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Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
9,838 backers pledged £1,393,260 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Nick Karlovich on

      How in the world are we going to get 3k Instagram likes? That is insane. Holy cow.

    2. Freddy

      Here are the links to the social goals (as collected by Nacho Lanza):

      Comment on Facebook:

      Retweet on Twitter:

      Become a fan on Board Game Geek: (hit the little heart button)

      Like the social post on Instagram:…

    3. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Will extra copies of this Aloy sculpt be available as a paid addon in the pledge manager?

    4. Ben Sheppard

      For some reason, the way that Board Game Geek is in the middle of it's reskinning is preventing me from being signed in while on the Horizon Zero Dawn page. If I go back to the home screen, I'm logged in, but it says "Sign In" at the top on your page. I'd love to like you there as well, but it won't let me!

    5. Mark Stewart on

      The alt Aloy is a fantastic sculpt!

    6. Max on

      Am I correct in assuming that the EB pledge is also called a Seeker pledge? Or will the second Aloy model only be added to the 100gbp pledges?

    7. Missing avatar

      Sonia Brugger on

      Can this be put under the main stretch goals? Considering there are more then 7k backers there are very few comments/posts/etc so a lot of people probably didn't realize this was going on. If its on the main page more people will see it and spread the word.

    8. Margareth S

      Oh, and please put the links under the social stretch goals on the main page. Most people won't be bothered to find them on their own ;)


      I've done all I can do I'm not on Twitter or Instagram

    10. Margareth S

      Would be a good idea to get people thumbing up on gallery images on BGG as well. They seem much easier to get on the front page.

      Love these stretch goals!

    11. Cody Sinclair on

      On paper this all sounds great -- who doesn't like more free stuff? However, I am concerned that you are setting yourselves up for another Dark Souls debacle. As it is you're promising a LOT to backers (the base game, a ton of stretch goals, and the additional expansions). I'm sure you've all learned a lot from Dark Souls but considering you have yet to fulfill even the paid expansions for Dark Souls, let alone the stretch goals for that game, don't you think you're biting off more than you can chew by offering even more free content for this game?

    12. MissChibi

      Done all 4! \o/

    13. Jan Kenk on

      The Instagram goal is gonna be the hard one it looks like

    14. Cubeo on

      If I am correct the rewards should be:
      Facebook: Nora Lookout Outfit
      Twitter: Carja Storm Ranger Outfit
      Kickstarter: Carja Mighty Bow
      BGG: Banuk Culling Bow
      Instagram: Banuk Trailblazer Outfit

    15. Ruinaes on

      I love the idea of social goals but I agree that it may be too late. Also, considering that EVERYONE has been asking for more information...the point of social goals are to spread all of the info that we don't have?

      Great idea, poor execution.

    16. David Voderberg on

      done in all locations

    17. Darkson on

      Done my bit, but this does seem to be a bit late in the campaign to be adding this sort of thing?

    18. AGN1964 on

      This is often done near the start of campaign. There are lessons in preparation you can learn for your next KS project.

    19. James Zapata on

      Prob should have opened the campaign with this mates. But I will support you none the less! I hope we reach the social SG! Excited for the game!

    20. William on

      @clayton there is a heart icon next to log play button which tells there are 200 fans of the game so far.

      @Todd yea i also feel this might be to little to late...but on the off chance we do get them they would be pretty cool.

    21. Todd Ferrullo on

      I kind of feel that this may turn out to be a case of too little too late. I do not think that folks are unaware of this campaign...they are just negative about it. Only providing actual gameplay information can really save this campaign at this point.

    22. Clayton Davison on

      Is there a way to tell how close we are on some of these? Like the BGG fans?

    23. Stoffel on

      I'll check it out as soon as I can. It's again a wonderfull initiatief launched by the creators. I'm so looking forward to the boardgame, as I am a big fan of the PS4 game (played it up to level 52 and still continuing).

    24. Inderjeet Gill

      I've done all 4.

    25. SFG Giblin Collaborator on

      Just to clarify the Survivor Pledge mentioned is in reference to the Seeker Pledge.

    26. jujugo on

      Survivor pledge was for Resident Evil 2...

    27. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      "[...] we’ll also add a second Kickstarter exclusive Aloy model to all Survivor Pledges [...]"


      What is a "Survivors Pledge"? Are there any plans to add other types of pledges beside the Seeker Pledge?


    28. Anthony on

      I'm not creating social media accounts just for unlocks.

      I hope enough of you are social butterflies who care about Instagram, Twitter and whatever else, because I want these models... Just not bad enough to sign up for these social media sites.

    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Really cool!!!

    30. CaGeRit

      Love the mounted Aloy. I was disappointed when overriding was ruled out as a mechanic. Robo-cav was always one of the cooler aspects. That and pitting one jerkwad machine against another for your own entertainment.

    31. Richard El-chamaa

      better put the links on the main page under each image so its easier to navigate

    32. Blazingsoul on

      I did all the things! Let’s get these social goals!

    33. Missing avatar

      Earthslug on

      Woow that Aloy on strider! We want!