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Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla
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    1. Missing avatar

      Teun Ham on

      @SFG Sherwin, I'm still waiting on that answer...

    2. Chris D on

      *cant stop bouncing*
      I’m not the only one who thinks it’s Nil. Bring me my bandit hunter I am SO IN FOR THIS. Every update is so exciting.

    3. Missing avatar

      Derek Farrell on

      Seeing how it’s not a KS exclusive makes me think it’s going to be a no name carja hunter.

    4. David Hunt on

      Or maybe not, I hate guessing XD

    5. David Hunt on

      Definitely Vanasha.

    6. Missing avatar

      Teun Ham on

      @SFG Sherwin, any news on the shipping?

    7. Thantastic on

      I think it's Nil as well. Curious to see what role he plays in the game.

      +1 to all those asking for more explanation of how all these stretch goals impact gameplay. Are the NPCs additional options for players to run instead of the base hunters? Are they or mercenaries available to take on hunts in addition to the hunters are playing? Are the machines simply added to the randomization possibilities of machines that show up during a hunt?

      I understand that the licensing agreement may be preventing you from showing finalized rules text, but it is starting to get a little worrying that the campaign is less than 10 days to completion and there isn't any info on how these materials are even intended to be used in the game.

      Getting these and other matters addressed in the FAQ and gameplay-focused updates this week would do a lot to renew and increase enthusiasm before the campaign ends.

    8. Ray Dexter

      +1 Nil

    9. Jake on

      @Sam Yeah, these are the things you only realize once you’ve hit the ‘send’ button. I had it in my head that we had unlocked Vanasha earlier.

    10. Joel on

      I'm still thinking it's another Carja hunter.
      In looking forward to hearing more about the rules soon. What the various other characters do. How mercenaries and the eclipse work. What combat with the expansion battles are like. More of the cards that are in the decks. What the skill trees for the different characters are.

    11. Sam "Savage" Cash on

      We unlocked Talanah days ago, so this is someone else

    12. Jake on

      Oh, oh, oh... is it Talanah?
      I suppose she would HAVE to be in this game! What do I win?
      A pony? Wait, we already have those. How about a Rost?!

    13. AGN1964 on

      @Alexander: Erend is an NPC? What do NPCs do in this game?

      I really thought he was an alternate player character.

    14. Missing avatar

      Alexander Aldano on

      Although every NPC is a nice addition to the game, it feels just another shallow update, as there's no news about cards, rules, stats, char strong points, etc... Just an expected 3d render. Please show us more (or any, so to speak) game relevant updates.

    15. Missing avatar

      Angela Thomas on

      I would love to hear more details about how the different machines change the gameplay.

      We've heard that different hunters have unique decks that change their style, how does a Charger vs a Stalker change the way a battle is fought?

      I would also love to see more detailed photos of some of the WIP cards.

      The gameplay video shows 1 basic battle taking about 45 minutes, and the total playtime is estimated at only 90 minutes (twice the demo game length) but is supposed to contain 4 regular battles and a boss - are later battles signifcantly faster? Where does the full game time estimate come from? And how long does it take to set up each type of battle (normal vs boss) on average?

      Thanks! Looking forward to more details!

    16. Missing avatar

      Sadeq on

      What does a character stretch goal contain? (other than the model, obviously)

    17. SFG Sherwin Collaborator on


      Thanks for your message. We've learned a lot during the distribution process of the Dark Souls campaign, and we’ve grown as a lot as a company over this time. We have a robust structure in place to cover the demand of this project, and an increased production time to better allow us for unexpected events.

    18. Daniel Czarnecki on

      Maybe insted making new minis invest in shipping and production line, to not repeat the mistakes made with dark souls campaign.

    19. Missing avatar

      William Roswall Sørensen on

      A nice SG for sure - BUT! Where's the shade for 1.000.000? Can't wait 2 see it 😁😁😁

    20. Jonas on

      Thank you for working Sundays @SFG staff! This update makes me happy and excited for the next weeks.

    21. Akid on

      Please add Bast and Vala to SG.

    22. Alluidh on

      ... to reach another ...

    23. Alluidh on

      Yeah, finaly we got Erend - Will this stretch goal actually remain if the sum falls below 847,000 again? With the current resignations from this Kickstarter and the minimal increases associated with it, the question is really serious. So far I'm not convinced to reach a strech goal, but rather we will have to fight for it.

    24. SFG Sherwin Collaborator on

      @teun ham I'm afraid I'll have to check that one for you, just to be sure I don't post misleading or incorrect information. Once the guys are back in the office I'll see if I can find out.

    25. Missing avatar

      Teun Ham on

      Can you guys please an update on the shipping costs with all the unlocked stretchgoals?

      You guys are adding and adding stuff, but the shipping costs remains the same?

    26. SFG Sherwin Collaborator on

      @MissChibi Somehow knew you'd be the first to comment.,, glad you approve.

    27. MissChibi

      It's MA BOI <3