for things to go wrong. Especially in SFG case when they are dealing with partners/vendors that they don’t have control over.

      For example: if SFG had built in a buffer for delays and said Q1 of 2019 and then delivered in Q4 of 2018: you’d be beyond happy, right? If they had said Q1 of 2019 and had a delay that took them to Q1 of 2019: you’d still be happy because they made their estimate, right? But to give a specific timeframe and have to delay that: you’d either be disappointed or mad, right? As a consumer, delays are bad. It’s all about perception.

    20. Orange Boy 2 days ago

      Seems like people are arguing over nothing here. The dates were an estimated date, it got closer, they got more info, they narrowed the date down to a more accurate date. Who cares what it was anymore. We know what it is now. This game is an ip so they have extra hoops to go through and that takes time. Remember they also reopened the pm for us. Yes they said it shouldn’t affect delivery, but it was still work they had to put to that and not on the game.
      @nick yeah everyone could take their original estimations and add about 40% to it like you do with your customers. I for one feel that is lying. I would rather have full transparency. Know a job takes 3 hours. If it took longer I would want to hear the reason. Not thinking it was a 5 hour job that took 5 hours not knowing there was issues.

      They told us the shortest time they could do it. They been telling us about samples needing tweaking. I feel SFG has been running a great KS so fast.

    21. Andres 2 days ago

      I think your assumptions are wrong. I cannot see a date for day 0. What I can see is a delivery time window, which is september. And it doesnt say September only for UK Backers. You are guessing that. If you were right, it would be even worst as they would be lieing to us since the very first minute, which could be but I dont want to believe it.

    22. Nick clapper 2 days ago

      They put everyone as estimated delivery in September, regardless of where you lived. You didn’t pay attention to the actual shipping timeline to the different parts of the world as stated by their main KS page. Even though they said September, I figured October/November because I live in the US and based upon their shipping timeline stated on their main KS page. That being said, original week zero would have been late July. So, if week zero is now end of September, that is an 8 week delay. Not 14 like you’re claiming. The timeframe for UK had always been 6-8 weeks from week zero and 9-12 for the rest of the world. I think the biggest issue has stemmed from the confusion in actual shipping differences than actual delays.

    23. Andres 2 days ago

      I dont agree with you, as an EU backer my delivery date was september. Which in case it is the final week (worst escenario without delays). So in case it is delivered in Jan 15th,.for me its a14 week delay.
      Obviously we have to deal with it, I am just saying that every future SFG backer should know this expect a major delay. They may have improved but are reliable in this aspect. Just my opinion guys.

    24. Nick clapper 2 days ago

      I think you have the timing confused. I think the original timeframe was supposed to have “week zero” to be late July, meaning that it was targeting an actual “in backers hands in UK” in September (but would be October/November for EU/AUS/US). So in reality, it’s only a 2 month delay. Nowhere near a 14-week delay you’re referring to. While the delay is unfortunate, I’d much rather have the quality of the game pieces be high quality.

    25. Missing avatar

      Antoine Jones 2 days ago

      @Andres considering their previous track record. I'd call January and IMPROVEMENT compared to how Dark Souls is going

    26. Mr Lucky 2 days ago

      Sept-jan is not that major of a delay, it sucks... but kickstarter is not a preorder and the game arrives when its done.
      I promise you that SFG is doing all they can to het the game out. Time is money.

    27. Andres 2 days ago

      So, to sum it up, if the 0 days mark is the final week of september, and the game arrives within 14 weeks (EU/US) that means we will probably get the game by the 3rd week of january? While the transparency and the rulebook sharing on this update was great, I can not celebrate this. 14 weeks delay and the game wont even arrive by 2018...I knew the risk of backing a SFG game (after what happened in DS) and I though it wouldnt happen again, too bad I was wrong. Ok, they get the job done but always expect a heavy delay I guess when backing SFG.

    28. Missing avatar

      Q_Dawg187 2 days ago

      With the latest kickstarter update including the rules, will there be a physical version of the rulebook included?

    29. G-R-B-Herb 2 days ago

      Forgive me if it's been answered already, but has it been said if its just the core box being shipped in November? Or will the B files and other add on's also be shipped or will they come later?

      I expect they will probably be a later date, but thought I'd ask.

    30. Missing avatar

      John Goodall 3 days ago

      Or "how you will escape this dangerous location"

    31. Missing avatar

      John Goodall 3 days ago

      Thanks Sherwin. May be worth adding "of any colour" to that last line just to make sure its clear. Rest of it looks spot on, great work guys! One other thing i would change is the final line of the italic intro on page 21. It reads like its trying to say this section will tell you how to "escape" but the final point implies its helping you make the decision to escape. I think we all know we need to escape so i would change the last bit to "so you can think about how to escape this dangerous location"

    32. Dustin R. 3 days ago

      @SFG Sherwin - I think he's asking about storing extra herbs. Does each color count as an inventory slot, or all all herbs (red, green, etc) just 1 slot that could hold an infinite number of herbs?

      I saw nothing in the rules about mixing herbs... Is that a thing?

    33. SFG Sherwin 3 days ago

      @John Any type of herb can be mixed, hence no listed colour.

    34. Missing avatar

      Sakeus 3 days ago

      Good update SFG, thank you! Now do the update for Dark Souls please :)

    35. Missing avatar

      John Goodall 3 days ago

      I dont see any reference to 8 tension cards for scenario 1. The first page shows its 16 green plus 1 amber and 1 red and the next page says to take the top 18 tension cards.

      Question on herbs page 18. It says if you have 1 green herb additional herbs dont take up space. Is that additional herbs of any colour or only other green herbs?

    36. Stephen Peers 3 days ago

      There’s also an error in the scenario 1 note that says you use 18 cards in the tension deck and not the 8 it says you need in the scenario summary.

    37. Missing avatar

      John Goodall 3 days ago

      @SFG just checking how you would like to receieve feedback on the rulebook as there could be a danger of it clogging the comments up here. Only a few pages in but i see an error on page 6 point 4 of profiles.

      Note that even if a character cannot use a weapon, they can still can take it into their inventory. You need to remove one of those can's.

    38. Nick clapper 3 days ago

      @Richard G:
      That’s how I interpret it too. But just wanting clarification as it could be taken either way. I don’t want to assume anything at this point.

    39. Missing avatar

      Richard G 3 days ago

      November is probably the 6-8 week mark in that table.

    40. Nick clapper 3 days ago

      @Josue Olea:
      I agree - it’s sad that companies like this can’t set realistic dates. I work for a global company repairing various pieces of medical equipment - I would almost always add 2 hours my gut estimate and tell that to the customer (if I felt a job would take 3 hours to complete, I’d tell the customer 5 hours; etc). That way when I finished the job early, I’d be a hero....and if there were any delays, they wouldn’t be any wiser for it. If SFG told us originally shipping would be first quarter of 2019, and this delay happened, we wouldn’t be any wiser for it and we’d be ecstatic to get it by Christmas this year!

    41. Missing avatar

      Antoine Jones 3 days ago

      See I toldja it would get delayed. I'm glad they told us now instead of waiting til sept or August 31st. See that was easy. Now I'm happy

    42. Nick clapper 3 days ago

      This kind of a long one (a lot of it is copy/paste), but after the latest update, I’d just like some clarification...this is from the campaign page:
      “Shipping Starts 
      * 0 Days – China starts packing EU/AUS/US hub orders. 
      * UK/RoW orders are sent to the UK hub by sea freight. 
      * 2-5 Weeks – China begins packing and shipping Asian hub orders. 
      * 6-8 Weeks – UK hub receives items and begins packing and shipping to backers
      * 9-12 Weeks - EU/AUS/US hubs receive items, ship everything out to backers within 2 weeks. 
      * 13+ Weeks – UK hub completes shipping of the UK and RoW orders. Late confirmation orders and customer service requests for missing/broken items are dealt with via”

      From their latest update:
      “At present we estimate shipping from our production partners in China will begin in the final week of September. Once delivery from our production partners has been made, we’ll be doing our utmost to turn around your orders as quickly as possible and get them out to our distribution hubs, so they can be sent on to backers. We estimate that we will begin shipping to backers in November.”

      I interpret that as the last week in September is “zero week” from the campaign page...Thus the November timeframe shipping to backers actually means in our hands (6-8 weeks from zero week in UK would be November)? So we may still get it before Christmas (according to the shipping timetable, that’ll be cutting it close for Christmas in the US).....OR is the November timeframe “zero week?” At which point that would put delivery in the mid first quarter in 2019 for the US? Just asking for clarification. Thanks!

    43. Josue Olea 3 days ago

      @DocWily: Wow maybe that was exagerating possible events, however when you acept a date and the result becomes so anticipated is a very glad situation I guess

    44. Ryan Sutcliffe
      3 days ago

      And dont forget about vested sherry! Hahaha

    45. Orange Boy 3 days ago

      I’m still waiting to hear the next big game they been teasing about.

    46. Orange Boy 3 days ago

      Thanks for the rule book.

    47. DocWily 3 days ago

      The only project I have backed which hasn't been late is Everdell, and not that it wasn't late, its currently in fulfillment and the date for that was December 2018. LOL

    48. Josue Olea 3 days ago

      Yeah... Can't say I'm happy with the delay, can't blame capcom neither, is sad how it seems almost no company is able to set realistic dates (if they were delays would be weird to see), but indeed there are many examples of much bigger delays, and one thing I like is that so far we are still getting everything together and not first core and in8 months SG + expansions like in so many other projects

    49. DocWily 3 days ago

      It's really cool to see the new layouts for the Character Cards and Deck cards. I like it, looking forward to what the final Retro Pack will look like also.

    50. Boxing Moogle 3 days ago

      Wow, I can wait till November as I have plenty of orher games to play till then. Two months doesn't sound bad at all when compared to other kickstarter games that went well beyond a year to deliver any product. In the meantime, I will happily read the rulebook.

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