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Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
9,838 backers pledged £1,393,260 to help bring this project to life.

Huge Machine Expansions & Social Goal Unlock

Posted by SFG Giblin (Collaborator)

Hi Seekers!

Firstly, let’s start with how blown away we are by your enthusiasm! You have already become an awesome community for the game, and we’re delighted to have your support. Let’s all work together to keep growing the project – the more people we have on board, the more stretch goals and bonus content you'll get added to your pledge for free! If you haven't already be sure to read about our Forge & Hammer Expansion and the Scenario Expansions.

In this update we’re going to be delving into the Huge Machine expansions and discussing their contents and how you’ll encounter them in a little more depth. We’ve seen plenty of comments regarding these impressive machines, and we want to be sure to answer your queries!

First of all, let’s take a look at the models themselves.

As you can tell, these fearsome adversaries are seriously BIG.
Massive actually, compared even to the next largest machine, the Bellowback. They dwarf the hunters with their scale, and are absolutely the centrepiece of any encounter they’re part of. Easily the largest models we’ve ever produced (and some of the Dark Souls™ Mega Bosses were pretty big!), we’re really excited to bring these 'miniatures' to the table.

During gameplay, each of these magnificent machines will come with a new tracking deck, allowing hunters to follow these immense machines through the wilds as part of their own unique playthrough, rather than adding them to another existing deck. These decks will really challenge players – they’re absolutely going to be the hard mode playthrough content for veterans, as you can easily imagine!

And because of their size, each expansion comes with new tiles too, allowing these formidable enemies space to stomp around the table (anyone remember just how fast the Thunderjaw is?!).

Finally, the enemies will come with expanded behaviour decks, allowing them to act as closely to their videogame counterparts as you’d expect, including their attacks, weaponry, and non-alert behaviour. Plus, these will be dynamic decks, meaning as hunters remove certain components, the deck will change accordingly. Who knows – you might even be able to use some components against these formidable adversaries …

From the intimidating Thunderjaw and Stormbird, to the enormous Rockbreaker and savage Fireclaw, we’re excited to see these machines in action – and we hope you are too!

How to get Huge Machine Expansions:

You can add these Huge Machine Expansions to your Seeker's Pledge by increasing your pledge amount by the following:

  • Thunderjaw Expansion + £35/$45
  • Rockbreaker Expansion +£30/$38
  • Stormbird Expansion + £35/$45
  • Fireclaw Expansion + £30/$38
  • Frozen Wilds Expansion + £40/$51
  • Extra Dice Pack + £8/$10
  • All-In Total: £278/$357

How to increase your pledge:

1. On the Campaign home screen you will firstly need to click 'Manage Your Pledge'

2. Then click 'Change Your Pledge'

3. Update your pledge amount with the new total and click 'continue' then 'confirm'

Social Goal Unlocked!


We're all working tirelessly to unlock Aloy on Overidden Strider. You've already unlocked the Twitter Social Goal, and now you've unlocked the Facebook Social Goal!!

Just a few more clicks and we'll have unlocked some more Social Goals! If you've already helped out in every way you can, then the next thing to do is to share this campaign with your gaming groups to spread the word!

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  • Backers: 251 more backers
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jon Twardowski on

      I rescind my earlier comment, I see it. hehehehehehehahahaha! /fist pump

    2. Missing avatar

      Jordan Turner on

      @AGN1964 Thanks for the clarification! Appreciate the help.

    3. Roland Austinat on

      I’ll have to wait until I see the pledge manager before I invest more than the cost of a PS4 system. ;)

      A deal breaker for me would definitely be if the All-in package would not come in a box that houses all models, cards, dice etc.

    4. Jonas on

      Woha! This giant will get a special place on my shelf spreading awsomness even if when I'm not playing!

    5. Missing avatar

      Eric Harris

      Are the above "models" renders or actual physical models? What I want to see is the later. Renders look very nice but sometimes the physical model are far less so. You need to be clear what you are showing backers. It should be simple enough to get 3Dprints done to show us what the physical models will look like.

    6. Max Kielland

      752 on BBG :D

    7. AGN1964 on

      You pick which expansion you want later, in the Pledge Manager. You'll be sent a link to the Pledge Manager after the campaign.

    8. Missing avatar

      Derek Farrell on

      @Ann scroll down just a little bit and Cubeo has the like posted it his comment

    9. Missing avatar

      Anne-Cécile Ichigo on

      Hi, I would like to follow you on IG but how do I do that ? Do you have a link somewhere ?
      Also I have raised my pledge for some rewards like thunderjaw, but I can't add all rewards, so will you nées a mail to know which one I want, or will you ask us at dispatch ?
      Thank you

    10. Missing avatar

      Jordan Turner on

      If we just want the storm bird and the thunderjaw, is there a comment box when we up our pledge that allows us to communicate that desire to you?

    11. Freddy

      @Rajiv Shah - no, these are the Kickstarter prices. That is what you have to add to your pledge to get them now. Retail will almost certainly be more expensive.

    12. Missing avatar

      Rajiv Shah on

      Are these the retail expansion prices?

    13. Missing avatar

      baek in seok on

      Ha... okey include all expasion over ps4 price..

      The boardgame price > Ps4 console price

      ... is that all?

    14. Justin Boehm BLOODBORNE BACKER #1!

      Not exactly models for sure! To be honest, Thunderjaw or Stormbird should have come with the core pledge, we should get one of those huge epic monsters with the game.

    15. Jake on

      If I remember correctly, the Thunderjaw model is something like 8” x 12” of super sexy dino-robotic terror!

    16. Jake on

      Sooo... beautiful... 😱

    17. Cubeo on

      Become a fan on Board Game Geek: (hit the little heart button)

      Like the social post on Instagram:…

    18. Soylent.Hero on

      I think you guys would have an easier time with these social goals if your social media information was more available. You don't have your Facebook linked your Kickstarter account under project information, and you don't even have all four of those social media pages linked through on your main website.

      Maybe if you put links to all of those things under the social goals images on the project page we might get there faster.

    19. Cubeo on

      However do not forget that the more money is pledged before the end of KS, the more stretch goals we unlock.

    20. Cubeo on

      They has said even in the FAQ that you can get into pledge manager with even 1 pound pledge. In comments was also mentioned, that however you can only get add-ons if you get the base game. (but that can also be done in the pledge manager)

    21. Missing avatar

      Santiago Ramírez Aguilar on

      Same as others have asked, I would like to be able to increase my pledge later. I just pledged the $130 and can't afford to increase at this time, but would lilke to do so and get these new figures later.

    22. Missing avatar

      Shaun on

      I have the same question as @ElizLestrad, will I be able to add these items during a pledge manager after the campaign ends? I'd love to get them, but I don't know if I'll be able to gather enough money before the end of the campaign.

    23. Cubeo on

      Yes, 278 is base game + all expansions + 1 additional dice pack.

    24. Missing avatar

      German Daniel Boso on

      I do think an updated pledge tier would be better and also if this could be done with a late pledge would definetly let me make that update to my pledge

    25. Chase on

      Just making sure. 278 is all in and includes the base game, right? Probably would be easier with an updated pledge tier.

    26. Stefan >> DEXYD << on

      "each of these magnificent machines will come with a new tracking deck", "each expansion comes with new tiles to" and "the enemies will come with expanded behaviour decks"
      so its not only a 'figurine'

      At these prices, i do hope they come in their own retail boxes, and are not all just tossed in one generic box in a plasic bag and some filling?

    27. Anthony Canulli on

      Yeah.. for an all said in done kickstarter, an ask price of $500 is just too rich for my blood. Especially as some have stated, for just the addition of ~6 figures.

      40-50$ just to get one figure... seems a bit much, no matter how much I want them, I got a family lol can't shell that much cash out.

    28. Missing avatar

      ElizLestrad on

      So do we have to pledge now, or will you be offering a Pledge Manager later for those of us who might have to break up payments in order to go all in?

    29. Missing avatar

      Nate Brackett on

      SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! I am in for everything but the Rockbreaker! Everything so far looks amazing and a great deal of fun! I can't wait to learn more about the finalized rules and see more demo playthroughs! I am telling anyone who will listen about this project and have even lifted my boycott on all social media to help reach the social SGs! Well done, keep it coming! I just hope the anticipation doesn't kill me before release!

    30. Missing avatar


      Hi. Could you make an all-in pack with lower price?

    31. Missing avatar


      Extra dice are always for not having to share dice or possible reroll the same die over.

    32. Cubeo on

      I can feel you with the Rockbreaker, the 2 corrupted ones, I did not have any patience for and just cheesed them by getting on a high rock and sniping them from afar.

    33. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      I'm gonna be grabbing a Thunderjaw and the Frozen Wilds for definite. Likely the Stormbird and extra dice. But anything over the base game is unfortunately going to have to wait until the PM opens (and if it's over two months) for add ons.

      I won't be in for a Rockbreaker or Fireclaw though....far too many painful memories there. (Oddly found them harder than anything else.)

    34. Lukeyy19 on

      Francis, I would also like to know what the extra dice are for, are more than 4 of each colour necessary if you're adding any of the big machines or something or are they just for spares?

    35. Blazingsoul on

      Never mind! Cubeo answered that question!

    36. Blazingsoul on

      A lot to consider here. I do also wonder about the necessity of extra dice. Are they NEEDED or just to make the flow of the table better?

    37. Cubeo on

      @Francis W
      Somewhere at the start of campaign I asked whether the extra dice are needed and was told by Sherwin, that it could be technically possible, but highly unlikely that you would need the extra pack for a single roll. People do tend to buy those just to prevent the hustle of passing dice around the table. And as there is no All-in pledge, you are not required to include the dice pack, just pledge £8 less (£270).

    38. Missing avatar

      Francis W on

      I've asked this before in update #6 but it never got answered: why does the all-in require an extra dice pack?

    39. MonkeyMagic on

      Need to see a gameplay video of how these work before I part with cash.

    40. Missing avatar

      Anthony Evans

      The all in is a little too rich for my blood, I can't justify the price for the sake of about 6 more models. I'll likely splurge and pick up one or 2 in the PM though.

    41. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Hmm … no "in development and subject to licensor approval" disclaimer on the Bellowback/Thunderjaw image...!

      It seems those approvals are getting nailed down, then, one by one!

    42. James Zapata on

      Okay, you convinced me, just picked up the Frozen wilds and Stormbird expansion. Beautiful models, which is probably my favorite part, and the added diversity to the game sounds exciting! Great work SFG, hope we can reach those social SG!