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Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
9,838 backers pledged £1,393,260 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. NZ Nick

      I don't want to lose my early bird, but I want all-all. I do not see an upgrade path, so I'm sticking with early bird.

    2. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Fernando Costa : they maybe create an option on Backerkit.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sadeq on

      Thanks for listening to our requests and adding this new pledge level. I changed my EB to All-In pledge.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ward on

      All-In Pledge is an excellent idea, wish the other kickstarter campaigns that I have backed would do stuff like this.

    5. Wolfjaw

      Are we able to pledge for one All-In now, and add a second at the same price in the Pledge Manager?

    6. Missing avatar

      Daniel Estrada on

      @patrick mcgrane
      This was also my first early bird pledge
      And for me too was weirdly satisfying... haha oh well all in pledge here I come

    7. Fernando Costa

      I'm an Early Bird backer, may I change to All-In in the Pledge Manager?

    8. vectordream on

      So many people are asking so can we get a 100% confirmation that you will be able to upgrade your pledge to all-in within the pledge manager after the campaign ends?

    9. Ben Sheppard

      @Stefan You should be able to change your pledge level during the Pledge Manager.

    10. Stefan >> DEXYD << on

      I currently don't have the money for an all in-pledge. :(

    11. Adam Evans

      Well... renders...

    12. Adam Evans

      I started hyperventilating on the elevator when I saw those models... So purdy!! MUST PAINT!

    13. James Starke on

      Also curious as to whether or not I'd be able to change my pledge in the PM.

    14. Missing avatar

      Konstantinos Stathopoulos on

      Any chance for PVP play mode? One player with heroes and one player with monsters.

    15. Christopher Riccio on

      *does the "changed my pledge to all-in" dance!*

    16. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      Hello SEG team!
      Can I get an all-in package during pledge manager? (If, for instance, I pledge 1$ now, will I be able to choose the 280$ all-in during pledge manager?)
      ^ Bump

      Would we be able to go into the Pledge Manager to change to the all in pledge option after the kickstarter funding period end? For instance, I have a Seeker pledge and a month later (after the funding period ended and my Visa's been charged 100 pounds), I decided that I do want the all in pledge, can I change it then?

    17. Jake on

      Gimmie a ‘Hell!!!’
      Gimmie a ‘Yeah!!!’

    18. SFG Sherwin Collaborator on

      @Kyle The Heart of the Nora does not come with additional hunters. As a scenario expansion, it changes the game mode to recreate a quest from the videogame, rather than a Hunters' Lodge quarry.

    19. Missing avatar

      Baki Hanma

      Can you switch your pledge in the PM?

    20. Missing avatar

      Roanic Cantrell on

      Can you do multiple all in pledges in the manager?

    21. Missing avatar

      Kyle Bentley on

      @SFG Sherwin: The Heart of the Nora says that we will be playing heroes instead of normal hunters. Does this mean the add-on comes with additional hunters as well? Or is the change just in terms of the scenario's story?

    22. Jesper Musa

      How to mix all in and early bird ?

    23. vectordream on

      I have seen this asked multiple times in the comments below but no answer yet. Can we select the all-in pledge in the pledge manager later on and still get that discount? Thanks!

    24. Sven on

      Ok... Pledge changed... All-in plus dice... SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY... ;-)
      Thx @SFG :-)

    25. SFG Sherwin Collaborator on

      @Bloody Cactus This bodes well then. No promises, but we'll see what we can do.

      @Patrick No worries - extra dice aren't included, if you wanted some of those.

    26. Patrick McGrane on

      @SFG Sherwin Thank you for clearing that up for Early Birds, I switched to the All-In pledge. Haha, kind of a bummer because this was my first EB pledge and I was weirdly proud of it.

      Excited for the game! Let us know if you guys add anything that is not included in the All-In.

    27. Bloody Cactus on

      @SFG Sherwin, do I make nice tea? I'm Australian with British dad married to an American. I make the bestest tea. I've converted most of my American family to tea. I dont serve marmite in my house tho.

    28. Missing avatar

      Derek Farrell on

      @Tom Shipping usually doesn’t go by when you pledge.

    29. SFG Sherwin Collaborator on

      @michael thompson This update also introduced a new expansion, which wasn't previously listed - the Heart of the Nora.

    30. Missing avatar


      Can you upgrade to All-In in the PM?

    31. Derek Davis on

      @michel thompson, the other day they hadn't announced this expansion. So increasing the price 2 pounds for the additoin of a deathbringer and two corrupters seems like you're being a bit petty.

    32. SFG Sherwin Collaborator on

      Unfortunately, we will not be making an Early Bird variant of the All-In Pledge available. The All-In pledge still introduces a significant discount for backers which we're sure you can appreciate!

      Early Bird Backers looking to adopt the All-In pledge should switch their pledges to the All-In pledge level.

    33. Tom Kay on

      @Derek Davis - Thanks for replying. I currently have my EB pledge set to the previous "all in" amount. But with this new all-in i'm tempted to switch. However @Victor Marinov raises a good point about EB backers potentially getting earlier delivery too.

    34. Malik Lyberth on

      This all in pledge? Is that the _only_ way to get all things, or will there be a backerkit style thing post campaign for those who still want them all, but can't neccesarily afford them right now?

    35. Missing avatar

      Ian Panzer on

      Switched to the all-in expansion because my wife and I love the game so much. I'm sure she will understand...

    36. Anthony Canulli on

      Can we get some sort of crazy awesome box that can handle all the expansions (or maybe knock it down to 2-3 boxes) so I don't have to wait for brokentoken to come up with something :)

      Also, wondering about that EB... I think I literally was the last one to grab it before the qty ran out.

    37. michael thompson on

      Im confused with their totals. The other day it was mentioned that all-in with extra dice was 278, now its 280 without dice??

    38. Missing avatar


      @Victor: EB pledges do not get their units first, ever. Never have, never will.

    39. Missing avatar

      Baki Hanma

      Can a backer switch from EB to all in later during PM, or would this be a during campaign only thing?

    40. Andreas Ahlgren

      I like it... sux to loose the EB though. Any discount to the all in if you happen to be EB by any chance?

    41. Victor Marinov on

      Great news!
      Wondering about the EB pledge. Usually RB backers receive their units first. If I switch to an all in (I've already added everything possible) would I still be part of the first wave of deliveries?

    42. Derek Davis on

      @Tom Kay, the all in price is a discounted rate for EVERYTHING. However if you don't want ALL the expansions, then Early Bird pledge is a good deal. For example, I'm not going all in so I'm sticking with my Early Bird pledge and just adding the Frozen Wilds Expansion.

    43. Jonas on

      Switched to All-in

    44. SFG Sherwin Collaborator on

      @bloody cactus That depends. Do you make nice tea?

    45. Patrick McGrane on

      Also wondering about the Early Bird + All-In. I'd like to be all in, but it'd also be great if we could get that discount. Let us know, even if the answer is that we have to drop the early bird :)

    46. GingerBeardMan on

      Can we just upgrade to the all-in in the pledge manager?


      So now we just need a Tallneck expansion and we have all the machines lol

    48. Missing avatar

      Daniel Estrada on

      What about those of us you got the early bird pledge shouldn't we exclusively be able to upgrade to a early bird all in pledge

    49. Missing avatar

      Sean Smith on

      Considering they weren't planning to do an All-In at all and the sizable discount that it is we should just be happy that it exists at all and not trying to squeeze an extra £5 out of the pledge when you're already getting £30 off from it.

    50. MissChibi

      Yasssss <3