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Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
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    1. AGN1964 on

      @Francis The weight bands for ship are very wide. So long as they can guess the weight +/- a kilo, they will be fine with shipping estimates. The cost also depends on the volume of the parcel.

    2. Missing avatar

      Francis W on

      Good points. I have a follow up question then: is it hard to actually 3D print from the CAD model during the campaign? It's one of the annoyances I have with these sorts of campaigns where the only things we see are the computer models and not much else (in this case, just one gameplay video). It all just gives me the impression that they are making it up as they go...

    3. Missing avatar

      Akira on

      I'm with Teun on this, would really like to see updated shipping costs with the new all-in pledge. Hopefully it'll be included once we unlock the next SG, which may be the last "large" scale model we get.

      Shipping costs are still going to vary depending on how many other SGs we hit and with add-ons, but I'm sure a lot of people are putting in for more than the core pledge at this point so whats currently posted, I feel, is extremely outdated based on what we've unlocked so far.

    4. Missing avatar

      Teun Ham on

      My concern is that I have asked for an update on the shipping costs in update 13, and SFG Sherwin replied that he would ask around and get back to me...and I'm still waiting...

    5. Missing avatar

      Teun Ham on

      @Francis, I work with 3D CAD and I can tell you the mass of every component that I model. Like Robert says, it's not that difficult.

      If you know the geometry and the material being used (which SFG both know), you'll know exactly the total weight of all the components of the base game and the expansions.

    6. Missing avatar

      Robert Glass on

      @Francis W As someone who has done this sort of project, it really is not that difficult to estimate weight. You know the material being used, the 3d model allows you to quickly determine the volume of material being used (paper product is also easy to estimate). You know how many models, cards, boards etc that will be included. From there, it is simple math.

    7. Missing avatar

      Francis W on

      Hmm, how are they even able to estimate shipping costs when they don't know the weight? So far, the miniatures are just computer-generated models...

    8. Brian on

      I need to see Rost!!

    9. JKenn

      No. I’ve just backed similar sized projects in the past.

    10. Missing avatar

      Teun Ham on


      Do you work for SFG?

    11. JKenn

      Shipping will be at least $50

    12. Ragnar on

      I can't wait to get this... it's a huge investment though... I mainly got this for my D&D campaign for the great minis, but the game looks awesome as well, can't wait to try out the game AND the minis(I haven't played the game, allthough I saw it at gamescom 2015 and the game looked astounding)!

      Gonna be quite a bit before we get this, though

    13. Missing avatar

      Tiffany on

      Omg...that looks like Nil @ 1,123! We HAVE to get there!!

    14. Joel on

      Expect it to be much more with how much has been added. I'd guess 50% more to double.
      Good news is that if the shipping turns out to be too much for you you'll be able to get a refund at that point and wait for it at retail, though then you won't have the Kickstarter exclusives and be paying full price. I'm going all in so I know my shipping is going to be much more than the preliminary estimates.

    15. Chris D on

      Holy wow. Guys. //Guys//. I think we’ve got this??? Like 24 hours ago I didn’t think it was possible to unlock the Behemoth, let alone the next hunter. But hot diggety dang. We have a chance. Like- an Actual chance. I’m biting my nails. This is so exciting. Like- also they’ve answered or worked with the community so Well? I can barely sit still. This is incredible. Keep it up!! And thanks for the work, Steamforged. You guys are amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated crew to the game I love so much.

    16. Missing avatar

      Teun Ham on

      @Joel, exactly that.

      They know which stretchgoals have been unlocked, and they also know how big the expansions are.

      So they can also calculate how much the shipping costs of those items are.

      More than 5 days ago SFG promised to get back to me (all of us) about the shipping costs, but they are too much focused on pushing updates out the door.

      I expect that the £20 shipping cost will be much larger. I don't want to be surprised that, in the end, I must pay the same amount for shipping as for the game itself.

    17. Joel on

      What do you expect them to say in the shipping cost? The very preliminary estimate said that they could rise depending on the number of stretch goals. Also they would be more if you get more add ons.

    18. Missing avatar

      Teun Ham on

      How about an update on those shipping costs?

      I have asked this about a week ago and you guys keep ignoring it...

    19. Joshabi


    20. Joel on

      That looks like Nil

    21. hunter of hunter-hoperaven on

      hell yeah! hope we get all the stuff unlock before the end