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Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
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    1. AGN1964 on

      "The player with the Leader token draws three cards at the start of each Tracking Phase and chooses one. "

      Does the Leader draw 3 random cards from the deck or 3 cards of a specific level? I think it's 3 from the level you want to play; just checking.

    2. Lukeyy19 on

      @Thomas Watkins - You don’t have to follow all the rules to a T though, if when you play you don’t want a first round fledgling or want to decide for yourself how far behind a player has to be before they can be considered the fledgling then you can do that.

    3. Missing avatar

      Wingnut on

      Maybe the rest of the rules will be posted in the last hour so nobody has time to cancel their pledge if they don't like them..

    4. Missing avatar

      Wingnut on

      Wasn't this already explained in the playthrough video?

    5. MissChibi

      I think what @Thomas Watkins was getting at was that at the start of the game everyone is on equal footing so in the first encounter you've essentially given one player a head start over everyone else

    6. 2InchDestroyer on

      @Thomas. Every new board first player marker rotates, and Fledgeling marker changes to who’s the furthest behind...

    7. Missing avatar

      Jason Cortes on

      Or the miniatures as an add on since I doubt another stretch goal would be reachable at this point

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason Cortes on

      Stretch goal of terrain features like the dead watcher as a miniature , yes please.

    9. Joel on

      Great update. Looking forward to the next 2.

    10. Jake on

      What different terrain tiles are we looking at? We know that there will be desert and snow. What about hunting in the jungle or the ruins of the metal world?
      Hunting in Devils Grief, aka Denver Colorado, would be wicked!

      ...and it happens to be my home town.

    11. Missing avatar

      Thomas Watkins on

      I like the look of the game but it seemed off to me that a player gets to draw from the fledgling deck for the first encounter when I watched your video. It seems like it just gives them an advantage without requiring them be in a worse position first.

    12. Missing avatar

      Frederic Courcy on

      I think it is said in the update about forge and hammer that there will be a "guide" to upgrades the machine in the core game.

      So they clearly thought about it... how exactly it is gonna work would be nice to know. Might be just to change x to y according to the machine on the left side of the card.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kyle Bentley on

      Thanks for the informative update. My main question is how the quarry cards will work when new machines are added in for expansions. For example, we have been told that the Lancehorn and Charger from Forge and Hammer are upgrades to the machines in the core game. How will they be added into quarry decks? Will there be a way for us to encounter those machines when hunting a Sawtooth? Or will they be limited to hunts for certain quarries?

    14. Anthony on

      +1 dead minis

      Love this idea!

    15. MissChibi

      Thanks for another fun update :D I'm loving the artwork on the back of the cards! ❤
      I notice it's been said above that there will be different terrain tokens depending on the encounter, any chance we might see an SG for some minis to represent the dead Watchers? They would be super fun to paint and decorate!

    16. Missing avatar

      thgr8houdini on

      Awesome! Thanks for getting into a bit more detail on gameplay mechanics. So excited for this game!

    17. Thantastic on

      Glad to see these details, and very much looking forward to the write-up of the encounter.

    18. Cameron Smith on

      Careful guys if you give them too much information they won’t be able to spam your comments section complaining every 15 seconds.

      For real though, glad to see these now instead of later ❤️