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Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
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    1. Justin Hayes on

      @thantastic yeah makes sense. Really looking forward to trying it out 😄

    2. Thantastic on

      @Justin Hayes and @Ryan: What they've already shown allows for a lot of flexibility and there's no inherent need for special mechanics to prep your hunters for a thunderjaw (or other giant machine). The encounter decks control access to possible resources, and so long as they provide more resources - through higher encounter rewards, more machines, and including more machines with more parts that can be torn off - compared to the encounter decks for the Sawtooth or lesser prey that gives players more access to more cards from the merchant.

      From what we've seen so far there's even already suggestion that there will be some strategic and tactical consideration to what hunters and gear approaches are best to take against specific huge machines. For instance, taking a hunter that has to remove cards from their deck or discard is suddenly a lot riskier when facing an enemy that can drop double-digit amounts of damage in a single hit. Part of the strategy may not be looking for too many cards that are straight upgrades that replace cards in your deck so much as finding cards that add to your deck.

      I'm sure we're all excited to get as much info as we can, but I don't think there's any indication so far that we're "missing" any mechanics that are going to be central to the way huge machine hunts function.

    3. AGN1964 on

      That's a very impressive model. At this early stage, I am sure you are showing a 3D print, not a mass produced mini.

      Will it be made from PVC? PVC shrinks as it cools. This is less noticeable on small curved minis, but very noticeable on large blocks of PVC with flat surfaces, like armor plates. The center of these surfaces is often sunken. How will you avoid this problem?

    4. Justin Hayes on

      @ryan. Hmm interesting. So you can play up to the Thunderjaw from scratch in the same number of encounters as a lower level 'boss' monster? There must be some extra mechanics in play somewhere then..... I guess some of this stuff is still WIP.

    5. Missing avatar

      Remy van Vliet

      Awesome model!

    6. Andreas Ahlgren

      Thunder thunder thunder thunder... jaw!! I'd also like to see the other big beasts in 360, pretty please.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      @Justin- In the video he says that there are level one, two, and three encounters, then the thunderjaw. That's exactly the same progression sequence as shown for the sawtooth.

      Also, I just watched the video more closely and noticed something that I consider to be a massive red flag. The encounter cards he is showing from the "thunderjaw tracking deck" aren't from a thunderjaw deck at all (look at the icon in the top right corner), only the final boss card shows the thunderjaw icon.

    8. Justin Hayes on

      The way it works in Dark Souls is the Megaboss is something you tackle having already tackled a Mini and Main boss, so you're already levelled up prior.

      I was assuming something similar here - you'd do a normal set of hunts culminating in something smaller, then the hunts leading up to a Thunderjaw. Is that not right?

    9. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      @Jefferson- That's pretty much what I came up with as well. The problem is the first three things you mentioned are completely artificial, and with regard to throwing in harder enemies there's a limit there based on what is a reasonable encounter to tackle with the starting hunter decks. The way I see it you either have to artificially pump up progression for harder bosses, dumb down the harder bosses, or balance the progression around the harder bosses making something like the sawtooth completely trivial for a group of leveled hunters.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jefferson on

      @Ryan, about player progression:
      The hunts before large boss may
      - require more trophies,
      - reward a bigger bonus for killing every enemy,
      - contain terrain that can be scavenged for additional resources,
      - force you to face harder machines than Watchers, that give more scrap metal when defeated,

      If the tracking deck can increase your income you will naturally have better equipment and be better prepared to face Thunderjaw

    11. Justin Hayes on

      Well the Thunderjaw was the add-on I was definitely going to go for, and I'm not disappointed :D

      Trying to resist the temptation to get more!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Christopher Telford on

      Guys... there's a turntable –– right next to the dude! Why didn't you put the Thunderjaw on it and give us a 360?!

      Nevermind, I was getting TJ anyway - looks phenomenal too - but 360's of the other Huge Machines would be appreciated - either physical prototypes or CG renders I don't mind.

    13. Herve Gengler on

      This thunderjaw is amazing :o

    14. Stoffel on

      I'm relieved to see this video. This keeps on inspiring me to really go for it all (even thought I'm a bit short on cahs right now). It gives me a clear vision on what's included in those expansions and how the basics work It's a wondefull creation en it really brings the game, which I love so much, to a whole new level. Can't wait to see it for real ...
      P.S.: Can I also purchase the expansions after the closing (28th september) of the pledges? also to the same price like they are right now? I'd like to buy it all, but I have to spread these expenses over time.
      THx a lot

    15. Jake on

      We wants it. We needs it! Precious....

    16. John on

      Where am I going to store all this stuff?? Oh well, that’s a problem for future me 😂😂😂 can’t wait to get this on the table.

    17. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      So how does player progression work with varying boss difficulties if every tracking deck consists of three encounters and then a boss fight, regardless of whether the boss is a sawtooth or a thunderjaw?

      There's no campaign, which I'm fine with, but that means no carry over of abilities or gear from one hunt to the next. So presumably we start each hunt the same way, going into the first encounter with just the starting deck for our hunter. If that's true then all level one encounters need to be roughly the same difficulty, regardless of whether it's level one of the sawtooth deck or level one of the thunderjaw deck. Logically then, the player progression between level one and two, two and three, and between three and the boss is also going to be the same. So how is it that it takes three levels of progression to fight a sawtooth but also three levels of progression to fight a thunderjaw?

    18. Khalashnikovf on

      Now noy to wait until March 2022... I can wait... Im patiente...

    19. Missing avatar

      Jabb on

      Awesome... question : gencon's thunderjaw got a custom base, but this one don t. Wich one is the good one ( assuming things can chance, wich is the lastest model? Will big machine have a custom base?)

    20. Missing avatar

      Harrison Zlomke on

      In awe of the size of that lad. Absolute unit!

    21. MissChibi

      Hoooo boy!
      Loving the card designs
      Loving the new biome tiles
      Loving dat Thunderjaw
      I am HYPED

    22. Missing avatar

      Bert Rietveld on

      Awesome! Looks great!
      Just one question.
      Will you be able to use items from the Thunderjaw once they are removed ?
      For example the disc launcher. That is what I always do in HZD. Remove the disc launcher from the thunderjaw and shoot with it.

    23. Nacho Lanza on

      This is the kind of content people are looking for :D

    24. Joshabi

      bless this mess

    25. Alluidh on

      Why so late? What could have happened to this campaign if information had been available to us from the beginning? I don't want to think about it anymore.

    26. Adam Evans

      Oh yes! Does not disappoint.

    27. Majik

      Holy bananas. MUST HAVE

    28. Dan Ford on

      Will the expansions be available after release or are they only for Kickstarter backers?
      So excited for this to be completed 😁

    29. Jonas on

      I love this! <3