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Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
9,838 backers pledged £1,393,260 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      William Roswall Sørensen on

      Guys - srly 100.000 £ for next SG :-( And then its a human...
      Aaanyways the game looks very nice, and Im looking much forward to playing it :-)

      Would u guys concider opgrading the game, instead of new human miniatures? like alt sculps for the smaller monsters, plastic tokens and such?

      Br. William

    2. Missing avatar

      Akira on

      Still holding out for Control Towers

    3. Missing avatar

      Lord Maim on

      STILL holding out for Petra Forgewoman.

    4. Cathulhu on

      I’m going to guess Vanasha is the next unlock.

    5. Anthony on

      I would really like to see board effects by using Control Towers.

      Come on! Who doesn't want a mechanical flower?!

    6. Chris D on

      Fair warning this comment is just fangirling. Read at your own risk

      *deep breath*


      WE GOT // N I L // !!!!!!!!!!! it hit 6am my time originally and I woke up for aggggggges. Should have listened to my intuition and checked my phone.

      My BOY.

      I couldn’t bring myself to kill him the first time, even though I know that’s what he wanted. I liked the poor bastard wayyyyyy too much. But I gave him the farewell he wanted when I went through on ultrahard plus. Man is thirsty as fuck for carnage and bloodshed. And you know what they say about living by the sword. Well- bow in this universe.

      ....... and then I immediately went back to the hard save I’d done before finding him so I could turn his ass down again for all the extra dialogue options you can hear/find if you let him live.

      What can I say? I’m weak.

    7. Sam "Savage" Cash on

      Problem there is that all the machines from the game that would be practical have been included, and the license doesn't extend to making entirely new ones. The reason people want a 2nd Bellowback are that in the game there are 2 types: one that uses ice attacks and one that uses fire. If you're going to paint the models that means you have to choose which one to paint it as. Also, during the game you often encountered more than one Bellowback at a time, so having 2 would allow more hunt options.

      The only models we're likely to get other than a 2nd Bellowback are all human.

    8. AGN1964 on

      I'd much rather have a new machine than a second copy of one we already have.

    9. Pekka Poukka


    10. Missing avatar

      Jabb on

      @Cody Singer : it's more "100000 for a human instead of 40000" more than the single human himself the problem... and with this 100000 , the 2nd bellowbak seems very far... by the way, you're right, most (including me) wanted machines before human (and the poor middle campaign scarred me about it ^^)

    11. Missing avatar

      DDm on

      If they come with a good sized deck of cards for every occasion, I'm in. So far cards I've seen in this game a beaytiful. And you can never have too much cards in the game)

    12. John Hanna on

      I played it both ways with Nil, though I didn't see him the first time I ran through the ending. I kind of found him a pain in bandit camps (the number of times he got in the way of aiming was ridiculous).

    13. Cody Sinclair on

      @Jabb I'm pretty sure the reason why a "single human" was locked so far up the stretch goals was because they wanted to prioritize the machines. Which would make sense since a lot of people would rather have every machine unlocked before unlocking even more human characters.

    14. Missing avatar

      DDm on

      Yeah, SGs are now spread a lot wider

    15. Missing avatar

      Paul Thompson Jr. on

      My new main. Don't care he is not good against machines.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sayerra on

      Money's on Helis as some sort of a final boss thing.
      Now I'm double disappointed Avad doesn't make it in. :<

    17. Stefan >> DEXYD << on

      I found that dude pretty annoying.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jabb on

      100 000 for a single human? used to be 40000... kind of behemoth hidden cost... ( or too few SG remaining to the succes, so high SG to prevent the no more SG)

    19. Amanda Swank

      I fought him because its what he wanted.

    20. Conrad Martinez Gil on

      I think it would be wonderful to see a Rost miniature.

    21. Jake on

      Oooooo... now I need a Rost fig to kick him across the table. Repeatedly.

    22. TheSirSpence on

      Is it Ezio Auditore... Wait wrong franchise.

    23. MissChibi

      Next one has to be Helis in his armour, right? :O

    24. Joel on

      Yay Nil!
      And I didn't fight him.

    25. Missing avatar

      Tiffany on

      Yeesss!!!!! Finally! Thank you SFG!!!